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Art Gallery - Sculpture Abstract Romantic Family
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Art Gallery - Sculpture Abstract Romantic Family are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Cedar and mahogany sculpture, 'Reed Boat' (Peru)

John Barrow depicts a member of the Uro people who live on floating islands in Lake Titicaca. Poling a reed boat across the lake, he carries on traditions that date to the time of the Inca. Barrow carves this handsome sculpture from native Andean woo more...

Cedar and mahogany sculpture, 'Selling Flowers' (Peru)

This young mother carries her baby on her back as she sells freshly cut flowers to passersby. Carving native Andean woods, John Barrow creates this stylized portrait. It receives its bright colors from wood stains and gilt to form part of a series ca more...

Cedar sculpture, 'Dancers in Brown' (Ghana)

With arms lifted overhead, partners place a hand on each other's waist and perform a graceful dance. The lithe couple forms an abstract knot with their slender bodies. George Obeng carves the beautiful piece from cedar wood and gives it a rich brown more...

Ebony sculpture, 'An Ideal Woman' (Ghana)

"To me, an ideal woman is she who sees to it that everything around her is in perfect condition," confides Gordon Adu. He carves the silhouette of a woman by hand, from quality ebony. Adu's style consists of clear, fluid lines that create an image of more...

Ebony sculpture, 'Father and Son' (Ghana)

Father joins hands with his child as they gaze at one another with total love. Their bodies form a single fluid motion in this elegant abstract by Gordon Adu. He sculpts the family in precious ebony wood, polished to a sheen. more...

Ebony sculpture, 'Hold Fast, Shadow' (Ghana)

A woman kneels, playing with her baby. The little one clings to her like a shadow as she sings to the child. Gordon Adu depicts the pair in three dimensions, adding bright color to natural ebony wood. more...

Ebony sculpture, 'Sax Man' (Ghana)

Blowing his sax, the musician is one with his instrument in this beautiful fusion of ancient craft and modern art. Samuel and Francis Agbetey elicit the elegant contours from fine African ebony wood. more...

Ebony sculpture, 'We Are One Shadow' (Ghana)

"It doesn't matter where we come from, we are all one people," says Gordon Adu as he shares his inspiring vision. He carves a mesmerizing sculpture of a person kneeling down, the hands together and raised above the head. The sense of unity is enhance more...

Ghanaian wood sculpture, 'Stately Advice' (Ghana)

Walter Kuma replicates the Efutu coat of arms with superb mastery as he carves the sese wood mask by hand. The Efutu people live in the Central Region of Ghana and speak the Akan language. The noble sculpture features two horns, diagonal tribal scars more...

Mahogany sculpture, 'Dancers in Black' (Ghana)

With arms lifted overhead, partners place a hand on each other's waist and perform a graceful dance. The lithe couple forms an abstract knot with their slender bodies. George Obeng carves the beautiful piece from mahogany wood and gives it a rich bla more...

Mate gourd sculptures, 'Pear Pleasures' (pair) (Peru)
Now $37.49 - retail $49.99

Rocio Davila transforms two natural dried mate gourds into elegant decorative items. Shaped like pears, they are painted by hand in black and burnished orange. Davila crowns her design with luminous silver leaves. .950 silver Please note the natural more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'Alluring Mountains' (India)

Resembling the folds of a mountain range, this sculpture was started by nature and finished by India's Suresh Pant. He envisions a theme upon finding the piece of sal wood, and gently carves it to finish the shape that dwells in natural abstraction. more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'Chit Chat' (India)

Brothers and sisters relax together for a leisurely conversation. Working in Indian khair, or acacia wood, Suresh Pant transforms weathered driftwood into art. "The siblings enjoy an afternoon in the warm forest," he says. The shape of the sculpture more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'Couple in the Hills' (India)

A couple goes out for a stroll, finding a point of union on a hillside walk. "They become one with nature as they take a break and relax in the woods, climbing the rocky mountain," Suresh Pant says. The Indian sculptor releases the images he perceive more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'Force of Nature' (India)

