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Carsten E. Borchgrevink - Southern Cross - Crew
British Antarctic Expedition 1898 - 1900

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The crew alphabetically

Andersen, Johan A. - Able seaman
Anderson, Lars - Steward
Been, Carl H.J. - Fireman
Bernacchi, Louis Charles - Astronomer and Physicist - W
Bjarko, Oscar M. - Able seaman
Borchgrevink, Carsten E. - Expedition leader - W
Brynildsen, Karl - Fireman
Colbeck, William - Magnetic observer and cartographer - W
Ellifsen, Kolbein - Cook - W
Evans, Hugh - Assistant zoologist - W
Fougner, Anton - Scientific Assistant - W
Hansen, Hans - Second mate
Hanson, Nicolai - Zoologist - W
Jahnsen, Johannes - Cook
Jensen, Bernhard - Captain
Johansen, Alex - Ordinary seaman
Johansen, Julius - second engineer
Johnson, Hans J. - Able seaman
Karlsen, Adolf M. - Ordinary seaman
Klemetsen, Klemet - Boatswain
Klovstad, Herlof - Medical Officer - W
Larsen, Lars A. - Able seaman
Larsen, Olof - Able seaman
Magnussen, Franz Johan - Able seaman
Must, Ole - a Norwegian Laplander - W
Olsen, J. Christian - First engineer, first class certificate
Petersen, Jorgen - First Mate
Samuelsen, Ingvard - Able seaman
Savio, Persen - a Norwegian Laplander - W
Ulis, Hans - Carpenter
W - Wintered

Southern Cross in the Derwent, 1898
picture courtesy - Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, State Library of Tasmania.

In more detail

Portraits courtesy - Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, State Library of Tasmania.

Number in brackets is age at the start of this expedition - not always completely accurate.


Carsten E. Borchgrevink (34) - Expedition leader, Norwegian - wintered
Bernhard Jensen - Captain
Hans Hansen (21) - Second mate

Experienced ice navigator and hunter, born 1877

Louis Charles Bernacchi (24) - Astronomer and Physicist, Australian - wintered

Physicist - Discovery 1901-04

Southern Cross expedition over wintering in the hut at Cape Adare.

Born and educated in Tasmania, later joining the Melbourne Observatory as a student where he gained the specialist knowledge in magnetism that led to his being appointed to Borchgrevink's Southern Cross expedition in 1898.

He was a very late recruit to the Discovery expedition, being appointed as physicist only after the original candidate had been rejected on medical grounds. He did not join the expedition until the Discovery had reached New Zealand.

Colbeck, William (27) - Magnetic observer and Cartographer, British - wintered
Hugh Blackwall Evans (23) - Assistant Zoologist, British - wintered

Born 1874 - Aylburton, Gloucestershire England. 23 at time of the expedition.

Anton Fougner (30) - Scientific Assistant, Norwegian - wintered
Hanson, Nicolai (28) - Zoologist, Norwegian - wintered
Hanson was to have the unwanted distinction of being the first known death on the Antarctic continent on the 14th of October 1899, he had been ill since July with what is thought to be beriberi.
Herlof Klovstad (30) - Medical Officer, Norwegian - wintered
Hans Ulis - Carpenter
Lars Anderson (48) - Steward

Born 1850

J. Christian Olsen - First engineer, first class certificate

Experienced engineer and boilermaker. Professional engineer at Jensen and Dahl shipbuilding yard, Friedrikstad, Norway at the time of appointment to the expedition.

Julius Johansen - second engineer

Professional engineer at Jensen and Dahl shipbuilding yard, Friedrikstad, Norway at the time of appointment to the expedition.

Klemet Klemetsen - Boatswain
Johannes Jahnsen - Cook
Kolbein Ellifsen (23) - Cook, Norwegian - wintered
Franz Johan Magnussen - Able seaman
Oscar M. Bjarko - Able seaman
Ingvard Samuelsen - Able seaman
Hans J. Johnson - Able seaman
Johan A. Andersen - Able seaman
Olof Larsen - Able seaman
Lars A. Larsen - Able seaman
Adolf M. Karlsen - Ordinary seaman
Carl H.J. Been - Fireman
Alex Johansen - Ordinary seaman
Karl Brynildsen - Fireman
Persen Savio (21) - Doghandler, a Norwegian Laplander - wintered

Born 1877 "well known for his faithful character, hardihood and intelligence."

Ole Must (22) - Doghandler, a Norwegian Laplander - wintered

Born 1877, like Savio, an experienced snow-shoe runner.

Biographical information - This is a difficult area to research, I am concentrating on the Polar experiences of the men involved. Any further information or pictures visitors may have is gratefully received. Please email  - Paul Ward, webmaster.
What are the chances that my ancestor was an unsung part of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration?

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