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Kids - Swimwear - Boys Board Shorts

These Kids - Swimwear - Boys Board Shorts are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Columbia Solar Stream Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $13.72
- was $24.95

Backyard water fights, canoe trips, and long summer days at the public pool all call for the Columbia Boys' Solar Stream Board Short. The polyester fabric dries out in a snap and the integrated mesh brief keeps junior chafe-free and comfy. more...

O'Neill Santa Cruz Stripe Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $20.96
- was $27.95

Deck out your little dude in the bright and charming looks of the O'Neill Boys' Santa Cruz Stripe Board Short when you take to the beach. more...

O'Neill Santa Cruz Solid Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $16.2
- was $29.45

If your kid is the type that prefers minimal style to flashy prints, keep him happy all summer with the O'Neill SC Solid Board Short. more...

O'Neill Santa Cruz Printed Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $19.17
- was $31.95

Break out the mini longboard, throw on some bumpy wax, and head to your favorite break with the O'Neill Boys' Santa Cruz Printed Board Short. This classic board short provides classic surf styling for a taste of Cali everywhere you go. more...

Volcom 38th St Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $23.96
- was $31.95

Whatever street your boy takes to get to the beach, make sure he wears the Volcom 38th St Board Shorts. The nylon fabric gives him the stretchy, comfortable fit he's looking for, whether he's chasing the waves on his surfboard, or chasing a beach volleyball in the sand. The cinch fly won't chafe against his skin like other closures. And best of all, these shorts have been tested and approved by Volcom team riders, so you know they're durable enough to keep up with him when he plays hard. more...

Hurley One & Only Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $26.21
- was $34.95

Scan the water for a big set, then paddle and drop in with the Hurley Boys' One & Only Board Short. You'll feel comfortable all day, and once you're out of the water, these shorts will dry quickly--no more soggy butt. more...

Volcom Lido Solid Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $27.71
- was $36.95

The Volcom Boys' Lido Solid Board Short is incredibly flexible, giving your grom plenty of freedom for cutbacks and stylish slashes on his surfboard. Stashing valuables in safety, the angled zip pocket is great for holding small accessories or snack bar money. more...

Volcom Overpass St Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $27.71
- was $36.95

Get your grom the Volcom Boys' Overpass St Board Short so he can play in the water all day without any discomfort. The polyester suede fabric is super soft against his skin, and it dries quickly so he doesn't take any chlorine puddles or saltwater into the car. The Cinch Fly is easy to use, and a side flap pocket holds small stuff. more...

Quiksilver OG Scallop Solid Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $20.9
- was $38

Thanks to bright solids and scalloped hems, the Quiksilver Boys' OG Scallop Solid Board Short provides modern quick-drying performance with a hint of vintage style. Not only do the scalloped hems look cool, they'll increase his freedom of movement in the water. more...

Patagonia Meridian Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $23.4
- was $39

You won't have to bring your little dude an extra set of clothes for the beach when he's wearing the Patagonia Boys' Meridian Board Short. Patagonia made this pair of board shorts out of recycled polyester and spandex to keep him comfortable when he's swimming in the bay and getting ice cream afterwards. A zippered cargo pocket lets him take his new collection of rocks home with him. more...

Billabong All Day Faderade Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $29.59
- was $39.45

Your kid isn't doing all those backflips for nothing. He wants to be seen when he hits the pool, so make sure he's the center of attention with the Billabong Boys' All Day Faderade Board Short. more...

Billabong Burning Up Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $23.67
- was $39.45

When he's not ripping it up at the skatepark, your kid can be found throwing cannonballs into the pool in the Billabong Boys' Burning Up Board Short. more...

Billabong Habits Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $15.78
- was $39.45

With four-way stretch capabilities and minimalist two-tone styling, the Billabong Habits Board Short is big on function, not on flash. more...

Billabong R U Serious Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $25.64
- was $39.45

Yes, the Billabong R U Serious Boys' Board Short is seriously that comfortable. The four-way stretch fabric allows total freedom of movement and it dries super quickly so he stays warm while he's lounging on shore. more...

O'Neill A Frame Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $29.59
- was $39.45

The O'Neill Boys' A Frame Board Short gives your kid the fun, bright looks he loves and the flexibility he needs to perfect his swimming skills and cannonball technique. more...

