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OAE's - McMurdo Base
77°50.88'S 166°40.10'E
occupied since 1955

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Pictures of McMurdo

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McMurdo Base on November 30th 2008
This is a Gigapan image- a panoramic picture made up of multiple images from a digital camera stitched together. Click on the image to pop out a window that you can zoom around.
Image used courtesy of Ross Swick.
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McMurdo Base

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Jim Affeldt (McMurdo / Pole / Hallet / Vostok - 1968/69 72/73 75/76) - Rock Stream New York    I worked in the McMurdo fabrication shop. Did repairs at the Pole & Hallet. Drank with the Russians at Vostok.

Glenn Ahlberg (Mugu, McMurdo, CH CH - 1978-1981 VXE-6) - Ojai, California  

Steve (Reno) Atwood (1970-71 summer over) - Las Vegas, Nv.  I would like to hear from mates at McMurdo Station during the summer of 1969/70 or 1970/71. email anytime Steve Atwood SW3.

Jeff Barstow (1970-71) - Rodney, Michigan, US   Further comments: Ran electronic stores for the year I was there.

Tedd Duke Belcher (Pt. Mugu, McMurdo, Willy - 1977-1981) - Whidbey Island WA   Worked Christchurch and Willy field. AME/PR shop. Advanced Det for WINFLY 3 out of 4 years.

David Boyer (1972-1976) - Oak Ridge, Tennessee   

Thomas "SnowCloud" Brown (1975-76 WinterOver) - Makakilo, Hawaii   I was an AG1 Forecaster with NSFA Detachment Alfa, winter-over 1975-1976 and am now (2010) with PACAF in Hawaii.

Bill Bushall (PM3A Nukypoo - Summer 70 DF 72-73) - Aiken, SC    Our WO Party has reunions on the even years, this one Oct 21, 2010 is in Charleston, I look forward to visit for the first time. The PM3A has reunions on the odd years, next is May 2011 in Bronson, MO

Kevin Call (1979-1982) - San Diego  I would enjoy contacting other OAEs that I served with there from 79 to 82.

Jeff Chiapperino "Chip" ('71-'72, '72-'73) - Merritt Island, Florida  Heavy Equipment Operator, "Night Shift".

Mo Clark (1975) - Odessa, TX USA  

Dale "Beef" Cockrill (Winter Over 1970) - Cartersville, Georgia  In search for W/O '70 crew members.

Darrell Combs (s/s '75-'76 ... w/o '76) - Indiana, PA    RM. Served during w/o '76 as chief op of hamshack (KC4USV // NNN0ICE). I'm looking for a copy of our w/o '76 cruise book. Be happy to pay for copying and postage.

Michael "Crevasse Detector" Cook (75-76 & 76-77) - Los Angeles, Cal     

Kim W Davis PO First Class  (1976-1981) - Stuart, FL -   Served as Field Party Shop Supervisor (HF Radio), AFAN Radio and Television Engineer, SAR Radio Technician, NNN0USV Radio Operator, Traveled the continent establishing HF Radio at Research locations, including S Pole, Palmer Station, Dome Charlie, Dry Valleys, Siple Station, RISP, and many others locations.

Dick Decker (1977-78) - Christchurch, NZ

Kevin DePalma (1976) - Rio Rancho, New Mexico     

Rober Lynn Dix (McMurdo Byrd Surface Camp 1971) - Nicholasville, KY  I was a radioman at McMurdo in 1971-1972 and helped to establish the first Byrd Surface Camp in 1972-1973

John B. Fischer (RM2) (McMurdo Station Winter-over party - 1971-72) - Warwick, RI  Worked in the Admin building with the Ops guys - AG's, ET's and RM's. RM1 Hart was my LPO. Anybody for Winter-over 1971-72 out there ?

