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Mens Clothing - Denim Pants

These Mens Clothing - Denim Pants are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Arc'teryx A2B Commuter Pant - Men's

If you'd rather get beaten around the face with a U-lock than sit in your car in traffic on the way to work, the Arc'teryx A2B Men's Commuter Pant has your back. Designed with bike commuters in mind, it's made of a stretch twill fabric that looks like denim but performs like magic, courtesy of a moisture-wicking interior and water-repellant 3XDry treatment. There are secret reflective patches on the back pocket flaps and inside lower hem, and an ergonomic and articulated design that's specially more...

Upright Cyclist Selvage Riding Denim Pants - Men's

When Upright Cyclist decided to add denim jeans to its ensemble, it went to one of the oldest, premium denim makers in the US--Cone Denim's White Oak Mill. Having been looming in North Carolina since 1905, the mill knows a thing or two about durability and quality. Upright Cyclist combined its denim with cycling-inspired details to create the Selvage Riding Denim Pants. The denim used is a blend of 93% cotton, 6% polyester, and 1% spandex. This blend allows flexibility while riding, as well as t more...

Carhartt Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg Denim Pant - Men's

Wearing tough work pants no longer means you have to feel like you're wearing cardboard boxes. The Carhartt Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg Denim Pant offers the same tried-and-true Carhartt quality with a more comfortable twist. A waist-length fit complements a roomy seat and thigh, while ideally sized leg openings accommodate your work boots. Wear them to the job site, to the barbecue, or just when you're working on a project in the garage. more...

Carhartt Relaxed Straight Denim Pant - Men's

Carhartt gave the Relaxed Straight Denim Pant a casual feel thanks to a lighter-weight fabric that is hand-sanded for a vintage look and a soft touch. Triple reinforced stitching in all the stress-bearing spots give you the solid durability you need to take these jeans straight from laid-back hangouts to serious work. It's the same hardcore quality you'd expect from a work pant but with an easy-going feel that's easy to wear. The relaxed, straight fit delivers a classic look that is versatile, a more...

Billabong Point Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $37.09
- was $49.45

Grab the Billabong Men's Point Denim Pant when you can't stand looking at guys wearing girls' jeans any longer. You could grab the Point BEFORE then too, but it'll be much more satisfying to have a roomy, straight-leg pant to reach for after you're all riled up. more...

Volcom Kinkade Denim Pant - Men's

The Volcom Men's Kinkade Denim Pant loves you but wants to give you space. All the space you want. It wants you to be comfortable from its relaxed rise to an easy-fit torso all the way down its straight, never-restrictive, legs. It won't burden you with bulk or bagginess, just liberate you with everyday comfort. Made from stretchy cotton denim and durable polyester, it will keeps its color, breathe, and feel soft against your skin. It will even carry your cellphone in a handy hidden pocket. And more...

Volcom Vorta Slim Denim Pant - Men's

The Volcom Vorta Slim Denim Pants offer a classic low-rise, slim-straight fit and more rinse options than you can shake a stick at (we never really figured out the point of this whole stick-shaking thing). more...

Globe Goodstock Slim Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $37.46
- was $49.95

Are you looking to add a little color to your closet? The Globe Goodstock Slim Denim Pant is the right place to start. This classic five-pocket jean has a modern slim fit, belt loops, a zippered fly, and rivet accents. And yes, you can get it in blue denim, but that would be kind of a shame with all the other choices. more...

JSLV Worker Pant - Men's
On sale - now $40.46
- was $53.95

It's a good thing you can go straight from the skatepark to your job as a busboy without having to change out of your JSLV Worker Men's Pant. The stretch fabric allows you to move more freely when you're skating and the chino styling and regular fit helps you blend in among the common folk. more...

Vans V56 Standard Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $43.56
- was $54.45

Tired of the super-tight trend but don't want to ditch the modern look? The Vans V56 Standard Denim Pant rocks a just-right fit that's comfy up top and tapered through the leg. more...

