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Baseball Caps

These Baseball Caps are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

DAKINE Silicone Rail Baseball Hat
On sale - now $11.97
- was $19.95

The DAKINE Silicone Rail Flexfit cap is just the thing for those bed-head days when you're too lazy to shower, or for covering up that matted, salty excuse for a haircut after an extended surf session. more...

Mammut Baseball Cap

When the road to the rock is lit you need the Mammut Baseball Hat to help you see. If you don't wear it, those sunspots may play tricks on your eyes and that means missed holds and bad decisions. more...

Mammut Baseball Logo Cap

Baseball Logo Cap more...

Mountain Khakis Chino Twill Camo Logo Hat

Chino Twill Camo Logo Hat more...

Mountain Khakis Soul Patch Hat

You have the clothes, the gear, the food, and the heart for the mountains. Now all you need is the Mountain Khakis Soul Patch Hat to top it off. more...

Neff Daily Snapback Hat
On sale - now $10.97
- was $19.95

The Neff Daily Hat definitely boosts your swagger capacity, but hopefully not so much that you dislocate a hip. more...

Goorin Brothers Slayer Baseball Hat

Complement your unicorn peeing a rainbow tattoo with the Goorin Brothers Slayer Baseball Hat. This casual hat tones down your otherwise 'unique' look, and it reminds you that the leprechaun telling you to burn things is only a figment of your imagination. more...

Element Knutsen Snapback Hat
On sale - now $18.66
- was $21.95

Knutsen Snapback Hat more...

Outdoor Research Echolite Cap

Echolite Cap more...

Under Armour Shadow Cap

The Under Armour Shadow Cap protects your head from hot, sunny days while you run, climb, or trail run this summer. This polyester hat utilizes Coldblack technlogy to reflect IR and heat rays so your head stays cool even if you're wearing one of the black styles. A built-in HeatGear sweatband wicks moisture so you don't have to wipe sweat off your face every five minutes, and mesh panels provide extra ventilation for excellent breathability. This hat also shields you from the sun's harmful UVA a more...

Under Armour Shadow Cap - Women's

When the sun beats down on your head with unrelenting heat, slip on the Under Armour Women's Shadow Cap and continue hiking, climbing, or trail running. Coldblack technology reflects IR and heat rays so your head stays cool even if you're wearing one of the black styles, and the built-in sweatband utilizes Under Armour's proprietary Moisture Transport System to wick moisture at a quick rate so you stay dry. Its brushed polyester fabric feels great on your skin, mesh panels provide ventilation fo more...

Airblaster Grandpa Cap
On sale - now $14.37
- was $23.95

Grandpa Cap more...

La Sportiva Shield Cap

La Sportiva designed its Shield Cap to protect you from the elements without hindering your vision on the rock wall. Its visor simultaneously blocks the sun and allows you to see your climber while you're belaying, and an integrated sweatband keeps moisture out of your eyes whether it's rain or your own sweat. more...

Outdoor Research Swift Cap

The Outdoor Research Swift Cap shields your eyes and keeps your noggin cool for those hot days barbequing or watching the ball game. The Swift Cap's Coolmax headband wicks moisture, while its mesh liner and lightweight, quick-dry Supplex fabric aids in ventilation. Outdoor Research gave this hat a shaped, plastic-stiffened bill to give it a worn-in look. more...

Salomon XA Hat
On sale - now $15.57
- was $23.95

When the mercury is on the rise, throw the Salomon XA Hat on your head and let this high-tech hat shade you from the sun and increase sweat evaporation to keep you cool. more...

WeSC Icon Baseball Cap
On sale - now $11.97
- was $23.95

Icon Baseball Cap more...

Sunday Afternoons Pursuit Baseball Hat - Women's
On sale - now $18
- was $24

After you shank a drive into the rough, you don't throw your club. You readjust your sun-blocking Sunday Afternoons Women's Pursuit Baseball Hat and enjoy the extra time outdoors. Since the UPF 50 fabric prevents sunburn on your scalp, you don't mind searching through the tall, sweet-smelling grass for your ball. more...

