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Kids - Girls Casual Shorts

These Kids - Girls Casual Shorts are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Columbia Kenzie Cove Short - Girls'
On sale - now $12.97
- was $19.95

The Columbia Girls' Kenzie Cove Shorts are the perfect spring and summer wardrobe staple, featuring classic, go-with-anything looks and durable cotton twill comfort. more...

Gracie Sporty Short - Girls'
On sale - now $15.57
- was $23.95

Whether your daughter only wears shorts or insists upon wearing skirts to the playground, she'll love the Gracie Girls' Sporty Short. These soft and stretchy shorts have a 1. 5-inch inseam and a body-hugging fit so your young lady can now wear her favorit more...

The North Face Velocitee Short - Girls'
On sale - now $12.47
- was $24.95

Whether it's a weekend trail run, soccer practice, or a triple-digit summer day, The North Face Girls' Velocitee Short is up to the task. The lightweight polyester fabric keeps her comfy when she breaks a sweat, and the internal security pocket keeps her more...

Billabong Sitting Out Short - Girls'
On sale - now $18.16
- was $25.95

The Billabong Girls' Sitting Out Short gives your girl a relaxed, laid-back feel and a bright, summery vibe that is perfect for beach vacations and post-dance-class hangouts when comfort is key, but it doesn't hurt to look good too. more...

Columbia Silver Ridge III Short - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $12.97
- was $25.95

Your little girl can run around the family campsite, play in a nearby stream, or go collect wildflowers in the Columbia Toddler Girls' Silver Ridge III Shorts during the family's annual summer camping trip.These shorts are designed for long days outside. more...

Columbia Silver Ridge II Short - Girls'
On sale - now $15.37
- was $27.95

A lightweight, quick-drying, durable short is essential in summer, and the Columbia Girls' Silver Ridge II Short fits the bill in sunny style. For your little girl's comfort, it's made of breathable nylon Summit Cloth and features an adjustable interior w more...

Columbia Silver Ridge III Short - Girls'
On sale - now $15.37
- was $27.95

When the family is packing up for the annual summer camping trip, make sure your girl brings along her Columbia Girls' Silver Ridge III Shorts. The blend of nylon, polyester, and rayon remains durable, breathable, and quick-wicking for long days outdoors, more...

Billabong Shorties End Short - Girls'
On sale - now $20.61
- was $29.45

Half beachy, half boho, and all awesome, the Billabong Shorties End Girls' Short are as summery as a pitcher of lemonade and beach umbrella. more...

Roxy Free State Short - Girls'
On sale - now $17.7
- was $29.5

The beach is all about hanging loose, and the Roxy Free State Girls' Short has the looks and the comfy vibe to be some of your girl's favorite low-key summer gear. more...

Egg Flannel Shorts - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $17.97
- was $29.95

From the runway to the changing table, winter-weather shorts are high fashion, and the Egg Toddler Girls' Flannel Shorts are no exception. They even feature pleats, button detail, and an invisible side zip. Cotton-polyester blend and an elastic waistband more...

The North Face Camp TNF Hike Short - Girls'
On sale - now $19.17
- was $31.95

You and your family hike together nearly every weekend, weather permitting. For your daughter, whether she's 6 or 16, The North Face Girls' Camp TNF Hike Shorts are a ruggedly stylish outfit option for the family-focused outdoor escapades. Nylon faille fa more...

O'Neill Outer Reef Short - Girls'
On sale - now $23.77
- was $33.95

In the summertime your girl is out the door the minute she wakes up and plays outside all day, so make it easy for her to get dressed and ready to romp in the O'Neill Outer Reef Girls' Short. This tank-style romper makes getting dressed a breeze and allow more...

Roxy Creekside Romper - Infant Girls'
On sale - now $20.4
- was $34

Your little princess looks cute in just about anything. She could probably pull off wearing a paper bag, even. But paper bags are uncomfortable. The Roxy Infant Girls' Creekside Romper is a colorful dress with a ruffle at the chest and novelty crochet at more...

Roxy Sweet & Sunny Short - Girls'
On sale - now $23.8
- was $34

The name says it all: the Roxy Girls' Sweet & Sunny Short pulls on when good times await for no-fuss fun. And this pretty, little shorty features sporty stripes or bold color. But really, the name Sweet, Sunny, No-Fuss, Fun, & Sporty Shorty-Short is a bit more...

Roxy Bay Hill Dress - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $18.7
- was $34

Summer birthday parties and trips to the pool call for the Roxy Toddler Girls' Bay Hill Dress. This soft, simple frock has a V-neck for plenty of breathing room, smocking for shape, a modern curved hem, and a racer back so the straps won't slip off your t more...