Volcom Nova Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $43.96
- was $54.95

The Volcom Men's Nova Denim Pant rocks a modern, straight fit that's tailored but never tight. Made from cotton denim with a touch of durable, color-retaining polyester, and stretchy elastane, this pant feels comfy from its regular rise down to its straight-leg hem. Not only does this denim feel and look awesome, but it accommodates essential needs with hidden cellphone and lip balm pockets. Now that's a considerate pant. more...

Volcom Vorta Twill Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $43.96
- was $54.95

Change the way you see twill with a hip reinvention on a classic, the Volcom Men's Vorta Twill Denim Pant. Made from all-cotton, this pant feels as cool and comfortable as it looks. With a slim torso and straight legs, it allows plenty of mobility and give for any day, whether chilling in the backyard or hitting the park. And its modern shape and funky colors mean you can take this boy out on the town. more...

Quiksilver Double Up Denim Pant - Men's

Trends come and go, but throughout the years you've always kept your style loose and laid back. Get the feel you love with the relaxed fit of the Quiksilver Double Up Men's Denim Pant. more...

Quiksilver Revolver Denim Pant - Men's

You can't beat the classic look of the Quiksilver Revolver Men's Denim Pant. A straight leg fit provides timeless style for any occasion. more...

Quiksilver Sequel Denim Pant - Men's

Save the skinny jeans for the scrawny skate rats down at the mall--you already know that nothing beats the comfort and classic good looks of the Quiksilver Sequel Men's Denim Pant. Stretch denim and a regular fit allows for freedom of movement and provides everyday casual style. more...

KR3W K Slim Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $43.46
- was $57.95

For that 'just right' fit that's not too tight, but definitely not baggy, look no further than the KR3W K Slim Men's Denim Pant. It has enough room to skate in without restricting your movement, and it's slim enough to make you look good while you're doing it. more...

KR3W K Slim Taper Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $43.46
- was $57.95

Keep your pants legs high and dry above your shoes when you're skating in the KR3W K Slim taper Men's Denim Pant. It has a not-too-tight fit from the waist that tapers towards the hem for a small leg opening that won't hang down and interfere with your kickflips. more...

Levi's 504 Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $43.46
- was $57.95

There are a limited number of clothing items that have a long style life--a pair of Levi's like the Men's 504 Denim Pants are one of the limited. The heavy duty denim is finished with a softener for greater comfort, and the regular fit with 1% elastane lets you skate, parkour, stroll, and chill on the porch with a cold one ... all comfortably. more...

Levi's 511 Slim Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $31.87
- was $57.95

For over a hundred years, Levi's have been covering the butts of hard working, visionary, and great Americans, and with the Men's 511 Denim Pants over your lower half, you'll be ready to leave a mark of your own. The 511s are cut slim from top to bottom with 1% elastane for your skateboarding, hammocking, and downtowning pleasure. more...

RVCA Stay RVCA Pant - Men's

Everything comes into focus when you pull on the RVCA Men's Stay RVCA Pant. You know exactly what to do, and you know that this slim, straight pant will help you do it. A little clarity is never a bad thing, right? more...

Billabong Fifty Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $44.59
- was $59.45

Some guys prefer a more classic, hard-working look when it comes to denim--ain't nothin' wrong with that. The Billabong Men's Fifty Denim Pant gives you that hard-working look without actually requiring you to do any hard work. You can thank Billabong later. more...

Billabong Rexford Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $47.56
- was $59.45

Yes, the Billabong Men's Rexford Denim Pant is exciting, but try to keep your pants on. Wait ... you're actually going to have to take your pants off to put the Rexford pant on, so we take back that first thing we said about your pants. more...

DC Loose Denim Pant - Men's

You guessed it, the DC Shoes Men's Loose Denim Pant is--well--loose. In a sea of skin-tight, paint-on denim, this pant stands apart by giving you and your family business some room to breathe. A touch of spandex adds flexible stretch too. For the skaters and those who whip a bike, this is a very, very good thing. more...

