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Fedoras - Drivers - Caps

These Fedoras - Drivers - Caps are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Coal Drifter Fedora
On sale - now $43.98
- was $109.95

Drifter Fedora more...

Canada Goose Merino Wool Shearling Pilot Hat

The Canada Goose Merino Wool Shearling Pilot Hat luxuriously wraps your head in toasty warmth when you battle sub-zero temperatures and gale-force winds on a daily basis. This super-cozy hat features soft shearling made of merino wool and nylon, and it's treated with a DWR finish to resist soaking up snow. In addition, this pilot hat an adjustable leather chinstrap that tightens the earflaps down on your head, and its front shearling flap folds down for extra protection from the cold. more...

Canada Goose Arctic Tech Shearling Pilot Hat

Arctic Tech Shearling Pilot Hat more...

La Sportiva Boss Hat

Who says you can't wear a fedora bouldering? The La Sportiva Boss Hat, made of natural straw, will keep your head comfy and eyes shaded whether you're strolling on the beach or scouting out your next boulder project on your day off. more...

La Sportiva Jackson Hat

In the vertical world, looking like a dirtbag almost seems like a requirement. The La Sportiva Jackson Hat stands up that scene with stylish comfort for classy climbers. more...

Canada Goose Suede Shearling Pilot Hat

Suede Shearling Pilot Hat more...

Marmot Reversible Cadet Hat - Women's
On sale - now $15.37
- was $27.95

Two hats are better than one, so Marmot made the Cadet Women's Hat reversible so you can always have a backup. Just don't lose it or you'll be SOL. more...

Coal Richmond 5-Panel Hat
On sale - now $14.97
- was $29.95

Based on the plaid flat-brim of the Coal Richmond Hat we think it's safe to say that lumberjack styling will prove to be one the most influential cultural forces of the early 21st century. Agree or disagree, you have to admit that this mesh-lined lid throws one heck of unique spin on your daily look. more...

Coal Richmond Hat
On sale - now $11.98
- was $29.95

Based on the plaid flat-brim of the Coal Richmond Hat we think it's safe to say that lumberjack styling will prove to be one the most influential cultural forces of the early 21st century. Agree or disagree, you have to admit that this mesh-lined lid throws one heck of unique spin on your daily look. more...

Pistil Quattro Hat - Women's
On sale - now $19.47
- was $29.95

Quattro Hat - Women's more...

Goorin Brothers Ari Hat
On sale - now $22.36
- was $31.95

The Goorin Brothers Ari Hat is so soft and comfortable you'll want to grab your childhood blanket and fuzzy love-bear, Snugglepuss, and crawl inside for a long winter's nap. The old school look gives you an air of sophistication whether you're sipping tea with grandma or bonging beers behind a convenience store dumpster. more...

Goorin Brothers Burbank Hat
On sale - now $22.36
- was $31.95

The Goorin Brothers Burbank Hat helps you appear far classier than you actually are. But it's OK, we won't tell anybody. more...

Pistil Chloe Hat - Women's

Whether you're throwing on after taking off your bike helmet, or accessorizing your favorite skirt (or both), the sweet Pistil Women's Chloe Hat frames your face beautifully. This jockey-inspired cap made from textured linen with a printed cotton lining hugs your head perfectly thanks to the elastic in the back. more...

Sunday Afternoons Jazz Hat

You don't have to wail on the saxophone to look like a bonafide jazz musician, just throw on the Sunday Afternoons Jazz Hat. Made with a wool felt that blocks 98% of UV rays, it's as functional as it is fashionable. more...

Sunday Afternoons Soho Cap
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

Hit the links, the road, or the pub in the Sunday Afternoons Soho Cap. It fuses classic driving-cap style with UPF-50+ sun protection and a moisture-wicking sweatband to keep you comfortable from the first hole to the 19th. more...

Pistil Jones Cap - Women's
On sale - now $12.8
- was $32

The Pistil Women's Jones Cap adds a touch of style to just about everything in your wardrobe. more...

Brixton Barrel Snap Cap
On sale - now $23.77
- was $33.95

Buying the Brixton Barrel Cap is so easy, it's like shooting fish in a... you know what? Never mind. Forget we even said anything. Think a slightly roomier Hooligan, for all you Brixton addicts out there. more...

Brixton Brood Snap Cap
On sale - now $23.77
- was $33.95

Extra, extra! It might be hard to keep the shouts inside when you pull on the Brixton Brood Hat. This wool hat has a timeless newsboy style, so it will look good with everything from jeans to tweed suits. Not that you wear tweed suits. more...

