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Emperor penguin fact file

Whale species

Antarctica mountains, more pictures in the gallery
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- Clouds go scurrying by in Antarctica most days, it's the windiest and highest continent as well as the coldest

Adelie penguins on sea-ice
Pictures of Penguins in Antarctica

Antarctic Huskies

High Arctic Pictures 274 pictures
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Sea ice forming in Antarctica from the shore - "sea smoke" can be seen in the distance - formed as temperatures plummet

Antarctica, composite polar night shot
Use of picture courtesy of NASA
Composite image of Antarctica and southern hemisphere at night showing lights from major cities on South America (top left), Africa (top right) and Australia / New Zealand (bottom right). The earth could never be viewed in this way as in reality one half of this view would be in daylight and the other in darkness.

Flying over thin ice at 1500ft

Thin ice is spotted from NASA's DC-8 aircraft from an altitude of 1,500 feet during a successful flight over Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier under blue-sky conditions on Nov. 9, 2009. Image Credit: Jim Yungel / NASA

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100 Years Ago in Antarctica
The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration

Sledging - Edward Wilson, watercolour

South - Ernest Shackleton: 1914 - On Tuesday the King sent for me and handed me the Union Jack to carry on the Expedition. That night, at midnight, war broke out. On the following Saturday, August 8, the Endurance sailed from Plymouth, obeying the direct order of the Admiralty. I make particular reference to this phase of the Expedition as I am aware that there was a certain amount of criticism of the Expedition having left the country, and regarding this I wish further to add that the preparation of the Expedition had been proceeding for over a year, and large sums of money had been spent. We offered to give the Expedition up without even consulting the donors of this money, and but few thought that the war would last through these five years and involve the whole world. The Expedition was not going on a peaceful cruise to the South Sea Islands, but to a most dangerous, difficult, and strenuous work that has nearly always involved a certain percentage of loss of life. Finally, when the Expedition did return, practically the whole of those members who had come unscathed through the dangers of the Antarctic took their places in the wider field of battle, and the percentage of casualties amongst the members of this Expedition is high.

The Antarctic Shrine - Standish Backus
Sir Ernest Shackleton's historic British Antarctic Expedition of 1907 chose Cape Royds on Ross Island as the site of their headquarters. In the painting, units of Task Force 43 may be seen several miles off Cape Royds fighting their way through frozen McMurdo Sound behind an icebreaker toward the base at Hut Point, thirty miles to the south. In the background the great mountains fifty miles away in Victoria Land peer under the overcast. Picture courtesy The Naval History & Heritage Command - USA

The Erebus glacier in Antarctica comes down from Mt. Erebus and protrudes off the coast of Ross Island, forming an 11-12 km long ice tongue - a long and narrow sheet of ice projecting out from the coastline. It is a serrated, blue-rimmed “knife” extending toward image center from the upper right out into snow- and ice-covered McMurdo Sound. Beneath the smooth white expanse is the Southern Ocean. Photograph courtesy  of NASA / GSFC / METI / ERSDAC / JAROS, and the U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team. 

It's Antarctica or Antarctic - not Antartica or Antartic - but also अंटार्कटिका Antártida  l'Antarctique  Antarktika   南極洲  القارة القطبية الجنوبية   Antártica  Антарктида  南極

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