DC Relaxed Fit Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $44.59
- was $59.45

There's no sense in getting yourself all riled up when you're wearing the DC Shoes Men's Relaxed Fit Denim Pant. Sure, your boss is riding you about your TPS report and the guys in the mail room lost your client's package ... again, but hey, don't sweat it. Just toss your feet up on old Mr. Moneybags desk and tell him that everything is good. Once he sees the bang-up job you did on the latest LEAN project you'll be sitting on a corporate-sponsored yacht in the Bahamas--guaranteed. more...

DC Slim Denim Pant - Men's

You spotted a $100 bill fluttering across the sidewalk and started running. Good thing you're wearing your DC Men's Slim Denim Pant, because this pant has a touch of spandex that adds some flexible stretch. You'll be scooping that bill off the sidewalk in no time while all the other guys wearing slim-fit denim stiffly waddle their way across the concrete. Man, what a scene. more...

Element Pulaski Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $29.73
- was $59.45

Without the Element Pulaski Denim Pant, the world would be a much gloomier place. The straight fit feels like warm rain on a dewy summer evening, and a touch of spandex gives these pants a buttery smooth sensation, so fine you'll forget your problems. more...

Volcom Black Bart Baggy Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $47.56
- was $59.45

Pirates of today don't have the rum-loving romantic draw that they once did, but you can still slip on the Volcom Black Bart Baggy Denim Pant and command your fleet of paddle boats against the aggressive goose navy in the lake. Truth is, they struck first and soiled your stretchy, comfortably baggy denim pant and therefore deserve to be banished from their poo-carpeted hideout on the other side of the lily pads. more...

DC Bedlow Loose Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $26.77
- was $59.5

Keep your style loose and your junk free from toothy zippers thanks to the DC Men's Bedlow Denim Pant. A wide leg opening fits over the fat, padded tongues of your skate shoes, and DC logo hardware shows off a little without being too flashy. Flashy fools get dropped quick in the skate park, kind of like these tough denim pants after about five minutes in the local red light district. more...

Altamont Alameda Slim 5 Pocket Pant - Men's
On sale - now $47.96
- was $59.95

The Altamont Men's Alameda Slim 5 Pocket is a slim-fitting pant with enough stretch to bust flip tricks without restricting movement or blowing a seam. This pant features five-pocket styling with a low rise. more...

Altamont Alameda Slim Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $47.96
- was $59.95

When it's time to slip into something that's both comfortable and flattering, grab the Altamont Men's Slim Denim Pant for a tailored fit and plenty of mobility. This slim-fit, low rise denim pant features stretch material for added flexibility when you're skating or embarking on everyday adventures. A wide variety of washes ensure an ideal look for all but formal functions, but we get the feeling you'd rather ditch the formalities and stick to having fun. It's sure a whole lot more comfortable i more...

Emerica Hsu Slim 5-Pocket Pant - Men's
On sale - now $47.96
- was $59.95

If Jerry Hsu's known for one thing, it's pants. He definitely wears pants. If you want to be like Jerry and wear some trousers, check his signature Hsu Slim 5-Pocket Pant. Made of cotton twill with just a hint of stretch denim, they're trim, slim, and definitely pants. more...

Levi's 508 Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $28.78
- was $63.95

The Levi's Men's 508 Denim Pants are a classic pair of working man's jeans. Regular fit with a gradual taper through the leg, these are your go-to pants for everything from grease monkey sessions in the garage to late nights at your neighborhood dive bar. more...

Levi's 513 Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $35.17
- was $63.95

If you feel like a slim fit is too close of a cut yet a regular fit is a bit on the baggy side, check out the Levi's Men's 513 Denim Pants. The slim, straight fit bridges the gap between skinny and regular-cut jeans while a touch of stretchy elastane allows you to move. more...