Brixton Fiddler Cap
On sale - now $23.77
- was $33.95

The Brixton Men's Fiddler Hat doesn't know crap about string instruments unless you're talking about a guitar. Brixton made the Fiddler Hat out of premium canvas, added a leather strap, and lined it with silk for a pimp-ass look you won't see at the orchestra. more...

Brixton Mill II Hat
On sale - now $23.77
- was $33.95

Put on the Brixton Mill Hat and convince the pretty pig-tailed bartender that you work hard enough for a double. It's not easy to work long hours with little pay in a stuffy mill. That's the main reason you don't work, but she doesn't know that. With the Mill on your head, your stories of severed limbs and twelve-hour days may at least get you a free shot. more...

Pistil Frolic Fedora - Women's
On sale - now $25.46
- was $33.95

Frolic Fedora - Women's more...

Pistil Knox Driver Cap

Feel free to stop for a coffee in the Pistil Knox Driver Cap. This soft, jersey-knit cap is perfect for the kind of guy who knows how to stop and smell the roses, or the roasty coffee beans for that matter. A soft inner band makes this relaxed driver-style cap all kinds of comfortable for all-day wear. more...

Pistil Parker Hat - Women's
On sale - now $22.07
- was $33.95

Military hats are so two years ago; sophisticated ladies these days are wearing the Pistil Women's Parker Hat. This super-comfortable linen-lined cotton cap wiht an elastic back brings an extra dash to any warm-weather outfit. more...

Pistil Yukon Cap

Stay comfortable this winter, outdoors or in, in the Pistil Yukon Cap. With classic ball cap styling and a soft jersey-knit fabric, the Yukon keeps your nugget nice and comfy while a ribbed ear band keeps those ears toasty. more...

Pistil Brooklyn Cap - Women's
On sale - now $13.6
- was $34

The Pistil Women's Brooklyn Cap is a cute choice whether you're in the big apple or not. Its light cotton fabric feels particularly perfect on warm summer days. more...

Coal Considered Iris Cap - Women's
On sale - now $17.48
- was $34.95

Considered Iris Cap - Women's more...

Columbia Kazoo Earflap Hat
On sale - now $26.21
- was $34.95

When the wood stove is running low, throw on the Columbia Kazoo Earflap Hat to keep your dome warm when you head out to grab a few more cords of wood. more...

Mountain Hardwear Kevalo Cap
On sale - now $17.48
- was $34.95

Toss the Mountain Hardwear Kevalo Cap on your head before you embark on a cross-country road trip. The hat's cipher French terry keeps you calm and comfortable when the 18-wheeler next to you suddenly shifts into your lane, and its low-profile brim prevents the sun from obscuring your vision when you cross the Mohave Desert in the middle of the day. more...

Sunday Afternoons Boss Hat
On sale - now $28
- was $35

Boss Hat more...

Goorin Brothers John Milton Hat
On sale - now $21.57
- was $35.95

John Milton Hat more...

Pendleton Crochet Driver Cap
On sale - now $17.08
- was $37.95

You could pull on the Pendleton Crochet Driver Cap and drive your sleek convertible around the beautiful English countryside. Or you could slip this cap on and head downtown on your leg-powered two-wheeled bike. more...

prAna Devi Cadet Hat - Women's
On sale - now $24.67
- was $37.95

Devi Cadet Hat - Women's more...

prAna Jackie Organic Cadet Hat - Women's
On sale - now $18.98
- was $37.95

Jackie Organic Cadet Hat - Women's more...

RVCA Andie Hat - Women's
On sale - now $24.67
- was $37.95

Here's lookin' at you, kid, in your RVCA Women's Andie Hat. Strut about the streets like a '40s movie star in this classic-style fedora, updated with textured acrylic slub and a logo-stamped leather band. more...

Arc'teryx Quanta Hat

Quanta Hat more...

Outdoor Research Billet Fedora
On sale - now $27.27
- was $38.95

Great for a night on the town or even a quick hike, the Outdoor Research Billet Fedora injects sophistication into your look as it blocks sun from your brow. The included bottle opener keeps you primed to party whenever the opportunity presents itself. more...

Outdoor Research Yukon Cap

Panning for gold is no picnic, but the fleece-lined Outdoor Research Yukon Hat will keep your head warm while you scour the Tombstone Mountains for the mother lode. Earflaps snap to the hat when not needed and drop down to prevent earsicles. more...

Arc'teryx Phrenol Hat

Phrenol Hat more...