Brian "Broke Dick" Fogg, RMC (W/O 1971-1972) - Richmond, Virginia, USA   Does anyone have a photo of the wall plaque that I made? .. it's the one with the eagle at the top. It was on the wall of the admin/communications building. Thanks - Brian (RMC Ret)

John Francis (ASA McMurdo, Antarctica - 1971-1972 1972-1973) - Columbus. Ga    Served as an ABFAN at McMurdo, Ice Parking Lot and Willy's Field. Fueling C130 and C141s and maintaining Land Fuel Systems.

Jeff Freyre ('74, '75, '76) - Owego, NY   UH-1N Helo Crew Max Pax Max Trash Max cargo. Agree - would not trade the experience for anything. Hey! Tex!!!

John Gasperetti (1974-1974, 1982-1984) - Renton, Washington   I was stationed with the Seabees during the 1974-75 and 1982-1984 summer seasons. I ran the bake shop in the evening and would like to get in contact with all others that were there during that time frame. Great times, great people and of course great parties! My daughter actually went there a few years back working for Raytheon, had a great experience.

Bob Gabby Gaboury (W/O 74/75) - Camarillo, California USA   Wintered Over 74/75 as a CEC running the Power Plant, Dick Masters was the Leading CE1, Great crew Lowest winter over party to date There were, if I remember right about 65 of us. Best to all - Gabby.

Bill George CM2 (Williams Field /Summer, McMurdo/Winter- WO '69-70) - South Lyon, MI  Spent the summer at Williams Field in Public Works. We had the nicest hut (jamesway) on the base. Wood paneling in our lounge, separate personal cubicles for racks, and an indoor urinal in the vestibule. The cooks were always giving us a case of lobster tails because we serviced their reefers and snow melter.

Kenneth George (1970) - Houston Texas -   Best duty I've ever had, bar none.

Lito A. Geslani (Antarctic Devron Six, 1970 - 1971) - Manila, Philippines  I am Lito A. Geslani 64 years old now and I was on the last flight of "Pegasus" on Oct. 8, 1970 aboard C121J that crash landed in Antarctica that affected my life and career. Would appreciate more information about the accident and wish to have communications with other members who were on that flight also because my memory is deteriorating. Thank you  

 Joseph R. Gogel (1970-1971) - Ferdinand, IN USA. Wintered Over at McMurdo DF71 as AG1 along with AG2 Thomas J. Hoffman and AG2 Robin Seib. Am currently assembling a roster of all Aerographers and Metrological Officers that were on the "Ice" between 1955 - 1999, please .

Robert L Hatfield (snake) (W/O 1970) - Eaton, Ohio  

David Hirn (McMurdo Station and Byrd Station - 1971, 1972) - Sturgeon Bay, WI    U.S. Navy - Radioman Summer Support 71-72 McMurdo Station. 72-73 Byrd Station. 73 returned to Seattle via USCGC Staten Island (Thanks to Chief Brown). Thanks too to the guys at Scott Base for their Wednesday night phone patches back to Christchurch.

Michael Jacobs (1974-75) - Albuquerque, NM    I was in Combat Camera Group on temporary duty in Antarctica for the opening of the new South Pole Station (Jan 1975). I was considered the official US Navy photographer on the Ice.

Jim Igor Kaelin (McMurdo & Willie Field - Winterover 1977) - Park Hills, KY    CM2 Spent the summer at Willie Field and the winter in McMurdo. Had a great time on the "Ice" and met made friends with some great people.

Paul Kelley (76-80) - Greenville SC -  Worked in Terminal Operations and Supply summer support. Spent time at Byrd surface camp 77.

James King HT3 (McMurdo and Willy Field  Crash Crew and Fire Dept. 1975 through 1979) - Alamogordo, New Mexico.  Summer support from 1975 to 1979 . Did four tours and have always dreamed of returning . I was just 18 in October of 1975 . Did some growing up on the ice .

