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Art Gallery - Paintings - Abstract
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Art Gallery - Paintings - Abstract are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

'99:59:59' (Mexico)

"In this painting, I began exploring different painting techniques," Mexican artist, Fernando Niragob says. "It takes its name from the number of hours, minutes and seconds it took me to finish it." The crescent moon shines from a fragment of sky in more...

'A Fleeting Thought' (Peru)

Emmanuel selects a bold palette to let his imagination run free. Fleeting thoughts and fragmented images come to mind, evoking sensations, dreams and memories. Sharing his inner ideas in a beautiful abstract, the Peruvian artist creates a visual poem more...

'A Fragmented World' (2007) (Peru)

"The conflicts between cultures, race, religion and language are fragmenting our world," laments Peruvian artist Edgardo Crovetto as he explains the message behind his composition. "We should work towards building unity through diversity by emphasizi more...

'A Second to Love You' (Peru)

Floating hoops evoke the ethereal essence of time in a colorful composition by Jesus Millones. He blends oils and acrylics to convey emotional intensity, while paper textures in gray are intended to evoke the stone architecture of pre-Hispanic Peru. more...

'A Sense of Mary' (2013) (Mexico)

Quiet Guitron selects a palette of pastel tones to paint this enchanting abstract landscape. Dawn clouds in glowing rose and lilac are gilded by the early sun, caressing gentle mountains shrouded in mist. "This is a clear image of the soul's spiritua more...

'Abstract I - Scraps of Color' (Brazil)

Tropical shades of lemon, tangerine and blue reveal rich textural depths as Jasm Tania demonstrates her mastery with the brush. Bold, assured strokes create a bright patchwork that evokes scraps of color in this painting from her Abstract series. She more...

'Abstract I' (2007) (Peru)

Enrique Bustamante transforms abstraction into a colorful composition that exudes artistic optimism. "It's a composition that relies on oblique lines that are interrupted by vertical rectangles filled with color and natural elements," explains the Pe more...

'Abstract II - Vibration' (Brazil)

Red and yellow, black and white mingle in an expressionist work that is both bold and elemental. Part of her Abstract series, the canvas by Jasm Tania in Brazil seems to vibrate with energy. She signs it on the reverse side. Titled "Abstrato II - Vib more...

'Abstract III' (Brazil)

Nebulous shapes emerge from billowing clouds in shades of white and grey. Evoking both sunshine and ebony, Jasm Tania paints a new work from her Abstract series. "The canvas explores our hidden feelings," the Brazilian artist says. She signs it on th more...

'Abstract in Ochres' (2009) (Peru)

Vertical planes divide the canvas into uneven fields that leap forward or creep toward the background. Villegas achieves the effect with warm colors. Sheer white clouds temper the bright palette, and gauze brings texture to this handsome abstract. Ti more...

'Abstract in Turquoise' (2010) (Mexico)

Although flowing in similar shapes, vibrant colors contrast boldly with one another. Myriad shades of blue and turquoise meet and mingle with palest violet, crimson, teal and yellow. A master of watercolor art, Ana Rosa Navarro leaves her customary r more...

'Abstract Inca Art II' (2009) (Peru)

Silhouettes suggest clay jars, panpipes and blankets, the handwoven Inca textiles more prized than gold. Flowing across the shapes, pre-Hispanic design motifs bring vivid color to an abstract canvas. "Much of this iconography comes from Peru's ancien more...

'Abstract Tranquility' (2014) (Peru)

Subtle colors come to life within abstract shapes that convey sensations of peace. Working in oils, Alberto Salerno explores a visual language. "I try to transmit tranquil feelings through very soft pastel tones, both warm and cool," the Peruvian art more...

'Abstract Tree in Pink' (2010) (Mexico)

"I love nature and enjoy painting about it in its different manifestations," confides Mexico's Ana Rosa Navarro. Working with watercolors on Yupo paper, she paints with determined force evoking amorphous images surrounding tree branches in deep red, more...

'Abstract V-1' (Peru)

Fiery colors and rich textures come together in a compelling abstract by Pantigoso. "It shows great chromatic energy with strong and simultaneous contrasts," the artist explains. "Color and texture are a part of the visual language that makes us feel more...

'Abstracting the Colors Ochre and Orange' (Brazil)

The intense allure of bright colors leads to an abstract fantasy painted with acrylics on canvas. Terezinha Laureano highlights orange and ochre hues in an energetic composition. Her brushwork is expressive and dynamic as she creates sandy textures t more...

'Abstracting with Flowers' (Brazil)

"I was having an inspired moment, thinking in abstraction, when I resolved to use the colors that came to mind. Then, as an impulse, I added the flowers," says Terezinha Laureano as she describes the process of creation. Titled "Abstraindo com flores more...

'Abstraction in Blue' (Brazil)

Terezinha Laureano reveals expressive energy in this dynamic acrylic on canvas. "My feelings led me to uncover abstract images," admits the Brazilian artist. "This is how I was feeling when I was painting this composition." Titled "Abstrato em azul" more...

'Abstraction of the God Viracocha' (Peru)

An interpretive vision of Viracocha by Carmen Rodriguez, who borrows elements from the Chavin de Huantar culture in order to create abstract sentiment. Tones of blue seductively explore the dark background, reflecting this god's nomadic nature. Virac more...

'Abundance and Luck' (Peru)

Juan Carlos Nanake depicts a dozen cantaros or earthenware jars against a deep, bright background. Geometric motifs make reference to ancient art, while the jars themselves represent abundance, prosperity and good luck during the 12 months of the yea more...

'Acre' (Brazil)
Now $143.96 - retail $179.95

Rivers travel in lazy loops through dense tropical rainforest. Aroldo de Carvalho conjures Acre, Brazil's smallest state, in a brilliant abstract. Blue water and verdant jungle are kissed by golden sunshine, recreating the colors of the flag. Titled more...

'Adoration for My Land' (Peru)

Mystical shapes drift across a canvas of wondrous depth and luminosity. Layering sheer colors, Jesus Millones explores the deep love he feels for his land. He conjures steep mountains and deep valleys, cloud brushed forests and flowing streams in thi more...

'Afflorousal' (India)

"This painting captures the moment of bliss. That magical high when time stands still," says Jay Karun as he introduces this painting from his "Erotic Nature" series. "That moment when passion explodes is represented by the honeyed drops that flow as more...

'African Masks' (Ghana)

Faces appear in abstraction as Asayaw Osahene Asante honors the mask traditions of Africa. Expressive and artistic, the masks reveal each community's beliefs and customs. Asante paints with acrylics, mixing a palette of warm earth hues. more...