RVCA Chev Extra Stretch Denim Pant - Men's

Classic is the new progressive once you pull on the RVCA Men's Chev Extra Stretch Denim Pant. The rise is medium, the leg is straight, and the fit is regular, but there's a punch in this stretch denim that makes it undoubtedly modern and insanely comfy. No skinny fit that makes you stiff legged or crazy asymmetrical styling; this zip-up-and-button denim is an improvement on the familiar. more...

RVCA Daggers Denim Pant - Men's

Slim up top and skinny-fit toward the bottom, the RVCA Men's Daggers Denim Pant offers breathing room where you need it and style where you want it. RVCA says the rise is 'medium,' so there's some room at the waistline. All in all, this is pant crushes travel, skating, hanging out, and all the other little parts of life where it's nice to maintain your look without sacrificing your comfort. more...

RVCA Regulars Extra Stretch Denim Pant - Men's

The RVCA Men's Regulars Extra Stretch Denim Pant is stretchier than most denim--did the name give it away? Also, the fit is, well, fairly regular. You won't find any surprise tightness around the 'ol family jewels, and there's room around the leg openings so your ankles feel as free as an eagle on wing. Wear this pant for skating, eating, traveling, working, schooling, and every other -ing in your daily life. more...

RVCA Regulars II Denim Pant - Men's

You've been getting a latte every day for 3 months, so when the cute coffee shop girl finally agrees to meet you for a drink, be sure wear the RVCA Regulars II Pants, with their fine blend of cotton and spandex so you'll look good even when you spill beer on yourself. Might want to get coffee somewhere else tomorrow, though. more...

Element Owens Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $32.23
- was $64.45

The Element Owens Denim Pant brings a solid, versatile look that is polished enough for dressed-up looks and casual enough for a night of fun. more...

Altamont Wilshire Straight Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $51.96
- was $64.95

You probably shouldn't have tried to eat 12 burgers at the neighborhood block party, but even though you're incapacitated, your legs will look good in the Altamont Wilshere Straight Denim Pant. more...

Burton Mid-Fit Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $35.72
- was $64.95

The Burton Mid-Fit Denim Pant goes from the skatepark, to the office, to wherever the week--or weekend--takes you. No gimmicks, just durable denim and good looks. more...

Emerica Hsu Slim Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $48.71
- was $64.95

Known for his distinct and often eccentric style on and off his skateboard, Jerry Hsu keeps ahead of the curve with the help of the Emerica Men's Hsu Slim Denim Pant. It has a durable stretch denim fabric that comes in just about every color but blue to help you stand out from the sea of jeans out there. more...

Emerica HSU Straight Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $51.96
- was $64.95

Jerry Hsu takes a highly technical and daring approach to everything he skates. It's no surprise that Emerica has equipped his signature pant, the Men's Hsu Straight Denim Pant, with felled inseams and a triple needle reinforced back yoke to prevent premature wear and tear. A cotton/stretch composition keeps these pant super comfy and flexible enough to bust tre-flips with the best of them. A straight fit and standard rise offer a well-established, classic look that's neither too tight or too lo more...

Emerica Reynolds Slim Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $51.96
- was $64.95

Designed with the help of style master Andrew Reynolds, the Emerica Men's Reynolds Slim Denim Pant is will keep you feeling as good as you look. The slim fit is narrow without being restrictive, and stretch denim improves flexibility to allow you to skate comfortably. A triple-stitched back yoke increases durability, and embroidered rivets don't dig into you when you slam. more...

Emerica Reynolds Straight Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $48.71
- was $64.95

Whether it's skateboarding or clothing, Andrew Reynolds is obsessive about style, which is why you can count on the Emerica Men's Reynolds Straight Denim Pant to look proper. A straight fit keeps it not too loose and not too baggy for a clean, casual look, and stretch denim allows you to skate comfortably. A triple-stitched back yoke increases durability, and embroidered rivets don't dig into you when you slam. more...

