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Charles Turnbull Harrisson (1869 - 1914) - Biographical notes

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Charles Turnbull Harrisson (43) - Mawson 1911-1914
Biologist and Artist

Married, was born in Hobart, Tasmania around 1869. For many years previous to joining the Expedition he had done illustrative and artistic work and had been engaged on a survey and in botanical and other scientific observations on the west coast of Tasmania. Stationed with the Western Base (Queen Mary Land) he acted as Biologist and Artist, accompanying F. Wild on his main eastern journey and several other sledging parties.
From Appendix 1, Mawson - Heart of the Antarctic

Harrisson subsequently worked for the Commonwealth Department of Fisheries. He disappeared along with his ship, the FIS Endeavour and all hands in December 1914 on the way back to Australia from Macquarie Island. No distress message had been given and no trace of her was ever found, it is assumed she struck a rock and sank quickly.

Awarded the Polar Medal.

Charles Turnbull Harrisson with albatross on deck of Aurora. Stillwell on left, Hunter on right

Charles Harrisson and Andrew Watson play chess in 'The Grottoes'

Landmarks named after Charles Turnbull Harrisson

Feature Name: Harrisson Ice Rises
Feature Type: glacier
Latitude: 6627S
Longitude: 09639E
Description:  A local swelling of the ice surface 12 mi WSW of Henderson Island, where the Shackleton Ice Shelf overrides an underlying obstruction. Discovered by the Eastern Sledge Party of the AAE (1911-14) under Douglas Mawson.

Feature Name: Cape Harrisson
Feature Type: cape
Latitude: 6643S
Longitude: 09903E
Description:  A point just northward of Possession Rocks at the junction of the Northcliffe and Denman Glaciers. Discovered by the AAE (1911-14) under Sir Douglas Mawson, who named the feature for Charles T. Harrisson, biologist and artist at the expedition's Western Base. The spelling Harrisson (not Harrison) is approved in this toponym, and also in Harrisson Ice Rises, on the basis of the honoree's signature on several of his paintings included in Mawson's The Home of the Blizzard.
Variant Name  Cape Harrison

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What are the chances that my ancestor was an unsung part of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration?

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