Handbags - Flaps
- Artisan Crafted, World Heritage

These Handbags - Flaps - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

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Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Cotton and leather shoulder bag, 'Maya Rainbow' (Guatemala)

Cotton shoulder bag, 'Geometry in Brown' (Guatemala)

Cotton shoulder bag, 'Maya Bouquet' (Guatemala)

Cotton shoulder bag, 'Maya Valley' (Guatemala)

Cotton shoulder bag, 'Rajasthan Rapture' (India)

Jute shoulder bag, 'Dunes of Ica' (Peru)
On sale - now $35.99 - was $39.99

Leather accent briefcase, 'Earthen Waves' (Mexico)
On sale - now $161.49 - was $169.99

Leather and cotton shoulder bag, 'Sunny Shipibo Paths' (Peru)
On sale - now $152.99 - was $169.99

Leather backpack, 'Liquorice' (Mexico)
On sale - now $170.99 - was $179.99

Leather backpack, 'Weathered in Honey Brown' (Mexico)
On sale - now $188.99 - was $209.99

Leather shoulder bag, 'Java Chic' (Indonesia)

Leather shoulder bag, 'Makassar Chocolate' (Indonesia)

Men's leather messenger bag, 'Adventurer' (Peru)
On sale - now $123.49 - was $129.99

Recycled tire shoulder bag, 'Design by Mileage' (India)

Soda pop-top shoulder bag, 'Dazzling Trend' (Brazil)

Upcycled beaded flap handbag, 'Festive Dream' (India)

Upcycled beaded flap handbag, 'Vibrant Splash' (India)

Wool flap bag, 'Zapotec Orchids' (Mexico)
On sale - now $43.19 - was $47.99

Wool flap shoulder bag, 'Aymara Flower' (Peru)
On sale - now $58.49 - was $64.99

Wool shoulder bag, 'Country Dawn' (Peru)