Coal Considered Newsie Hat
On sale - now $15.98
- was $39.95

Extra, extra, read all about it. The Coal Considered Newsie Hat is the quintessential newsboy hat. more...

Columbia Noble Falls Trapper Hat
On sale - now $29.96
- was $39.95

Noble Falls Trapper Hat more...

Goorin Brothers G.G. Cap
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

G.G. Cap more...

Goorin Brothers Roger That Hat
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

The Goorin Brothers Roger That Hat ups your IQ by at least 30 points. Alright, maybe not, but this cap does make you appear Mensa-worthy with noteworthy details such as stitched side seams and a contrast under brim. Luxurious cotton is used for a soft and supple feel. more...

Pendleton Cabbie Hat
On sale - now $23.97
- was $39.95

Sound the horns, put on the Pendleton Cabbie Hat, and head out for an afternoon hunt. No? Grab your pipes, find your kilt, and with the Pendleton Cabbie Hat squarely perched atop your melon, find the nearest place to play some music and then hit a pub. Still no? Well, this wool hat has a quilted acetate lining so it will go anywhere and do anything you please, even if you don't care for bagpipes or hunting. more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Field Cap

The cool and comfortable Stormy Kromer Mercantile Field Cap aims to please, with all-cotton canvas or poly-cotton twill construction. With soft and breathable materials, this cap will never have you scratching your head in irritation or feel weighty under the bright sun. Its longer-length, pre-curved brim shields your eyes for comfortable vision, and a pulldown earband covers the sensitive ears from sun or cold. more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Original Cap

For 100 years, the Stormy Kromer Original Cap has kept its perfectly flawless design to warm heads in chilly weather with its wool and cotton flannel construction. Stormy Kromer also added a bit of nylon for long-lasting comfort; features like the pre-curved brim and pulldown earband are what kept this six-panel cap alive for a century. more...

The North Face Heli Hoser Hat

You don't have to be Canadian to appreciate the style and warmth of The North Face Heli Hoser Hat, but it might help, eh? more...

The North Face Hoser Hat
On sale - now $21.97
- was $39.95

If you want to look ready for the Iditarod without having tosuffer through it, pull on the North Face Hoser Hat. You will look like youhave been through, and are ready for, the worst of winter's frigid air. Thebomber style and camo print option give the hat a hard-core edge, whilefaux-fur-lined earflaps keep icicles off your ears. more...

Brixton Castor Straw Fedora
On sale - now $29.37
- was $41.95

Roll up and watch the townsfolk gather around you, hoping to hear a story about how things used to be. The Brixton Men's Castor Straw Hat has that no-bs-southern gentleman look that demands respect. So grab a seat on the porch and don't throw out a single 'back in the day...' until someone brings you a fresh mint julep. more...

Outdoor Research HighPoint Cap
On sale - now $27.27
- was $41.95

HighPoint Cap more...

Sunday Afternoons Ashbury Hat - Women's
On sale - now $20.98
- was $42

Ashbury Hat - Women's more...

RVCA Rosy Fruits Fedora - Women's

Throw on a pair of bug-eye shades and the RVCA Women's Rosy Fruits Fedora, and hit the town in glamorous incognito style. This wool-felt fedora looks and feels high class, and a faux leather braided cord and RVCA stamped logo add a few extra style points. more...

Goorin Brothers Liam Driver Cap
On sale - now $22.48
- was $44.95

Liam Driver Cap more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Petal Pusher Cap - Women's

Petal Pusher Cap - Women's more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Waxed Cotton Cap

The vintage-styled Stormy Kromer Waxed Cotton Cap is an excellent choice for hiking from soggy springs to frigid fall weather. Its waxed cotton shell resists water to help keep your head dry in rainy conditions, and the polyester and cotton blended lining remains comfortable around you dome. A pulldown earband offers additional warmth in chillier temperatures. more...

Sunday Afternoons Montana Hat

Montana Hat more...

Sunday Afternoons Rambler Hat
On sale - now $21.98
- was $44.95

Rambler Hat more...

Brixton Delta Straw Hat
On sale - now $36.76
- was $45.95

Before any major heist the pros always stake out the target while wearing the Brixton Delta Straw Hat to blend in like local bohemians. You may have been dealt a weak hand by being born in a gator farm, but now that you're out of the bayou you plan to take down the house for all it's worth. That is, after you pay the riverboat casino a visit and plan your escape route while you tip this old-school straw fedora at all the old ladies on board. more...