'African Print' (Ghana)

This acrylic painting by Nana K.K. depicts four stylish ladies each carrying pots on their heads, two facing each other. "The fabrics worn by these women have prints of African tie and dye," explains the artist. He demonstrates a complete control of more...

'African Queens' (Ghana)

The talented and versatile artist Joseph Kwaw Besoabewie of Ghana presents this bold original painting. The abstract composition depicts a row of African women standing shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity. The confident brushwork and intense colors co more...

'After the Feast' (2008) (Peru)

A nostalgic mood sets over the canvas as Joaquin Ramos laments the end of local festivities. "This is inspired by the villages I visited in southern Peru, where they have big celebrations for their patron saints, as well as traditional feasts that da more...

'Afternoon's End' (Brazil)

The sun sinks low, sending golden light sideways across an abstract urban landscape. Enveloped by creeping shadows, the buildings take on gradual tones of grey and ash, honoring the dying afternoon. Ana Martins works in bold acrylic hues to create th more...

'Almost Perfect Circles' (Peru)

Villegas divides his canvas into irregular columns, each filled with vibrant textures and abstract shapes. Images from pre-Hispanic art emerge in deep, rich colors as though from the collective unconscious of the Andes. Cheerful circles evoke playful more...

'Amazonia' (Brazil)

Valter Gomes takes his inspiration from Brazil's vast Amazon region, interpreting its sensations with a fiery palette. Blue sky and water insinuate a cool counterpoint in this elegant abstract. Titled "Amazonia" in Portuguese. more...

'Amazonian' (2007) (Brazil)

The verdant fervor of the Amazon rain forest inspires Olivia Feder to create this exceptional painting. Bright berries join emerald leaves and jade branches in an evocative abstract. "This is a contemporary work that uses concepts already discussed i more...

'Amendment' (Ghana)

Circles depict calabash gourds, the distant sun, a man's nostrils and a woman's soft, round cheeks. By Prince Asher, this enigmatic painting explores West African symbols in a decidedly modern work of art. "I interpret this composition as embracing a more...

'Amid Clouds' (Peru)

Like cotton, clouds of mist swirl across the canvas, parting briefly to hint at hills below. Suddenly, crimson surges to the surface, inviting conjecture about the world unseen. Leonidas Zavaleta paints a dreamlike composition that entices the viewer more...

'Amid Colors' (Peru)

Like a breath of fresh air, brilliant colors mingle together in an elegant abstract. Quick, assured brushstrokes suggest flowers quivering in the breeze as Mishelle Ramos extols nature's splendor. Titled "Entre colores" in Spanish more...

'Ancestral Mystery' (2009) (Peru)

Working in ochre, brown and red - colors favored by the Inca - Tito Julio Tarqui Prado explores the rich legacy of ancient Andean civilizations. The rich textile tradition is manifest in this work in which elaborate ceramic jars attest to the ancesto more...

'Ancestral Plane' (Peru)

Peruvian artist Miriam Chipana is inspired by the rich colors of traditional Andean textiles. All the elements in this painting seem interwoven, resulting in a playful composition with evident spontaneity featuring circles, spirals, windows and stair more...

'Ancestral Presence' (2008) (Peru)
Now $823.96 - retail $1029.95

Subtle but ever present, the art of Peru's ancient cultures is present in Olimpio Pozo's works. It permeates this elegant abstract, whispering of their grandeur. Clouds suggest the mist of forgetfulness, yet the presence of the ancient ones is felt i more...

'Ancestral Weft' (Peru)

Peruvian artist Miriam Chipana creates this painting inspired by the Andean textiles of rich colors in green, pink, violet, red and blue. Chipana's painting makes the textures run through an imaginary space that alive using circles, shapes and symbol more...

'Ancestral' (Peru)

"I depict a hazy silhouette of a man who evokes the men of my race - strong and valiant warriors forged during the difficult battles they had to face. With shades of purple and sienna, I play with details such as bracelets, tools, weapons and symboli more...

'And the Ship Sails On' (2007) (Peru)

Geometric shapes overlap, forming a delightful interplay of color. By Frida Zanatti, this elegant abstract depicts a sailboat that represents the journey or road taken in life. "I was inspired by "E la nave va," that exceptional movie by Federico Fel more...

'Andean Expression' (Peru)

Margarita Villalva's visual language is abstract as she explores the beauty of the Andes. "This is life in the countryside," she says. "You can see a valley, mountain peaks, towns and, most of all, the mystery of life, of stories and legends. This is more...

'Andean Festivity' (2010) (Peru)

Shrouded in mist, mountains lift jagged peaks toward the unseen sky. This is the setting for Carnival or a saint's day celebration in Andean towns and villages throughout Peru. Leonidas Zavaleta invites the senses into a magical dreamworld. Titled "F more...

'Andean Profile' (Peru)

Exploring the core of Andean artistry, Polo Cano uncovers the secrets of color and form in this captivating composition. A mixture of oil paints, molding plaster and sand assist him in the recreation of ancient iconography inspired by Inca textiles a more...

'Animalia Series II Yin Yang' (Mexico)

Beto Araluce explores duality with this cryptic abstract. "Duality has always existed in nature. On one side, the scorpion and on the other a noble snail," he says. "One cannot exist without the other - the forces of nature as complements and in oppo more...

'Arabesque' (Brazil)

Neutral hues and dynamic shapes impart on this painting a sophisticated sense of energy. The illusion is enhanced with acrylic hues and textures. Marina von S?hsten's brushwork is measured and assured, delivering a work of esthetic minimalism empowe more...

'Architecture of Pyramids' (Peru)

Pyramids fascinate Peruvian artist Jorge Romero as yellow melds to crimson, violet and blue in a work of wonderful harmony. "My inspiration for this painting was the planning required to build the pyramids," he confides. "The scientific knowledge of more...

'Aroma and Perfume of a Nymph' (2013) (Peru)

Colorful leaves flow across the canvas, seeming to drift on a gentle breeze. Conjuring sensations of harmony and peace, Theus explores color and texture. "The illusion that comes to mind when I see the leaves and flowers come to life around my little more...

'Ashanti Queens' (Ghana)

The talented and versatile artist Joseph Kwaw Besoabewie of Ghana presents this original acrylic painting. The abstract composition depicts a row of colorfully clad Ashanti women standing shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity. The Ashanti are one of Afr more...

'Aspirations' (Brazil)

Hopes and dreams are the theme of this painting by Brazilian artist Verita. Painting with a palette of blue acrylic hues, she transmits the optimistic energy of personal aspirations. Titled "Aspiracaes" in Portuguese more...