Bob Lawyer (McMurdo & Pole 1971 - 1974) - Albany, NY   Loved it, would like to go back, "in a heartbeat". Hauled a British radio physicist around on a skidoo for 3 months, camped out 2 miles from the old pole station nights in a row in a tent. Nice.

LCDR Ralp Lewis (McMurdo 72 - 73 - 74) - Bath Maine USA   Photo Officer, TF43/VXE-6

Ray Lish (1975-1977) - San Diego, Ca. email

John Maxey (1971 - 1972) - Taylor  I was in winter over '71. Radio operator but volunteered to galley duty for the duration. Might say permanent mess cook. Have not seen anyone since i came back home.

Rick Mathieu (Hallett, McMurdo - 1970/1971/1972) - Loudon, TN USA  1970/71 Station electrician at Hallett Station. 1971/1972 Electrician at McMurdo, Penguin Power and Light. EM3. Looking for Hallett Station team members in the summer of 70/71: Vic Nordmann, Al Koeplin, Tom Boggs, Walt Miniard, Dave Pruden or Chief Floyd Stevenson. Also field team leader and great guy EO Sr. Chief Dick Edgerton. Others, Rich Belfari from NYC, Sid Levine from West Haven CT.

Harry Mikel (1970 w/o) - Las Cruces, NM  Wintered at the UT shop at McMurdo.  Was one of first to occupy the new barracks facility. Would like to hear from other WO 70 members.

Paul McQuillan (1976 thru 1981) - Thousand Oaks, CA, USA   Navy journalist

Bradford S Miller (1975) - Virginia Beach, Virginia  06/74-02/75 NSF Antarctica, (19 Jan 75 South Pole), SH2 (supply dept.) Command Masterchief, USN (Ret.)

Leo Murawski (Polish Cowboy) (1976/77) - Vernon, Fl    Wintered 76/77 at McMurdo with NSFA Det Alfa Public Works as Mechanic Cm2-CM-1. The "ICE" was the best tour of duty in my Navy Career. I was also a DJ on the Radio as the Polish Cowboy during part of the summer and all of the winter 1976-77

Ken Nightingale (1970-71) - Gorham, Maine

Vic Nordmann (McMurdo, Hallett, 1969-70-71), UT2 - Louisville, Kentucky

Ray (Nodwell) Norwood ADCS Ret. (1971-1973 - McMurdo/Williams Field) - Henderson, North Carolina   VXE-6 assigned to Williams Field Power Plants. Member of Antarctic Para-rescue Team. I would love to do it all again.

Kip Parker ET (1974-1976) - Vandergrift Pa -  - Was to winterover but USN cut half of force out so I took summer support instead of new orders. very glad I did as it was my best duty . We beat VXE6 for the volleyball championship! ET shop and XMTR site had ETC Parker, ETC Para, ET1 Thomas, ET1 Peterman, ET1 Fuller, ET1 Robinson, ET1 Linder, ET1 Klinger, ET2 Churchfield, ET2 Parker, ET3 Bolton, ET3 Porter, RT3 Stephenson, ET2 Draper, ET2 Lochman and I know there were others but I can't remember. Well it was a great time, one I will never forget! any of you guys out there?

Duane Paul AG1 (1976-1980) - Summer support McMurdo - Newberry, Michigan   I was with NavSupFor from 1976-1980, Weather briefer/flight forecaster in McMurdo and Christchurch N.Z.

Lou Pelosi (W/O 69-70) - Wake Forest, N.C.  ABF2- worked fuels at McMurdo and Williams Field.

John Pennington (1969-70) - Abilene Texas  (Radioman Second Class E-5, U.S. Navy), Wintered Over at McMurdo Station working at Transmitter Hill and Relay center.

William Duane Peverill - Pony (Winter Over 1970, McMurdo KC4USV/N0ICE) - Fresno, California   In charge of the Ham Shack. Great Times and Great Friends. We have a reunion every two years.

