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Why does Cool Antarctica partner with ExpeditionTrips?

Do you dream of walking where thousands of exuberant penguins live, cruising in a Zodiac amongst glittering icebergs, setting foot on The White Continent at the end of the world, or taking a bracing polar plunge in the Southern Ocean to get bragging rights beyond anyone you know?

At ExpeditionTrips we can help make these dreams come true!

A specialist travel agency founded by former Antarctic Expedition Leaders, ExpeditionTrips sends hundreds of travellers like you to explore Antarctica each year. The mission is to help you to find your way through the multitudinous trip options available to select a ship and itinerary for your particular preferences. ExpeditionTrips has the most comprehensive portfolio of expedition-style trips representing all of the best quality experiences Antarctica has to offer, you benefit from their in depth expertise of Antarctica as a destination, and advice that is unbiased. Because they are compensated directly by their cruise partners, expert trip planning assistance is provided to you at no extra cost.


  • "I am still walking on clouds! The trip was absolutely awesome!!  You definitely picked the right ship and group for us."
    Billie Gibson; Houston, TX

  • "Thanks so much, again, ExpeditionTrips, for introducing such a wonderful continent and journey into my life! Words just cannot describe the grandness and beauty Antarctica possesses  - truly, as you said, it's like nothing else on earth."
    Christi Benney; Whippany, NJ

  • "The ExpeditionsTrips staff were exemplary. This is clearly the most professional, friendly and helpful group of travel experts I have ever dealt with. I usually make most of my plans independently, but in this case, the whole Antarctic experience was enhanced by the travel company. For those who make the Antarctic their first big adventure, they are in for the trip of a lifetime. I don't believe anything else can really match this."
    Peter Hastie; Auburn, AL

  • "I would definitely consider ExpeditionTrips again and recommend you to others. You were marvelous -- very accurate in your assessment of the different trips and objective and clear throughout the process. Your support prior to the trip was incredible. The honesty and integrity of the service is great."
    Becky Frederick; Chicago, IL

  • "Thanks so much, again, ExpeditionTrips, for introducing such a wonderful continent and journey into my life! Words just cannot describe the grandness and beauty Antarctica possesses truly-as you said, it's like nothing else on earth."
    Christi Benney; Whippany, NJ

ExpeditionTrips offers:

  • Thorough, unbiased representation of Antarctic travel options

  • A dedicated Antarctic Expedition Specialist and Travel Coordinator to assist you with all aspects of the planning process

  • Special savings with an insider's look at all up-to-date Antarctica travel offers.

  • Accommodation in Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, and other gateway cities.

  • Options to extend your journey by exploring Patagonia, Easter Island, Argentina, or Iguazu Falls

  • Comprehensive documentation including reading lists, packing suggestions, a wildlife card, and more!

ExpeditionTrips in the news:

  • For dedication in helping travelers experience expedition destinations for themselves, ExpeditionTrips has received recognition from Town & Country Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, The New York Times, Forbes, and veteran travel editor Wendy Perrin.

ExpeditionTrips is:

  • A member of the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) both locally within the state and through the online program.

  • A member of IAATO - International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators.&  IAATO is committed to responsible tourism to Antarctica. Member vessels do not exceed 200 passengers and each operation is carefully monitored.  ExpeditionTrips works with a wide variety of Antarctic shipping companies - all members of IAATO.

  • A partner of Native Energy - ExpeditionTrips offsets the carbon dioxide emissions from their travellers' cruise-on your behalf, at no extra cost to you. This travel offsets program helps to build and sustain clean energy projects.

  • A member, The International Ecotourism Society - The largest and oldest ecotourism organization in the world dedicated to generating and disseminating information about ecotourism.

  • A recipient of 'Best of the Web' by Forbes Magazine numerous times  A member, Adventure Travel Trade Association - An organization dedicated to raising the profile of Adventure Travel in the world travel market.