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These Art Gallery - Sculpture Wood - Relief Panels Animal Motifs - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.
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Wood panel, 'The Eagle vs the Dragon' (Indonesia)

This dramatic suar woodcarving is based on an ancient Hindu myth, depicting the famous eagle Garuda and a winged dragon. It is said that Garuda had to rescue the tirtha amertha ("elixir of life") by defeating the seven dragons guarding it. Meticulous

Wood relief panel, 'Baby Turtles' (Indonesia)

Flailing tiny flippers, baby sea turtles find freedom in the Balinese sea. Nyoman Karsa carves the little hatchlings in a suar wood relief panel. Gentle waves wash across the base of the design.

Wood relief panel, 'Dragons Amid Flowers' (Indonesia)

Dragons rear to face one another, their sinuous forms echoed in the floral tendrils that grow around them. In Balinese culture, the dragon symbolizes safety, protection and shelter. Expertly sculpting suar wood, Ketut Taram depicts them in exquisite

Wood relief panel, 'Elephant Parade with Monkeys' (Indonesia)

Playful monkeys cling to the wide backs of elephants who stride through the Balinese forest. Framed by banana palms and tall volcanoes, the whimsical portrait celebrates the world of nature. Ketut Sandi sculpts the scene in kepelan wood.

Wood relief panel, 'Leopards in the Forest' (Indonesia)

Emerging from the dense foliage, a family of leopards pads softly to the river. Father and mother watch warily as their cub bristles and growls. Ketut Sandi carves the dense vegetation and big spotted cats in a relief panel of Balinese kepelan wood.

Wood relief panel, 'Long Journey' (Indonesia)

A small family of pachyderms travel far and wide through exotic Indonesian landscapes, all masterfully detailed in this panel by Ketut Sandi. The journey is logged on kepelan wood through a sublime work of high relief as Sandi asserts perspective and

Wood relief panel, 'Wild Horses' (Indonesia)

Wind caresses their long manes as wild horses test the air with flaring nostrils. Nyoman Karsa captures their beauty, freedom and intelligence in a superb relief panel. It reveals his artistry as well as his deep love of nature.

Wood relief panel, 'Winged Dragon Figure' (Indonesia)

Fierce spikes erect along his spine, the beast hisses, baring sharp fangs. Sculpting warm suar wood, Ketut Taram depicts a winged dragon in exquisite detail. A divine creature in Balinese legend, the dragon is a recurring theme in the island's art.

Wood relief panel, 'Winged Dragons' (Indonesia)

Raising their magnificent wings, dragons face off with menacing gestures. They twist and snap, breathing fire and threatening one another with fangs and nails. Ketut Taram sculpts the sinuous images from Balinese suar wood, achieving astonishing deta

Wood relief panel, 'Winged Horse' (Indonesia)

Closing his eyes, Ketut Taram visualizes a winged horse that descends from heaven to bring joy and happiness to the whole world. He brings the dream to life in a beautiful suar wood panel. Sunbeams, flowers and clouds surround the mythical steed.

Wood wall panel, 'Hand in Hand' (Indonesia)

Romantic sentiments abound in this hand-carved panel by Wayan Rendah. A trio of elephants suggests Bali's rich Hindu heritage, recalling classic scenes of kings and their caravans. The proud creatures appear closely linked, their expressive features

Wood wall panel, 'Naga and Garuda' (Indonesia)

Powerful and beautiful, Naga the dragon and Garuda the eagle symbolize vigorous spirits to the Balinese people. Ketut Taram transforms suar wood into an exquisitely detailed panel as he carves it by hand with absolute artistic mastery. According to o

Wood wall panel, 'Naga Duality' (Indonesia)

"To me, dragons symbolize the vigorous spirit of the Balinese people when facing adversity," confides Ketut Taram. Expert in the depiction of dragons, Taram depicts twin dragons under the yin-yang symbol of duality. He carves the suar wood wall panel