'Autumn' (Brazil)

The golden tones of fall foliage and the yellow harvest moon inspire this radiant canvas by Aroldo de Carvalho. His palette transmits sensations of happiness and nostalgia, announcing the arrival of the autumn. Titled "Outono" in Portuguese. more...

'Awakening' (Brazil)

By Aroldo de Carvalho, this colorful abstract is charged with energy. He selects a vivid palette of red, gold and green to explore circular forms that coexist on a vibrant canvas. "I allude to the awakening of the life, to happiness and nature," the more...

'Balloon' (Brazil)

Brazilian artist Tiza shares memories of a happy childhood in a vibrant surrealist composition. Bright colors conjure lively energies as balloons float amid festive streamers. Painting with acrylics, Tiza shares her appreciation for the environment a more...

'Basic Constructive Sense III' (Brazil)

In yellow and blue, this painting represents Luiz Badia's search for geometric variations on one theme. "I wanted to express through colors and shapes the balance between the energies and emotions that I feel toward the infinite universe. I used geom more...

'Beautiful Woman' (Ghana)

In his unique style, Ghana's Asayaw Osahene Asante paints the portrait of a woman he sees as "Unique, natural and beautiful, modest in appearance and very desirable." Working with acrylics, he then paints the visage of a second woman in a dynamic com more...

'Between Earth and Sky' (Peru)

Splendid in an azure sky, pastel colors caress a canvas by Cadillo. The Andean artist suggests a valley in the mist as he exalts Mother Earth. "I want to express all my feelings of love for our planet and everything that surrounds it - the love we sh more...

'Black Hole' (Brazil)

Heloisa Pires Ferreira conjures the mystique of a black hole with this hypnotic composition. Working with Charbonnel ink on Rives paper and metal engraving techniques, she creates concentric grey circles over black, masterfully achieving a sense of d more...

'Black Moon' (Indonesia)

Sutianto mixes art and spirituality on the canvas as he shares his very personal beliefs with this painting. "When the black moon arrives it's the right time to clean our self, and create space for a new soul to come in. This is how we remove negativ more...

'Black Sun' (Brazil)

"In my prints there has always been a center, surrounded by concentric circles that eventually become suns and moons," says Heloisa Pires Ferreira about her composition, printed with metal engraving techniques. "The prints became a series with such t more...

'Blue Atmosphere' (Peru)

Transforming music into color, Sessarego conjures a blue rhapsody. A golden melody dances across the canvas while notes rise with buoyant jubilee. Dark bass tones give depth and movement to this elegant painting. Titled "Atmosfera azul" in Spanish. more...

'Blue Constellation' (Brazil)

By Osvaldo Marci Cardoso, shadows in light and dark blue move like constellations in a universe of clear white light. Signed on the back, this dynamic abstract is designed to be displayed in any orientation the viewer chooses. more...

'Blue Reflection' (Peru)

Vibrant red strokes dance emphatically before a background of blue clouds. Evoking an aria, opera buff and artist Sessarego takes his inspiration from music. "Through this painting, I try to represent a musical piece in visual form, the voice and lyr more...

'Blue Sea' (Brazil)

Figurative elements emerge from a seemingly abstract canvas. Conjuring a fiery sky above the ocean, Tonia Parreira suggests ships that ply blue waters. She juxtaposes shapes upon one another, creating a dazzling composition with deconstructed forms. more...

'Blue Triangles' (Brazil)

Heloisa Pires Ferreira creates a dynamic composition with interlocking triangles in vibrant shades of blue. She masters metal engraving techniques with a unique sense of artistry. Titled "Triangulos azuis" in Portuguese. more...

'Blue' (2005) (Brazil)

Tete Dias Leite uses acrylic paints to create the illusion of looking through a frosted window. Shades of blue dominate the scene, as a bookshelf appears filled with intriguing objects. There are books of course, as well as flowerpots and myriad othe more...

'Blue' (Indonesia)

Abstract shapes in shades of blue are caressed by white textures in this elegant composition by Made Ardika. "Looking at blue, it gives me an effect of coolness. I focus on the white overlay, as if it shines in coolness," he says. Titled Biru, which more...

'Blurred Space' (2013) (Peru)

"This painting is inspired by the notion of empty spaces and how they are transformed according to how different people see them," says Adolfo C'colque of this oil on canvas. Abstract in nature, the composition comes to life as ocher, green, white, b more...

'Boats' (Brazil)

Impelled by soft blue breezes, sail boats glide on azure seas. Red adds excitement to this charming abstract by Pina Bastos. She achieves myriad impressions with minimalist lines and bold, tropical colors. more...

'Bottom of the Sea' (Brazil)

The bottom of the sea is a happy place to be as creatures of diverse nature swim in peaceful harmony. Tiza conjures a world of surreal colors and images as she paints with an admirable palette of acrylics. Titled "Fundo do mar" in Portuguese. more...

'Bougainvilleas' (Peru)

A bouquet of bougainvilleas catches the artist's eyes, inspiring him to immortalize them through his unique art. Painting with oils, Theus celebrates one of nature's many treasures. Titled "Bugambillas" in Spanish. more...

'Brazilian Amazon' (Brazil)

The colors of forest, sea and sun represent the deepest sentiments of artist Ana Martin. Enveloped in a radiant white cloud, the clear hues seem to burst from the canvas. Urgent brush strokes suggest movement, while ethnic motifs represent the people more...

'Breaking Barriers' (Brazil)

A cloud of color breaks through the neat and orderly background of this painting by Luiz Antonio Lopes. Contrasting black with white and bright yellow, Lopes conjures a magnificent illusion of movement. Titled "Rompendo barreiras" in Portuguese. more...

'Brother of the Sun' (Brazil)

In this elegant black and white abstract, Andre de Miranda depicts a fantastical creature. Small and ambiguous, it seems both wild and tame. The bold contrast of solid fields of color with areas of texture reinforces the confrontation of feelings. Li more...

'Brown Triangles' (Brazil)

"Geometric shapes that come from the stars," says Heloisa Pires Ferreira as she explains her composition. She reveals interlocking triangles in warm and energetic shades of brown as she masters metal engraving techniques with a unique sense of artist more...

'Butterfly Day' (Thailand)

Bright colors blossom like a lush Thai garden on this canvas by Thotsapon. Painting with oils, he gives shape to a beautiful butterfly of abstract nature. more...

'Cactus Flower' (2007) (Peru)

Delicate pink petals reach toward the azure sky in this lovely painting by Theus. "This is a cactus flower from the desert. It offers us its fragrance and luminous color to captivate our senses," he says. "It is said that in other times, this flower more...

