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Thomas "Snow Cloud" Brown (1975-76 Winter Over) - Makakilo, Hawaii   I was an AG1 Forecaster with NSFA Detachment Alfa, winter-over 1975-1976 and am now (2010) with PACAF in Hawaii.

Ken Butler (1977) - Jacksonville Fl.  I was an AG1 Weather flight briefer/forecaster in McMurdo and Christchurch, NZ for. the summer seasons of 1977 thru Feb 1980.

Doug Crouse (1975-1979)  - Wildomar, Calif.  Spent 4 trips as a cook. Had a great time. I worked all the galleys the Hill, Willy Field, South Pole and Byrd Station. Looking to hear from anyone during that time.

Paul English (Naval support Force Antarctica winter over 74) - Ormond beach Fl.  

Joseph B JB Hall (NSFA Summer Support Williams Field Year/s 1977-79) - Port Orchard WA,   ENS/LTJG Civil Engineer Corps. Served as Summer Support Public Works Officer for Williams Field 1977-78 and 1978-79, and as OIC of Williams Field 1978-79.  Also served as NSFA PW Maintenance Officer in Homeport until each new Winter Over OIC arrived.  Designed a Williams Field patch in 1978.

Joe Jones (NSFA summer support - 1974) - Lemoore Ca. USA   I was a US NAVY SEABEE (EO1) at McMurdo Public Works. Worked a lot with the NSF in scientific explosive needs. Dome Charlie.

Elzie Lewis (NSFA 1972-1975) - Ohio,   SH2

Ken Miller (NSFA W/O 1976) - Camarillo, CA   Winter Over 1976 as a CM1, Retired in 1992 as a CMCS.

Leo Murawski (NSFA Public works - W/O 76/77) -   Vernon Fl. Like to hear from anyone that wintered 1976-1977 and summer support for the sane time frame

Brian Truss (McMurdo Station  NSFA - 76-80) - Jackson, Wisconsin  -  

Rick Turner (NSFA Summer support, 1977-81) - Diamondhead MS -  

Joe Williams  "JD" (NSFA  McMurdo - 77-81) - Potlatch  ID  Summer support, Night shift Transportation.



Mike Asbell (NSFA Fuels, 1986 through 1988) - Eastman, Georgia  Out of my 20 years in the Navy, Antarctica is, was and will always be my favorite assignment.  I experienced a lot of ups and downs there.  The Fuel Fire at the Ice Runway in September of 86 to the Explosion at the Burn Pit in October 86... It made me doubt that I should even be there.  I quickly adapted and grew from the experiences and from it I made forever friends.  I often look back and say to myself, "Just one more Win-Fly", just one more trip.  Would I do it?  In a heartbeat, yes.

Paul Bykowicz (88-91) - NSFA - fuels. Grape ape    Buffalo, New York

PN3 Kara Barnes (1988-1991) - Sacramento, CA    

Chad (Charles) Condrotte, DTC, USN (Ret.) (1979 to 1983) - Flagstaff, Arizona  I extended my tour for a total of 4 years of summer support. I was a Chief Dental Technician attached to the Navy Medical Dep. at McMurdo Station. I flew to the South Pole Station Twice, spent a week at Siple Station, and stopped at Byrd Station once. I returned to the U.S. once on the Coast Guard Icebreaker "Glacier" with a stop at Palmer Station, Valparaiso & Punta Arenas, Chili, a stop in Lima Peru including including a trip to Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru, and Mazatlon Mexico. I also returned to the U.S. once on the Coast Guard Icebreaker "Polar Sea" with a stop in Wellington, New Zealand, Sydney, Australia, and Hawaii. Prior to Deep Freeze, I was stationed on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and after my 4 years with Deep Freeze, I was stationed in the Mojave Desert in California. What a variety of climates, but I requested it. I would love to hear from anyone interested.

EO1 (SCW) Crook (NSFA, PWC - 1984 / 1985) - Fresno, CA    I was stationed at NSFA for winter over party 1985. I became ill and they sent me back to the states in March 85. I loved it there and I still do. I ran the Scotts hut race in Jan 1985. Heavy Equipment Operator. McMurdo was the best duty station in my Navy career. I will always remember that place and how beautiful it was. I would have gone back in a heart beat.

Michael D. Edwards, HMC "Doc Edwards" (NSFA summer support 1983-87 and winter-over 1988-89) - Arcadia, MO   The Ice was and remains the most starkly beautiful and intriguing place on the earth. It was a pleasure working my ass off and then partying it off........... just .... most awesome.........................

