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There is estimated to be over 5 x 1022g of carbon on earth. One tonne is 106g, so this is 5 x 1016 tonnes, or to put it another way:

50,000,000,000,000,000 tonnes of carbon on earth

About 99% of this is locked away in sedimentary rocks such as limestone and chalk (both of these are made of calcium carbonate CaCO3), the remainder can pass through the various carbon sinks and reservoirs as part of the carbon cycle and so is in some manner "available". This remaining carbon is distributed between a number of reservoirs, some living - for instance you represent a carbon reservoir approximately equivalent in size to a small bag of barbeque charcoal. Some is atmospheric, some is dissolved in water and some is buried beneath the earth.

Carbon reservoir Mass in tonnes of carbon x 109
(billions of tonnes of carbon)
% of total
Atmosphere 740.0      1.43    
Land plants 550.0      1.06    
Land animals 0.5      0.001    
Marine plants (algae) 1.5      0.003    
Marine animals 1.5      0.003    
Dead organic matter (in soil and peat) 1600.0     3.08    
Coal 4500.0     8.67    
Oil and gas 500.0     0.96    
Dissolved in the oceans 38 000.0     73.2    
Marine sediments 6000.0     11.6    

51 893.5    


This distribution is often rather surprising at first sight, notably because there is so much carbon dioxide contained dissolved in the oceans and relatively little is contained in the atmosphere. The atmosphere however is exceptionally important in that it is the transfer medium between the other sinks and while relatively little stays in the atmosphere a great deal passes through it.

The oceans are by far the largest sink of carbon as dissolved carbon dioxide. This is medium-term storage and is in a balance with atmospheric carbon dioxide, if atmospheric carbon dioxide is removed, it will replaced by some that was dissolved in the oceans, if large amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, much of it will be absorbed by the oceans. The vast majority of carbon dioxide released since the start of the industrial revolution is now held dissolved in the worlds oceans if this was not the case, the atmospheric levels would have risen far more than they even have.

It is difficult to appreciate numbers like this in a relative manner by seeing them as a list,
so here is a graphical way of showing the data:

Land animals
0.5 billion tonnes of carbon

Marine plants (algae)
1.5 billion tonnes of carbon

Marine animals
1.5 billion tonnes of carbon


Or, if you prefer, as a bar chart:

Climate Change: Global Warming | GW Antarctica | Misconceptions | Carbon sinks | Carbon cycle
Prevention | Carbon Offsetting | Tree Planting


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