Pictures of Antarctica
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Signy Gallery - Base H - Thumbnails 7

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Diving Under Ice with Ctenophores

Diving from the Ice Edge

Dive Over - Heading Back to Base

Before the Dive - Cooling Off

Ready to Jump in the Hole

What's the Plan Then?

Just when you think it can't get any more tiring, there's the boat to carry out of the water...

I distinctly thought I'd booked a private pool!

Preparing to Dive

After the Dive

The Early Days of Diving at Signy

Entering the Water

Pete Redfern and Chalie le Feuvre preparing for a dive - 1963

Diver descending through a hole in the sea-ice - 1963

Tony Walker taking Pete Redfern and Chalie le Feuvre out to a dive site - 1963

Tony Walker cutting a hole in the sea-ice - 1963

Just like seals, the marine Fid is an ungainly beast on land

Doug Allen in the Dive Store

Tough Travelling

Ice Bergs and an Ominous Sky

Bog Chisel at the Ready and Prepared to Travel

Ice Berg Visiting Time

Giant Irregular Ice Berg

Lowering Into a Crevasse

Odd Shaped Bergy Bit

Large Berg, Small Man

Atmospheric Ice Berg

Cross Country Skiing Past a Grounded Berg

On Coronations Ice Cap

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