Billabong All Day X-Fit Hat
On sale - now $14.97
- was $24.95

All Day X-Fit Hat more...

Burton Striker Flexfit Baseball Hat
On sale - now $14.97
- was $24.95

Your pretty new to this whole superhero gig (you just discovered your powers last week). Slip on the Burton Striker Flexfit Baseball Hat before you commit to the whole cape and spandex uniform. more...

Columbia Fitted Baseball Hat
On sale - now $12.48
- was $24.95

The Columbia Fitted Baseball Hat will make sure you don't come home with a burnt scalp whether you're playing baseball, boating, or simply having fun under the sun. Omni-Shade protects your head from the sun's harmful UV rays, and FlexFit technology utilizes a bit of spandex to ensure a snug and secure fit across your dome. more...

Columbia PHG Fitted Ball Cap
On sale - now $12.48
- was $24.95

PHG Fitted Ball Cap more...

Columbia Silver Ridge II Baseball Hat

Whether you're cracking the hickory at camp or in the park, the Columbia Silver Ridge II Baseball Hat can keep your head from roasting in the summer rays. The pre-curved visor and hook-and-loop strap ensure the cap fits like your old, sweat-stained Atlanta hat, but the Omni-Wick fabric helps to evaporate your head sweat so it doesn't form a crusty white layer at the base of the brim. more...

ExOfficio BugsAway Classic Hat
On sale - now $18.71
- was $24.95

Don the Ex Officio BugsAway Classic Hat when there are clouds of bugs between you and your backpacking destination. Its built-in Insect Shield repellent provides long-lasting, effective, and convenient bug protection while the cotton canvas fabric offers some sun protection and stands strong through many years of camping, river trips, and hikes. Ex Officio also added a mesh-lined headband for ventilation, a pull tap adjuster for a snug fit, and an anti-glare underbrim. more...

Hurley One & Only Black Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $21.21
- was $24.95

You only own one shirt, one pair of socks, and one pair of underwear. The folks at Hurley hear you loud and clear and made the One And Only Black Hat to honor your commitment to simplicity. After all, you only have one head. more...

Hurley One & Only White Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $21.21
- was $24.95

Your one wish in this one life is to find the one hat that will make you one. Feast your eyes on the Hurley One And Only White Hat and let its brim shield your eyes from the menacing sun. more...

Mammut Cabal Cap

Cabal Cap more...

Mountain Hardwear Hardwear Hat
On sale - now $17.47
- was $24.95

Soft, organic cotton twill sets the Mountain Hardwear Hardwear Hat apart from your other ball caps. That and the classic Hardwear logo, naturally. more...

Mountain Hardwear Nut Team Logo Hat
On sale - now $17.47
- was $24.95

Pull on the Mountain Hardwear Men's Nut Team Logo Hat after a long day at the crag. This organic cotton cap has an adjustable rear buckle so you won't feel like your head is stuck in a vise while you relax on the porch. If you get a bit hot cooking dinner over the grill later on, the Coolmax sweatband takes care of any moisture. more...

Mountain Khakis Corduroy Cap

Corduroy Cap more...

The North Face 68 Classic Hat

You know that hat you wear, the one with the frayed edges and sweat stains bleeding through, and you won't let go of it until you can find a replacement that's just like it? The North Face 68 Classic Hat is that hat. With easy, go-with-anything everyday style, soft cotton twill comfort, and an understated vintage-wash look, it'll be on your head day in and day out, year after year, before you're finally ready (or forced) to move on. more...

The North Face Horizon Hat

The North Face Horizon Hat keeps your noggin from getting sunburned when you're planning a backpacking trip, when you're on a backpacking trip, and when you're drinking beer after a backpacking trip. It also has a mesh sweatband and a UPF-50 rating to keep your skin cool, comfortable, and protected whether you're backpacking or not. more...

