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This page is meant as a huge thank you to those people who make the effort to email me and say nice things
about this site. The intention when I started it was that this site would  be "finished" about 8 years ago now,
some 4 years after I started it in 2001, but thanks to you my to-do list is longer than it ever has been.

You are all the reasons I keep on doing it :o)
Paul Ward - webmaster

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  • Thank you Mr. Ward for this site of yours! I am traveling in December to the Sandwich Islands and the Antarctica Peninsula and was browsing sites for pictures and descriptions of the wildlife I hope to see. Your photos, knowledge of the animals and experiences with them kept me very interested. I will continue to educate myself and am so excited for my trip. Thanks again.
    Mary Hahlbohm

  • I just wanted to mention how impressed I was with your website, Cool Antarctica.  I chose this website out of hundreds of sites to do a virtual field trip for my Earth Science.  You did a fabulous job and I felt like I was right there.  In particular, my study is on icebergs and I loved the spectacular photos on the site with the information.  Kudos to you and your team!  The site is phenomenal!
    Sheri Lynch - Located on the warmer side of the globe – Orlando, Florida USA

  • Great site, I will doing a solo snowshoe trek across the San Juan Mtns in Silverton, Colorado, your site has helped. Thanks.

  • I didn't "borrow" any of your photos for a specific purpose. I just like to revisit your site because it brings back great memories of my trip to the Southern Ocean several years ago. Antarctica is the only place on earth that calls to me still and these wonderful photos help take me back. Many thanks.
    Mike Caldwell Long Island, New York

  • This is just to congratulate you for your superb website. It is a must for everyone who shares the same passion for that place! Please keep on with it! I have been a frequent visitor since first time I accessed it. Best Wishes!!
    Julio Grande - Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Wow, GREAT Site – Brings back a lot of memories. Spent Summer ’69 at South Pole, wintered-Over at McMurdo ’69-’70 Season. It’s Nice on the Ice, it’s Peachy in CHCH but it’s Great in the States.
    Mike Rice RM2 - Operation Deep Freeze Detachment Alpha winter-Over Frontiers ’70.

  • I enjoyed your site very much. An old boyfriend of mine was a Navy Seabee and he was stationed there in October 69/70. Looking at your pictures I could imagine what it was like for him to see these same awesome sights back then. Thank you so much.
    Mary Beerman - Pittsburgh, PA

  • I'm currently reading "The Terror" and came across your site while I was doing some online research on the expedition of the Northwest passage. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and your photography is absolutely beautiful. I am also a diver, and I think you are more than slightly mental for doing your first dives under the ice, and hope that you will go (or already have been) to Mexico or the Caribbean to see how the other fish live. There aren't any fur seals there though, unfortunately for us, but there is plenty of other life to suit you, I think. To hear your dreams of going to Antarctica and then to actually be fortunate enough to get to live out your dream of going there is quite fantastic. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much I am enjoying your site, and I hope to be able to spend some more quantity time on it when I am able to peruse at my leisure. Your students are very lucky to have you! What a breadth of knowledge that you have garnered and are able to share with them.
    Kelly Norman, Texas USA

  • Hey I am from Pakistan your site ROCKS! it help me a lot in my "GEOGRAPHY" project thanks for the information that you have been given to your site......
    Hassam, Pakistan

  • I read and feel like home. Thanks to the creators for a good resource!

  • I'm in yr8 and studying Antarctica in geography and we need to find 4 pictures that would be appropriate as a postcard. I couldn't believe what beautiful pictures you have got of everything you would ever need. thank-you for such a wonderful and very informing site.
    Kirsty Hambly England, UK

  • I love this website-everything. It shows just how wonderful and fascinating Nature can be. One moment one might think that Antarctica was so cruel to the early explorers, but the next moment, one might think how beautiful the cycles of life in Antarctica can be. This absolutely brilliant website shows how we, humans, should appreciate everything before it's gone. I'm in grief that all this, the world and Antarctica, might be gone from global warming. I truly love this world, deep, deep in my heart even though there are others who might not. And, of course, this website. Thank you for setting up this website. Thank you for letting others realise the beauty of everything in this world, and, of course, Antarctica. Thank you.
    Sandy Dong Sydney, Australia

  • I am a learning Support Assistant for children with special needs and I have been using your web site to help me find and adapt information for the children to use in class. The site is easy to navigate and so informative - thank you for saving me hours of research! The photographs are incredible, what a wonderful and beautiful place Antarctica is!
    Beverly Jagoe - NSW Australia

