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Sleeping Bags: 30 to 55 Degree Down Bags

These Sleeping Bags - 55 to 30 Degree Down Bags are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

The North Face Basalt Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Down

Nothing beats down for warmth, weight, and compressibility, which are rad features even in a roomy, only moderately technical bag like The North Face Basalt 40 Degree Down Sleeping Bag. Prioritizing spring, summer, and fall car-camping, mellow backpacking, and backyard sleepover missions over highly-technical backpacking and mountaineering trips, the Basalt's rectangular shape provides tons of space, and the water-resistant 550-fill ProDown offers all the insulation you need without any extra we more...

The North Face Furnace Sleeping Bag: 35 Degree Down

The North Face Furnace 35-Degree Down Sleeping Bag offers toasty warmth for cool summer nights, water-resistant protection for variable weather and high-humidity environments, and roomy comfort when sleeping space is more important to you than a few ounces of weight savings. The Furnace's 550-fill goose down is water-resistant for reliable performance when conditions aren't perfectly dry, and the water-repellent outer fabric and lining protect both you and the bag from heat-robbing moisture. Str more...

Mountain Hardwear Down Flip 35/50 Sleeping Bag: 35/50 Degree Down

Who has the cash to stock a closet full of sleeping bags? Mountain Hardwear designed the Down Flip 35/50 Degree Sleeping Bag to pull double duty on low-key camping trips, with two levels of Q. Shield water-resistant down insulation, a 50 layer on side and a 35 layer on the other, to accommodate a range of conditions--just flip it over to suit the temperature. Think of it as being doubly prepared with singular simplicity. A semi-rectangular design with five-inch baffles offers serious space, and more...

Marmot Always Summer Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Down

If you spend more time falling asleep to the whisper of gentle summer breezes than the howl of winter winds, the Marmot Always Summer 40-Degree Down Sleeping Bag is the perfect combination of warmth, weight, and packability. It'll easily keep you comfortable down to 43 degrees, thanks to 650-fill goose down, and it won't turn you into a popsicle if it gets covered in morning dew when you're sleeping under the stars since the insulation's been treated with water-resistant Down Defender. As a bonu more...

Sea To Summit Traveller TrI Sleeping Bag: 50 Degree Down

The Sea to Summit Traveller TrI Sleeping Bag adapts to your preferred method of exploration. At a temperature rating of 50 F, its a perfect choice for summer camping, a liner in the colder spring and autumn weeks, and a year-round option for hostel hoppers or couch surfers extraordinaire. Its slightly tapered design reduces a bit of weight and bulk for those backpackers obsessed with lightweight logistics. The Traveller TrI is stuffed with 750+ loft Ultra-Dry Down, a water-repellent down that re more...

Mountain Hardwear Ratio Sleeping Bag: 45 Degree Down

Summer is arguably the best season to head out of the campsite and into the wilderness with a backpack, and the Mountain Hardwear Ratio Sleeping Bag is arguably the best bag for summer backpacking thanks to its light weight and protective features. ThermoTrap Baffle construction secures 650-fill down insulation in smaller chambers to balance the down evenly across the entire bag, and the down's Q. Shield treatment helps the down resist moisture to retain its heat-trapping loft and keep you warm more...

Marmot Never Winter Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

Average winter lows in Big Bend hover around 40, making it the perfect environment for the 650-fill goose down Marmot Never Winter 30-Degree Sleeping Bag. Really, though, the Never Winter's perfect for pretty much any spring, summer, or fall trip you can imagine, since it weighs just two pounds but comes loaded with features like stretchy tricot baffles, an insulated draft tube and collar, and a trapezoidal footbox designed to keep your toes warm and comfortable. Super lofty and light down doesn more...

The North Face Gold Kazoo Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

If you win first place at the International Kalamazoo Kazoo Extravaganza, your prize is The North Face Gold Kazoo 30 Degree Down Sleeping Bag. Why? Because it's certifiably awesome, packed full of water-resistant 650-fill ProDown and EN-certified to be comfortable down to 33 degrees, making it a perfect spring, summer, and fall backpacking bag. It also weighs a superlight two pounds, so you'll hardly notice it in your pack, and has features like a shaped drawcord hood, draft collar, and sleeping more...

Big Agnes Fish Hawk Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down
On sale - now $183.96
- was $229.95

Catch some recharging Zs beneath the stars with the Big Agnes Fish Hawk 30 Degree Down Sleeping Bag. Its semi-rectangular shape offers plenty of room in the feet and shoulders, while its 650-fill DownTex water-repellent down insulation provides stellar warmth and comfort on chilly early-fall evenings and dewy late-spring mornings. more...