Under Armour ArmourVent Adjustable Cap

The Under Armour ArmourVent Adjustable Cap is a far more comfortable choice for warm weather activities than most hats. ArmourVent mesh back panels breathe, dry quickly, and stretch to conform to your head shape, and the built-in HeatGear sweatband wicks the sweat off your brow to keep you in the game instead of thinking about your sweaty face. more...

Vans Splitz Flexfit Hat

Sometimes less is more. With the Vans Splitz Hat you can keep your look simple and sweet, and let your bros make the loud statements. Plus, hot chick dig the quiet, mysterious guy. more...

Asics Storm Shelter Cap

Sometimes the sky surprises you, but with the Asics Storm Shelter Cap covering your head, the unexpected onslaught of weather won't be quite as awful. Asics crafted this ball-cap from waterproof, windproof fabric and taped all the seams for true weatherproof protection. The mesh lining minimizes the amount of sweat soaking your head. The bill is black on the bottom to reduce glare and eye strain when the sun comes out. The hook-and-loop back strap makes on-the-fly adjustments easy so you'll alwa more...

Oakley Silicon Oakley 2.0 Cap

The Silicon Oakley 2. 0 Cap wraps your noggin in signature Oakley style whilst providing plenty of shade and a cool demeanor through blazing sunshine. This stretch-fit cap features eyelet venting, polyester mesh material, and a moisture wicking sweatband to combat sultry summer temps. A subtly contoured brim offers a traditional, baseball-cap aesthetic often lost on newer, flat-brimmed hats. more...

Oakley Silicon Oakley Hat
On sale - now $16.25
- was $25

Keep cool in the heat or cover up your wicked-bad haircut with the Oakley Silicon Oakley Hat. Polyester mesh fabric and eyelet venting maintain a cool feel, and a moisture-wicking sweatband helps keep the drip out of your face. This stretch-fit hat features a contoured brim in case the flat-brim look isn't your style. more...

Patagonia Velocity Cap
On sale - now $16.25
- was $25

Desert warriors moving at velocity will rejoice in the cooling power of the Patagonia Velocity Hat. If a trail run finds you reveling in the murderous heat of the southern sands, then breathable mesh panels may be just the thing to keep you cool during a hot streak. A wicking Coolmax headband keeps sweat out of your eyes so you can avoid stepping on rattlers, and a dark under-bill reduces glare. more...

Quiksilver Mountain & Wave New Era Hat
On sale - now $17.5
- was $25

Just like the ebb and flow of ocean waves, your life is a constant push and pull between the mountains in winter, and the ocean in summer. What better way to represent what you're all about, while simultaneously protecting your eyes from glare, than by rolling around in the Quiksilver Mountain & Wave New Era Hat? The hat is offered in two different sizes, and features a stretch fit that will adjust to your particular head shape. more...

Kavu Pack Hat

The Kavu Pack Hat is a cadet style hat with a short foam bill and patterned nylon tubular webbing with Kavu adjustment. New to Kavu's synthetic hat line, it's flexible, packable, and ideal in myriad outdoor situations. more...

Marmot 1974 Twill Hat
On sale - now $19.46
- was $25.95

1974 Twill Hat more...

Marmot Mdot Twill Hat
On sale - now $19.46
- was $25.95

The Marmot Mdot Twill Hat is not designed to be worn climbing the nearest 20K peak, but to softball games, coffee shops and beer gardens. Chicks dig it. more...

Marmot Name Dropper Hat
On sale - now $19.46
- was $25.95

Oh, you know Bill Brasky? Good for you. If you're going to play up your connections, you might as well wear the Marmot Name Dropper Hat. It's super-comfortable, so the lies will come easy. more...

Marmot Twill Baseball Hat
On sale - now $19.46
- was $25.95

A touch of stretchy elastane gives the Marmot Twill Baseball Hat an extra-comfortable fit. Just in case your head turns particularly sweaty in hot weather, Marmot added a mesh sweatband in this low-profile cap. Pull on this Twill Cap when you're painting the house, crushing some horseshoes in the backyard, or kicking back on the river. more...

