Kids - Boys Denim Pants

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Carhartt Canvas Bib Overall Set - Toddler Boys' Carhartt Brown

On sale - now $33.56 - was $41.95

Someday his Carhartt overalls will protect him from mud, oil, grease, and who knows what else. For now, his Toddler Boys' Canvas Bib Overall Set, though, will protect him from spilled apple juice and errant cake frosting. Just like the Carhartt bibs made

Volcom 2x4 Slim Denim Pant - Boys' High Time

On sale - now $33.71 - was $44.95

Put your little shredder in the Volcom Boys' 2x4 Slim Denim Pant before he runs off to the skate park. Volcom gave this pant a low rise, tight, straight leg, and tons of color choices, so he can have big-boy style. A touch of spandex allows him to join in

Volcom 2x4 Slim Denim Pant - Boys' Smokey Blue


When your little shredder wears the Volcom Boys' 2x4 Slim Denim Pants, he looks and feels great at the skate park and school. With a low rise design, tight fit, straight leg, and bold color, these pants make him look older than you want him to be. The str

Volcom Nova Denim Pant - Boys' Los Tintos

On sale - now $39.56 - was $49.45

In the driveway helping you practice your kickflip is where the Volcom Boys' Nova Denim Pant wants to be. As soon as you have the kickflip down, this modern-fit jean will be ready for those heelflips.

Volcom Vorta Twill Pant - Boys' Charcoal

On sale - now $29.67 - was $49.45

The Volcom Boys' Vorta Twill Pant isn't your daddy's twill pant. This all-cotton twill with low rise, straight leg, and slim-fit torso cuts a decidedly modern shape for today's cool kid. And it comes in plentiful colors to suit his every personality. The

RVCA Regulars Extra Stretch Denim Pant - Boys' Classic Blue

On sale - now $43.16 - was $53.95

The RVCA Boys' Regulars Extra Stretch Denim Pant is a do-it-all slim-fit pair of jeans with just enough stretch to make them comfortable all day. If your boy doesn't play nice, at least his jeans will.

DC Slim Denim Pant - Boys' Indigo Rinse

On sale - now $37.8 - was $54

The DC Slim Denim Pant lets your kid rock the same slim style his big brother is into these days. Slightly stretchy denim gives him plenty of room to move and stay comfortable.

Volcom Vorta Denim Pant - Boys' Crimson

On sale - now $38.46 - was $54.95

Help your kid earn some style points with the slim straight fit and classic style of the Volcom Boys' Vorta Denim Pant.

A For Apple Limited Double Tencel Dungaree - Boys' Blue Light

On sale - now $54.56 - was $77.95

Keep your kid looking cute and feeling comfy in the A For Apple Double Tencel Boys' Dungaree. The Tencel fabric has a super-soft feel to keep him happy, and it's strong to resist tears during his playground escapades.