Mountain Hardwear Heratio Sleeping Bag: Women's 32 Degree Down

Sound the alarm: the Mountain Hardwear Heratio Women's 32-Degree Down Sleeping Bag is setting sleepers on fire (in a good way, mind) and this three-alarm blaze of warmth and comfort doesn't show any signs of slowing down. You can't put it out with water, since the 650-fill down's been treated with Q. Shield to resist water, and the tough nylon shell has a DWR coating to further keep the wet at bay. Neither can you just expect everything to cool down on its own, since the ThermoTrap baffle system more...

Mountain Hardwear Ratio Sleeping Bag: 32 Degree Down

The Mountain Hardwear Ratio Sleeping Bag is lightweight and keeps you consistently warm on backpacking trips from the end of spring to the beginning of fall. ThermoTrap Baffle construction secures 650-fill down insulation in smaller chambers to balance the down evenly across the entire bag, and the down's Q. Shield treatment helps the down resist moisture to retain its heat-trapping loft and keep you warm on cold nights. Its comfort mummy cut provides a slightly larger shape than standard mummy more...

Therm-a-Rest Vela Blanket: 35 Degree Down

Car-campers never had it so good. The Therm-A-Rest Vela Down Blanket is toasty, lightweight, and super-compressible--everything you need for a good night's sleep during your spring, summer or fall car-camping excursions and road trips. The Vela's simplicity equals versatility whether you're in a tent, couch-surfing, relaxing at home in front of the TV, or avoiding the perils of motel blankets. The Vela also works with just about any camp mattress thanks to its loop kit and side snaps, and the do more...

Sea To Summit Trek TkI Sleeping Bag: 32 Degree Down

Your trekking buddy's balloon-like synthetic sleeping bag fills his whole backpack; your Sea To Summit Trek TkI 32 Degree Down Sleeping Bag compresses down to the size of three water bottles, so you have room for the essentials plus a few souvenirs. It's stuffed with lofty, moisture-resistant Ultra-Dry Down 650+ and sheltered with breathable, weather-repelling 2D Perma Shell, so when the going gets cold or damp your bag won't wilt or freeze. And a cushioned hood, draft tube, and tapered rectangu more...

Big Agnes Deer Park Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

The Big Agnes Deer Park Sleeping Bag is ready to bring comfortable three-season camping to the big and tall. Stuffed with 600-fill down to keep the weight and bulk to a minimum, this plus-size bag keeps the heat cranking from March through October. Before you turn in, slide your 25-inch-wide sleeping pad (sold separately) inside the Deer Park's pad sleeve and get ready to rest easy. more...

Kelty SB 35 Sleeping Bag: 35 Degree Down

You may only go backpacking or camping when the weather is warm and sunny, but unforeseen weather is always a possibility on every trip. Be prepared this summer with the protection that the Kelty SB 35 Sleeping Bag provides. Kelty filled this bag with 800-fill insulation for an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio that'll keep you surprisingly comfortable when the temperatures dip. The down's DriDown treatment repels moisture so it maintains its heat-trapping loft in rainy weather, and it also helps more...

Kelty SB 35 Sleeping Bag: 35 Degree Down - Women's

Take a moment to appreciate the Kelty Women's SB 35 Sleeping Bag when you wake up to a steady drizzle on your next summer backpacking trip. 800-fill down insulation offers an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio that'll keep you surprisingly comfortable in cool temperatures, despite the fact that the entire bag weighs a little over one pound. The insulation's DriDown treatment repels moisture so the down maintains warmth in rainy weather, and it also helps the bag dry faster in case the down gets we more...

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 600 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

Sierra Designs took a drastically different approach to designing the Backcountry Bed 600 Sleeping Bag so you can sleep in the wilderness and feel more like you're in your own bed at home. Free from extraneous hardware like bulky zippers and drawcords, this intuitive bag features an oval-shaped opening with an integrated comforter that helps it adapt to variable temperatures. You can tuck the comforter's sides snugly beneath you and stay warm in temps as low as 30 F, or you can pull the comforte more...