KR3W K Skinny Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $51.96
- was $64.95

Save yourself the embarrassment of having to steal your sister's jeans and wear the KR3W K Skinny Men's Denim Pant. It has a skinny fit for the super-slim look you want and is made with a stretch denim so you can still skate comfortably in them. And it doesn't have bedazzled pockets like your sister's, so your friends will finally stop making fun of you. more...

KR3W K Slim Twill Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $38.97
- was $64.95

It's a little hot out for skating in jeans, so switch to something a little lighter without exposing your knees to the rough concrete with the KR3W K Slim Twill Men's Denim Pant. It has the same slim fit as your favorite K Slim jeans, but in a lighter stretch twill fabric that looks as good at the skatepark as it does at a romantic dinner with your ladyfriend. more...

Matix Gripper Slim Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $48.71
- was $64.95

Those jeans you keep patching but are worn so thin everyone can see your underwear and mood? It's time to trade those nasty things in for the Matix Men's Gripper Slim Denim Pant, a handsome, rugged, and civilized pant for a smart man like yourself. Easy, breathable, cottony goodness meets a variety of washes, rinses, and hues to suit any taste. Soft, raw, rich and dark, or nicely worn-in, whatever your liking, there's a low-rise, slim-fit, button-fly pant just for you. more...

Matix Miner Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $35.72
- was $64.95

Sure, it's called 'classic fit,' but the fashion-forward straight-legged Matix Men's Miner Denim Pants gives you plenty of strut and saunter. With a variety of washes, fabric combos, with or without stretch, and hues that range from vintage and worn to inky and saturated, you'll find the Miner that reflects your inner fashionista. more...

DC Straight Yarndye Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $35.75
- was $65

There are jeans for skating. There are jeans dumpster diving. There are jeans for attending a Christian metal-rap concert, even. And then there are jeans of a whole 'nother shade: the DC Men's Straight Yarndye Denim Pant. These straight fit pants aren't your typical blue jeans, because they come in a varied palette. A 1% spandex added to the cotton blend gives you a bit of extra movement while you do your thing (whatever that might be). more...

Oakley '50s Pant - Men's

If you adhere to a comfortable-is-better mantra, the Oakley Men's '50s Pant is just what you're looking for. The cotton twill stands up to tough use, and the classic five-pocket design stows all your daily goodies. more...

Levi's 501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $37.37
- was $67.95

Before you could buy jeans with frayed edges, patch holes, and wash marks, you had to buy a pair of shrink-to-fit Levi's and add your own character through years of hard use. With the Levi's Men's 501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Denim Pants, you can carry on the rich tradition every time you pull them on and head out to seize the day. more...

RVCA Spanky Denim Pant - Men's

This is the RVCA Men's Spanky Denim Pant, and this is the signature denim of Kevin 'Spanky' Long. We could drone on-and-on about Kevin's skating style, but we'll spare you the extra reading. Just know that this skinny-fit pant includes a little spandex for flexible stretch, which is important when you do more skating than walking. more...

WeSC Alessandro Slim Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $40.77
- was $67.95

The WeSC Alessandro Slim Denim Pant pairs a slim fit with hefty denim to create a pair of drawers that's just as suitable for skating as it is for throwing on a classy button-down and cutting a rug. With the addition of stretch to the denim, the Alessandro wears comfortably even when you're getting after it on the ol' skate or high-kicking stop signs for change. more...

WeSC Bob Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $44.17
- was $67.95

The WeSC Bob Denim Pant's straight leg and regular rise offer a classic, clean look that is all but immune to changing trends. more...

Matix Daewon Gripper Slim Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $41.37
- was $68.95

All jeans are not alike. Feast your eyes on the super-stylish and grown-up sophistication of the Matix Men's Daewon Gripper Slim Denim Pant. This slim-fit pant features stretch-cotton premium denim and a finish or rinse wash to bring out the best of its Grease or Roe coloring. The Grease color achieves maximum elasticity with a flat surface and great hand. Roe emerges as a true black with black threads and matte black hardware. Both look sleek, sexy, and modern and feel soft, stretchy, and quint more...