'Chaos and Creativity IV' (Peru)

Abstract shapes emerge from a canvas filled with gray clouds. Rectilinear shapes imply windows in tall buildings. "This painting explores the emotional chaos of overcrowding, of an exploding population," says Peruvian artist Estrada. Titled "Caos y c more...

'Chaos and Creativity' (Peru)

Abstract shapes race across a canvas filled with gray clouds. Circles suggest wheels and squares imply windows in tall buildings. "This painting explores the chaos of today's mentality, modern emotions through color," says Peruvian artist Estrada. Ti more...

'Charms and Mysteries III' (Brazil)

With a rustle of wings, a butterfly glides silently across the composition. Elton Cortinhas uses sinuous line for this enchanting study. Boldly tracing the outline of whispering wings, he creates the illusion of flight. Velvet color and swirling shap more...

'City' (2008) (Peru)

Primary hues bring an urgent dynamic to shapes that seem to change before the viewer's eyes. Sessarego conjures an urban landscape in abstract language. "Through this painting, I express the force and vitality I can propose with color. You can see a more...

'City' (Brazil)

Tall buildings thrust towers toward the sky, bisected by strong diagonals. Evoking the bustle of traffic and lights in motion, Andre de Miranda creates a dynamic woodcut print. This is an homage to the great Brazilian artist Livio Abramo, whose work more...

'Clear Density' (Mexico)

Life's intense contradictions inspire the art of Graciela and Eduardo, who sign their work under the "Lavilla" name. "This painting symbolizes open spaces, like the cosmos. It brings to mind the mysterious history of the universe," explain the talent more...

'Coffee Kiss I' (El Salvador)

Rich earth colors and abstract shapes mingle in mysterious harmony. Working in oil and acrylic on canvas, David Fernando Duke Bonilla creates visual textures kissed by sunbeams. Yellow, beige and turquoise complement the coffee shades. Titled "Beso d more...

'Coffee Kiss II' (El Salvador)

Rich planes of textured brown lead the eye inward toward a patch of blue. Working in oil and acrylic, David Fernando Duke Bonilla invites the viewer on a journey of the imagination. Accents in orange and beige create a sense of tension. Titled "Beso more...

'Coherences' (2009) (Brazil)

Verita uses shattered tones of blue to suggest galactic movements, the icy verticality of the composition enhancing celestial intrigue. With its luminous monochromatic palette, the work possesses an intimate serenity. Titled "Coerencias" in Portugues more...

'Colors and Shapes' (Ghana)

"In this painting, I use lines and shapes to create a pleasant effect on the canvas with abstracted circular forms," says Nigerian artist Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae. "Forms of nature the artist world is full of forms created by God." He works in more...

'Colors of Life' (Indonesia)

Sutianto expresses his feelings, depicting the colors of life with assured, textured brushstrokes. "Life is so beautiful, full of colors, and it consists of four elements beauty, happiness, sadness and disappointment. But it is only sadness that more...

'Colors of the Country' (Peru)

Fields of color are seen as though refracted through a lens, creating a sense of three dimensionality. Victor Aldana selects a warm palette for this elegant abstract as he explores the Peruvian countryside. Titled "Colores del campo" in Spanish. more...

'Companion' (Ghana)

Working in a palette of passionate colors, Dio takes his inspiration from two people in a loving embrace. Intriguing visual textures cover the exuberant painting. "Loneliness is not bliss," the Ghanaian artist explains. "We all need a companion." more...

'Complementary' (Peru)

Hot orange and golden green caress cool blue and white. Seemingly purposeful, abstract shapes evoke pre-Hispanic design motifs. They move together an a beautiful canvas by Peru's Juan Carlos Torres. Titled "Complementarios" in Spanish. more...

'Composition I' (Peru)

"In this composition, I try to harmonize the location of colorful rings within the spaces they occupy," says Andean artist Bruno Ccopa. "My goal was to create a composition that is at once balanced and dynamic." He selects a bold palette of acrylic h more...

'Composition III' (Indonesia)

A cheerful and well-balanced palette of colors drives this abstract painting by Indonesian artists Harman. Using Cubist techniques in this work from his 'Composition' series, the artist creates a melodic flow that draws the viewer's eye inward toward more...

'Composition in Grays' (2010) (Peru)

Leonidas Zavaleta creates a nebulous world where colors leap to the forefront in a bright kaleidoscopic image. Gray clouds drift ominously in the quiet air. The artist conjures a storm in which hidden fire crackles across the canvas. Titled "Composic more...

'Composition in Violet' (Peru)

Transforming music into color, Sessarego conjures a blue rhapsody. An exuberant melody dances across the canvas while notes rise with buoyant jubilee. Dark base tones give depth and movement to this elegant painting. Titled "Composicion en violeta" i more...

'Configurations II' (Brazil)

Rounded figures come together in an abstracted still life that suggests the warmth of hearth and home. Brazilian artist Tete Lacerda builds acrylic textures in a colorful canvas of ochre, orange and tangerine. "These configurations are focused on the more...

'Conflict' (Brazil)

Brazilian artist L. Ferraz explores the effects of color in this brilliant abstract. Droplets of black erupt from a deep crater, splashing upward toward the light. The artist signs at the side of the painting. Titled "Conflito" in Portuguese. more...

'Confront' (Ghana)

"This composition is about the freedom of humanity without their color as a limitation when confronting issues in our lives," David Mawunya Charway says as he shares his inspiration. Painting on jute with acrylics, he depicts two people facing each o more...

'Constellation' (Brazil)

Exploring form and color, Bell Costa selects a palette of reds and browns, yellow, bronze and ginger. The result is an explosion of warmth and surprising images. The lace-trimmed shapes give the impression of stars moving through infinite space. Titl more...

'Construction, Geometric Composition I' (Peru)

Bands of light predominate, moving with lithe grace through a multicolored maze. "I try to convey that hidden part of all human beings - sentiments of the soul and spirit," artist Elizabeth Rodriguez says. Titled "Construccion, composicion geometrica more...

'Constructions II' (2008) (Peru)

Massive blocks of stone rise tall and imposing. Yet the play of light across them gives the impression of buildings that float in the mist. Teodoro Reque selects a palette of green that turns to deep jade. His transparent colors share shadows of imag more...

'Constructions with Pyramid' (Peru)

Rectilinear shapes glow with warmth, seeming to hover in an atmosphere of white light. By Teodoro Reque, this dramatic painting explores perspective and movement. A crystalline pyramid hangs near the center of the composition. Titled "Construcciones more...

