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Flat Brim Caps

These Flat Brim Caps are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Volcom Costamazing New Era Hat

Costamazing New Era Hat more...

Volcom Mirror Hat

Mirror Hat more...

Coal Paradise Snapback Hat

Paradise Snapback Hat more...

DAKINE Bonanza Snapback Hat
On sale - now $11.97
- was $19.95

Bonanza Snapback Hat more...

DAKINE Hatchet Snapback Hat
On sale - now $11.97
- was $19.95

Hatchet Snapback Hat more...

DAKINE Higgins Hat
On sale - now $11.97
- was $19.95

Higgins Hat more... Flat Brim Hat

Toss on the backcountry. com Flat Brim Hat and take a laid-back approach to life lived outdoors. It'll shield your eyes from the blazing sun, protect your bald spot, and make you look like a million bucks even if you only have two pennies to your name--nothing fits the bill better for a post-DH brew, apres-ski bar sesh, or day of straight chillin'. more...

Neff Sport Snapback Hat
On sale - now $13.17
- was $21.95

Sport Snapback Hat more...

Smith Sourmash Hat

Sourmash Hat more...

Vans California Snapback Hat
On sale - now $13.17
- was $21.95

California Snapback Hat more...

Vans Uno Mas Snapback Hat
On sale - now $13.17
- was $21.95

Uno Mas Snapback Hat more...

Volcom Attitude Hat

Attitude Hat more...

Burton Gasket Snapback Hat
On sale - now $12.62
- was $22.95

Gasket Snapback Hat more...

Burton Warm Up Snapback Hat
On sale - now $11.47
- was $22.95

Warm Up Snapback Hat more...

Brixton Carbon Snapback Hat
On sale - now $14.37
- was $23.95

Set yourself apart from the rest of the flat brim hat-wearing masses with the Brixton Carbon Snapback Hat. more...

Neff Win Snapback Hat
On sale - now $11.97
- was $23.95

Win Snapback Hat more...

Reef Block Classic Hat
On sale - now $15.57
- was $23.95

Give your weary eyes a break and put on the Reef Block Classic Hat for some relief from the blazing sun while you watch the surf competition from the pier. more...

Vans Checkerboard Snapback Hat
On sale - now $11.97
- was $23.95

Like a magic eye poster, but awesomer. more...

Vans Classic Patch Snapback Hat
On sale - now $15.57
- was $23.95

Classic Patch Snapback Hat more...

Billabong Primary Snapback Hat
On sale - now $16.22
- was $24.95

Primary Snapback Hat more...

Burton Vault Snapback Hat
On sale - now $17.47
- was $24.95

One-size-fits-all hats are for dudes with average-sized heads, but forget average--you've made it to college. The adjustable Burton Vault Snapback Hat is perfect for days your brain feels a little too big for your head. The 100% nylon fabric won't weigh your head down like all the facts and figures you have to memorize for finals, and the Burton embroidery on the front panel will make it look like you've got style in mind, not just all the homework you have to get done by the end of the week. more...

Nixon Mic Snapback Hat
On sale - now $12.47
- was $24.95

Mic Snapback Hat more...

DC Franchise Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $16.87
- was $25.95

Franchise Flexfit Hat more...

Electric Corporate I.D. Hat

Corporate I.D. Hat more...

Vans Authentic Snapback Hat
On sale - now $15.57
- was $25.95

Authentic Snapback Hat more...

Vans Home Team Snapback Hat
On sale - now $15.57
- was $25.95

Home Team Snapback Hat more...

Vans Idylwild Snapback Hat
On sale - now $15.57
- was $25.95

Idylwild Snapback Hat more...

Vans Verdugo Snapback Hat
On sale - now $15.57
- was $25.95

Verdugo Snapback Hat more...

Nixon Highwater Snapback Hat
On sale - now $17.52
- was $26.95

Highwater Snapback Hat more...

Coal Interstate Snapback Hat

Interstate Snapback Hat more...

Coal Kerning Snap-Back Hat
On sale - now $19.56
- was $27.95

Kerning Snap-Back Hat more...

