Pictures of Antarctica
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Signy Gallery - Base H - Thumbnails 11

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Gentoo Penguin and Chicks at North Point


Winter ice fishing contest

The best ice-fishermen didn't even need a hole!

Sorting out the fish collection

Not one to let sea sickness put the dampers on sailing, another way was found...

Putting the boat away for the winter - tea hut closes

Heading to Coronation to set up camp

A Quick Brew before Setting up Camp

Fid Camp

Adelie Penguins and Coronation Island

Baking Bread - Everyone Took a Turn

Preparing the Dog Trebuchet

Waiting for a Bus

Snow block goes into melt tank for freshwater

One eggs an oeuf for me - giant petrel egg

Bumper sized boiled egg

Digging out stores

Butchering seal carcasses to use as dog food through the winter

Electrical generator

Using generator heat to dry clothes!

Ice blocking - getting bits of ice berg to melt for fresh water

Making an igloo - because he can!

Christmas dinner

Base party in winter

Winter pass-times - making a ship in a bottle

Storing penguin and giant petrel eggs for the winter

Recording the weights of eggs

Mirage on the horizon above the sea ice

Investigating an ice berg cavern
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