Timothy Eschete (NSFA Winter over Fire Dept. - 1987/1988) - Baton Rouge La. USA    Was a member of Antarctic Winter over crew 87/88 attached to the Fire/Crash Fire crew in McMurdo

Jeff Gaudette (1987-1988) - Onaway MI USA    BT1 assigned to Bldg 155 boiler shop. Turned over operations to ANS civilians October 88. Great duty!

Mike Griesman (1988 W/O Crew) - Charleston, SC   33rd Winter Over crew

William Bill T Gunn (NSFA - 86-87) - Lawrence, Tennessee   Kathy and I were the first military married couple to winter over. Met SecNav John Lehman, went skydiving in New Zealand, lived at Williams Field and McMurdo, bartender in McMurdo, R&R disc jockey, souvenir committee member and 200 degree club.

Mike Hetzel (NSFA - 1988-1989) -  I was LPO Personnel Office

Pat Huck (NSFA Det Christchurch - 1978 to 1982) - DFW Texas -  PNC Huck, USN (Retired 1995 after 22yrs) I was Christchurch permanent staff 1978-82 as NSFA Det Personnel Mgr. Also provided some liason services for Task Force 199, US Embassey Wellington NZ and NZ & Aussie Antarctic Services. This was absolutely the most awesome duty station in my 22yr Naval Career. Married a beautiful "kiwi" lady and our son was born in ChCh 1981. Now retired and living in Texas. I was honored to serve with some of the finest civilian and military men and women on the planet! Would do it again in a heartbeat!

Doug Hunt (NSFA - 1985 to 1988) - Ridgecrest   EO2/ NSFA Summer Support 85-87. EO1/ Winter Over 87-88.  Operation Deep Freeze was the best duty station of my 26 years active duty. Worked your rate entire deployment. All Cat equipment, not like battalion junk. Worked in town doing all sorts of EO related work. After Joe blew up the freshie shed/shack (August 86) took over as Master Blaster and have been blasting ever since. Also did numerous Marble Point Traverses and Byrd Surface Camp (twice). Retired as EOCS(SCW).  

Kenneth Leckie (1981) - Port Richey, Florida   Attached to the Builder Shop , and a season Season as Custom Inspector in New Zealand from 1981 to 1983

Harold Lynwood Kellogg (1989-1991) - Monticello MS    ABF3 deployed 2 time on the ice, duty to Byrd surface camp. It was one of a kind duty for me, really enjoyed it.

Sam Livingston (86-88) - Buena Vista, CO   

 BT3 Gene Lostroh (W/O 87-88 & 88-89) - Plattsmouth, Ne.   

Kathleen Lynch (NSFA Storekeeper, 1985-1986 summer support) - Yorktown, VA  I still have my wonderful cruise books from 1985-1986 and not shy about with my bragging rights of spending 2 summer deployments in McMurdo. Awesome experience!

Jerome W Mapp (NSFA Public Affairs Office, 1981 to 1982) - Hampton Roads Virginia,   I was one of four (or five) Navy journalists sent to McMurdo Station to staff the Public Affairs Office. I wrote for the "McMurdo Sometimes," broadcast stories and talk over the television station, and hosted a midnight to 2 a.m. radio show over the airwaves there. Antarctica was the highlight of my Navy service. Rock on!

Kevin McDevitt (1984-1987) - Kansas City Missouri   Antarctica is a place  like no other. Not just the beauty but all the good friends. Forever will be remembered and missed.

Sigfredo Molo (NSFA Winter Over 1985) - Palm Springs CA - Worked at the Machine / Locksmith Shop.

Michael L Mullen (NSFA McMurdo Photo Lab - 1980 - 1984) - Grand Prarie   Best tour of duty the Navy could have assigned me to.  I had great experiences.  Talk about traveling to see the world.  As a photographer for the Navy, spent 2 seasons riding the Ice Breaker Glacier and flying all over the continent for NSF/USARP photographing science projects, Navy Operations and Distinguished visitors trips.

Ken Putney (Naval Support Force Antarctica - 1988 thru 1994) - Bellingham Washington USA  I ended up here through your reddit post! I spent three summers and a winter on the ice - I have some photos to contribute, this is a good reason for me to finally get some old slides scanned. Thanks for doing this!

Don Samuels (NSFA/FUELS - 1984-1986) - San Diego, Ca.    Got a little HHHHOOOOTTTT...left the ice...ON FIRE....would love to reconnect with all from that time period...Margie...Kat...where you at...what up Price...

