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Antarctica Schools Resources

Easy Mid  Detailed text - techincal termsFull
Key to symbols

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Antarctica Environment Antarctica Science
What is it like in Antarctica? - 1  Easy Mid Full
What is it like in Antarctica? - 2  Easy Mid Full

Fascinating Facts about Antarctica
Frequently asked questions about Antarctica
Antarctica blogs

Icebergs 2
Sea-ice formation

Views of Antarctica

Antarctica glossary A - H
Antarctica glossary I - Z
Antarctic slang
Communications in Antarctica
Clothing in Antarctica
Food  More food
Surviving the cold
How penguins survive the cold

Climate data and graphs

Antarctic Climate and Weather
Casey and Mawson stations
South Pole, McMurdo and Vostok stations
Weather phenomena
The ozone hole
Antarctic Conservation
The Antarctic Treaty summary
The Antarctic Treaty full version

Human impacts:
hunting and fishing
mining and oil
endangered animals

Global Warming in Antarctica  Antarctica global warming - Easy Antarctica global warming - Full
Global Warming overview Global warming overview - Mid Global warming overview - Full
Global warming misconceptions
Prevent global warming
Carbon Offsetting
Carbon sinks
Carbon cycle
Antarctica Animal Life Detailed text - techincal terms


Chinstrap penguin
Pygoscelis antarctica

Gentoo penguin
Pygoscelis papua

Emperor penguins Aptenodytes forsteri

King penguins
Aptenodytes patagonica

Adelie penguin
Pygoscelis adeliae

Other birds

Snow petrel
Pagrodama nivea

Blue eyed shag
Phalacrocopax atriceps

Giant petrel
Macronectes giganteus

Wandering albatross   Diomedea axulans

Antarctic skua
Catharacta maccormicki


Weddell seals
Leptonychotes weddelli

Southern Fur seal  Arctocephalus gazella

Southern Elephant seal  Mirounga leonina

Crabeater seal
Lobodon carcinophagus

Leopard Seal
Hydruga leptonyx

Marine Life Detailed text - techincal terms

Whaling -1
Historical perspective

Whaling -2
Why were whales caught?

Whaling pictures

Whales and food webs

Euphausia superba

Whale species
Species and lifestyle

Transport Detailed text - techincal terms Antarctica History Detailed text - techincal terms
Icebreakers and ice-strengthened ships

James Clark Ross - ice strengthened ship

Kapitan Khlebnikov - icebreaker

Yamal - nuclear powered icebreaker

Ships then and now, a comparison

Transport at McMurdo Base
Exploration time line
Antarctica geological timeline, a history of the land

Roald Amundsen

Douglas Mawson

Robert Falcon Scott, Discovery expedition
Robert Falcon Scott, the South Pole

Sir Ernest Shackleton, Nimrod Expedition
Sir Ernest Shackleton, Trans-Antarctic (Endurance) expedition

Ships of the explorers

Erebus and Terror
Fram page 2
Terra Nova

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Using CoolAntarctica in class
School Resources
Antarctica Lesson Suggestions
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Antarctica Schools Project
Age 11, 10-12 lessons
Lesson Plan
Fact File / References
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Antarctica Coursework
Exam classes, age 14-16
Coursework starter

ICT / Food / Science, age 13-16
Antarctic Travel Lesson Plan

Antarctica Quizzes
General Quiz
Explorers Quiz
Ice Quiz
Animals Quiz
Environmental Threats

Antarctica Blogs
Antarctica Lite

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