'Constructions' (2013) (Peru)

Mirian Chipana creates this painting inspired by the patchwork textile techniques. Chipana paints with acrylics combining geometric figures that reveal flowers, leaves and contemporary symbols. Titled "Construcciones" in Spanish. more...

'Convulsive Earth' (diptych) (Mexico)

Intriguing textures traverse hills that mirror the shapes of pyramids. Jaime Barrera presents a pair of canvases inspired by the low hills of the Yucatan peninsula. Streaked by copper, the earthen tones open to swathes of pale beige that represent th more...

'Corner' (Brazil)

Totally abstract, this delightful painting presents a jigsaw puzzle of forms and colors. Olivia Feder selects a palette of red, yellow, blue and violet, creating cheerful color closures. It suggests the movement of life on an afternoon street corner. more...

'Cosmic Egg' (Brazil)

Painting with abstract freedom, Heloisa Pires Ferreira conjures images within a colorful harmony. The Brazilian artist masters metal engraving techniques to express her artistic originality. Titled "Ovo cosmico" in Portuguese. more...

'Couple Hugging' (Peru)

With his arm over her shoulder, a man and a woman sit close together as they watch the world go by. Bruno Ccopa reveals their presence through a flurry of warm earth hues as he paints this composition with acrylic on canvas. Titled "Pareja abrazada" more...

'Couple' (2007) (Peru)

"An Andean couple is the main productive center of the family. They usually divide work and responsibilities under conditions of equality," explains Peruvian artist Edgardo Crovetto. "I wanted to include elements that are representative of the Andes, more...

'Creation of New Planets' (Peru)

Crimson globes fly across the sky, the voluptuous spheres defining planets yet at the same time, suggesting a nude body. Working with a brilliant palette of oils, Jorge Romero communicates sensations of creation in a universe of bold color. Titled "C more...

'Cubist Abstract' (Peru)

With a fiery palette of luminous colors, Pantigoso creates an abstract with rich visual textures. Rays of light dart and whirl amid rectilinear shapes, giving a magical sense of movement to the work. The artist adds applications of jute to the canvas more...

'Curves II' (Brazil)

Overlapping zigzags become bright color closures that lead the eye on a delightful roller coaster of the imagination. Julio Rodrigues paints a bold work from his series of geometric abstractions. The brilliant abstract is vibrant and joyful. Titled " more...

'Curves' (Brazil)

Sinuous curves flows across an abstract canvas in bright colors. Julio Rodrigues paints a dramatic work from his series of geometric abstractions. The brilliant abstract is vibrant and joyful. Titled "Curvas" in Portuguese. more...

'Cutout Thoughts' (Peru)

Intricate and precise, these busy shapes are nonetheless abstract. Americo Ccala sets the kinetic figures against a mystical background of rich earth colors. "These are the thoughts and memories that one has throughout life," he confides. "The person more...

'Cyclone' (India)

Swirling color sweeps across the canvas like a cyclone. Yet this composition by Smita Lakhanpal radiates light. Rustling in the purifying wind, leaves part for a glimpse of the sun, and a conch shell represents nature's exquisite beauty. more...

'Dallas' (Brazil)

Bustling in the Texas sunshine, skyscrapers tower in a sophisticated abstract. Verita captures the dynamism of Dallas. The luminous work strives toward dreams and visions, assuredly achieving them. more...

'Dance of Colors' (2007) (Brazil)

Eloha choreographs an inviting dance where color flows freely and textures indicate pauses. She creates the hypnotic illusion with a palette of warm acrylic colors and cotton cloth, resulting in a composition of vibrant energy. Titled "A danca das co more...

'Dance' (Brazil)

"Stick figures are engraved in a purple rock and their dance suggests a mystical metamorphosis. The rock becomes the people in a movement of frenetic dance," says Iraceia Guerra. Bold colors inject a surreal sense of life as the Brazilian artist pain more...

'Dance' (Mexico)

Speaking an abstract language of color, Gerard Terrien conveys his perception of dance. Amorphous shapes move together with grace and harmony, performing a folk dance with a sense of ritual. Rippling line conjures full, ruffled skirts. Titled "Danza" more...

'Dancing Colors' (Brazil)

Casual and colorful, this beautiful abstract explores the pleasure in colors and their movement. Aroldo de Carvalho works in acrylic on canvas, selecting rich tones of blue, green, yellow and red that dance amid rays of sunlight. Titled "Danca das co more...

'Dawn' (Brazil)

Delicate medallions evoke lace doilies in a beautiful abstract composition. Flowing across a canvas by Bell Costa, they evoke sunrise above magical mountains. Golden light radiates from each gentle shape. Titled "Amanhecer" in Portuguese. more...

'Dawn' (El Salvador)

Sunlight assaults the senses as a new day dawns dazzling in clear, lucid yellow. David Fernando Duke Bonilla evokes the verdant jungle along the horizon. Yet below, mysterious fields of brown embrace a tangle of roots or of twisted paths leading nowh more...

'Daydreams' (2009) (Peru)

"In every child's soul and innocence there's a dream to fulfill, a dream that takes you to greater heights," believes Marco Donayre. "This painting symbolizes everyone's dreams and are personified by the child with his back to us. It is a posture of more...

'Decreasing Green -- Tilled Forests' (Brazil)

Tania Nascimento employs the green and yellow tones of the Brazilian flag to protest the tilling and destruction of the forests in Piaui, northeastern Brazil. A lonely tree, the only survivor of the devastation, is a poignant reminder of what is happ more...

'Deep Memories' (2008) (Ghana)

"This painting takes us back in our memory to appreciate the good things our ancestors left for us," artist Prince Asher says. Working in deep, rich colors, he creates a mesmerizing vortex that pulls the viewer into a personal reverie. more...

'Designs' (2009) (Peru)

Creating a sensation of depth and movement, Tito Julio Tarqui Prado depicts the radiant legacy of ancient Andean civilizations. The Inca were skilled ceramists, but it was their elegant weavings that stand out - their textiles were more highly prized more...

'Dialogue' (Ghana)

Bright Dankyi Mensah skillfully captures the busy rhythm of a Ghanaian market as he paints with abstract stylizations. The faces of vendors, customers and friends emerge amongst busy patterns. "They are catching up on local news, sharing gossip," exp more...

'Discovery' (2008) (Ghana)

By Joseph Adibleku, this enigmatic abstract seems superimposed upon a background of wide stripes. Blue, purple and red appear in amorphous fields, subtly drawing the eye toward a key. "The key to discovering in life can be attained by using the power more...

'Disintegration' (2011) (Peru)

Dense tangles of feathers and bone force their way skyward, almost filling an enigmatic canvas by Theus. A passionate ecologist, the Andean artist expresses his anxiety through color. "My theme is global warming and birds as its victims. They are dyi more...

