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Jewelry - Necklaces - Lariat
Artisan Crafted and Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry - Necklaces - Lariat. Unique jewelry pieces, artisan crafted, personalized, always appreciated.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Natural orchid and sodalite long necklace, 'Midnight Blue' (Thailand)
Now $31.49 - retail $34.99

Showcased on a navy blue suede cord, an orchid centers this very long necklace. Danai's design immortalizes a natural flower, its color tinted to midnight blue. Globes of sodalite finish the cords, and the length can be adjusted by sliding the pendan more...

Natural orchid gold-plated long flower necklace, 'Aqua Perfection' (Thailand)
Now $34.19 - retail $37.99

Preserved in gold, a natural blossom reveals exuberant colors enameled by hand. Danai selects a perfect flower for this pendant, showcasing the classic Thai flower. It hangs from an adjustable 24k gold plated brass chain. Because natural blossoms are more...

Natural orchid leather long flower necklace, 'Exotic Purple Bloom' (Thailand)

Blossoming with natural beauty, an orchid centers an original necklace. Danai develops electroplating techniques that allow him to tinge the flower in purple, and affixes it to fine leather cords so that it may regulate the length of the necklace. Gl more...

Natural orchid leather long flower necklace, 'Exotic Sky Bloom' (Thailand)
Now $29.69 - retail $32.99

Blossoming with natural beauty, an orchid centers an original necklace. Danai develops electroplating techniques that allow him to tinge the flower sky-blue, and affixes it to fine leather cords so that it may regulate the length of the necklace. Gli more...

Obsidian lariat necklace, 'Freefall' (Peru)
Now $79.19 - retail $87.99

Reflected in polished silver, black obsidian is stunning in a design by the Quispe Family. The sleek, dramatic pendant centers a necklace of sterling chains. .925 Sterling silver more...

Pearl and smoky quartz butterfly necklace, 'Favorite Memories' (Mexico)
Now $173.69 - retail $192.99

Oscar Figueroa conjures a mystical metamorphosis in this exclusive necklace. Shimmering pearls and smoky quartz welcome the arrival of monarch butterflies that fly with wings of sterling silver. .925 Sterling silver more...

Pearl lariat necklace, 'Ethereal' (Thailand)

Kai Kittima combines minimalism with elegant grandeur in the exclusive design of this necklace. She crafts it by hand with iridescent pearls interspersed on a sterling chain. The pendant sparkles with cubic zirconium. .925 Sterling silver more...

Rose quartz lariat necklace, 'Floral Rain' (Thailand)

By Nareerat, this ethereal necklace holds the colors of clouds at dawn. An opulent blossom hosts a cluster of quartz beads to center the gemstone strand. The Thai designer knots rose quartz on silken strands, and adds a stainless steel clasp. more...

Silver flower necklace, 'Exotic Arums' (Thailand)
Now $98.99 - retail $109.99

Silver arums of exotic beauty cascade from the original design of this necklace. Chalermkwan crafts the necklace by hand with a variety of silver beads and charms of Karen hill tribe origin, featuring a bar with a sun, a flower and conch shell before more...

Sterling silver and leather lariat necklace, 'Highland Camellia' (Peru)
Now $97.19 - retail $107.99

Voluptuous petals of sterling silver define the highland camellia. Designed by Carla Testino, this elegant necklace is crafted by hand. The pendant slides up and down the brown suede cord to the desired position. .925 Sterling silver more...

Sterling silver pendant necklace, 'Minimalist Chic' (Indonesia)
Now $332.99 - retail $369.99

Sterling spirals revolve in Indonesian minimalism in an exclusive design by Zayd Makarim. The sleek, handcrafted necklace features stylish pendulums that hang from a glistening sphere. The spirals are inspired by the curls on the statues of Buddha in more...

Sterling silver pendant necklace, 'Sterling Marriage' (Thailand)
Now $263.69 - retail $292.99

Lithe and elegant sterling silver braids carry interlocking rings that celebrate Thailand‘«÷s ancestral silversmith tradition. At first reserved for low-ranking officials and commoners, silver‘«÷s moonlight beauty soon became coveted by kings and que more...



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