Dan Simon (NSFA PAO - 1986-90) - Deptford, NJ  

James Spurgeon (Naval Support Force Antarctica (W/O) crew - 86/87) - Corpus Christi, Texas  32nd winter over crew, 86/87. Best crew, I considered that year spending a whole year in Antarctica one of my best duty stations while in the Navy, made great friends and good experiences. Like to here from some of the crew from that time. I was a Storekeeper working in GSK on the hill.

Roger Stevens (NSFA - 1981-1985 & 1993) - Marion, Ohio  Sad to Seabees go after 40+ years on The Ice.

Kenneth Thompson (NSFA - 1974 to '78) - Thayer Missouri ABF2 McMurdo and Willy Field, aircraft Refueler. Fuel King. Willy field Night Crew Supervisor, Fuel farm operator, Petroleum Laboratory Specialist, Q.C. Fuel Tanker re-supply Offload, Heavy Equipment Operator.

Joe Williams  "JD" (NSFA  McMurdo - 77-81) - Potlatch  ID  Summer support, Night shift Transportation.

Ross A. Wood (1988-1989) -    Des Moines, Iowa



Diana Burns, Chief Petty Officer USN - Naval Support Force Antarctica - 1994  - Orange Park, FL USA.  I was attached to NSFA from 1994 to 1997. I completed three summer deployments during that time. I was active duty U.S. Navy, rank - Chief Petty Officer, rate - Air Traffic Control.

Jami Davis (NSFA - 1997) - Overland Park, KS USA    Wintered over 1997 with US Navy NSFA. Summered 1999-2004 and Wintered over with SPAWAR 2002.

Wallace Eddy (1994-1995) - Arizona   

Gilbert Frate (96-97) - San Diego   HM3 (SW) Frate. Summer Austral Support, McMurdo Hospital. I want to say hello to any of my shipmates I served with on the ice.. Especially all the corpsmen and support staff that made that deployment unique. I am happy that I was able to make the cut and had the privilege of doing the LAST "Operation Deep Freeze" with NSFA. The Navy Antarctic Program was one of a kind. I am truly happy to have served on the last frontier and set foot on the south pole.

Don & Meg Gurzynski (1992-1994) - Baton Rouge, LA  Ski and Meg, Married For 15 years now and Three children. Met on the Ice in 1993. Ski was the Crash Capt. Meg worked in the Haz-Waste Yard.

Daniel "Dan" Hartman (1990-1994) - Kansas City, MO  Deployed to the ice three times as a YN3. I worked in the Main Ops Building my first deployment 1990-1991. 1991-1992 I worked for the Supply Officer and again in 1992-1993 worked for the Supply Officer. My final year I was scheduled to be deployed in CHC but I was kept back at Port Huenema as Support Staff for the command. Had a great time on the ice serving on the Secondary SAR team as well as the Hazmat team. I cherish my time on the ice and think about it still to this day. I worked with some great people from around the world.

Robert Japp (1991) - Mexicali, Mexico

Joyce Kanlan (1989-1992) - Goodyear, Arizona  MSC Kanlan; sold my drums to MWR Kay Berry and put together a band our first season of summer support.....other bands came right behind. A great duty station, beautiful, quiet, great people, great experience. Out of 22 years, it was my favorite. I had an excellent team of food service Military and Kiwi. It was a real pleasure and honor to be a part of the "ice".

Daniel Larsen (Bart)BU3 (1990) - Portland, Oregon   Worked on Officer's Club rehab, Officer's Sauna, Hill Cargo rehab project, road maintenance and runway/apron maintenance and other projects.

YN3 D. Palacios (1989 - 1993) - McAllen, Texas USA    I worked at the operations officer as the ops yeoman.

Al Pineda (1992-1993) - Washington DC

Joseph Curt Spikes (93-95) - DeFuniak Springs Florida United States   I was the Radio Officer with the Summer Support crew with Naval Support Forces Antarctica.

Roger Stevens (NSFA - 1981-1985 & 1993) - Marion, Ohio  Sad to Seabees go after 40+ years on The Ice.

Eddie Vaughan (109 AW - 1992-2010) - Hickam AFB, HI   OAE Life member. Currently serve with the Joint Task Force - Support Forces Antarctica (JTF-SFA), which is the AF's adopted offspring of Naval SFA supporting Operation DEEP FREEZE. Previously, LC-130 Navigator (91-95), and then pilot (96-98) with 109 AW, NY Air Guard. Did not participate in ODF between 2002-2008.

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