Matix MJ Gripper S-Twill Slim Fit Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $34.48
- was $68.95

Premium 11-ounce twill denim gives the Matix Men's MJ Gripper Slim Denim Pant substantial, rugged strength. Stretch cotton gives it cool comfort and easy mobility; and a low rise, slim fit, and straight leg set it apart from yesterday's twill pant. And this pant feels soft and smooth to the touch for an incredibly good feel. more...

Matix Turkey Gripper Slim Fit Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $41.37
- was $68.95

If Turkey Stopnick doesn't wash 'em, they must be tough. But hard-skating, hard-surfing dudes like Stopnik love the Matix Men's Turkey Gripper Slim Fit Denim Pants for more than their rugged, enduring sweet look. They're made from all-cotton premium raw denimall soft, breathable, and natural. The easy slim fit and low rise make kicking back between skate sessions or getting out of wet surf gear instantly awesome. But even if Stopnik claims to never wash his, that's probably not for everyone. more...

Element Desoto Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $38.2
- was $69.45

You're supposed to pick up your date in fifteen minutes, but you're still sitting in front of the television dishing up violence in your most recent video game addiction. Luckily, you're wearing your Element Desoto Denim Pants, and you're pretty sure there's a clean shirt in the dryer. As long as your socks are clean, you're good to play for another ten minutes. more...

RVCA Daggers PVSH Fresh Slim Denim Pant - Men's

When skinny jeans are a little too tight for your liking, but you'd still like a slim pant, the RVCA Men's Daggers PVSH Fresh Slim Denim Pant sits right in the sweet spot you're looking for. The pant is slim at the top for a little extra breathing room, and tapers down to a skinny fit at the leg opening. In addition to the more forgiving fit, CoolMax polyester blended into the fabric wicks moisture to keep you more comfortable when you're boarding or in a mosh pit. more...

RVCA Spanky PVSH Fresh Slim Denim Pant - Men's

Thank pro skateboarder Kevin "Spanky" Long's signature denim pant for keeping you from getting stanky. This pant looks like a sweet pair of skinny jeans, but the addition of CoolMax polyester blended in with the cotton wicks moisture away when you're working on tricks so you stay more comfortable and fresh both on and off your board. This functional feature has one additional perk: your chances of scoring with the girl you're crushing on are much higher if you don't take a sweaty stink around wi more...

Quiksilver Distortion Denim Pant - Men's

When a skate comp comes to your local park, put on your Quiksilver Distortion Denim Pants and set up your thrash psychedelic band right next to the mini-pipe. That way if you don't make it past the first round, you and your band mates can pummel the good skaters with your obscenely loud sound while you jump around in your sexy pants. more...

KR3W Klassic Denim Pant - Men's

Forget about the trends and keep your look timeless with the KR3W Klassic Men's Denim Pant. It has a straight leg for a comfy feel that leaves plenty of room to skate in without being too baggy. more...

KR3W Lizard King K Skinny Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $55.96
- was $69.95

The KR3W Lizard King K Skinny Men's Denim Pant looks like the result of drinking tequila while doing laundry, just the way Lizard King would want it. The splotchy distressed pattern and a skinny fit will have you looking just like everyone's favorite dirtbag. more...

Mountain Hardwear Cordoba Gene V.2 Pant - Men's
On sale - now $41.97
- was $69.95

Comfort is built directly into the DNA of the Mountain Hardwear Men's Cordoba Gene Pant. The all-cotton canvas will only get softer and more pliant with each washing. But, don't let the comfort fool you--this is hardcore scuff-resistant canvas that can stand up to rough brush ups with rock faces and branches. A small inseam gusset increases your range of motion so you won't have to turn down a chance for after-work crag climbing just because you didn't bring your climbing clothes, and you won't more...