Outdoor Research Echo Cap

Let the moisture-wicking fabric and lightweight design of the Outdoor Research Echo Hat keep your head cool while you endure the hot afternoon sun. more...

Outdoor Research Throttle Baseball Cap

Throttle Baseball Cap more...

prAna Kyven Ball Cap - Men's

Whether your hair is sticking out on all sides dandelion-style or whether you just need a cap to shade your face, the Prana Men's Kyven Ball Cap abides. The subtle embroidered front logo keeps Prana in mind without shouting it. more...

prAna Signature Cap
On sale - now $14.27
- was $25.95

Nine innings of backcountry baseball can fulfill any summer afternoon at camp, and the Flexfit prAna Signature Cap can help shade your eyes so you don't end up chasing a home run into a frigid mountain lake. more...

Sunday Afternoons Impulse Cap
On sale - now $19.46
- was $25.95

When the overwhelming desire for some time in the sun strikes, all you can do is throw on the Sunday Afternoons Impulse Cap and get out there. Even if the day's brutally hot, the Impulse's microfiber body, mesh ventilation panels, and moisture-wicking sweatband will help keep you cool, while the ShieldTek water-resistant treatment helps it dry quickly and UPF-50+ sun protection protects your skin from harmful rays. more...

Oakley Silicon O Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $18.2
- was $26

Make your life easy and toss on the Oakley Silicon O Hat 3. 0 before you head out for a game of golf with the boys or for a clean look out on the town with your lady. This polyester, mesh-lined hat with moisture-wicking sweatband keeps you cool when you're playing for cash on the green. The Silicon O also features graphics under the visor and a slightly contoured brim for your pleasure. more...

Emerica Pure 6.0 Hat
On sale - now $16.17
- was $26.95

You can never have too much of a good thing, so after you lace up your Emerica shoes and shirt be sure to top off the ensemble with the Pure 6. 0 Hat. Because this in the land of excess you can never skate enough, drink enough, or party enough. more...

Emerica Triangle 3.0 Baseball Hat
On sale - now $18.87
- was $26.95

Throw on the Emerica Triangle 3. 0 Baseball Hat before you head to the local taquito stand to eat your weight in fried tortilla and mystery meat. This stylish lid helps you keep your cool when you're chatting with a lovely and have to make a mad dash to evacuate your quaking bowels. more...

etnies Icon 5 Flexfit Baseball Hat
On sale - now $13.47
- was $26.95

Five broken bones, five failed attempts, five action shots of you finally nailing that trick pretty much represents why etnies crafted the Icon 5 Baseball Hat. Wear it with pride. more...

Outdoor Research Revel Baseball Cap

Bask in the glory of your run with the Outdoor Research Revel Baseball Hat. Outdoor Research made the Revel with proprietary Pertex Shield DS stretch ripstop fabric for a variety of benefits during high-output activity. This waterproof breathable fabric helps regulate your temp during those misty morning runs, while a moisture-wicking headband reduces sweat buildup and keeps you dry. When the sun comes out, you'll be glad to be sporting this hat so you can spot trail features rather than eat the more...

Under Armour Low Crown Stretch Flexfit Cap

The Under Armour Low Crown Stretch Flexfit Cap has a built-in HeatGear sweatband that wicks moisture to keep you dry under the sunny, warm skies of summer. It has a structured build with a crown that keeps its shape, but it doesn't sit as high as flat-brim hats so it'll actually stay on your head. The stretch construction provides a completely comfortable fit. more...

Volcom Full Stone 6277 Baseball Hat
On sale - now $16.07
- was $26.95

Need a hat? No sweat. The Volcom Full Stone 6277 Baseball Hat is there with basic good looks and colors to match every mood. Flexfit rear, curved brim. Solid. more...