DC Coverage New Era Hat
On sale - now $23.76
- was $27.95

Its brim is flat. Its style, flawless. It is the DC Men's Coverage II New Era Baseball Hat, and its here to make your life better in a thousand different ways. Flash the 3D embroidery to get free backstage passes to any concert. Give the wool body a fresh lean and stop traffic without a light in sight. Peel off the NewEra sticker, slap it on the face of your worst enemies, and watch them drop to their knees and beg for your forgiveness. We hear that the Coverage even juliennes fries... whoa. more...

DC Cross Star Flexfit Hat

The DC Cross Star Flexfit Hat is a no-nonsense everyday hat that goes with any outfit. more...

Element Fenwick Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $18.17
- was $27.95

Fenwick Flexfit Hat more...

Nixon Deep Down Flexfit Hat

If you don't have a psychotic passion for a particular sports team, the Nixon Deep Down FlexFit displays your passion for baller timepieces. Clip your Nixon watch around your wrist, cap your head with the Deep Down, check the mirror, and head out to conquer the streets. more...

Vans Davis 5-Panel Camper Hat
On sale - now $16.77
- was $27.95

Davis 5-Panel Camper Hat more...

DC Empire SE New Era Hat
On sale - now $14
- was $28

Empire SE New Era Hat more...

DC Zoner Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $14
- was $28

Zoner Flexfit Hat more...

Oakley Motion 5-Panel Cap

Stay in style and sport the Oakley Motion 5-Panel Cap while you ride your bike to the nearest dive bar that's cranking jams from the eighties. Don't worry about showing up with a sweaty face because Oakley added a padded sweatband that'll soak up all that moisture. more...

Quiksilver Deposit Snapback Hat
On sale - now $14
- was $28

Deposit Snapback Hat more...

Quiksilver Sixed Hat
On sale - now $18.2
- was $28

Sixed Hat more...

Burton Standard Snapback Hat
On sale - now $20.26
- was $28.95

Standard Snapback Hat more...

Patagonia Flat Top Hat

Flat Top Hat more...

Quiksilver Bridge Flexfit Hat

The Quiksilver Bridge Flexfit Hat seriously enhances your style and head comfort. more...

Quiksilver Elevate Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $14.5
- was $29

Elevate Flexfit Hat more...

DC Marathon Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $19.14
- was $29.45

Marathon Flexfit Hat more...

DC Sublet Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $19.14
- was $29.45

Sublet Flexfit Hat more...

Hurley Mesher Snapback Hat
On sale - now $19.14
- was $29.45

Mesher Snapback Hat more...

Hurley Solid Krush Flexfit Snapback Hat
On sale - now $17.67
- was $29.45

Solid Krush Flexfit Snapback Hat more...

Volcom Layer Flexfit Hat

Your girlfriend's been eyeing your Volcom Layer Flexfit Hat, and she's just waiting for you to drop your guard so she can steal it off your noggin. She knows its synthetic fabric and flexfit are comfortable, because you never take it off. Granted, she'd probably make it look better than you, but best not give her the satisfaction of finding out. more...

DC Shiner Snapback Hat
On sale - now $14.75
- was $29.5

Shiner Snapback Hat more...

DC Velton Snapback Hat
On sale - now $14.75
- was $29.5

Velton Snapback Hat more...

Altamont Cliffs Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $14.97
- was $29.95

Cliffs Flexfit Hat more...

CandyGrind ACC Snapback Hat
On sale - now $17.97
- was $29.95

ACC Snapback Hat more...

CandyGrind Logo Hat

Logo Hat more...

DC Ya Heard Flexfit Hat
On sale - now $25.46
- was $29.95

Spread rumors about that hater across the street and the tranny-train wreck named Lafonda when you put on the DC Ya Heard II Hat. The more details you invent underneath that stylish cap, the better. He'll think twice the next time he wants to scuff-up your sneakers. more...

Kavu KFH Hat

Whether you prefer a bend in your bill or a straight-forward approach, the Kavu KFH Hat has you covered. This fitted cap starts with a flat bill that bends if you favor the classic, baseball cap look. Embroidery adds something fun to look at in front, as if your face wasn't good enough on its own. more...

Nixon Nolan Starter Hat

Nolan Starter Hat more...