Volcom Nova S Gene Colored Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $52.47
- was $74.95

Punch up your drab day with a little color in the Volcom Men's Nova S Gene Colored Denim Pant. Instant emboldening of style shall be yours in this modern-cut, streamlined pant. This straight-leg pant features a regular rise for a simple silhouette, but with a hip new torso and hidden cellphone and lip balm pockets it's anything but traditional. A touch of polyester and elastane give it added durability, color-retention, and comfy, mobile stretch. Because there's more to being bold goes more than more...

Volcom Ozzie Twill Slim Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $52.47
- was $74.95

It's a good thing the Volcom Ozzie Twill Slim Denim Pants make you look like team rider Ozzie Wright, instead of a certain rocker, because it's better to skate than to bite the heads off unsuspecting animals. These pants are made with 100% organic cotton, relaxed rise, and straight leg style, giving you a comfortable fit that will keep you calm and collected at the skatepark, instead of acting crazy. The belt loops with button closure give you the option of wearing your favorite belt, so your pa more...

Volcom Vorta S Gene Colored Slim Denim Pant - Men's

Not skinny, but not straight, the Volcom Men's Vorta S Gene Colored Slim Denim Pant refuses simple classification with its cool, modern shape. A relaxed rise, slim fit through the waist and hips, and straight legs give you a sensible cut that gives you plenty of comfort, mobility, and style. With the addition of durable polyester and an indestructible metal button, this tough pant belies its cool style and color palette. No more walking like a robot-zombie in your skinny jeans, and say good-bye more...

DC Skinny Fit Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $45
- was $75

The term 'low profile' is so hot in product design right now, and the DC Men's Skinny Fit Denim Pant fits the bill thanks to its slim fit. A touch of spandex gives these threads the flexibility you need for kicking back in the hammock or skating around town. more...

DC Straight Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $37.5
- was $75

You're a straight-up kind of guy who likes a simple pant--sounds like the DC Men's Straight Denim Pant is just for you. Unlike hipster, skinny-fit denim that looks painted on, this pant looks a little more relaxed, but not baggy. more...

DC RD USA Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $34.2
- was $76

Keep it loose and fresh like Rob Dyrdek in the DC RD USA Men's Denim Pant. It has a baggier fit--none of that girls' pants business--with a little bit of spandex woven in for stretch while you're skating. more...

DC Rob Dyrdek Flag Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $45.6
- was $76

Pull on a pair of the DC Men's Rob Dyrdek Flag Denim Pant when you want a simple, clean look for judging your local skateboard competition. This straight-fit denim pants features two front and back pockets for your wallet and cell. more...

LRG Unnatural Palette SS Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $63.16
- was $78.95

LRG knows you have a penchant for all things unconventional, which is why they made the Unnatural Palette SS Denim Pants. Made with a cotton/elastane blend, these jeans are perfect for all your offbeat pursuits, and the regular fit will renew your faith that you can live outside the box, and be comfortable doing it. more...

Outdoor Research Stronghold Twill Pant - Men's

The Outdoor Research Men's Stronghold Twill Pant features classic five-pocket styling and ample stretch, allowing you to transition from lunch-time bouldering to afternoon meetings without skipping a beat. more...

Billabong Fifty Premium Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $43.7
- was $79.45

Unless you find a house-trained bald eagle clutching a gold brick on your way to redeem your winning lotto ticket, it doesn't get any better than the comfort provided by the Billabong Men's Fifty Premium Denim Pant. This denim pant is pure cotton and features an internal camo print to really drive the style home--what else could you possibly need? more...

Arbor Burnside Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $39.98
- was $79.95

With a cotton, bamboo-based fiber and a spandex blend, the Arbor Men's Burnside Denim Pant is bound to be your go-to pant for both skating and casual affairs. Bounce from the house with deck in tow and roll to class, work, or the skatepark with stretch-infused style. Life's too short to dress poorly. more...

