Jewelry - Necklaces - Statement
- Artisan Crafted, World Heritage

These Jewelry - Necklaces - Statement - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

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Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Beaded choker, 'Green Coral Blossom' (Thailand)

Braided necklace, 'Ashanti Muse in Golden Navy' (Ghana)

Braided necklace, 'Ashanti Muse in Green' (Ghana)

Braided necklace, 'Ashanti Muse in Light Blue' (Ghana)

Braided necklace, 'Multicolor Ashanti Muse' (Ghana)

Carnelian choker, 'Radiant Queen' (Indonesia)

Chalcedony choker, 'Yellow Petals' (India)

Choker, 'Bronze Goddess' (Peru)
On sale - now $50.14 - was $58.99

Chrysocolla wrap necklace, 'Inca Beauty' (Peru)
On sale - now $341.99 - was $359.99

Crystal choker, 'Crimson Coral Blossom' (Thailand)

Cultured pearl and calcite beaded necklace, 'Summer Sea Blossoms' (Thailand)

Cultured pearl pendant necklace, 'Sea Wind' (Indonesia)

Garnet choker, 'Three Red Blossoms' (Thailand)

Labradorite beaded choker, 'Hyacinth Princess' (Thailand)

Lapis lazuli strand necklace, 'Blue Goddess' (India)

Leather and coconut wood pendant necklace, 'Ginger Tribal Glam' (Thailand)

Leather and coconut wood pendant necklace, 'Gray Tribal Glam' (Thailand)

Onyx choker, 'Regal India' (India)

Pearl and quartz flower necklace, 'Floral Moon' (Thailand)

Pearl choker, 'Black Cloudfall' (Thailand)

Pearl choker, 'Floral Fantasy' (Thailand)

Pearl choker, 'Princess Lace' (Peru)
On sale - now $251.99 - was $279.99

Pearl flower necklace, 'Garden Bower' (Thailand)

Rainbow moonstone collarette necklace, 'Ice' (India)

Sterling silver choker, 'Silver Waterfall' (Mexico)
On sale - now $123.49 - was $129.99

Sterling silver choker, 'Wilderness' (Mexico)
On sale - now $440.99 - was $489.99

Wood beaded necklace, 'Purple Urchin' (Thailand)

Wood beaded necklace, 'Rising Spring' (Thailand)

Wood beaded necklace, 'Rising Summer' (Thailand)