This sculpture exudes the powerful, dramatic energy of any natural force. Originally a found piece of khair wood, it becomes an admirable sculpture through the artistic vision of India's Suresh Pant. He takes care to exalt the natural beauty and shap more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'Jungle Fire II' (India)

Dancing flames leap toward the sky in this exquisite sculpture by Suresh Pant. Working in Indian sal wood, he transforms weathered driftwood into art. "Fire is a destructive part of nature, but even so, it creates a beautiful form," he says. "It look more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'Mighty Wind' (India)

Shooting upward, rising and falling, undulating like flames, this sculpture represents the power of a mighty wind. This exquisite sculpture is born of the natural shape of aged Indian sal wood. Suresh Pant releases the images he perceives there. more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'Mountain Celebration' (India)

Villagers who live in the mountains gather on the tall peaks for a joyous celebration. Suresh Pant sculpts this poignant image from an ancient branch of tun wood he discovered on his walks in the forest. This exquisite sculpture is born of the natura more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'One with Nature' (India)

"The family gives thanks to nature for providing them everything they need to survive. People in the village are simple in nature and never look for fancy things in life. They are satisfied with what they have, which is nature, and that's what they a more...

Reclaimed wood sculpture, 'Winter Breeze' (India)

Abstract figures struggle upward along a narrow trail against a stiff winter breeze. Revealing his own love for nature, Suresh Pant releases the images he perceives in found pieces of wood. This beautiful statuette is sculpted from richly grained Ind more...

Sculpture, 'Beginning Glyph' (Mexico)

Sculpted in low relief, this Maya glyph represents the beginning of something in time and space. The awakening upon achieving the proper balance between the external and internal, it channels energy to the task at hand. When placed before numbers, it more...

Sculpture, 'Luminous Torso' (Brazil)

Heli Freire exalts woman's beautiful and sensual body in this sculpture. Crafted of resin, the torso exudes surreal luminosity. "Being a woman means being transparent, delicate, sensual and flexible," comments the artist. Titled "Torso luminoso" in P more...

Teak sculpture, 'Dual Nature' (Thailand)

A rounded figure by Jaroon Chaiyajit reveals its dual nature. Quiet and meditative, a man appears on one side while the shape softens to form a voluptuous woman on the other. The work is minimalist and beautiful. Teakwood's natural grain enhances the more...

Teak sculpture, 'Form and Face' (Thailand)

"A woman's beauty is more than her shape," says Jaroon Chaiyajit. "She should be seen from the inside, not the outside. That is the message of this sculpture." Carved from teakwood, an exquisite nude torso subtly changes form and becomes a female fac more...

Teak sculpture, 'Her Movements' (Thailand)

Long hair cascades over nude shoulders as the pensive woman clasps hands around her leg. In a realistic depiction of the female anatomy, Jaroon Chaiyajit carves her body from teakwood. The youthful curves are lovingly sculpted in sensuous line. "I in more...

Teak sculpture, 'Two Become One' (Thailand)

Man and woman meld, their boundaries blurring to become a single being. Yielding up the smooth, stylized forms, teakwood reveals a fascinating grain. Jaroon Chaiyajit sculpts a contemporary image, its elongated curves suggesting a droplet of water. T more...

Teakwood sculpture, 'Work and Happiness' (Ghana)

Delving into surrealism, Top Cambodia carves the sculpture of a musician that becomes one with his trumpet. The teakwood sculpture stands on a base emitting a sense of melodious artistry. Cambodia applies polish for a darker finish. more...

Wood sculpture, 'A Dancer's Grace' (Ghana)

Holding a water jar at her waist, a woman performs a graceful dance. Walter Kuma captures the lithe nude in a sese wood sculpture. He names it Obaa, or "woman" in the language of Ghana's Akan people. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Ballet II' (Indonesia)

In supple metaphor, Nyomang Karsa uses suarwood for celebrating the physical endurance and ethereal gracey of a ballerina. Portraying the illusion of movement with no effort, perfection in art is achieved through technique and control gained by years more...

Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Gymnast' (Indonesia)

The skillful hands of Nyoman Karsa create this stunning suar wood carving featuring the abstract form of a gymnast. Displaying the unbelievably flexible positions that these athletes are capable of taking on, the feet are actually resting on the gymn more...

Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Relax' (Indonesia)

Nyoman Karsa transforms the ethereal allure of a moment's rest into a tangible reality in this fine suar wood carving. The rich grain swirls in harmony with the sinuous contours, enhancing the dream-like aura of the composition. Tranquilizing in its more...

Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Rest' (Indonesia)

In the natural beauty of suar wood, master Nyoman Karsa has sculpted an intriguing figure at rest. In a thought provoking composition, the observer is obliged to ponder what little difference exists between crying, thinking, dreaming and resting. Mea more...

Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Sitting' (Indonesia)

A beautiful execution of negative space, this abstract sculpture by Wayan Rendah captivates with its contoured sensitivity. The pulsating grain of suar wood emits a sense of peace, accentuated by a balanced composition and tranquil features. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Thinker' (Ghana)

Seated on the ground, a figure rests his head on his hand to ponder life's difficult questions. Eric Danquah discovers surprising contours and open spaces in African sese wood as he gives form to an abstract personage. Me Redwen - "I am thinking" in more...

Wood sculpture, 'Acoustic Melody' (Indonesia)

Celebrating music and dance, Nyoman Sudiana depicts a voluptuous musician playing the acoustic guitar. The portrait is carved by hand from Balinese suar wood and reveals a marked Cubist influence. more...

Wood sculpture, 'African Woman Loves Life' (Ghana)

With arms upraised, she puts her hands together as though in prayer or celebration in a sculpture by Anna Yawson. She works in African sese wood to carve the stylized portrait, and adds the rich textures of embossed aluminum. She names her design Wal more...

Wood sculpture, 'Anticipation' (Indonesia)

Seated with one leg tucked beneath her, a woman looks up in a pose of anticipation. Eka conveys her quiet expectations through the rich grain of a suar wood sculpture. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Be Happy' (Indonesia)

Whirling in joyous movement, a voluptuous figure celebrates life. Wayan Rendah carves an invitation to join this happy dance. Working in suar, or monkeypod, wood, he shares the woman's happiness. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Brotherly Love' (Ghana)

With heads together, two men share a heartfelt embrace. This superlative sculpture by Eric Danquah is airy and graceful. Using naturally dried sese wood, the artisan creates an enhanting image. "We should love another and let peace and unity be among more...

Wood sculpture, 'Daddy's Here' (Ghana)

Father bends toward his child with a word of reassurance. Clasping hands, the figures become one. Eric Danquah explores the protective love and care parents have for their little ones, carving the piece from smooth sese wood. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Dancing Shadow' (Ghana)

Sleek, shadowy contours present the beauty of the Nagla dance performed in Northern Ghana. Eric Danquah hand-carves her figure from sese wood, each luxurious detail accentuating the grace and power of her movements. Mansion polish provides the dark t more...

Wood sculpture, 'Deep in Thought' (Ghana)

Sleek and contemporary, this figure is carved in a minimalist style. Eric Darko depicts a person who is deep in thought. Working in burnished sese wood, he carves a slim, lithe figure resting his chin on one hand. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Guardian Angel' (Brazil)

Mystical in nature and abstract in form, a guardian angel inspires serenity. Urubatan carves the sculpture with absolute finesse, its flowing lines respectful of cinnamon wood's natural grain. Titled "Anjo da guarda" in Portuguese. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Gymnastic Arch' (Indonesia)

Made Wirata presents the image of a gymnast arching her body while resting on her torso. Placing her hands on her forehead, the lithe gymnast achieves postures of astonishing grace and skill. Sculpted of suar wood, its grain enhances the inherent bea more...

