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Hope Bay at night - Trinity House

Hope Bay, View Point, Detaille Island, Horseshoe Island
Bases D, V, W, Y

View point Hut at Dawn
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Hope Bay - D
63°24'S, 56°59'W    occupied 10/02/45 - 13/02/64

Frank Elliott's (1948) - grand-daughter - Tracy Elliott -

Mike Fleet (1962/1963 - Hope Bay / Stonington) Reading.  Regularly attend BAS Club, Hope Bay and Marguerite Bay Reunions. Recently returned south on Larsen Memorial and Stonington or Bust Cruises.  email

Ken Hill (1956 - Hope Bay) King's Lynn, Norfolk.  email  My half an hour cine film of the 1956/7 Hope Bay experience is now (May 2008) transferred from 8mm to DVD, with added introduction, commentary and music. It contains footage of Sam Blake, Ken Brown, Laurie Catherall, Derek Clarke, Jim Madell, Nick Nicholls, John Noble, Lee Rice, Dr Hugh Simpson, Pat Thompson, Roger Tufft and Dick Walcott. I'll happily send a copy free to any of these.

Jim Madell (1956 - 1957 bases: D, V and W) -  Waberthwaite, Cumbria.

Donald McCalman (Hope Bay 1958-1959) - Highland, Scotland  (deceased, email removed)

Lee Rice - Hope Bay - 1957

Folks it is with great sorrow that I inform you of the passing of one of your members. I am friend of the family and wish only to inform you of Lee's passing so that it may be recorded for posterity sake. Lee was a teacher and mentor and suffered greatly in his final years.

RICE, Lee - Passed away at Casselholme on Mon. July 5, 2010, at the age of 82, after a lengthy illness (PSP-Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Lee passionately loved sailing, skiing, storytelling, world travel and education. He was the head of the Geography Department at Widdifield Secondary School until 1987. Most beloved experience was as leader of the British Antarctic Survey Team from 1956-1959. His stories of sledging and penguins were memorable. Lee was predeceased by wife Margaret, survived by wife Elizabeth; father of Stephanie (Toronto), Suzanne (Oshawa), Donald (Whitby) and Katy (Rob-Toronto); grandfather of Jesse, Jacob and Finnegan and brother of Rosemary and Campbell in Northern Ireland. Sadly missed by friend Alain Thibault, Minh Huonj, Clara and Maria. At Lee's request there will be no visitation or service. A party of slides, Irish music and stories to celebrate Lee's life was held at Emmanuel Church on Sat. July 17th from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. for family, friends, former students and colleagues.

View Point - V 
63°32'S, 57°23'W    occupied 08/02/53 - 25/11/63

Jim Madell (1956 - 1957 bases: D, V and W) -  Waberthwaite, Cumbria.

Detaille Island - W
66°52'S, 66°48'W    occupied 21/02/56 - 01/04/59

Richard (Dick) Hillson (Base G (Admiralty Bay) 1956-57, Base W/Y (Detaille Island) 1958-59 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada    Anybody have information about Graham Davey, Base G (Admiralty Bay) 1956-59?

Jim Madell (1956 - 1957 bases: D, V and W) -  Waberthwaite, Cumbria.

      Horseshoe Island - Y
67°47'S, 67°18'W    occupied 11/03/55 - 21/08/60

Donald Atkinson - Don (1955) - Newark, I have written a book of my personal experiences which I hope to publish next year. If you have any images I would be interested to hear from you. Particularly internal images of inside of base Y including diesel generator which I installed and maintained.  (deceased, email removed)

Peter Gibbs  -  (bases Y and E - 1956-58)  Paphos, Cyprus email

Peter Grimley (1960) - Ontario, Canada - Bases Y and E  - email  Semi-retired

Alastair Linn - Horseshoe, Stonington (1970) - Nanaimo BC   Two fids from Fids Farm, Alberta, were based here when I showed up.

Memories of Antarctica

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