Michael Rice (South Pole & McMurdo - 1969/1970) -  Carlsbad, California, U.S.A. Spent Summer at Amundsen/Scott
South Pole Station as one of two base Communicators (Radioman Second Class E-5, U.S. Navy), Wintered Over at McMurdo Station working in Relay center. Hello to all OAE's (Old Antarctic Explorers), who have braved the harsh and dark Antarctic Winter. Smooth Seas and Prevailing Winds to all.

Paul Rhoads (McMurdo - WO 66,70, SS 71,72) - Magnolia, Tx. USA   

Leo Sunshine Superman Schumaker (McMurdo 71 72 Williams Field Winfly 72 73) - Santa Barbara CA   Greetings, stationed in McMurdo. I was an EO and did fuel king for 71-72 Summer Support. Then went to Williams Field, Winfly, 72-73. Remember Frank Porcorney from Idaho, Bill Miller, deceased, from San Jose, and Bill Williams builder. Also Delray Kerlin. Now living in Santa Barbara, Ca. Please if you would like to connect. Wish I had pictures.

Wayne Stephenson, Waffel Weave Steve (1971-1972) - Salem, Mo  Looking for anyone stationed at McMurdo in 1971-72, Please contact me.

H. Lee Sigler (1972-1973) - Early, Tx 76802  email  Winter Over GCA Technician for Willy Field, was ET1 at the time, retired as ETC in August 84.

Ivan Silva "Colombo" (79 to 82) - Orlando Fl.   Would love to hear from anybody........

Jim Stilburn (1971) - Victoria, Canada  email  Wintered over 1970-71. Operated the Riometer facility for McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics Co. behind Crater Hill, 3 miles from the base.

Larry K Taylor (1971/1972) - Orange City Fl USA   Wintered over 71/72 was in charge of ut shop had a good crew would like to know the whereabouts of Earl White UT1 or Harold Fuller UT1.They both worked for me. I know it has been a long time.

Fred Cisco Tiscareno (McMurdo - 1974-1978) - Brookfield IL -  Airframes/Metalsmith

Alan Unthank (75-77) - Henryville, In.   

Kevin Utecht (1972) - Minnesota    Winter over 1971-1972, then spent 6 months stationed tad in Christchurch, NZ

Dudley Vaughan (1970-1971) - Buckeye, Arizona, USA   I wintered over as a heavy equipment operator (EO2) from October 1970, to October 1971.

Gilbert Vizcarrondo (1971, 1972, 1973) - Tallahassee  Summer support McMurdo station. Penguin Power and Light.

Robert Watterson (SnakeBite) (77-78 / 78-79) - Shelton, Wa. US    Looking at pics Mac town has changed a lot, but still recognize a lot of the old buildings.

Jim Webb (1970) - Estes Park Colorado    USARP, KC4AAE radio phone patches for the winter over gang. Lived up on Arrival Heights most of the time. Any one know where my old building went after 1970?

Jeffrey Williams (Winter Over 72/73) - Marietta, Georgia USA   

Robert F Willy Wilson (72-73) - Wilsonville, Alabama  In 64/65 I was crash crew out willy field for the summer. For the winter I went into town and was in the fire dept. with D W Olsen as the fire chief. In 72/73 I was in public works as the senior EO .My crew had to maintain all the roads in the camp. we also had to build the snow runway for Winfly to land on. We also built the ice runway for the wheeled aircraft to land on. I sure enjoy my two winter/over tours and would do it again if they would let old farts do it again.

Bill Ypsilanti "Bear" (1970) - McMurdo Transmitter Site - Mesa, Arizona  Why of you OAE's making a trip to Arizona, give me a call. Frankly after a year on the ICE, why wouldn't you live in Arizona?

McMurdo Base and Observation Hill in November 2006
Photo: Gaelen Marsden, Creative commons licence

McMurdo Base in November 2006 from the top of Observation Hill
Photo: Gaelen Marsden, Creative commons licence

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