Sierra Designs Zissou 23 700-Fill DriDown Sleeping Bag: 23 Degree Down

Rainy weather and high humidity, once the sworn enemy of down-filled sleeping bags, are no longer cause for concern with the Sierra Designs Zissou 23 700-Fill DriDown Sleeping Bag. The DriDown technology coats each individual fiber with a hydrophobic finish, allowing the insulation to stay 10 times drier and twice as lofty as untreated down in wet and humid conditions. So whether you're trekking in the rainy northwest or exploring dew-soaked Appalachia, the Zissou will have you sleeping comforta more...

Marmot Alpha Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

It'd be tough to explain why you didn't get the Marmot Alpha 30-Degree Down Sleeping Bag when your beta-level bag leaves you wide-awake and shivering all night long. The Alpha, rated comfortable to 38 degrees, is loaded up with 700-fill down to keep you warm on spring, summer, and fall nights, and uses tough 30D ripstop nylon to keep all that valuable insulation where it belongs. Down's fantastically warm, but loses it's insulating power when it gets wetbut the Alpha's got a trick up its sleeve. more...

Therm-a-Rest Auriga Blanket: 35 Degree Down

Weight matters even more when the weather's warm. Fortunately, that's when the Therm-A-Rest Auriga Blanket really shines. Rated at 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the Auriga is made with ultralight, ultra-packable 750 fill-power goose down to keep you moving fast and light. The Auriga packs a generous amount of heat, though, considering it only weighs about a pound and a half. Full-length draft tubes and snap-and-loop integration with most camp mattresses eliminate drafts, and the blanket design won't re more...

Mountain Hardwear Hibachi 45 Sleeping Bag: 45 Degree Down
On sale - now $151.22
- was $274.95

Revel in the trailside display of alpine wildflowers on your next backpacking trip after a good night's rest in the dry, cozy Mountain Hardwear Hibachi 45 Degree Down Sleeping Bag. Light, lofty and ultra-packable, and stuffed with water-resistant down insulation, this bag keeps traps heat on cool nights with its eight-baffle hood, draft tube, and face gasket. Its mummy design gives you room to move and foot to wiggle while keeping the insulation efficiently close to your body. Trek 'til you drop more...

Big Agnes Lost Lake SL Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

A body-embracing mummy filled with water-repellent, always-lofty down, the Big Agnes Lost Lake SL Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down ensures a glorious night's sleep three seasons of the year. Comfort rated at 30F and surrounded in draft protection, this feathery womb is one you won't want to leave. While it's great that you're so cozy, you do have places to go. more...

Sierra Designs Eleanor 24 700-Fill DriDown Sleeping Bag: 24 Degree Down - Women's

Even on mild summer nights, high humidity can leave you shivering in a traditional down-filled bag. Not so with the advanced insulation of the Sierra Designs Women's Eleanor 30 Lite 700-Fill DriDown Sleeping Bag. The DriDown technology gives each individual feather a hydrophobic finish, allowing the insulation to stay 10 times drier and twice as lofty as untreated down when exposed to humid conditions. So whether you're waiting out a summer rain shower in the Rockies or trekking through coastal more...

Marmot Atom Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Down

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE more...

Sea To Summit Spark SpI Sleeping Bag: 46 Degree Down

Weighing only 12. 3 ounces, the Sea to Summit Spark Spl Sleeping Bag brings the comfort without the weight whether you're an ultralight backpacker, an adventure racer, a touring bicycler, or an alpine climber. Primarily focusing on giving you the lightest bag out there, Sea to Summit stuffed the Spark Spl with 850+ down for the best possible warmth-to-weight ratio that can still keep you nice and toasty in temps down to 45 F. Sea to Summit utilized Pertex Quantum for the shell to keep the bag as more...

Mountain Hardwear Hibachi 32 Sleeping Bag: 32 Degree Down
On sale - now $194.97
- was $299.95

Lightweight and toasty-warm, the Mountain Hardwear Hibachi 32 Degree Down Sleeping Bag is ready for quick ascents or blazing across the countryside three seasons out of the year. With Q. Shield high-tech water-resistant down, you'll stay dry, and thus warm, in its lofty embrace; the draft tube, eight-baffle hood, and face gasket ensures the warmth stays put. more...

Mountain Hardwear Phantom 32 Sleeping Bag: 32 Degree Down - Women's
On sale - now $228.48
- was $326.4

Mountain Hardwear makes a lot of sleeping bags, so it's saying something that the Phantom 32 Degree Women's Down Bag is the most popular down bag the company sells. Upon closer inspection, though, it's not particularly surprising. After all, the Phantom's loaded up with 800-fill Piumino down that packs down to practically nothing without losing any of its loft, and uses tightly-spaced baffles to keep the insulation where it belongs so you don't wake up in the middle of the night lying in a puddl more...

Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 800 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

The Sierra Designs Mummy 800 Sleeping Bag has some unique features that'll knock your socks off. Or rather, that'll let you keep your socks and shoes on. Like many down mummy bags, the Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 800 Sleeping Bag is light enough for backpacking trips and warm enough for temperatures as low as 30F. Stuffed with 800-fill duck down insulation, this lightweight bag has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, and it stuffs into a small corner of your pack so you can easily bring it alon more...

Western Mountaineering HighLite Sleeping Bag: 35 Degree Down

For 30 years, Western Mountaineering has been dedicated to constructing some of the finest and lightest sleeping bags on the market, and the HighLite Sleeping Bag is no exception. Unlike some other bags that claim to keep you warm at certain temperatures but fail to deliver, Western Mountaineering rates their bags conservatively and only builds them with the finest materials available.Designed to keep you warm at 35oF and weighing in at a ridiculously light one pound, the HighLite is an excellen more...

The North Face Hightail 2S Sleeping Bag: 35 Degree Down

Elite athletes around the world depend on The North Face for lightweight, technical sleeping bags to keep them moving fast and sleeping comfortably, and the Hightail 2S Sleeping Bag is a perfect example. This minimalist sleeping bag tips the scales at just 1lb 4oz, making it The North Face's lightest three-season down-filled sleeping bag. Snug from head to toe, the Hightail hugs your body with lofty, 850-fill goose down and uses trapezoidal baffles to control insulation distribution so cold spot more...

Western Mountaineering Caribou MF Sleeping Bag: 35 Degree Down

The people at Western Mountaineering are pretty proud of their Caribou MF 35 Degree Down Sleeping Bag, with its MicroLite XP breathable microfiber yarn that's densely woven to create a high-thread-count material that naturally fends off moisture. Since the fabric's weave is largely responsible for its weather-resistance, you don't have to worry about it wearing off, washing out, or de-laminating. A DWR coating enhances this water resistance, but without sacrificing the bag's remarkable breathabi more...

Marmot Hydrogen Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

Quick, what's lighter than air, smaller than your pet hamster, and warm enough for summer, spring, and fall camping? If you said the Marmot Hydrogen 30-Degree Down Sleeping Bag, you win! We're out of prizes, but you seem like the type for whom being correct is reward enough. If you feel like getting a prize for yourself, though, the Hydrogen's one hell of a bag--weighing an ultralight 1. 75 pounds, it combines Pertex Microlight fabric and 850-fill goose down to make a bag that's rugged and warm, more...

Big Agnes Big Pine Down Blanket

If your sleeping bag isn't quite warm enough, or if you're looking for a cozy sleeping setup for car camping and cabin trips, Big Agnes Big Pine Down Blanket has the warmth and comfort that you're looking for. It can function zipped up, sleeping-bag style, or you can unzip it and use it as a comforter if you've got more space or need a little less insulation. Big Agnes stuffed the Big Pine full of water-repellent DownTek 700-fill down to keep you toasty, and stitched it in a quilted pattern to k more...

Big Agnes Pitchpine SL Sleeping Bag: 45 Degree Down

The day's trek was unbelievable, now make your night on your summer thru-hike just about perfect and turn in with the Big Agnes Pitchpine SL Sleeping Bag. A member of Big Agnes' highly technical Divide Superlight series, the Pitchpine has been made better than ever with the addition of a waterproof treatment to it's light, lofty, and highly packable 800-fill down. Big Agnes also employed its innovative top-only design, so all that fluffy warmth is on top where it can actually do some good; under more...

NEMO Equipment Inc. Nocturne Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

From damp environments to dry deserts, the Nemo Equipment Inc. Nocturne 30 Degree Down Sleeping Bag thrives in practically any area you do your late spring/summer/early fall backpacking or camping in. Nemo stuffed this bag with 700-fill DownTek water-repellent down insulation to maintain its high loft and warmth even in places with a lot of moisture. The nylon ripstop shell has a DWR coating to resist water, and the Osmo DT footbox has waterproof protection to protect the bag from high condensat more...