Pendleton Cabbie Hat with Turned Down Cuff
On sale - now $23.98
- was $47.95

When your ears are warmed with the Pendleton Cabbie Hat with Turned Down Cuff, it's a bit easier to pretend that your bike is really an Italian convertible and that you're touring the hills of Tuscany with the top down instead of pedaling through slush-covered streets. This classically cut cap is made from 100% virgin wool to trap your hot head air. The ear flaps go up and down at your command. more...

Goorin Brothers The Times Cap
On sale - now $24.48
- was $48.95

The Times Cap more...

Brixton Baxter Fedora
On sale - now $39.96
- was $49.95

Now, if you're the sort of man who buys fedoras, nothing needs to be said about the Brixton Baxter Fedora. If you're not that sort of man, well, sucks to be you. more...

Coal Considered Evans Fedora - Women's
On sale - now $22.48
- was $49.95

Considered Evans Fedora - Women's more...

Goorin Brothers Moretti Fedora Hat
On sale - now $24.98
- was $49.95

Step into the bar and tip your Goorin Brothers Moretti Fedora Hat to Dave the cocktail master. Then head for the jukebox with your weekly winnings and play Old Blue Eyes all night long. Goorin Brothers gave this classy fedora a pinstriped design which dishes up a bold background for the contrasting 3-pleat jacquard pug hat band. more...

Goorin Brothers Snare Fedora

Pull on the Goorin Brothers Snare Fedora, head down to the local watering hole, and attempt to trap the elusive wild beaver. more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Cabby Cap

You have style that most people these days just couldn't pull off. The Stormy Kromer Mercantile Cabby Cap illustrates that perfectly. This classic wool-flannel flat-cap with cotton-flannel lining won't be going out of style any time soon. more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Original Hat with Deerskin Brim

Sturdy and cozy, the Stormy Kromer Mercantile Original Hat with Deerskin Brim keeps your head warm and eyes shaded in classic wool-blend comfort and an authentic deerskin brim. This beauty of a hat is fine enough for royal presence but also withstands wear and tear, insulates even when wet, and ages wonderfully. The six-panel construction ensures a head-hugging fit and a cotton-flannel lining feels cool and soft against your head. And a pulldown earband keeps the ears warm when the weather chill more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Rancher Cap

The Stormy Kromer Rancher Cap is seriously warm for cold conditions whether you're hiking in the mountains or simply getting to work. Wool and nylon work together to bring long-lasting comfort while the Thinsulate insulation battles the cold along with the fleece-lined earband. more...

Icebreaker Explore Hat

Let's be honest, Greg makes a great hiking partner, but he doesn't know when to shut his yap. Wear the Icebreaker Explore Hat next time you head out on a cold-weather hike, and "keep your ears warm" with this stout merino-wool blend cap. more...

Brixton Gain Felt Fedora
On sale - now $41.56
- was $51.95

The Brixton Gain Felt Hat will make anybody feel extra enlightened. Smug attitude and pompous obsession with obscure philosophers not included. more...

Brixton Messer Fedora

Messer Fedora more...

Brixton Wesley Felt Fedora

Get a rustic, down-home country look with the Brixton Wesley Felt Fedora. more...

Outdoor Research Rando Cap

Wintertime doesn't mean you have to wear some hat with an 8lb pom pom on top or a bomber cap lined with the fur of a dozen mountain weasels. Sport the Outdoor Research Rando Cap, and get superior winter warmth and weather protection without sacrificing your easy baseball-cap style. Gore-Tex fabric gives the winter-weight Rando waterproof protection, and a microfleece lining keeps your ears nice and comfy. A bendable wire brim gives you your ideal fit, and the contoured ear flaps can be tucked aw more...

Brixton Tiller II Hat

A little safari and a lot suave, the Brixton Tiller II Hat might look a little like it grew up behind a team of oxen, but that doesn't mean it can't crush the city streets. more...

Pendleton Coos Bay Hat
On sale - now $28.98
- was $57.95

The Pendleton Coos Bay Hat is the icing on the cake of suave summer style. This straw fedora won't bother your bean since the comfort headband prevents any scratchiness. Open weave in spots gives your head a steady stream of fresh air, and the 2. 5in brim offers some shielding against midday sun. more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Spacecraft Wax Cap

Placing a bit of Indonesian culture and style into your cold-weather wear, the Stormy Kromer Spacecraft Wax Cap features a pulldown earband weaved in traditional Ikat fashion. The cap's paraffin-treated cotton duck provides warmth and resistance to light snow and sprinkles, and its polyester-cotton lining gives a soft, cozy feel for premium comfort. more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Spacecraft Wool Cap

The Stormy Kromer Spacecraft Wool Cap keeps you nice and warm during the cold winter months while retaining stylish retro appeal. This hat features a toasty wool-nylon blend and a cozy cotton-flannel lining. Its six-panel construction has a lengthened pulldown earband that provides extra protection from the elements. more...

