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Kids - Toddler and Infant Hats

These Kids - Toddler and Infant Hats are available with free shipping for orders over $50. Outdoor clothing.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Sunday Afternoons Fun Bucket Hat - Infant
On sale - now $7
- was $14

Your little ray of sunshine might be brighter than anything else in your life, but that doesn't make him or her immune to sunburn. Make sure you slip on the Sunday Afternoons Infant Fun Bucket Hat on that tiny head so the UPF 50 fabric can block the radia more...

Quiksilver M & W Beanie - Toddlers'

Keep your kid's head warm with the iconic Quicksilver M & W Toddlers' Beanie. more...

Canada Goose Baby Aviator Hat - Infants'

Baby Aviator Hat - Infants' more...

Burton Mini Beanie - Toddlers'

Get your little guy ready for his first day on the slopes with the Burton Toddlers' Mini Beanie. more...

Columbia Pearl Plush Set - Toddlers'

The Columbia Toddlers' Pearl Plush Set is so soft and cozy you'll wish you had a set for yourself. This mitten and beanie set is made of double plush polyester fleece for toasty comfort against the cold. Omni-Shield technology helps protect your little ch more...

Spyder Bitsy Rosie Headband - Toddler and Infants'

There are two things that are nearly universal among children; they dislike being too cold, and they like things that are very soft. Good thing Spyder made the Toddler and Infants' Bitsy Rosie Headband with acrylic for warmth and brushed microfleece for p more...

The North Face Baby Sun Bucket Hat
On sale - now $7.98
- was $19.95

Keep sunny days happy days once you cover your youngin's head with The North Face Baby Sun Bucket Hat. This reversible cap blocks out the UV rays before they scorch his or her head, and the hook-and-loop chin strap keeps the hat secure during beautiful oc more...

Roxy Snow Creek Teenie Wahine Beanie - Toddler Girls'

With dual pom-poms and a fun look, she'll be the fashion queen of her ski school in the Roxy Toddler Girls' Snow Creek Teenie Wahine Beanie. more...

The North Face Baby Oso Cute Beanie - Infant

The only thing more cute and cuddly than The North Face Baby Oso Cute Beanie is that new little bundle of joy you're holding. more...

Sunday Afternoons Sun Tripper Hat - Infant
On sale - now $11
- was $22

The lightweight and vented Sunday Afternoon Infant Sun Tripper Hat protects your little one from UV rays while keeping them cool amidst the heat of warm-weather adventure. An internal sweatband wicks moisture from their forehead, a folding brim means easy more...

Quiksilver Trails Bushmaster Hat - Toddler Boys'
On sale - now $16.8
- was $24

He'll blaze a trail of joyous destruction from his bedroom to the beach; your job is to watch him grow, pick up the mess, and shield him from excessive sun exposure with the Quiksilver Toddler Boys' Trail Blaze Hat. Secure the Blaze to his head by the adj more...

Spyder Bitsy Shimmer Beanie - Toddler and Infants'

The Spyder Toddler and Infants' Bitsy Shimmer Beanie is a soft choice for your little one once winter comes around. more...

The North Face Baby Nugget Beanie - Toddler and Infants'
On sale - now $19.96
- was $24.95

Keep your little one's growing brain cozy with the polyester fleece Baby Nugget Toddlers' and Infants' Beanie from The North Face. more...

Patagonia Sun Bucket Reversible Hat - Infant & Toddler
On sale - now $13.75
- was $25

Sure, you want to introduce your little bundle of joy to the great outdoors early and often. That said, the harsh sun can do damage to your child's skin before he or she can even get out of the stroller. Protect your infant or toddler's face, ears, and ne more...

Sunday Afternoons Play Hat - Infant/Baby
On sale - now $15
- was $25

Get your little ones into the UPF 50+ Sunday Afternoon Kids' Play Hat before they head out to play, and protect them from damaging UV rays and nasty sunburns. The wide brim wraps around both sides for cheek and ear coverage, and the full veil shields thei more...

Roxy Snowcone Teenie Wahine Beanie - Toddler Girls'
On sale - now $10.38
- was $25.95

Snowcone Teenie Wahine Beanie - Toddler Girls' more...

Ambler Button Beanie - Toddler & Infants'

Keep your little one's head cozy this winter with the soft wool fabric of the Ambler Toddler & Infants' Button Beanie. more...

Ambler Sharkie Beanie - Toddler & Infant Boys'

Help your little one take a bite out of cold this winter with the Toddler & Infant Boys' Sharkie Beanie from Ambler. more...

SmartWool Bootie Hat - Kids'

The Kids' Bootie Hat from Smartwool, while perhaps having a funny name, is made with double-layer construction, giving extra warmth to your little one. more...

The North Face Baby Faroe Beanie - Toddler and Infants'

From the North Atlantic to the Northwest Territories, keep your little one warm and cozy with the fleece-lined Baby Faroe Toddlers' and Infants' Beanie from The North Face. more...

Ambler Chickadee Pom Beanie - Toddler & Infant Girls'

Make sure your little one is snug and warm this season in the Ambler Toddler & Infant Girls' Chickadee Pom Beanie made from soft, cozy wool yarn. more...

Ambler Froggie Beanie - Toddler & Infants'

Your little one will be hopping with joy when you get him or her the Ambler Toddler & Infants' Froggie Beanie. more...

Ambler Pond Pom Beanie - Toddler & Infants'

Keep your child's head nice and cozy when you go to feed the ducks at the park with the Ambler Toddler & Infants' Pond Pom Beanie. more...

Ambler Tracks Pom Beanie - Toddler & Infants'

Help your little wild one stay warm when the snow starts falling with the Ambler Toddler & Infants' Tracks Pom Beanie. more...

The North Face Flapjacks Hat - Infant and Toddlers'

It's not breakfast until she's gotten maple syrup all over The North Face Flapjacks Infants' and Toddlers' Hat, but at least this fleece-lined cap has easy-to-clean polyester fabric. more...

SmartWool Dot Hat/Mitt Set - Toddler and Infant's
On sale - now $19.17
- was $31.95

Dot Hat/Mitt Set - Toddler and Infant's more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Lil' Kromer Cap - Infant/Toddler

Dress your pipsqueak in stylish comfort in the Stormy Kromer Mercantile Lil' Kromer Cap. This infant- and toddler-sized wool-blend hat is just like the century-old original Stormy Kromer cap but in miniature. more...

Patagonia Baby Shelled Hat - Infant

The Patagonia Infant Baby Shelled Hat comfortably covers and protects your infant's head from the cold, rain, and snow. This weatherproof and full-coverage hat with double snaps on chin keeps him or her nice and toasty when you go out during the winter mo more...

Canada Goose Lamb Snowsuit - Infant Boys'

Make sure your little bundle of joy's first experiences playing in the snow are good ones. The Canada Goose Infant Boys' Lamb Snowsuit takes care of him while he makes snow men and snow angels, or just flops over awkwardly in the snow. Either way, you'll more...



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