Wood sculpture, 'Gymnastics' (Indonesia)

Wayan Rendah captures the dynamic energy of a gymnast in an impossible pose. The fluid curves of her lithe, youthful body are portrayed in a figurative style, heightened by the warm glow of the suar wood. The polished grain enhances the cool line of more...

Wood sculpture, 'Hold the World Gently II' (Ghana)

"In the Akan language we say, 'mo moyen nkuta wiase se kosua,' which means 'hold the world gently in our hands like an egg.' This teaches us that we should not fight or we shall destroy it. Rather, we should unite and raise our world higher," encoura more...

Wood sculpture, 'Hold the World Gently II' (Ghana)

"In the Akan language we say, 'mo moyen nkuta wiase se kosua,' which means 'hold the world gently in our hands like an egg.' This teaches us that we should not fight or we shall destroy it. Rather, we should unite and raise our world higher," encoura more...

Wood sculpture, 'Hold the World Gently' (Ghana)

"In the Akan language we say, 'mo moyen nkuta wiase se kosua,' which means 'hold the world gently in our hands like an egg.' This teaches us that we should not fight or we shall destroy it. Rather, we should unite and raise our world higher," encoura more...

Wood sculpture, 'I Am Thinking' (Ghana)

Me Redwen - "I am thinking" in Akan - is the name Eric Danquah gives this dramatic sculpture. Strong diagonal line reveals an abstract figure engaged in deep thought. Danquah discovers surprising contours and open spaces in African sese wood in a cel more...

Wood sculpture, 'In Eternum' (Peru)
Now $79.96 - retail $99.95

Peruvian artist Roberto Nunez finds inspiration in the unique bond between a mother and daughter for this sculpture. Working with pinewood, he carves abstract images that are united within extended arms, in an endless hug. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Let's Dance' (Indonesia)

The rich grain of Balinese suar wood takes on unexpected tones in a superbly sculpted figurine. Wayan Rendah depicts a woman who stretches luxuriously on one toe in a joyous dance. Her voluptuous figure and serene curves exalt the human body. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Lithe Gymnast' (Indonesia)

Arching her body, a lithe gymnast achieves postures of astonishing grace and skill. She places her palms against the soles of her feet in a yoga position. Made Wirata presents a suar wood sculpture that conveys the medium's inherent beauty. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Man from the North' (Ghana)

The kora is a string instrument similar to the guitar, used primarily by people of the northern region of Ghana. Eric Darko portrays a man with his harmonic muse. The lyrical sculpture suggests an intoxicating melody. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Modern Dance' (Ghana)

Eric Danquah tends toward the abstract with a sculpture of fluid grace. Named Ma Yen Sa ("Let's Dance" in the Akan language) it depicts a couple. They bend and whirl, their lithe bodies a perfect complement to one another. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Moment of Love' (Ghana)

Eric Danquah chooses an abstract style to convey a moment of love. Gazing into one another's face, they wrap arms around each other in a warm embrace. The love could unite family, friends or even sweethearts, as everyone likes a hug. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Mommy, Help' (Ghana)

"When they are in trouble, children think only their parents can deliver them," Eric Danquah muses. Agikwa means "savior" in the Akan language, and it is the name he gives to this thoughtful work. Airy line depicts an adult leaning forward to take th more...

Wood sculpture, 'Mother and Child Intimacy' (Indonesia)

A child nestles warmly in his mother's bosom as she looks on with loving devotion. Wayan Rendah masterfully conveys the innate physical and emotional connection between a mother and her child. Rendah carves the suar wood by hand, subtly directing the more...

Wood sculpture, 'My Parent Protects Me' (Ghana)

Agikwa means "savior" in the Akan language, and is the name Eric Danquah gives to this thoughtful work. "When they are in trouble, children think only their parents can deliver them," he muses. Airy line depicts an adult leaning forward to take the h more...