'Dolphins' (Brazil)

Circular images swim and jump through the canvas recalling agile dolphins in a world of abstraction that is conjured by Brazil's Gueth Freitas. She emphasizes the uniqueness of her style as she paints with nanquin, a Chinese ink, on a bright orange c more...

'Dove Dialogue' (2009) (Peru)

Chirping and chatting, doves inspire this composition by Peruvian artist Theus. "To me, doves symbolize candor, simplicity and innocence," he tells us. He paints this endearing scene with oils on Folcote card paper, masterfully capturing the birds' l more...

'Dream I' (India)

"This painting is one of the vivid dreams that I have about the heavenly abode. The surreal world of my dreams is depicted through the use of bold colors and the ornamental blossoms," says Sonu Chopra of the first of her "Dream" series. Abstract and more...

'Dream II' (India)

Flowers bid farewell to the afternoon sun in this inspired painting by Sonu Chopra. "This painting is one comes from the vivid dreams that I have about the heavenly abode. The surreal world of my dreams is depicted through the use of bold colors and more...

'Dream III' (India)

Soothing shades of blue and green reveal subtle floral patterns in the background, as flowers that look like all-seeing eyes blossom into eternal vigilance in this painting by Sonu Chopra. "This painting is one comes from the vivid dreams that I have more...

'Dreaming of Dancers' (Indonesia)

Lost in slumber, a woman dreams of people dancing in the flames reaching toward the skies with her hopes. Painting with oils, Teguh Iman creates a vibrant composition with Indonesian underpinnings. more...

'Dreams in Color' (Mexico)

"My dreams in color are due to the extensive horizon of life and customs I carry in my soul," says artist Gerard Terrien. "With a magical wife of Latin roots and my European origins, I am led to a world of color." Expressed in bright hues, this abstr more...

'Dreams of Clay and Moon' (Peru)

"The main theme in my painting is to idealize the geography of northern Peru's coast, and the ancestral cultures that flourished there," explains Fernando Mauricio Ortiz. "They built their houses of clay, and they adored the moon." Ortiz mixes a pale more...

'Dreams of Grandeur' (2009) (Peru)

By Peru's David Fernandez, this dramatic canvas conjures a dream world of vibrant color. "This work outlines an active exaltation of the life processes between nature and humanity," he explains. "The conceived fruit is delighted, the being rests and more...

'Dumbbell Nebula' (Brazil)

"When I was painting this composition, my intention was to depict Dumbbell Nebula in all plenitude. Though it is far away from our galaxy, it seems to have the same synchronicity and rhythm," Chimini Bague says, captivated. "That's the essence of its more...

'Dusk' (Brazil)

Osvaldo Marci Cardoso creates harmony within a colorful chaos with his energetic style of drip painting. Working with acrylics, he combines white, blue, red, yellow and pink with black to evoke the essence of dusk. Titled "Anoitecer" in Portuguese. more...

'Duty Cup' (Ghana)

A calabash bowl crowns this long, narrow canvas, pouring cool water across a face with no eyes. Beneath, a second bowl catches the water and saves it. By Prince Asher, this enigmatic composition explores the thought process. "I see this as our abilit more...

'Earth's Force' (Peru)

David Fernandez hails Earth's force with an enthralling abstract composition. Working with acrylics in warm earth tones, he suggests the morphology of natural elements with clever brushwork. Titled "La fuerza de la Tierra" in Spanish. more...

'Ellus' (Brazil)

Blue circles drift fluidly on a background of white and green. By Heloisa Pires Ferreira, The mesmerizing etching invite peaceful contemplation. "I named this design 'Ellus,'" the Brazilian artist confides. more...

'Embrace in Silence' (Peru)

"Only with color and abstract line can I transmit my feelings," artist Emmanuel says. "With radiant blood-red like the shy amapola stretching naked arms in search of the open embrace of silence. Vibrant sienna resembles winged bodies that join in a c more...

'Emotion' (Brazil)

Vigorous brush strokes and contrasting colors elicit excitement and emotion. In this distinctive abstract, Pablo Matania balances dark and light tones of blue and ash, punctuated with ecstatic orange and yellow. Titled "Emocao" in Portuguese. more...

'Emotional Overflow' (2013) (Indonesia)

Dark colors clash in a heated atmosphere, scattering sparks across the canvas while fire flows like tears. Javanese artist Sutianto paints a bold abstract of compelling imagery. "Emotional overflow is a condition where we can't control our body anymo more...

'Emotions' (2009) (Peru)
Now $731.96 - retail $914.95

Olimpio Pozo's language is an abstract one as he paints a composition of light and beauty. "Here, I express my own emotions as a human being, my own perception of life," he says. "I transmit them in their most pure form. This is a painting drenched i more...

'Enchantment of a Dream' (2012) (Brazil)

Yellow butterflies alight on summer trees while birds serenade bright mandalas. Evoking a sensation of peace, this fanciful work by Kika Sevn is dreamlike and beautiful. Titled "Encantos de um sonho" in Portuguese. more...

'Encounter II' (2013) (Brazil)

Seen as abstract images, lovers meet, drawn together in a moment that seems eternal. Working in grey and icy white against a background of passionate crimson, Urbano seems to literally freeze the image in time and space. Titled "Encontro II" in Portu more...

'Encounter of Cultures' (Peru)

"This deals with the harmony of our cultures - the Paracas with their textiles, the Moche with their ceramics and the Chimu with their metal and silver work," says artist Nestor Lopez. He captures the drama of cultures that meet in a single moment in more...

'Encounter of Forms and Colors' (Brazil)

Precise geometric shapes mingle with vague, amorphous forms in a singular encounter. By Valter Gomes, the canvas is further enhanced with acrylic textures in low relief. Red takes a somber attitude as it meets clear, sunny yellow. Titled "Encontro da more...

'Entangled' (2013) (Ghana)

Emerging from a burst of radiant color, two gourds are intertwined, joined at the neck. Prince Asher explores multiple levels of form and color in this elegant painting. "I show how we Africans are entangled in our traditions," he says. "It's almost more...

'Esthetic Contrast' (Peru)

Defined in four squares, urban structures are bathed in sunlight or shrouded in shadow. Teodoro Reque suggests colonial architecture and modern city elements in an imaginary world. Fiery color in the center of the composition is intensified by many s more...

'Eternal Bond I' (Ghana)

Akuaba, the legendary fertility doll, looks on as a mother and child forge a special bond. "The mother is very happy after delivering her first child," explains Bright Dankyi Mensah. Painting with a palette of blue and brown acrylic paints, Mensah cr more...