Skullcandy Branded 210 Flexfit Hat

Rep Skullcandy even when you're headphoneless with the tasty Branded 210 Flexfit Hat. more...

The North Face International Freeski Flat Brim Snapback Hat
On sale - now $20.97
- was $29.95

Toss on The North Face International Freeski Flat Brim Snapback Hat for a laid-back approach to supporting the US during this winter's big event. While everyone else is decked out in so much red, white, and blue that they can't relax, you can simply sit back on the sofa and support your country comfortably. more...

Under Armour Stealth Snapback Hat

Fly under the radar with the Under Armour Stealth Snapback Hat--just don't fly too low, there are buildings and trees around. more...

VonZipper Stay Rad Hat
On sale - now $14.97
- was $29.95

Stay Rad Hat more...

686 Icon New Era Baseball Hat
On sale - now $24
- was $30

Rock-xylophone legend Ronnie 'The Flurg' Flurgman absolutely refuses to take the stage without his 686 Icon Baseball Hat. In a recent interview in Xylo-Stone magazine, he was quoted as saying 'I would sooner take the stage without my tiny xylophone hammers than show up at a gig bare-headed'; wise words from one of music's true pioneers. more...

DC Rob Dyrdek Teamworks New Era Snapback Diamond Hat
On sale - now $15
- was $30

Rob Dyrdek Teamworks New Era Snapback Diamond Hat more...

Oakley Rafter Flexfit 210 Cap
On sale - now $21
- was $30

Rafter Flexfit 210 Cap more...

Quiksilver Blocked New Era Hat
On sale - now $15
- was $30

Blocked New Era Hat more...

Burton Slash New Era Hat
On sale - now $21.67
- was $30.95

It's the morning after an epic party at your buddy's and you're not ready to face the sun, with all its in-your-face brightness. Greet the morning with Burton's Slash New Era Hat. The Slash New Era Hat's 100% cotton fabric won't add pressure to your skull--you've got the hangover to do that. And the 59/50 fitted style and flat brim will make you wear the hangover with style, instead of looking like you borrowed your buddy's spare hat that he keeps in the back of his truck. more...

Arbor Cornerstone Snapback Hat
On sale - now $22.37
- was $31.95

Don't head out to hug a panda or save a baby seal without the Arbor Cornerstone Hat. Arbor made this snappy lid with 6-panel, 100% organic cotton to dial in the ideal fit while you save the world. The reclaimed Koa wood veneer logo adds a little extra green-style to your granola breakfast and setting SUVs on fire midnight snack. more...

Brixton Cavern 5-Panel Cap

Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that five-panel hats are where it's at right now. Get with the times in the Brixton Cavern 5-Panel Cap. more...

CandyGrind Cndygrnd Fitted Hat
On sale - now $19.17
- was $31.95

Cndygrnd Fitted Hat more...

Discrete Delight Snapback Hat
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

Stuff your faux-fur-lined Russian bomber hat back in the closet; celebrate the sun's return with the Discrete Delight Snapback Hat, a bold and catching item to add a little flowering bloom to your post-winter attire. This acrylic cap will mark your dome piece with all the colors of the season you love so much. Enjoy it while it lasts. more...

Discrete DeLux Snapback Hat
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

Flowers wither away. Hats are forever. Rock this Discrete DeLux Snapback Hat without vase or water, or fear of wilting. Match this acrylic cap with a colorful outfit and enjoy some time in the sun while it lasts: your day just got a bit more decorous. more...

Discrete Ferrule Snapback Hat
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

Discrete took a Hawaiian shirt, cut out the best parts, and stitched it into the Ferrule Snapback Hat so you wouldn't have to wear that shirt anymore. Hit the tourists where they least expect it, their fashion choice. Whether you're cruising the Hawaiian archipelago or just wandering the sunny sidewalks of your land-locked hometown, this acrylic snapback will surely put your brain into vacation mood. more...

Discrete Pragma Snapback Hat
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

Prepare to embrace the versatility of the Discrete Pragma Snapback Hat. As beanie weather wanes, humans must adapt to the seasons or die of headwear-induced heat exhaustion. Pop on this florally endowed acrylic cap and enjoy some moments in the sun while you provide yourself a personal patch of shaded coolness. Now that's professional summer living. more...