  • I really loved the Animal pictures, they were the best, especially the Seals, Whales and Penguins, I love the whole atmosphere of the website/page, its just like its a whole new Generation of Learning and all, Why Can't more people make sites like these? These days there doesn't seem too be much enthusiasm to make more like these so therefore I will give it a very best rating of 9/10 which is 90% which is well above average. My Favourite picture was of the Whales, all species from the Killer Whales to the Minke to the Humpbacks, they are all just amazing creatures that I wish I had one as a pet, but unfortunately I can't because I don't have a place large enough to keep one as a pet. The Seals were cute. The Information was really really really informative, didn't know that much about the place until I came to this site/page which was good. I love this site too bits and I also loved the photos too.
    Miss Megan Emily Jones - Bardon, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your Web site. I'm a nature-lover, though I am probably not going to make it down to Antarctica--but I might. Your photos inspire me. Thanks.
    Angela Black

  • I am enjoying your Cool Antarctica website pictures. My husband is down there now and hasn't had a chance (or a clear day) to get out to take pictures so it's been fun seeing where he is through your photos! Thank you!
    Nan O'Pray - Beaufort, NC

  • Thanks so much for Cool Antarctica. I read through the whole slide show fascinated. Beautifully presented and a great resource. Trouble is now - I want to go !
    Keep up the good work , it is appreciated.
    Pandit Bhikkhu

  • Dear Mr. Ward, My name is Nishtha and I am 15 years old. I am doing a project on Antarctica and truthfully speaking I was feeling lazy to search all the sites individually, given to me by my teacher. I was in the process of doing so when I chanced upon your site. grumbling I opened it, and thank god that I opened it. It has been of such great help to me. All the information under one roof. I love the way you have compiled everything. It makes it so much easier to read as well as understand. I like the way you have added humor to even serious stuff. Other sites make the same things so boring and stiff that half the pleasure in researching goes.
    Dear Paul, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful, glorious photos of the Antarctica critters. I was browsing for shoes and ended up at your site (still not sure how but am grateful) and I've thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and stories. How kind and thoughtful of you to share so much; you renew faith in mankind. I wish you joy----you gave me much!!!
    Joy - Marsha

  • This is a fabulous site. It is very educative and the pictures are awesome.
    Shagun Daga - India

  • Really enjoyed you website!!! Great photos!
    Vanessa Jones - Lilburn, Georgia / United States

  • This site is amazing. Thank you. I start my first teaching practice in a week and have been looking for pictures to inspire the children. That is most certainly what they will do. very informative and has formed the grounding for much of my planning.
    Amy Leigh Sharp

  • I love your site, the pictures are phenomenal! I teach preschool and am writing to let you know that we are using some of your photos to enhance our unit of study for Antarctica. Thank you so much for your hard work and willingness to share your photos.
    Cool Antarctica is a great site. Very informational. I learned a lot.

  • I should by now have been sleeping for at least one hour to be awake for my exam tomorrow morning, but I could not stop reading this great site. Next Friday I start my first trip to Antarctica. I can't hardly wait. I'm in one way glad that I did not find this pages sooner. They are so good and full of useful information that I would not have been able to study at all for my exam. I'll be coming back often both before and after my visit to Antarctica.
    Inger - Stockholm, Sweden

  • Thank you SOOO much for the cool Antarctica pictures!! I am leaving in about 5 weeks to go to Antarctica, and people ask WHY?!!!. Now I shall send them to your web site, and just forget trying to explain "Why". It's been a dream of mine for over 40 years and it is almost here! We'll stop at the Iguazu Falls on the way down. Thanks again and I haven't even seen ALL your pictures!
    Necia Black

  • I'm only a child but some day I would like to go to Antarctica and see all the wonderful sights and experience the challenges it brings me but for now all I can do is dream. I'll dream on until that moment comes the moment when I get the chance to go to Antarctica like the people before me. Everyone that has gone before me is an idol to me!!
    April Hassall

  • I found your website for my daughter to reference for her report. I couldn't stop browsing the site and find myself coming back time and time again. Thank you for this site. It is Awesome! Marvelous! Fabulous! Stupendous! Incredible!  Extraordinary! Sensational! Spectacular! Phenomenal!
    Mom of a 6th Grader - Tennessee/USA

  • This site rocks best it is the best site ever information on this site is really informative and the pictures are great!! I am in year 6 it was so good for my project thanx for the info and pics I loved it and by the way I got 100% on my project!!!!
    Zoe - Australia