Wood sculpture, 'Peace Drummer' (Ghana)

Kneeling, a slender figure beats an energetic cadence on the drum. Red conveys the urgency of his message, a vital one for the entire world. Eric Danquah sculpts the abstract personage from sese wood, burnished with dark tan and mansion polish. "In t more...

Wood sculpture, 'Pensive I' (Indonesia)

Absorbed in thought regardless of time, a ‘«£Pensive‘«ō state is well captured by Nyoman Karsa's sensitive talent. Karsa hand-carves this piece from suar wood, its evolving grain mirroring the rumination of thought. Smooth textures and flowing contou more...

Wood sculpture, 'Power of the Mind' (Ghana)

Eric Darko depicts an abstract figure engaged in deep thought. Its surprising contours and open spaces are fascinating when viewed from any angle. Carved from African sese wood, this statuette celebrates the power of the mind. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Prima Ballerina' (Indonesia)

Looking upwards to the skies, a dancer moves with graceful majesty. A blend of traditional and contemporary styles influence her admirable dance. Wayan Dirga carves her image with artistic finesse, expertly allowing the natural grain of suar wood to more...

Wood sculpture, 'Problems of the World' (Ghana)

Overcome with worries, he rests his chin on hand in deep thought. Eric Darko's lyrical sculpture is an airy portrait of a man burdened with responsibility. Lithe sese wood contours burnished with mansion polish are at once modern and traditional. Dar more...

Wood sculpture, 'Red Trumpet' (Ghana)

Seeming to meld with his instrument, a man blows a proud red trumpet. He is the messenger during the Ashanti people's Odwira festival. "Our culture should be preserved," Mac Quaye and Raymond Otchere affirm with this exceptional sese wood sculpture. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Resting' (Ghana)

Tired, a man sits with elbows over knees in this sculpture by Eric Danquah. He carves the piece of sese wood with flawless precision, extracting the luster of the wood's rich grain. Danquah calls this abstract piece Ahome gye, which in the Akan langu more...

Wood sculpture, 'Self-Reflections' (Indonesia)

A man drops his head towards his knees as he brings them close, absorbed in self-reflection. The anonymous image is enriched by the warm grain of suar wood, his abstract expressiveness is a masterful feat by Eka. more...

Wood sculpture, 'She's the Ideal Woman' (Ghana)

Walter Kuma carves a magnificent sculpture of the ideal woman, or obaa sima. According to the Akan people of Ghana, an obaa sima is she who cares for her family, cleans the house and keeps everything in order. Kuma's sese wood version of an ideal wom more...

Wood sculpture, 'Stop and Think' (Ghana)

Abstract contours define the form of a person deep in thought. Slender and graceful, he rests his chin on one hand in a pose that heightens the impact of his posture. Named Ahomegye, "Taking a Rest" in Ghana's Akan language, this handsome sculpture c more...

Wood sculpture, 'Stretch' (Indonesia)

Demonstrating a superb knowledge of human anatomy, Luh Mas Sri Pertamiari's master carvers transform suar wood into a figure study. It depicts a man stretching before he begins his day. The handsome sculpture reveals the warmth of its material. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Thinking About the World' (Ghana)

Wiasi ben ni means "what a world" in the Akan language, and is the name Juliana Akandas confers on this exquisite sculpture design. Its sinuous line and airy, abstract form bring a contemporary grace to the work. "Our world is full of mystery," Akand more...

Wood sculpture, 'Thinking of Youth' (Ghana)

Sitting alone holding his head in one hand and cane in another, a man mourns years gone by. "I carved this piece to say we ought to give some thought to how we would like our future to be," confides Eric Danquah. He carves the sculpture by hand from more...

Wood sculpture, 'What To Do?' (Ghana)

Eric Darko carves a captivating sese wood sculpture to embody the Akan saying ewiase haw da me so, or "the world's problems on me." A man with a long pail on his head scratches his chin as he tries to reason within a cloud of perplexity. "Sometimes w more...