Marmot Mobility Short - Girls'
On sale - now $20.97
- was $34.95

The Marmot Girls' Mobility Short is a great way to start your daughter's love for running off right. Its polyester and elastane exterior provides a four-way stretch, dries quickly, protects her skin from UV rays, and wicks moisture while the CoolMax gusse more...

Columbia Mega Trail Skort - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $18
- was $36

It's quite possible that your precocious offspring is the cutest thing, yes, ever, in the Columbia Toddler Girls' Mega Trail Skort. Cover up her diaper butt (or stop her from showing off princess panties) with this quick-drying skirt-short combo. The wais more...

Roxy Scout Romper - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $16.2
- was $36

Your little girl will love romping, rollicking, and running around in the Toddler Girls' Scout Romper on sunny summer days. Everything about this adorable one-piece is pure comfort: a stretch elasticized waistband, adjustable straps, and the soft, lightwe more...

Roxy Singing Hills Dress - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $19.8
- was $36

Roxy blended knit patterns and a tiny bit of bottom ruffle into the Toddler Girls' Singing Hills Dress. While the bodice and bottom stay solid, the middle knits bring on the festive. more...

Billabong Bright Lightz Short - Girls'
On sale - now $22.77
- was $37.95

If you take a slim-fit cutoff jean short and coat it with a multicolor tie-dye spray, then you get a summery short that fun-loving girls go gaga over. Be warned--the Billabong Girls' Bright Lightz Short just might make your girl squeeeal. more...

Billabong Feelin' Free Short - Girls'
On sale - now $24.67
- was $37.95

It's summer, the boardwalk's shakin', and the Billabong Feelin' Free Girls' Short is her go-to summer gear, non-bathing-suit edition. more...

The North Face Camp TNF Hike Skort - Girls'
On sale - now $22.77
- was $37.95

Your girl loves the comfort of a skirt and the coverage of shorts, so let her have both whether she's hiking up mountains or walking to school with The North Face Girls' Camp TNF Hike Skort. The North Face made its skirt out of nylon for durability and it more...

Columbia Mega Trail Short - Girls'
On sale - now $22.8
- was $38

Your dirt-devouring daughter has blossomed into a full-blown naturalist and spends most of her days in the Columbia Girls' Mega Trail Short exploring the great outdoors. This stretchy short stays away from shockingly skimpy inseams but has a fashion-forwa more...

Roxy Make It Rain Dress - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $20.9
- was $38

Your little girl may love playing in puddles and drinking raindrops, but that doesn't mean she's disappointed by sunny days. The Roxy Toddler Girls' Make It Rain Dress has airy cotton voile fabric that is the perfect weight for warm, blue-sky days. more...

Roxy Moon Rise Romper - Toddler GIrls'
On sale - now $24.7
- was $38

Teenie tykes and pre-K kiddos alike love the free-range feel of the Roxy Toddler Girls' Moon Rise Romper. Wearing this single piece with adjustable straps, your 30-pound bundle of energy can tear around the playground without you worrying that her shorts more...

Patagonia Baggies Apron Dress - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $23.4
- was $39

The Patagonia Toddler Girls' Baggies Apron Dress features a versatile look and tech material for exploring the world around and bringing a keen sense of fashion along for the ride. more...

Roxy Festival Short - Girls'
On sale - now $23.7
- was $39.5

Jean shorts never go out of style. And a classic style with a little stretch make the Roxy Girls' Festival Short a modern essential. She can run, jump, bend, and do that latest dance move, because that's what today's fun-loving girls do--they join in the more...

Roxy Monarch Romper - Girls'
On sale - now $27.65
- was $39.5

Set her loose in fun, comfortable style in the Roxy Girls' Monarch Romper. Sewn from a brightly patterned viscose, it features an elastic waist for an easy, functional fit with loads of cool color. more...

Roxy RG Lisy Print Short - Girls'
On sale - now $27.65
- was $39.5

Designed with a tiny rise and barely-there inseam, the Roxy Girls' RG Lisy Print Shorts give your young lady the adult air she desires with the functionality to climb trees and make mud pies in order to ambush the neighbor's boys. The 5-pocket style means more...

Roxy Sip Of Ocean Short - Girls'
On sale - now $23.7
- was $39.5

Made of durable cotton twill and sporting classic chino style, the Roxy Girls' Sip Of Ocean Short works well for school on weekdays, summer parties, and beach vacations. more...

Marmot Ani Short - Girls'
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

The Marmot Girls' Ani Short gives your daughter something cute and durable to wear whether she's hiking, climbing, or playing in the park. Its nylon fabric resists abrasion, wicks moisture, dries quickly, and protects her skin from the sun's harmful UV ra more...



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