Big Agnes Heart Mountain SL Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down
On sale - now $295.96
- was $369.95

Like a knife built by the Swiss, the Big Agnes Heart Mountain SL Sleeping Bag is packed full of versatility designed specifically for long treks into the wilderness. A water-resistant and lightweight Pertex shell is super soft and packs down small, toasty goose down keeps you warm while you slumber, and an integrated sleeve locks your sleeping pad to your bag so you can roll off your bedding. Slide into this spacious rectangular bag and slumber soundly Spring through Fall. more...

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 800 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

Experience comfortable camping at its finest when you head out in the wilderness with the revolutionary Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 800 Sleeping Bag. Free from extraneous (and heavy) hardware like bulky zippers and drawcords, this intuitive bag features an oval-shaped opening with an integrated comforter that helps it adapt to variable temperatures. You can tuck the comforter's sides snugly beneath you and stay warm in temps as low as 30 F, or you can pull the comforter out for the warmer nig more...

Marmot Plasma 40 Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Down

If you're the dude who cuts his toothbrush in half, shaves his legs, and pulls out all his teeth to save weight before going backpacking, odds are you'll fall in love with the Marmot Plasma 40-Degree Down Sleeping Bag. It's pretty much a one-season bag (mild spring and fall nights will be OK, too), but good gravy, is it light and packable--does 1lb 2oz float your boat? The Plasma's able to be so minimal because it packs super-high loft 875-fill down into a Pertex Quantum shell, which is extremel more...

Valandre Ultralight Mirage Sleeping Bag: 55 Degree Down

Valandre aptly named its Ultralight Mirage 55-Degree Down Sleeping Bag because it looks a lot lighter than a bag that warms you in temps as low as 30-degrees Fahrenheit. Weighing close to one pound, the Mirage makes a fantastic ultralight companion when you backpack through the Uinta mountains or climb for days on big walls at Denali National Park. Almost thirteen ounces of 850+ goose down plus the sleeping bag's natural loft abilities mean you can look forward to many warm nights. Made with the more...

Western Mountaineering MegaLite Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down

Western Mountaineering gave the MegaLite Sleeping Bag a roomy cut for those who want an ultralight bag without the coffin-like feeling. This down bag features insanely lightweight 850-fill goose down and will lull you to sleep on your warm summer backpacking trips and multi-day bike excursions. The bag's continuous baffle system let you sweep the down to the top or bottom of the bag to suit the night's temps, and the full-length draft tube keeps the chills from sneaking in. more...

Marmot Plasma 30 Sleeping Bag:30 Degree Down

Don't panic--you didn't forget to pack a sleeping bag. The Marmot Plasma 30 Sleeping Bag is just so compact and lightweight that it may feel like you left it at home. It's not designed for Arctic expeditions, but for summer and moderate shoulder-season trips; its super-high-loft 875-fill down will keep you plenty warm without slowing you down or taking up space in your pack. The insulation's also been treated with Down Defender to improve its water-resistance, and the tough-but-ultralight Pertex more...

Sea To Summit Micro McII Sleeping Bag: 36 Degree Down

The smallest, lightest sleeping bag from Sea To Summit, the featherweight and feather-stuffed--850+ fill to be precise--Micro McII Sleeping Bag 36 Degree Down provides lofty, three-season, ultra-portable warmth and weather protection. For treks, bike tours, or quick-and-dirty overnighters, this 36F-rated mummy will keep you dry with its Nano DWR coating and Ultra-Dry Down. Plus, the drawcord foot-opening frees your pinkies or converts the bag to a duvet. more...

Mountain Hardwear Mtn Speed 32 Sleeping Bag: 32 Degree Down

Moving fast and light in the backcountry doesn't mean you can ignore the weather. Despite its unbelievably low weight, the Mountain Hardwear Mtn Speed Down Sleeping Bag is rated at a versatile 32 degrees, which is plenty warm for spring, summer, and fall camping in most areas of the US. The reason for the low temperature rating and low weight is super-high-quality 850 fill-power goose down, which is treated with Mountain Hardwear's innovative Q. Shield water-repellant. Q. Shield is used on the d more...

Selk'bag USA, Inc. Lite Sleeping Bag: 45 Degree Synthetic

Selk'bags made its Lite Sleeping Bag as light as possible so you can take this one-piece suit with you wherever you roam. Stomp around the beach on chilly days, go backpacking with it and walk into someone's campsite while wearing it just to make them jealous, and definitely take it camping all summer long. The synthetic insulation keeps you nice and toasty all night long, and its unique design allows you to get up and go if a bear comes a-calling at the campsite, instead of being wrapped up lik more...




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