Volcom Commercial Dr Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $29.59
- was $39.45

Get your boy stoked to get off the couch and out to the beach with the Volcom Boys' Commercial Dr Board Short. These board shorts feature a recycled polyester supersuede material for a soft and supple feel when he's running along the shore or riding the waves with his boogie board. more...

Quiksilver Beach Day Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $23.7
- was $39.5

Beach Day Board Short - Boys' more...

Quiksilver Destruction Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $21.73
- was $39.5

Your boy doesn't want to look exactly like the rest of his buddies, which is why he'll be stoked on the unique block pattern featured on the Quiksilver Boy's Destruction Board Short. The soft Supersuede fabric dries out in a flash thanks to the high level of water resistance, and the classic surf-tie closure gives him a snug fit. more...

Quiksilver Pollybird Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $23.7
- was $39.5

Everybody's heard about the bird. The Quiksilver Pollybird isn't the original surfin' bird, but it's the only one you can wear. Ask your parents--they'll understand. The quick-drying recycled polyester fabric in this bird keeps you comfortable between sets, and the regular fit leaves you room to move. more...

The North Face Latitude Water Short - Boys'
On sale - now $23.97
- was $39.95

Have him slip on The North Face Boys' Latitude Water Short before he heads to the docks for some kayaking with his siblings. This durable, quick-drying short features UPF 50-rated fabric that helps shield your kid's skin from the sun's dangerous rays while he paddles. An internal adjustable waistband provides a comfortable, secure fit while he swims. more...

DC Lanai Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $20
- was $40

If your boy's summer uniform consists of a bathing suit and flip flops all day, every day, then he's sure to love the DC Lanai Boys' Board Short. It's made with a four-way stretch fabric that moves with him in or out of the water to keep up with him no matter what activities he's getting into, and the neoprene fly prevents chafing so he stays comfortable throughout. more...

DC Brap Board Short - Little Boys'
On sale - now $23.1
- was $42

Whether he's taking his first swim lesson or is already an adept doggie-paddler, he's sure to love hitting the water in the DC Brap Little Boys' Board Short. That's because it has a four-way stretch fabric that will keep him comfy and won't inhibit his swimming. more...

DC Exhaust Board Short - Little Boys'
On sale - now $16.8
- was $42

Make sure your little boy is comfy on his first trip to the beach with the DC Exhaust Little Boys' Board Short. It has a four-way stretch fabric for freedom of movement whether he's practicing his doggy paddle or just having fun crawling through the soft sand. more...

Quiksilver Hilo Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $26.4
- was $44

From beach vacations to backyard pool parties, have your boy suit up in the Quiksilver Boy's Hilo Board Short. Thanks to the water-repellent properties of the Supersuede fabric, these shorts will dry out in a flash after he leaves the water. more...

Element Aruba Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $22.23
- was $44.45

The 100% recycled polyester Element Aruba Board Short is all about the details. A tonal wood-grain print and a multi-color drawstring cord hook up subtle style to keep your kid looking good all summer. more...

Element Zander Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $22.23
- was $44.45

When summer break rolls around, you never know when he's going want to ride his bike to the pool for a dip with his friends or run through a sprinkler; make sure he's prepared with the Element Zander Boys' Board Short. It has a stretchy and quick-drying polyester fabric for swimming, but with a subtle print that fits in during drier activities too. more...

Vans Off The Wall Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $22.23
- was $44.45

Let him go crazy all day at the pool in the Vans Off The Wall Boys' Board Short so he's not bouncing off the walls later when you're trying to go to sleep. The surf suede fabric is stretchy for unrestricted movement and is soft to keep him comfy and content all day. more...

Billabong All Day Bender Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $29.22
- was $44.95

Your boy is in and out of the water all day, bouncing from the beach volleyball pits to the diving boards and then back to the basketball courts all while wearing the Billabong Boys' All Day Bender Board Short. He enjoys stretchy, chafe-free comfort for his non-stop activities on both land and in the water; he might sleep in the short, too, since he just nodded off at the dinner table before he even had a chance to change his clothes. more...

Billabong Conquest Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $33.71
- was $44.95

The Billabong Boys' Conquest Board Short keeps your grom comfy at the beach whether he's defending sand castles, storming dunes, or conquering waves. A lot of polyester helps the Conquest dry quickly and stay soft next to his skin for all-day water-play, and a bit of spandex adds a comfortable amount of stretch to keep him on the hunt for his arch-enemies, aka his older brothers. more...