Discrete Realm Snapback Hat
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

Warm rays of sun, like delicious summer cocktails, should be taken in, some degree of moderation. Discrete's Realm Snapback hat allows you to imbibe the best the sun has to offer without overdoing it and making yourself look like a fool with a bright red nose. Sport this floral-billed, acrylic cap on your dome piece all season long to add a bit of spark to any outfit. more...

Discrete Skywave Snapback Hat
On sale - now $19.17
- was $31.95

Discrete's Skywave Snapback Hat protects your cranium from sunburn and from "blending in." Its floral print may just catch some glances while you focus on catching some summer rays. By bringing lively color together with a simple, flattering design, this acrylic cap is sure to become the staple for your summer outfit. more...

Discrete Talbot Snapback Hat
On sale - now $19.17
- was $31.95

There's a hat for every occasion. Discrete's Talbot Snapback Hat is for that long occasion between Memorial Day and the beginning of the school year. If you don't dress for the occasion, you may just miss out on some potential epic-ness, and nobody wants that. Made of acrylic and bits of unicorn, this floral-billed snapback will ensure you're never underdressed. more...

Discrete Zulu Snapback Hat
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

Warm weather is peeking its head around the corner, checking to see if you're ready. With the Discrete Zulu Snapback Hat, you will be. Upgrade your cranium with this forever-rad acrylic cap and welcome the sun in style. Summer means fresh fruit, 30-packs, and colorful headgear. Check those off your list and get back to relaxing. more...

etnies Grandslam Hat
On sale - now $15.97
- was $31.95

Grandslam Hat more...

Hurley Icon New Era 5950 Hat
On sale - now $22.36
- was $31.95

Icon New Era 5950 Hat more...

Oakley Oakley Factory Snapback Hat
On sale - now $24
- was $32

Oakley Factory Snapback Hat more...

Analog Meter New Era Snapback Hat
On sale - now $23.07
- was $32.95

Meter New Era Snapback Hat more...

RVCA Sign Away Starter Hat
On sale - now $13.58
- was $33.95

Sign Away Starter Hat more...

Burton ADL New Era Hat

As you slept soundly on the floor of your buddy's party house, his dog nabbed your beanie. Instead of searching for its remains, slip on the Burton ADL New Era Hat before you stumble out into the sunny morning. more...

Burton You Owe New Era Hat

Before you get in your truck and expel noxious fumes into the atmosphere, take a look at your Burton You Owe New Era Hat and decide if it's worth it to contribute to the eventual extinction of the snow that your sport needs to survive. You could just as easily hop on a bike with this fitted cap staying snug on your dome and reduce your emissions by a least a few deep breathes of air. more...

Coal Foreman Hat
On sale - now $24.46
- was $34.95

Foreman Hat more...

Elm Company Script Hat
On sale - now $13.98
- was $34.95

Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and let the Elm Company Script Hat do all of the talking. Its smooth satin lining keeps you relaxed while you attempt to focus on what the fairly drunk chick is trying to tell you. more...

Oakley Factory New Era Hat

Forget about the fakes and phonies, the Oakley Factory New Era Hat provides authentic, New Era 59FIFTY fitted style. This New Era Hat features a deep fit for modern, cutting-edge looks. A padded sweatband provides a comfy feel and snug fit; eyelet venting cools your head when action heats up. more...

Oakley New Era Square O Hat
On sale - now $24.5
- was $35

A deep fit, flat brim, and a big-ass raised, embroidered O logo: the Oakley New Era SQ O Hat. more...

Quiksilver Tucker New Era 5950 Hat

Spice up your dome-piece collection with the Quiksilver Tucker New Era 5950 Hat. This fresh fitted hat has a look that mixes modern flat brim-styling with a retro-inspired logo to give you the best of both worlds. more...

Burton Slider New Era Hat
On sale - now $18.48
- was $36.95

When the homeless guy on the corner turns out to be a ninja bent on stealing your Burton Slider New Era Hat, whip out some moves and open up a can of charitable whup-ass. more...




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