Brunnich's Guillemots, Uria lomvia, nesting on cliffs - 1 - Svalbard

Svalbard / Spitsbergen pictures, travel in the Arctic

Alkefjellet means Razorbill Mountain (even though there aren't any razorbills here as far as I'm aware), the guillemots that live here are a member of the auk family as are razorbills so maybe it's a case of mistaken identity or something to do with translation from the Norwegian.

Alkefjellet is a series of fractured dolerite cliffs and towers that rise about 100m from the sea. They are the home to a huge number of nesting Brunnich’s guillemots and kittiwakes with the former being the more common. The day we were there it was very overcast which made it atmospheric though not so good for taking pictures.


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