Wood sculpture, 'Wishful Thinking' (Ghana)

Resting his head on his hand, a man lets his thoughts drift toward wishes and dreams. Eric Danquah discovers surprising contours and open spaces in African sese wood as he gives form to an airy, abstract personage. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Yoga Duo' (Indonesia)

Stretching together, companions practice yoga as a true dynamic duo. They modify the uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) by clasping arms around one another. Wayan Rendah finds a harmonious composition in the symmetrical flexing of limbs and muscles a more...

Wood sculpture, 'Yoga Stretch' (Indonesia)

Lithe and limber, an abstracted figure practices a yoga stretch. Eka carves the figure from richly grained suar wood, its anonymous features representing all humankind. The elegant sculpture exalts the strong, healthy body. more...

Wood sculptures, 'Day at the Beach' (pair) (Indonesia)

A day at the beach invites leisurely conversation. Basking in the sun, a couple relaxes on the sand. From Luh Mas Sri Pertamiari, these suar wood images are beautiful and lifelike. more...

Wood statuette, 'A Balinese Woman' (Indonesia)

Lost in dreams, a woman appears in a moment of reflection. Her slender contours seduce the viewer, accentuated by the grain of hand-carved suar wood. Sculpted by Wayan Rendah, this is a study of feminine grace. more...

Wood statuette, 'A Secret Shared' (Indonesia)

A secretive expression courses through the smooth details of this mask. One finger appears raised to his lips, asking for a moment's discretion. The abstractly sculpture comes from the imagination of Nyoman Naranata, who uses hibiscus wood to create more...

Wood statuette, 'Abstract Thinking' (Indonesia)

A separated body implies internal conflict, emotionally torn by the difficulty of providing for the family. The figure sinks deep into contemplation, accentuated by the intricate grain of local suar wood. Crafted by Wayan Rendah, the unique perspecti more...

Wood statuette, 'Cobra Yoga Pose' (Indonesia)

Wayan Rendah captures the dynamic energy of a gymnast in a lithe yoga stretch known as the "cobra." The fluid curves of her youthful body are portrayed in a figurative style, heightened by the warm glow of the suar wood. The polished grain enhances t more...

Wood statuette, 'Embracing the Rock' (Indonesia)

After a long climb, she has reached the mountain peak. Kneeling at the summit, she reaches strong arms to embrace the warm rock. Wayan Rendah carves the fluid form from Balinese suar wood in a beautiful signature piece. more...

Wood statuette, 'Graceful Arc' (Indonesia)

Sitting with legs crossed, a female form stretches in a graceful arc. Working with richly-grained suar wood, Wayan Rendah depicts the lithe body of a senam, or "gymnast." Her flowing lines meet an abrupt space that emphasize the figure's ethereal poi more...

Wood statuette, 'Gymnast Couple' (Indonesia)

Strong arms support his partner as lithe acrobats perform as a single person. Poised in a difficult but graceful posture, she reaches upward triumphantly. Nyoman Karsa sculpts an abstract portrait of the human figure, capturing the sentiment within. more...

Wood statuette, 'Harvesting Rice' (Indonesia)

Villagers work together in community's rice field harvesting golden sheaves of grain. Exalting the verdant island of Bali, Agung Mayun paints the idyllic images on an albesia wood egg. He displays the piece on a stand of acacia wood. more...

Wood statuette, 'Joyous Dance' (Indonesia)

Freeform movement becomes a joyous dance. Lost in an unheard melody, he spins and sways in a vision of grace and beauty. Wayan Rendah carves an invitation to join the happy dancer. more...

Wood statuette, 'Lithe Yoga Backbend' (Indonesia)

Touching her hands to the floor, a gymnast bends backward in an incredibly graceful execution of the yoga "upward bow pose," backbend," or "wheel." Her long braid cascades to the floor in this exquisite sculpture by Wayan Rendah. The exercise is thou more...