'Eternal Bond Il' (Ghana)

Love fills the heart and the eyes of this new mom as she looks upon her child with a smile on her face. Bright Dankyi Mensah paints their image with admiration of the unique bond that unites mother and child. Working a palette of intense acrylic hues more...

'Evoking the Ancestors' (2009) (Peru)
Now $766.36 - retail $957.95

By Olimpio Pozo, this luminous abstract evokes an encounter with Peru's ancient Chavin civilization. "I seek to reevaluate the richness of their past through layers of transparent color," he says. "The elements do not contrast with one another; the p more...

'Evoking the Past' (2007) (Peru)
Now $734.36 - retail $917.95

Subtle but ever present, the art of Peru's ancient Chavin culture is felt in Olimpio Pozo's works. It permeates this elegant abstract, whispering of the grandeur of the past. Clouds suggest the mist of forgetfulness, yet the motifs surge forward in b more...

'Evolution of Bahia Women' (Brazil)

One of the most sought after samba school at Carnival is the one from Bahia. The most beautiful women from the school parade dressed in typical attires, covering the avenues with their happy performance. Rubens Andrade creates a colorful series of pa more...

'Exact Port' (2007) (Peru)

The glow of certain love fills this lovely canvas, drawing the viewer into its joyful warmth. "Beautiful love, perseverant, tranquil, impresses your anxiousness to love with the soul. Your life is filled with a patient love and you smile at life unde more...

'Except God III' (Ghana)

For artist Evans Nii Adjetey Adjei, adinkra symbols are a source of identity. Ghanaian art is rich in imagery, often utilizing these abstract motifs that bear ancestral messages. Adapting the Gye nyame symbol, he paints a colorful and powerful abstra more...

'Expectation' (2010) (Ghana)

Shoppers file through a West African market, gracefully balancing brimming baskets on their heads. In the foreground, a merchant leans forward, observing them with satisfaction. She sits on the empty basin that carried the foodstuffs she has just sol more...

'Explosion' (diptych) (El Salvador)

Richly textured colors explode on the senses, flowing swiftly across a set of two canvases. David Fernando Duke selects a warm palette, splashing blue and black against a myriad of brown and orange tonalities. Titled "Explosion" in Spanish. more...

'Face of the Prosperity God' (2011) (Indonesia)

"In this painting I portray the god who according to Balinese beliefs brings prosperity to every peaceful and happy soul," Mohammad Arifin says of this painting. Working with oils, he depicts his own version of what the deity could look like. "In Bal more...

'Facial Expression' (Ghana)

Nana K. K. paints the abstract portrait of a man's face with eyes closed and mouth widely opened. "We shout and make facial expressions because we want to be heard," observes the artist. He masterfully combines strong strokes of blue, green, dark bro more...

'Fall Down' (Indonesia)

"I'm falling down! My wings are broken by thorns. Now I have no power to fly and dance anymore," Sutianto laments. He expresses his despair in a brilliant abstract. Plunging earthward, black and grey shapes fall from a golden sky. Titled "Terjatuh" i more...

'Fantasies' (2008) (Peru)
Now $734.36 - retail $917.95

Abstract images bubble to the surface of this painting, each suggesting something familiar yet impossible to define. Olimpio Pozo shares of a glimpse of an imaginary world close to his heart. Dreams and memories take form in vivid color to emerge fro more...

'Fantasy in Yellow' (Peru)

The very soul thrills to the music of Aida by Verdi. Guided by music, Sessarego expresses his love for it in abstract images that vibrate with color. Clear golden notes host a quick staccato of green in a counterpoint to brown and ochre. Titled "Fant more...

'Fantasy' (Brazil)

Bright, fiery colors take over the canvas in a high energy composition by Eloha. The Brazilian artist paints with acrylics, her bold brush strokes igniting the canvas with red and yellow around cool blue sparks. Titled "Fantasia" in Portuguese. more...

'Fertility' (Brazil)

Fertility, conception and the beginning of a new life inspire Gueth Freitas and her original art. She conceives original circular images, some even suggesting expression as she paints with nanquin, a Chinese ink, on canvas. Titled "Fecundacao" in Por more...

'Fiesta of Colors in the Cosmos' (2014) (Peru)

Like the Northern Lights, colors dance in waves as Jorge Romero's brush moves from blue and violet to fiery red and orange. He paints an elegant and precisely composed abstract in luminous oils on canvas. Titled "Fiesta de colores en el cosmos" in Sp more...

'First Love' (2004) (Brazil)

Swirling colors bring sensations of vertiginous movement. Racing across the canvas like a torrent of flames, hot yellow and orange pulsate with excitement. Smooth shapes on either side heighten the work's tense drama, and liberal use of the palette k more...

'First Rays of Joy' (quadriptych) (Brazil)

Lights bright and radiant break through darkness in this original composition by Rose Doya. "The composition is divided in four parts forming an abstract design. It represents gold and violet rays," explains Doya as she presents this quadriptych. "It more...

'Fleeting and Permanent' (Peru)

"This work brings me great satisfaction as I have tried to represent the essence of life," says artist David Fernandez of this beautiful abstract. "Nature creates the body of an insinuating figure whose profile is both fleeting and permanent. Pink le more...

'Fleeting Equilibrium' (2006) (Brazil)

Rectangles suggest planes of light superimposed on this dynamic and dramatic painting. Working in primary colors, Julieta Sathler achieves a rich luminosity. "This painting conjugates geometric forms and vigorous brushwork in the search for balance. more...

'Flight' (Brazil)

Delta wing kites inspire this work, as Fabio Kerr traces the hang glider's path across the sky. Meandering paths of color linger amid pale blue clouds. The result is an abstract of mesmerizing beauty. Titled "Voo" in Portuguese. more...

'Floating' (Brazil)

Eloha invites the viewer to experience a floating sensation through her admirable artistry. She paints with acrylics to create an abstract composition with a palette of red and lilac hues. Titled "Flutuando" in Portuguese. more...

'Flute and Drum' (Ghana)

Emerging from a vibrant medley of colorful shapes, a duo plays flute and drum. Yet it is the music that brings this painting to life. Joseph Kobina Prah conjures rhythm and melody in clear, primary hues. more...

'Flying Balloons' (Brazil)

Balloons soar skyward in this sunny painting and white light adds a serene glow. This work by Manoarino is a joyous study in movement. Brilliant color fields and rounded, swirling shapes create a feeling of peace. more...