Brixton Count Hat

Count Hat more...

Pendleton Vintage Cap
On sale - now $28.78
- was $63.95

Pendleton came back from the thirties with the Vintage Cap so you can sport something truly old-school around town. Its quilted lining ensures excellent comfort from spring to fall, and the foldable ear covers add extra warmth when winter comes around. more...

Canada Goose Merino Conductor Hat

Inspired by classic rail conductor caps, the Canada Goose Merino Conductor Hat blends old-timey sensibilities with a warm merino-nylon blend. The hat's DWR finish beads off moisture under passing showers, and its cozy polyester-fleece lining provides extra insulation when you're hanging outside in cool shoulder-season months. more...

Pendleton Ryan Hat
On sale - now $33.98
- was $67.95

Given you have to go outside to check the mail, shovel the walk, let the dog do its business, and venture to your car no matter what the weather is doing or how horizontal the snow is blowing, the Pendleton Ryan Hat'll come in handy. This wool wonder has the look of a classic bomber hat, complete with Berber fleece lined flaps and brim. You can also wear this warm hat when going for a walk in the woods. more...

Pendleton Raised Tip Hat
On sale - now $37.92
- was $68.95

The Pendleton Raised Tip Hat is the final flourish to your seersucker suit and hand-woven leather hurache sandals. A snappy fedora, this hat takes to summer style with woven seagrass and a braided leather band. A sunshield under the brim and top crown offer your face and ears some protection against the harsh light of day, while the fitted sweatband ensures the pressure never gets to you. more...

Pendleton Classic Fedora

Whether you're heading down to the local bar for Latin dance night or you're just looking for a jaunty hat that looks good, the Pendleton Classic Fedora has you covered. The all-wool construction of this hat means that it's naturally somewhat water-repellent, as well as being durable and well-crafted. more...

Fjallraven Nordic Heater Hat

Built for the coldest of days, the Fjallraven Nordic Heater Hat features a wind and waterproof fabric that will keep the elements out, and a fur lining that will keep the heat in. Two ear holes allow you to still hear through all that warmth, and a chin strap will keep your ear flaps down when you start to pick up speed on your sled. more...

Fjallraven Sarek Winter Cap

The Men's Sarek Winter Cap is built with Fjallraven's rugged G-1000 fabric, and can be waterproofed with their Greenland wax. Just rub the wax on the fabric when you need some added protection from the elements, and wash off in hot water when you don't. Stylish and rugged, this winter cap is equally suited for a night of bar hopping, or rigging crab pots on the Bering Sea. more...

Goorin Brothers Evelyn Jones Fedora
On sale - now $34.98
- was $69.95

Not your average fedora, the GoorinBros. Evelyn Jones Fedora features an asymmetrical design that sets it apartfrom the crowd. The brim tapers from 3 inches at its widest to 1/1/4 inches atits narrowest, and the satin lining is soft to the touch for added comfort. more...

Helly Hansen Bearfur Hat

A fuzzy fake fur interior and warm ear flaps make the Helly Hansen Bearfur Hat as tempting as a bowl full of honey. The interior will keep your non-bear ears and head warm, no matter how much time you spend wandering through the snow looking for honey. The ear-flaps can be worn up or down, depending on your preference and heating needs. more...

Ibex Outsider Cap
On sale - now $34.98
- was $69.95

Outsider Cap more...

Ibex Ali Hat - Women's
On sale - now $35.98
- was $79.95

Ali Hat - Women's more...

Ibex Aire Hat
On sale - now $44.98
- was $89.95

Aire Hat more...

Coal Emma Hat - Women's
On sale - now $49.98
- was $99.95

Emma Hat - Women's more...




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Sleeping Bags 0 to -40 Degree Down Bags
Sleeping Bags 0 to -40 Degree Synthetic Bags
Sleeping Bags - Kids

Sleeping Bags - Liners
Sleeping Bags - Stuff and Compression Sacks

Sleeping Pads Campground
Sleeping Pads Lightweight
Sleeping Pads Accessories

Tents 3 Season Tents
Tents 4 Season Tents
Tents Footprints
Tents Solo Tents


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