Oakley Metal Gas Can 2.0 Hat
On sale - now $18.9
- was $27

Oakley gave its Metal Gas Can Baseball Hat a mesh lining and moisture-wicking material to turn it from a regular ball cap into a piece of performance headwear. So wear this Oakley cap on the trail or in the bleachers. more...

Brixton Oath III Snapback Hat
On sale - now $19.57
- was $27.95

Slap on your Brixton Oath III Hat, point yourself toward the burrito cart on the corner, and try not to drool on yourself before you get something to eat. Yeah, there's nothing more delicious than a thick carne asada burrito. Sorry, back to the hat: this cotton hat is something like a four-course meal after a long night on the town. more...

Brixton Rival Snapback Hat
On sale - now $23.76
- was $27.95

Rival Snapback Hat more...

Coal Kerning Baseball Hat
On sale - now $13.97
- was $27.95

Kerning Baseball Hat more...

DC Take That Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $19.57
- was $27.95

OK, so it woke you up again with that super-annoying buzz. That's it! Wrap your DC Take That Hat around your hand and pummel your alarm clock into submission once and for all. Now that's the way to start your day! more...

Hurley Corp Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $19.57
- was $27.95

Put on the Hurley Corp Flexfit Hat, have a few more shots of tequila, and ask that girl to dance. You didn't comb the snarls out of your mullet for nothing. more...

Hurley One & Color Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $19.57
- was $27.95

One & Color Flexfit Hat more...

Hurley One & Only New Era Hat
On sale - now $19.57
- was $27.95

Rock your street style with the Hurley One and Only New Era Hat. The Nike Dri-Fit fabric wicks moisture away from your head so when that one-in-a-million girl walks by and you start sweating bullets, she'll hardly notice. The curved brim will block a bit of the sun from your eyes, and fitted style will keep this hat on your noggin whether you're skating to the park or riding your townie to the bar. more...

Marmot Huntington Cap
On sale - now $20.96
- was $27.95

Soft, breathable, and lightweight, the Marmot Huntington Cap will keep your cerebral cortex cool and comfortable, whether you're running laps around Copley Square or hiking on Mt. Washington. more...

Mountain Hardwear Boxed Ball Cap
On sale - now $23.76
- was $27.95

Boxed Ball Cap more...

Mountain Hardwear MHW Logo 3.0 Cap
On sale - now $23.76
- was $27.95

Before the squirrels start gnawing on your nut, cover it up with the Mountain Hardwear MHW Logo 3. 0 Cap. more...

Pendleton Maize Spirit Embroidered Cap
On sale - now $13.98
- was $27.95

Maize Spirit Embroidered Cap more...

Skullcandy SkullDayLong J-Fit Hat
On sale - now $16.77
- was $27.95

SkullDayLong J-Fit Hat more...

The North Face Better Than Naked Hat

Sunscreen is expensive, and your nude running routine already demands that you slather an ample supply on your shoulders, arms, and back. So why not save your scalp, forehead, and wallet the hassle of all that extra sunscreen and don The North Face Better Than Naked Hat instead? Sure, it's not exactly like being totally naked, but thanks to the hat's water-repellent coating, adjustable back, and reflective details, it's better. Plus, it gives you something to hide behind in case the paparazzi ca more...

Quiksilver Trepidant Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $16.8
- was $28

Trepidant Flexfit Hat more...

Sunday Afternoons Eclipse Baseball Hat
On sale - now $21
- was $28

An extra mile in the blazing summer sun won't fry your scalp with the Sunday Afternoons Women's Eclipse Baseball Hat capping your head. Thanks to moisture-wicking, breathable UPF 50 polyester fabric and flip-up mesh vents, your head stays cool and free from sunburn while you hike or run in direct sunlight. more...

Arc'teryx Accelero Hat

Toss on the Arc'teryx Accelero Baseball Hat and head out for a trail run. The Accelero has mesh side panels that ventilate your melon as you work up a sweat. more...

