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Antarctica Videos 2
Short Videos

Presented for your delectation, edification and amusement, a series of selected videos on the subject of Antarctica chosen from those available from the multitudes to be found on the internet and elsewhere. Some are short, some are long, some are readily found, some are distinctly scarcer.

Short Videos - Under 10 mins

There are dozens of videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites about Antarctica, they are mainly of short clips taken by tourists, or a series of still photos made into a video, this is generally set to a "haunting" soundtrack. Here are a few of the better representatives, though I suggest you see those on the Long videos page as I think they give a far better idea of what it is really like.


Vangelis - Antarctica. With footage from the niche classic Koreyoshi Kurahara movie starring Ken Takakura "Antarctica" - 1983. The movie is based on the story of a  1957 Japanese Antarctic expedition and how an abandoned dog team survive alone.
Movie on VHS  Vangelis soundtrack
4 mins

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TRIBUTE Antarctica Time Lapse: A Year On Ice. A time-lapse film made at the US bases of McMurdo Sound and the geographic South Pole.
3 mins 49 secs

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Highlights from Antarctica. A tourists film made of short video clips edited together in a very logical and professional way. Stands out as being a better example than most. The usual "ethereal" soundtrack.
6 mins 33secs

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Vangelis - Life of Antarctica. Whether you are a fan of Vangelis or not, the music is atmospheric and fits well with images of Antarctica. Despite the title, this is not of Antarctic wildlife, but scenes of snow and ice.
5 mins 15 secs

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McMurdo Station. Film taken in and around the largest station in Antarctica (by a long way), more of a small town/large village than a base in the typical Antarctic manner. An assortment of clips that give an idea of the atmosphere of the place.
5 mins 14 secs

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