  • These pictures are awesome. Our Children's church curriculum is taken place in Antarctica. I really appreciate allowing us to copy these pictures. Now everyone who comes to the classroom will feel like they are in Antarctica. The children will get to experience Antarctica through these pictures and see how beautiful it really is. Thank you so much. You helped make these lessons exciting and real.
    Christine Rundell - Wichita KS USA

  • I just so happened to stumble across this site when working on an Internet scavenger hunt for my 4th grade students. This is a great site, with lots of terrific pictures - ones that I know my students will love. Most of my students have never seen snow (We live in a Southern California desert), and they have no idea what 'cold' weather is. Thanks for the great info and the great pictures. I know my students will LOVE this site!
    T. Feffer - USA

  • Thank you very much for this site, we are so lucky to live on a planet with such a wonderful eco system as this. I have made various speeches on Antarctica and using this web site to help me I feel I have swayed many people into my way of thinking thanks again
    Sam x - Sheffield

  • The galleries are stunning! We are so lucky to inhabit this beautiful, vibrant planet.
    Deena - USA

  • This is a really good site! it has really amazing photographs! I am doing revision on my exams about Antarctica and Whaling! so very sad whaling is!
    Kate - Australia

  • Thank you for creating such a fantastic website, all the pictures, info, text...are GREAT!! Just can't believe that we are losing all of these cute&lovely animals & scenery ...God. I've gotta do something!!! btw, have already ask my Dad for this trip. (lol). Again, thank you sooooooo much!!! Please keep going! Love&cheers xXx
    Margaret - US citizen in China

  • Hello - Thank you for creating your site. Just stumbled upon it. Wow !

  • Hi just wanted to say I'm in year 6 and have to study Antarctica for the term so I have been asked to do a project about Antarctica and your pictures have been a great help thanks,

  • Hey Paul this website is fab! but you should really have something on the types of ice there, it would help with high school assignments. thanks!
    Izzybelle - New York City, USA

  • This website is awesome! The cutest pics of Antarctica I've ever seen! great work! :):):)
    Isabella DiMarco - Australia

  • Hello, Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed viewing your wonderful photo`s.. excellent work well done.. many thanks for letting me see. Kind regards
    Carol Fortune

  • You can visit and get beautiful photos, but please don't pollute this place. Such lovely place is only one in the world, and some cute animals are living here. Pollution can destroy this place and kill animals.
    I think that we should protect to Antarctica. because now days, we has used and we are destroying it. So many kinds of animals lose their habitat so I think we need to protect to Antarctica. It is really beautiful place.
    Ji Eun

  • You have done an excellent job. I really felt I was in Antarctica. The site was very informative. The picture were awesome. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!
    Aswani - UAE

  • This website is cool!!! All the pictures are fabulous and It is great for all kids, as a student, this site has helped me a lot, but I still don't agree with promoting cruises in Antarctica as it kills many animals. Anyway, your site is good.
    Kate - Umina

  • This site is so cool. But next time please add more interesting facts for young kids. Thank you!!!!
    Rabz - Australia

  • I absolutely love this website it is the best. I come on her every single day. IIIIIIIIIIII llllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee IIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT! - lOVE jESS
    Jessica - Alabama

  • Just wanted to say, the photos are brilliant, you've captured scenes that many of us will never experience, except through the photos of those lucky enough to have actually made it to one of the last wildernesses. Your pictures definitely do justice to the area, and allow some of the lounge chair travelers to dream.
    Karen - Sydney Australia

  • THIS WEBSITE IS THE BEST!!! I have done many projects and I have you to thank. I love the cute pictures in the pictures link. CoolAntarctica is the best!
    Kate - Australia

  • I love your site, it is so helpful and fun. I love the pictures! Even though I am not very old, there is no stopping me from having an opinion. Once again, your site is truly the best. P.S: In future, try not to promote Antarctica Cruises. It hurts the wildlife.
    John Pottermas - England

  • I love the information that u have given me! Thank you! Warm regards.
    Mike - Denver

  • Thank you for adding the subtitles at the bottom of each photo. It strengthened my interest into each photo taken. I am directing a program at our school called "PASSPORT TO THE WORLD". We study a Continent a month. I knew nothing about Antarctica and your website was very informative. Thank you for your time.
     Laura Carlin - Marine City, Michigan USA

  • This was the best website I used for my assignment and it gave me heaps of ideas and it got me an A++. Thank you soo much.
    Sophie - Australia

  • Thank you for this amazing website, it is really cool and gave me loads of stuff to use.
    Harriet - UK