Billabong Line Up Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $26.97
- was $44.95

A retro stripe print and scalloped hems give the Billabong Boys' Line Up Board Short a classic look that your little dude is sure to love, and the stretch fabric won't hold him back when he's raising a ruckus at the pool. more...

DC Titanium Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $31.46
- was $44.95

Decked out in lustrous stripes, the DC Boys' Titanium Board Short gives your little dude stand-out style when he hits the beach on summer vacation, catches the shorebreak on his boogie board, or simply dips in the backyard pool. The boardshort's polyester-elastane blend stretches with his every movement, ensuring maximum freedom for surfing, swimming, and summer shenanigans. more...

Volcom Fun Da Mental Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $13.49
- was $44.95

No school, warm sunshine, and cool water makes every growing boy go wild, but with the Volcom Boys' Fun Da Mental Board Short he's at least equipped to deal with his near-amphibious lifestyle. more...

Volcom Lido Tripper Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $33.71
- was $44.95

Once you see how brilliant the Volcom Boys' Lido Tripper Board Short looks on your little dude, you'll contemplate grabbing a pair. However, you may want to reconsider the choice to copy your child. You don't look nearly as cool in psychedelic, tie-dye graphics, and your kid won't appreciate you biting his sensational style. more...

Volcom Maguro Paradox Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $22.48
- was $44.95

Skewed style and contrasting colors make the Volcom Boys' Maguro Paradox Board Short a choice as unique as your surfer boy. Two-way stretch lets him move and groove with the waves, while a cinch-tie fly will keep him covered. Style, mobility, coverage: win-win-win. more...

Volcom Maguro Stripe Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $24.72
- was $44.95

Surfers are known for their sport savvy, but also their cool on-beach style, like the kind offered by the bold Volcom Boys' Maguro Stripe Board Short. Since good looks alone won't get him everywhere, this short features two-way mechanical stretch for plenty of movement, so he can perfect his on-wave moves, just like the big boys. more...

Volcom New Jetty Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $17.98
- was $44.95

Place the Volcom Boys' New Jetty Board Short over his desk chair and see how quickly he snatches it up, races to the bathroom, changes, and heads to the beach with his boogie board tucked beneath his arm. Now you can enjoy some some peace and quiet at the beach house. more...

DC Exhaust Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $22.5
- was $45

Your kid has a lot of energy, so take him to the beach and let him wear himself out in the DC Exhaust Boys' Board Short. The four-way stretch fabric won't hold him back when he's diving through waves or chasing seagulls across the shore so he'll be tuckered out by the time you're ready to head home. more...

etnies Drivers Seat Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $22.98
- was $45.95

The etnies Drivers Seat Board Short features quick-drying polyester fabric that will keep your kid comfortable from the pool to the playground. more...

Quiksilver Mays Hayes Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $27.6
- was $46

You can wear the Quiksilver Boys' Mays Hayes Board Shorts all summer for anything you happen to be doing. But make no bones about it, the Mays Hayes is built to surf and swim. That means constantly getting wet and drying out. That means salt water and chlorine. That also means the Mays Hayes is tough. Not only will it stand up to the pool and the ocean, but the stretchy material can also stand up to abuse--and lots of it. So, go ahead and try to wear out a pair of Quiksilver board shorts. The Ma more...

Quiksilver Night Waka Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $27.6
- was $46

The Quiksilver Boys' Night Waka Boardshort's four-way stretch synthetic fabric moves with you so you can twist, tweak, spin, and freak out while you surf without ever reaching the fabric's limit. The recycled material also won't absorb water, so the short stays lightweight and sheds water quickly once it's time to head up the beach. more...

Volcom Heather Stripe Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $35.21
- was $46.95

Get your kid geared up for summer vacation without making him look like a kook when you get him the Volcom Boy's Heather Stripe Board Short. The heathered fabric and basic stripes give it a casual look to help him look mature so he can impress the young ladies, while the engineered four-way stretch allows total comfort and freedom of movement to satisfy his wild side. more...

O'Neill Jordy Freak Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $23.98
- was $47.95

There's a lot more to the O'Neill Jordy Freak Board Short than the dope color-blocked stripe pattern. Four-way stretch fabric and the irritation-resistant Superfly ensure your kid feels just as good as he looks after spending all day romping in the waves. more...

Patagonia Wavefarer Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $29.4
- was $49

Your little beach bum will spend the whole summer wearing nothing but his Patagonia Boys' Wavefarer Board Shorts if you let him. Lightweight, technical fabric keeps him feeling good whether he's hanging out at the beach or running through the sprinklers in the backyard. more...