'For My Love' (2008) (Peru)

Abstract motifs in dazzling color drift in a radiant canvas filled with light. Suggesting passion, crimson fills the central plane while emerald cools the ardent shapes. A love poem is Andrea's inspiration as she interprets emotion through color and more...

'For Sale at Night' (Brazil)

Night fills the sky as windows open onto black abandon. Andre de Miranda depicts a gracious old mansion. Once enclosing gardens and groves, it now finds itself near the city center, the land it occupies more highly prized than the empty home. Andre d more...

'Force of Destiny' (Brazil)

This beautiful composition comes from Brazilian artist Olivia Feder. Swirling colors move across the canvas in her fascinating image of destiny's force. Cheerful pastels mingle with bright, passionate hues in a very pleasing abstract. Titled "Forca d more...

'Forms and Colors' (Brazil)

Aroldo de Carvalho explores shapes and colors in a vibrant abstract painting. Verdant green and sunny yellow are punctuated with blue the colors of the Brazilian flag. Titled "Formas e cores" in Portuguese. more...

'Fragmented Spaces' (2008) (Peru)
Now $734.36 - retail $917.95

Olimpo Pozo goes beyond the restrictions of the physical world in a painting that evokes a surreal three-dimensional illusion. Fragmented objects float in an ambient void of gravity, while a rich palette of colors is inspired by Nazca artistry. This more...

'Fragments' (Peru)

Abstract motifs take shape in deep, rich color, each fragment forming part of a dynamic painting. Light glints on the rounded shapes, conferring a sense of splendor on this painting by Chero. Titled "Fragmentos" in Spanish. more...

'Freedom' (2009) (Peru)

A female torso, leaves and flowers seem to emerge from an abstract background of quiet beauty. "In this painting, the colors subtly represent memories," Peruvian artist David Fernandez explains. "Time has gone by and opens up to new changes. All form more...

'Freshness I' (Ghana)

Although Ghanaian artist Nii Dodoo is a master of realism, he turns away from the figurative in this symbolic work. Bold strokes of jade and emerald suggest vigorous growth while yellow and orange bring a sunny warmth of their own. "Green is used to more...

'Freshness II' (Ghana)

Abstract lines trace voluptuous spirals and suggest the design motifs in traditional Ghanaian art. Working in a vibrant palette of citrus colors, Ghanaian artist Nii Dodoo explores fresh, positive thoughts. "What you think is who you are," he says. more...

'Friends in Pride' (2013) (Ghana)

Speaking an abstract language, Prince Asher explores lifelong friendships. He depicts women in hoop earrings seen in silhouette as they joke with one another. "This painting is self-inspired," the Ghanaian artist explains. "Friends of the same belief more...

'From Above the Abyss Floats...' (Peru)

All is golden in the warmth of this canvas where primary colors accentuate the gentle, rounded shapes. "From the mountain heights, the abyss floats. Amid them, a dove is born and sits quietly, waiting," Kiro says of this beautiful painting. It forms more...

'From Above' (Peru)

Abstract in nature, this bold painting juxtaposes pools of luminous color with lines sketched in black. "This is a panoramic vision of the buildings of a city seen from high above," artist David Fernandez says. "It signifies the power of a very busy more...

'Funeral of an Inca Nobleman' (Peru)

German See Wu Medina depicts a luminous world suggesting heaven's glory. An eye seems to gaze at snowcapped mountains while repeated white lines provide a dynamism. This extraordinary abstract depicts the repose of an Inca nobleman, or apu in Quechua more...

'Fusion of Angles' (Peru)

Evoking sheer light as though refracted through a prism, Jorge Romero invites the viewer into a personal vision. Sharp angles suggest pyramids and steep Andean peaks in this luminous oil on canvas. "This is the fusion of diverse shapes in the cosmos, more...

'Fusion of Cultures' (2005) (Peru)

Nestor Lopez describes this work as a "fusion of our culture. I express our modernized Peruvian culture. The texture is the idea of our Paracas weavings." The artist masterfully achieves rich textural dimension and subtle luminosity. The elongated ca more...

'Galaxies' (Brazil)

Whirling in a mysterious blue cosmos, golden spheres turn in orbit. Dazzling bursts of light penetrate heated red in a dizzying composition. L. Ferraz adds glue and varnish to his busy acrylic painting. Titled "Galaxias" in Portuguese. more...

'Geometric Color Fiesta' (Peru)

Color explodes in a joyous liberation, suggesting a crystalline prism that captures the enchantment of light. Working in luminous oils, Jorge Romero centers dappled fields of pigment with dazzling horizontal and diagonal brushstrokes. Titled "Fiesta more...

'Geometric Composition II' (Peru)

Random shapes in brilliant colors meet in an ambience of white light. Teodoro Reque depicts a graceful dance of dissimilar elements that come together in harmony. Distinguished by rich textures, the forms hint at modern architecture. Titled "Composic more...

'Geometric' (2011) (Brazil)

By Osvaldo Marci Cardoso, shadows in black and gray are pierced by rays of clear white light. His precise geometry creates the illusion of a puzzle in three dimensions. Signed on the back, the painting is designed to be displayed in any orientation t more...

'Geometries in the Cosmos' (Peru)

Colorful nebula gradually assumes geometric shapes with every delicate brushstroke by Jorge Romero. He paints with oils, masterfully combining a palette of red, blue, green and yellow tones as he creates a composition with a dreamy quality. Titled "G more...

'Geometry As A Ball of Yarn' (Brazil)

Glae Macalos's mastery in aquafortis and aquatint etching techniques shines through in this fascinating print. She masterfully coordinates five colors to enrich the print imagery. "Undoing balls of yarn has a specific meaning in my work. They are alw more...

'Geometry of Lines' (Peru)

Parallel paths move side by side to trace a maze of twin triangles. Adding depth and dimension to the work, squares and triangles take shape in color closures of red, yellow, orange and tan. This precise and sophisticated painting comes from Edgardo more...

'Gift' (Brazil)

"I see the colors and shades in this painting as a gift, a present from God to the observer's eye. A gift to those who seek harmony and happiness through the enchantment of colors," confides Brazilian artist Verita. She paints with acrylics and creat more...

'Gold I' (2014) (Brazil)

Speaking a language of abstraction, Urbano invites the viewer on a journey of the senses. The Chilean artist explores hot colors through intense red and rich gold. His shapes are not explicit but they evoke a myriad sensations, as though seen in a dr more...

'Gold II' (2014) (Brazil)

Urbano conveys the sensations of molten gold that takes a solid form and then explodes into powder. The Chilean artist celebrates the precious metal in a vibrant abstract of intense vermilion. At the same time, he conveys a sense of freedom. Titled " more...



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