Arc'teryx Big A Cap

You aren't one to boast, naturally. Yet, something about the Arc'teryx Big A Cap just feels right. Perhaps it's the, well, big "A" on the front, representing your drive for a superior outdoor lifestyle (it also stands for "Alpha"). Perhaps it's the cotton and elastane Flexfit blend, a conforming fabric without the need of time-wasting snapbacks; you've gotten better things to do. Perhaps it's simple and functional style with which Arc'teryx crafts all their products. Answer: it's D, all the abov more...

Arc'teryx Bird Flexfit Hat

Bird Flexfit Hat more...

Arc'teryx Bird Stitch Cap

The Arc'teryx Bird Stitch Cap is a crown for every moment, a tiny celebration reserved and known only to you. Got an A on that test? Crown. Ascended that peak an hour earlier than last time? Crown. Woke up before noon? Crown. Reign supreme in the little achievements of life with this sovereign symbol of glory, made of cotton and elastane for that coveted Flexfit, a stretchy material adaptable to any head shape without need of extra adjustability. more...

Arc'teryx Embroidered Bird Hat

When you're forced to interact with the rest of society between backcountry getaways, the Arc'Teryx Embroidered Bird Baseball Hat shows love to your favorite technical-clothing brand. Contrast colors spice up the embroidery on the front of this low-profile lid. more...

Arc'teryx Low Word Hat

That's a cool snapback, bro. Unfortunately for your bro friend, the Arc'teryx Low Word Cap just made snapbacks an awkward part of fashion history, like leg warmers, perms, or [insert other '80s thing here]. The Low Word style baseball cap is subtle enough and functional enough to stand the test of time without claiming an embarrassing monopoly on fashion. The vertical Arc'teryx logo represents your tried and true loyalty, a symbol of your progressive and don't-take-no-for-an-answer approach to l more...

Arc'teryx Nouveau Hat

Your hat says quite a lot about you. If your domepiece reads "Arc'teryx," then you can guarantee its the Nouveau Hat. Such a choice in headwear, in this case, would say that you are an avid supporter of things that happen under the sky, in forested crags, and around switchback mountain trails. It would say that your head truly prefers wearing a helmet upon rock walls and blizzarding slopes but, when it can't, it'll gladly settle with this functionally-styled cap, made of cotton and elastane for more...

Patagonia Air Flow Cap

Cooked brains might be a delicacy in some parts of the world, but where you live, brains are best left slightly undercooked and moderately pickled. The Patagonia Air Flow Cap ensures the contents of your cranium remain raw while preventing your face from getting scorched in the mid-summer sun. The UPF 15 offers a whiff of UV protection, and Polygiene-treated mesh means this hat shouldn't reek once you take it off your head. The adjustable rear buckle helps you keep this cap on your head, and the more...

Patagonia Logo Hat

Whether you're sitting at the Saturday afternoon soccer game, hiking high along the treeline in August, or hitting your favorite fishing hole, the Patagonia Logo Hat will protect your head every step of the way. Organic cotton and hemp kiss your forehead, and the baseball-cap-style brim shields your eyes from the sun so you can see where you're going. more...

Hurley One & Textures Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $14.72
- was $29.45

Slide the Hurley One And Textures Hat over your head, walk up to the next person you see, and punch them right in the back of their stupid head. more...

Coal Leroy Hat
On sale - now $11.98
- was $29.95

Throw a fresh tilt on your Coal Men's Leroy Hat and climb through the window of your beat-up station wagon--it's almost time for you and your adjustable-fit flat-brim to dominate the demolition derby. Good thing you've been getting into fight-shape by nourishing yourself with tallboys and chew for the past two days...maybe give the Leroy's metal trim a rub for good luck. more...

Columbia Insect Blocker Cap

Insect Blocker Cap more...

Kavu BFF Hat
On sale - now $20.97
- was $29.95

Make sure you put on your Kavu BFF Hat before you emerge from your tent in the morning. Otherwise, your camp mates might see your insane hair and mistake you for an attacking alien. more...

