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Bruce Duffer "Spicilie" (VXE6 - 1987-1992)

LT Jim Foster, USN (1996-1999) - Den Haag, Netherlands    I served as a PN (PN3, then made PN2) while at VXE-6. I now serve as a Security LDO (640 designator), currently serving with the Defense Attache System, U.S. Embassy Netherlands.

Jose J Garcia (1991-1995) - Puerto Rico    Spent a few Herbies in the Mech Shop. Worked as a Polar Utility Crewman in the HERC's.

Colleen Griffith, AZ 1 (1989-1992 & 1996-1999 - stationed at Point Mugu, home base when not deployed with VXE-6. When on deployment with the squadron, I was either in Christchurch, NZ or at McMurdo Station, Antarctica) - St. Peter, Minnesota   The helo side of the house is who I deployed with the most..My 1st season I was the second woman attached to helo side.

Jacque Head ('90 - '93) - Grayling, MI,  Best tour of my career. Great people, never-ending drama made for interesting stories and entertainment. Did follow-on tours to NAMI and PR "C" school; P'cola. FL, HC-5; Guam, and NAMI; NAS Miramar where I retired after 21 years of active duty. Lived in Phoenix, AZ for 8 years and currently living the single life back in my home state of Michigan. My oldest daughter Aubrey completed a tour with NSF as a Geologist; DF '11 - '12 season, mapping for satellite rendering requested by Google Earth. Proud Mom!!!

Jason Johnson "Big J" (VXE-6 - 1996-1999) -   Loved the time I spent on the ice. Lots of memories and made some lifelong friends.

Chris Jung (1994-1995) - Tacoma Washington   Worked B-182, Fire Department.

Dave Justice (1992/95) - Illinois, C130 FE, retired

J Kaehr (VXE 6 - 1990-1992) - Lynden WA -   Willy Field 90-92 Support Equipment

Robert Kirk (Pigmy) Hyndman (VX-6,VC-5,VXE-6,VA-95,LHA-5,VA-115 - 1963-1995) - Kingsville, Texas    (VX-6 1963-1967 VXE-6 1971-1975) 31years Navy. Retired AFCM in 1995.

Tony Kosloski "Ski" (DF 92-96) - Jacksonville Fl   

Christopher Liljenstolpe (McMurdo - 1996-1998) - San Francsico US   Was the network engineer and Unix systems admin for the 1996-1997 winfly and summer, and the 1997-1998 full year.

Ricky Medina (1991-1995) - San Diego Ca.  Just checking in.

William Miller "B.J." (1990-1993) - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin I was on the Ice twice Willy Field 90-91, McMurdo 91-92 and in 92-93 I was in Christchurch. It was mostly good times with great friends. I miss you all!!

James  Archie Bunker Morris (VXE 6 - 1989-1991) - Warwick RI   I was a cook out at Willy Field camp

Debbie Olson (92/93, 94/95) - Burnsville, MN, USA   I was AZ3 Otto the first time and AZ3 Landreth the second time.

Brian Snyder (92 - 96) - Sonora Tx.  First deployment on ice lived at willy field, next two lived in dirt town. Finally got to spend 4th in ChCh.

LCDR Steven L Rice  aka Riceman (VXE 6 Helos - 1991 to 1994) - Palmdale CA  I was stationed with VXE6 in the Helo Department.  I worked in Maintenance Control night shift.    My trip to the Ice was a memorable one where gave you great insight to another world.  The Antarctic was a place that I will never forget and met some great people at McMurdo as well as Christ Church NZ.

Kita Rogowski (McMurdo - 1992) - Wisconsin,  Heavy Shop 92-93 Heavy Shop and Supply 95-96 W/O and Summer

Todd Romi (1989 to 1993) - Calhoun / Mo.

Lyndon Smiling (1989 - 1993) - Corpus Christi Texas,  There were good times and bad times.  Enjoyed my times in ChCh

Valerie Smith (1993-94) - Crystal River, Florida  

This page - 1990's - 1960's  1970's  1980's

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