Arbor Westmark Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $47.97
- was $79.95

The Arbor Westmark Denim Pant has some stretch built into it so you can skateboard without looking like you have a pole stuck where the sun doesn't shine. more...

prAna Axiom Denim Pant - Men's

Your travels are set to take you through a dirty metropolis, rural farmland, and eventually to a remote hiking and climbing destination. All the while your prAna Axiom Denim Pant keep you comfortable and armored against the miles of road and trail. more...

KUHL Riot Raw Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $55.22
- was $84.95

Thanks to incredible fit and ease of movement, Kuhl has built a loyal following with regard to pants. The Men's Riot Denim Pant meet those expectations with aplomb. The crosshatch denim is vintage-dyed for a fresh look, and the gusseted crotch, articulated knees, and generous fabric stretch allow you to move free of restriction. more...

Marmot Pipeline Regular Fit Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $72.21
- was $84.95

The Marmot Pipeline Denim Pant might look like a standard pair of wear-anywhere jeans, but thanks to CoolMax tech, these pants perform more like a pair of high-performance hiking pants. Synthetic fibers move sweat away from your skin and help it evaporate quickly so your body can regulate its temperature efficiently. You get the performance you'd expect from a pair of outdoor pants without having to look like you're going on a khaki safari every time you want to be comfortable outside. more...

Volcom Coupe Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $42.48
- was $84.95

The Volcom Coupe Denim Pant features premium U. S. denim fabric and a modern straight fit that looks good with everything from a tee to a button-down. more...

Levi's Commuter 511 Slim Fit Denim
On sale - now $50
- was $87.95

If you've heard of the Levi's Commuter 511 Denim Pants, you've probably been struggling to find them all year. Well, we're happy to tell you that your quest is finally over, and believe us, it's been worth the wait. These aren't some run-of-the-mill, one-off attempt at appeasing a subculture. Instead, Levi's worked closely with cyclists in multiple cities around America, distributing prototypes and accepting feedback. And, as a result of developing the pants in accordance to critique, Levi's eff more...

prAna Theorem Denim Pant - Men's

Throw on the Prana Theorem Denim Pant when you want an effortless, clean look and easy-going comfort. Trim cut through the leg gives you a slim look without being tight in the seat or waist, and the stretch denim moves with you so you don't feel restricted by your britches. These are the kind of jeans you can wear all day, every day until you get to that scary point where you realize that you haven't washed your jeans in months and feel kind of ashamed for yourself. But only kind of. more...

Volcom Nova TBD Denim Pants - Men's
On sale - now $53.67
- was $89.45

Don't let sweatpants dominate your waking life; unless you cover thy legs with the rugged canvas of Volcom's own Nova TBD Denim Pants for Men, you'll never know that you're capable of greater things. Sweatpants, though comfy, can dupe you into a life of lazy immobility. The Nova TBD's worn printing offers you that handsome, I-just-wrestled-a-bear look that's so hot this season. With a standard five-pocket lay-out and regular fit, you'll always have ample room for life essentials, like bear-wrest more...

Marmot Rincon Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $40.48
- was $89.95

Leaving on a jet plane? Put your passport in the reinforced back pocket of the Marmot Men's Rincon Denim Pant (yes, these are jeans), grab a cab, and don't be late, because the flight to Arganil, Portugal won't wait for you. The relaxed fit means this pant should fit most body types, from ultra-marathoners to professional sprint cyclists. A straight-leg cut keeps this pant in style with the latest trends without being too fashion-forward. Built-in sun protection and stretch lets you scramble ove more...

Mountain Hardwear Stretchstone Denim Pant - Men's
On sale - now $80.71
- was $94.95

The Mountain Hardwear Stretchstone Denim Pant lays down an easy-going casual look, but it also manages to squeeze in technical features that boost performance and keep you ready if you decide to ditch the indoors and turn up the intensity. A DWR finish sheds light moisture so you won't be soaked if you get caught in a little drizzle or find yourself in a water-fight ambush. Plus, Standard fit with a roomier straight leg cut teams up with flexible denim to increase your range of motion so you are more...




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