Wood statuette, 'Lost in Thought' (Indonesia)

This sculpture evokes intrigue and enchantment in any decor. Wayan Rendah carves the piece by hand from local suar wood, depicting a seated man in a thoughtful pose. Anonymous details accentuate the smooth, fluid tonal variations of the material. more...

Wood statuette, 'Love Lady' (Indonesia)

Performing a dance of love, this image of a woman seduces with abstract charm. Her posture is akin to a traditional Balinese dance while she forms heart figures with her posturing arms. Wayan Rendah carves this statuette with a flowing sense of aesth more...

Wood statuette, 'Man Doing Yoga' (Indonesia)

A male figure in a seated yoga position is the subject of master woodcarver Wayan Rendah's statuette. Holding his palms together in front of his leg as part of yoga movement, the man seems to radiate tranquility. Rendah uses suar wood for the beautif more...

Wood statuette, 'Modern Woman' (Indonesia)

Abstract line suggests a woman's portrait, subtly carved from richly-grained suar wood. Turning to look upward, the slender figure exhibits a youthful spontaneity. Flawless contours and fluid line attest to Wayan Rendah's talent. more...

Wood statuette, 'Prayer' (Indonesia)

Superbly carved from Balinese suar wood, a figure reaches skyward with heart and body. Wayan Rendah depicts a person in prayer. Abstract line and sleek contours distinguish this masterful sculpture. more...

Wood statuette, 'Repose' (Indonesia)

Seated in a relaxed pose, suar wood contours conjure a sleek body with abstract line. Wayan Mustika represents the figure as an abstraction, its curves and mass perfectly balanced. more...

Wood statuette, 'Single Prop Yoga' (Indonesia)

A Yogi exerts great self-control as he stands on one leg while he rests his chin on his raised knee. His presence inspires inner peace. Wayan Rendah carves his image form a single block of suar wood, leaving an empty space where his back should be. Y more...

Wood statuette, 'Thirsty Baby' (Indonesia)

Wayan Rendah carves the image of a child nestled warmly against his mother bosom in a gesture of innate physical and emotional communion. An embodiment of comforting intimacy, this statuette is carved from hibiscus wood. Rendah works well in relation more...

Wood statuette, 'Unwind' (Indonesia)

A verb captured through chiseled perfection, Wayan Rendah translates local suar wood into a moment's rest. The rich grain swirls in harmony with the tranquil contours, further balancing the dream-like aura of the composition. more...


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Shawls - Women's - Painted
Shawls - Women's - Patterned
Shawls - Women's - Solid
Walking - Sticks

Russian Style Fur, Sheepskin and Leather Hats
Military Style Russian Hats Fur Ushankas
Military Style Russian Hats Service Headwear

Benjarong Porcelain - Thailand
Nesting Dolls
Nesting Dolls 3 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 5 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 7 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 10 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 15 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 20 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 50 doll sets
Custom Nesting Dolls

Coffee Tables
Storage - Trunks & Chests

Handbags - Clutches
Handbags - Cosmetic - Travel Accessories
Handbags - Embellished
Handbags - Evening
Handbags - Flaps
Handbags - Handle
Handbags - Hobo
Handbags - Messenger
Handbags - Handle
Handbags - Slings
Handbags - Soda pop top
Handbags - Tote
Handbags - Wristlets
Shoulder - bags

Outdoor - Living
Welcome Signs

Photo   Frames

Tableware - Entertaining
Barware - Wine Holders
Cocktail - Shot Glasses
Coffee - Tea Cups
Serve ware
Drinking - Glasses
Serving - Trays / Trivets
Table - Linens - Placemats / Napkins
Table - Linens - Tablecloths / Runners

Blankets - Throws
Cushion - Covers

Musical Instruments - Bali / Java
Musical Instruments - Drums
Musical Instruments - Peru
Musical Instruments - West Africa

Backgammon - Sets
Board Games
Chess Sets
Shadow Theater - Puppets


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