  • My whole class loves this web site so much!!!!!!
    Amber Craig - NSW Australia

  • We are learning about ANTARCTICA. This is all the information about Antarctica. I stayed on the internet all night. I would really like to see more on the cute penguins. I would really really like to see more on the seals. By the way your site is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Flavour" - New Zealand

  • Hi, Thought I'd take the time to tell you how much I enjoy your website. It is one of the most interesting sites I have found in years. Keep up the good work.
    David Beak

  • Great site. Really helped with my geography project. The pictures were great. Put your web page in my resources so other could visit.
    Michael Boutwell - Mims, Florida

  • This site is great. Lots of great info and extraordinary pictures.  Thanks for sharing your work with us all!
    Jackie - Midlothian, TX - USA

  • This website provides great information but I would just like to express my deepest concern for the future well being of Antarctica. According to the SOSE Alive text book (2002) there are more tourists than scientists on the ice. This is a disturbing figure displaying that people see at as a tourist attraction instead of a place of natural beauty! Well done to the people who care about the environment and remember your opinion counts!
    Dana Dixon - Adelaide, Australia

  • I feel so sadly, about global warming. I care so deeply, so many people don't care. I pray that people will realize, what this is doing. I hope I can visit one day, because it's so beautiful there.
    Michelle - Tennessee USA

  • Great website, very interesting. Shame your pictures of the Falklands are not more recent, real real shame, its an amazing and beautiful place, the pictures really don't do it justice. By the way the ship the Lady Elizabeth is not in Falkland Sound it is in Stanley Harbour. Falkland Sound is the water that separates East and West Falkland. Other than that I enjoyed your website. The Falklands is well worth a visit no matter how long people go for, a day or 2 in and around Stanley is probably sufficient but there is so much more to see! Remember it is the size of Wales! And the people are fantastic! Thanx for reading, bye!
    Katy Helena Lettly

  • Great Site!! I just wanted to see what Antarctica was like because its around 99 Fahrenheit here. Someday I wanna visit there too.
    Ryan - Winter Haven, Florida US

  • This site was great we learnt a lot about Antarctica
    Nicole and Brianna - Eidsvold and Mundubbera

  • THIS site is ze best I'm in year 6 I had a project and this site gave me tones of info about Antarctica!!!!!!!!!!
    Jack / Australia

  • This site has given me a lot of valuable info on Antarctica. It does not sound so far fetched from the Movie "The Day After Tomorrow". I think more people need to read this stuff, then they will realize how fragile our environment really is.
    Anthony - NJ/USA

  • This Site is very informative for people like me residing on the sub continent and who wishes to travel to places less known. carry on the great work.
    Ronny Sridhran - Mumbai, India

  • Hey this is an ok website. It is very interesting.
    Tiffanie - US

  • When I went onto this site it helped he so much with my homework if I didn't I would of got told off by my teacher so thank you once again you rule and I'm going on it again you RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tabitha - Wellington

  • This is a really cool site it helped me a whole lot with my project & I learned a whole lot in the process. Thanks a bundle. 
    Shawn Salam - Brisbane Australia (p.s I'm a girl by the way)
    Paul, What a wonderful website!!  I only wish I knew of this site before I did my trip a couple of years ago. It's truly a place 'to die for' isn't it?  Many thanks for the wonderful photos and info.
    Lynda - Australia.

  • Today I came across the term Fohn bank and my curiosity lead me to your site. The information is perfect - concise and interesting. The photos are absolutely incredible. Looking at many of them reminded me of being a little boy and daydreaming into strange paintings of places I'd never been. Thank you.
    Blaine Palmer - Norman USA

  • My Brownie pack is looking at Antarctica and climate change - this is FANTASTIC resource you have created, pitched at a good level for students, not hysterical, lovely pictures. Many thanks & keep up the good work.
    Philippa Bushell, Devon, UK

  • This info page has helped me and my friend Linda gather the information we need to write our search report and thanks to you we received an A+ on our report thank you.
    Mele, Australia

  • Great web site. Loved all the pictures of the Pole and McMurdo. Point of interest, when we were building the dome the tunnels under it were called "utilico tunnels" I was part of the winter crew at the old Pole and had a lot of friends in MCB 71 who were building the "new" station. When I left, the Dome was complete, but the Wonder Arch across the front was not in place. I was called out the station several times during the summer before my 1980 Winter-over. I was sent out from McMurdo because of my knowledge of the station and it's equipment. I would go back to the "Ice" in a micro second if I could.
    G.W. Davis, Irrigon, OR, USA

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