Kavu Synthetic Strapcap
On sale - now $14.97
- was $29.95

The sun beats down on your summer hike and you want to shade your face and scalp, but not at the expense of melting your brain. Thanks to lightweight nylon and webbing on the Kavu Synthetic Strapcap, you get face shade without an overheated head. Black coloring underneath the Synthetic Strapcap's bill reduces glare, while the fabric dries quickly after a light rain shower. Webbing varies on each hat. more...

Marmot PreCip Baseball Hat
On sale - now $22.46
- was $29.95

With the Marmot PreCip Baseball Hat, a little rain won't put a damper on your golf game, backpacking expedition or run. Marmot taped the the seams of the PreCip for protection from the wet, and made it easy to adjust for a just-right fit thanks to its hook-and-loop closure. A DriClime sweatband also helps wick the sweat off your brow when you nervously encounter a bear or a lovely lady on the trail, and the NanoPro laminate breathes like a champ, so you won't get sweaty if the rain holds off. more...

Marmot Simpson Hiking Cap
On sale - now $22.46
- was $29.95

Simpson Hiking Cap more...

Marmot Tilden Running Cap
On sale - now $22.46
- was $29.95

Tilden Running Cap more...

Mountain Hardwear Carinae Running Hat - Women's
On sale - now $20.97
- was $29.95

The Mountain Hardwear Women's Carinae Running Hat helps to regulate your head's temperature as you run. The hat's Cool Q Zero Stretch lining is sweat-activated, so it physically cools the hat's fabric when you exercise intensely. This running-specific hat features a UPF 50 rating to protect your dome from harmful UV radiation, and mesh side panels channel cool(er) air onto your head with every stride or step. more...

Mountain Hardwear Chiller Ball Cap
On sale - now $14.97
- was $29.95

Chiller Ball Cap more...

Mountain Hardwear Quasar Running Cap
On sale - now $20.97
- was $29.95

Designed to protect Mountain Hardwear's ultra-running athletes from the sun, the Mountain Hardwear Quasar Running Cap shields your head and helps you stay cool. Running mesh jersey side panels channel cool(er) air onto your head for enhanced temperature regulation, and the Cool Q Zero Stretch lining physically lowers the hat's temperature once you start to sweat. more...

Salomon XA+ II Cap

Whether you're running in the sun or crossing the Sahara on camelback, the Salomon XA+ II Cap will keep you cool, shaded, and looking just enough like Lawrence of Arabia. more...

The North Face Brand-on Hat

The North Face invites you to raise up and get your brand on with the Brand-On FlexFit Hat. The debossed TNF logo and red rock print under the brim add an outdoorsy flavor, while the curved brim shouts classic style. more...

The North Face Horizon Folding Bill Hat

Hats are always the most awkward thing to pack--they get all crumpled up if you shove them in your backpack or a tight corner of your suitcase. But the Horizon Folding Bill Hat made by The North Face can be squeezed into whatever tight space you need to stash it in during your travels, including your jacket pocket. The hat's foldable bill and durable nylon ripstop fabric hold up to being stuffed into tight spots and put through hard-wearing excursions, and the hat's adjustable back clip closure more...

Oakley Metal Square O Flexfit Hat

If you like the styling and fitted design of New Era hats but prefer a more classic baseball-inspired look over the modern flat brim, then you'll like the Oakley Metal Square O Hat. The small, offset metal O is enough to show what brand you rely on to cover your body and shield you eyes whether your passion lies on water, in the mountains, or on the links. more...

Brixton Wharf Hat
On sale - now $19.17
- was $31.95

Wharf Hat more...

Coal Gull Snapback Hat

Soar like an eagle when you pull the Coal Men's Gull Hat on your head. We realize that the name is the gull, but gulls are more sea-faring than majestic, so let's just run with the eagle thing here. Smooth wool and polyester comprise this hat's fabric, and it'll keep you comfy from spring until the leaves change in the fall. more...

Columbia Coolhead III Baseball Hat - Men's
On sale - now $14.38
- was $31.95

Coolhead III Baseball Hat - Men's more...