Billabong Invert Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $27.2
- was $49.45

Whether he's throwing airs out of overhead swells or just needs something in which to kick it by the pool, he's going to love the Billabong Invert Boys' Board Short. It has a flexible fabric that won't restrict his movement no matter if he's surfing or doggy-paddling, and it dries quickly to help him stay warm on the shore. more...

RVCA Tropicamo Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $24.73
- was $49.45

Camo's all the rage right now, so let your kid take his favorite new look to the pool in the RVCA Tropicamo Boys' Board Short. The tiger-camo-print, four-way stretch fabric is woven with spandex for a flexible feel that won't hold him back when he's testing out new flips off the diving board. more...

Volcom Barter Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $24.73
- was $49.45

Make a trade with your boy--good grades for the Volcom Barter Boys' Board Short. He'll love the eye-catching print so he can show off at the pool, and the stretchy fabric won't hold him back when he's demonstrating his backflip skills off the diving board. more...

Volcom Linear Mod Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $37.09
- was $49.45

The Volcom Boys' Linear Mod Board Short gives your kid jaw-dropping style. This boardie's bold, color-blocked design interacts with striped details and contrasting swirls of iridescent hues for a totally unique look. It's made of recycled four-way stretch material for maximum flexibility when he's practicing his surf skills or simply running down the beach, getting into mischief. In addition, the DWR treatment helps it dry quickly, ensuring he doesn't drip all over the house when he returns from more...

Volcom Mano Mod Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $37.09
- was $49.45

Your little ripper will stand out from the crowd when he paddles into the lineup with the Volcom Boys' Mano Mod Board Short. Intricately designed, the board short's graphics use rich textures, floral Volcom patterns, and Easter Island statues for an eye-catching look. The recycled four-way stretch material gives your grom the flexibility needed for stylish cutbacks and slashes, as well as plenty of mobility for playing on the beach. In addition, the short's DWR treatment resists moisture, allowi more...

Quiksilver Brigg Scallop Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $29.7
- was $49.5

Even shorties can't surf in skinny jeans, so they need a boardie like the Quiksilver Boy's Brigg Scallop, which has water-repellent fabric, a drawstring waist, and all the style Lil' Timmy needs to own the beach. more...

Quiksilver Slater Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $29.7
- was $49.5

The Quiksilver Boys' Slater Board Short isn't guaranteed to make you surf like Kelly, but it can't hurt, either. The Slater's stretchy polyester blend fabric moves with you and doesn't bind. A silicone drawcord makes the fit perfect every time, and the double-up closure prevents rashing. Quiksilver even added a zippered thigh pocket to take care of yourvaluables while you surf. more...

Quiksilver Clink Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $28.57
- was $51.95

Before turning your boy loose in the ocean, have him suit up in the bright stripes of the Quiksilver Boy's Clink Board Short. The recycled polyester fabric dries out quickly, and a healthy dose of spandex provides four-way fabric stretch that will allow him to move freely in or out of water. more...

Billabong Andy Davis Pelly II Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $30.22
- was $54.95

Like the pelicans on the print of the Billabong Andy Davis Pelly II Boys' Board Short, your boy was meant to be in the sea. That's why he'll love the stretchy and quick-drying fabric when he's spending every day in the water. more...

RVCA Civil Stripe Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $27.48
- was $54.95

Keep your kid looking fresh and feeling good in and out of the water with the quick-drying, four-way stretching RVCA Civil Stripe Board Short. more...

RVCA VA Star Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $21.98
- was $54.95

Keep your kid looking good on the beach all summer with the RVCA VA Star Board Short. more...

Volcom Mas Pockitos Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $30.22
- was $54.95

Your kid wears his board shorts everyday, so get him something that blends in with life outside the pool with the Volcom Mas Pockitos Boys' Board Short. The two-way stretch fabric allows plenty of freedom of movement when he's swimming or surfing, while the casual print and walkshort-style pockets give it a look that fits in when you drag him to the grocery store later. more...

Volcom Annihilator Paintwash Board Short - Boys'
On sale - now $32.7
- was $59.45

Volcom has never been a company to settle for the status quo--which is why the Annihilator Paintwash Board Shorts feature a quick-drying, physics-defying six-way stretch material that may quite possibly shake apart the very fabric of time and space. more...


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