Columbia Coolhead III Baseball Hat - Women's
On sale - now $14.38
- was $31.95

It's easy to keep cool when you're wearing the Columbia Women's Coolhead III Baseball Hat. This hat features Omni-Freeze Zero fabric for sweat-activated cooling on hot, sticky days. In addition, the Omni-Shade UPF 50 treatment ensures your head stays protected from harmful UV rays when you spend countless hours under the scorching, mid-summer sun. more...

Mountain Hardwear Apparition Running Cap - Women's
On sale - now $12.78
- was $31.95

Apparition Running Cap - Women's more...

Outdoor Research Exos Cap
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

If you walked off a cliff because the sun was shining in your eyes, you sure would feel dumb. Block your face from blinding light with the lightweight, quick-drying Outdoor Research Exos Baseball Cap. more...

Oakley Metal Gascan O-Justable Hat

Metal Gascan O-Justable Hat more...

Columbia Trail Dryer Baseball Hat

Trail Dryer Baseball Hat more...

Columbia Trail Dryer Baseball Hat - Women's
On sale - now $20.37
- was $33.95

Trail Dryer Baseball Hat - Women's more...

Arc'teryx Poco Cap

Poco Cap more...

Hurley Phantom Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $24.47
- was $34.95

Phantom Flexfit Hat more...

The North Face Illuminated Hat
On sale - now $22.72
- was $34.95

Illuminated Hat more...

Patagonia Canvas Longbill Cap

The Patagonia Canvas Longbill Cap gives you extra shade on the sunniest days with its extended bill design. The cap's adjustable strap allows you to dial in an ideal fit. more...

Patagonia Welding Cap

When you need headwear and don't want to look like a bobble-head doll, reach for the Patagonia Welding Cap. Five panels consisting of an organic cotton-hemp blend help create a lower profile, and the rear buckle gives this hat the perfect fit around your head. Ventilation holes help steam escape when things get hairy, and the moldable brim gives you an alternative to the straight and narrow approach--at least when it comes to your caps. more...

Brixton Summit Hat
On sale - now $17.08
- was $37.95

Summit Hat more...

Fjallraven Ovik Flexfit Cap

A clean silhouette and subdued colors make the Fjallraven Ovik Flexfit Cap an everyday staple. Wear it while combing the beach, riding your bike, or slap it on for some extra snazz before going out. Regardless of the activity at hand, this Flexfit cap elevates your style with its simple, timeless appeal. more...

Icebreaker Quantum Cap

Quantum Cap more...

Rab VR Mountain Cap

The VR Mountain Cap's softshell outer, microfleece wicking liner, and Rab's Vapour-rise technology maximize this cap's beanie-ness in cool, dry conditions. The wired peak visor and rear hook-and-loop adjustment give it full baseball-cap functionality, for the best of both worlds. more...

Patagonia Vented Spoonbill Hat

The Patagonia Vented Spoonbill Hat has you covered through rain or shine when you're hiking, camping, or fishing. Supplex nylon covers the brim, front, and back flap with maximum protection from the sun's UV rays, and the DWR coating sheds water in case the day gets rainy. Polyester spacer mesh dumps out excess heat to keep your head comfortably cool. Patagonia also added an adjustable chin strap for security in windy weather, and the dark underside of the bill helps reduce excess glare. more...

Outdoor Research Prismatic Cap
On sale - now $33.57
- was $47.95

Prismatic Cap more...

Pendleton Classic Cap
On sale - now $26.37
- was $47.95

The Pendleton Classic Cap is a wool baseball cap that puts a fuzzy spin on your apres-ski headwear without turning you into another beanie-sporting bro. Choose between a brightly colored motif or a slightly subtle interpretation of fall, knowing that either pattern will make your head the focal point of the evening. more...

Pendleton Jacquard Cap
On sale - now $31.17
- was $47.95

Jacquard Cap more...

Outdoor Research Acetylene Hat

Acetylene Hat more...




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