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Home Decor - Wall Hangings - Tapestries - Batik (Ghana)
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Wall Hangings - Tapestries - Batik (Ghana) are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Batik wall hanging, 'A Good Wife' (Ghana)

Diligent in her daily tasks, a woman walks homeward carrying firewood. A baby clings to her back while a toddler skips along close behind. Among the Akan people of Ghana, a good wife is known as oyere pa. Alexander Nyankson expresses this concept in more...

Batik wall hanging, 'African Drum' (Ghana)

Featureless and universal, a man pounds intricate rhythms on a colorful drum. Music and dance are important elements in West African culture, and talking drums carry messages. K. Baka depicts the drummer in a beautiful batik wall hanging. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Agbogloshie Market' (Ghana)

Women examine the fresh produce in tubs and baskets as they make their way through the Agbogloshie market. Located in an Accra suburb, Agbogloshie is very popular with urban shoppers. Alexander Nyankson depicts the scene in bright colors, creating a more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Aklowa by Night' (Ghana)

The moon's silver glow illuminates the village of Aburi, where K. Baka was born. Renowned for its spectacular view of Accra, this aklowa (meaning "village" in the Ga language) is surrounded by exotic and medicinal plants. Baka uses dyes and pigments more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Beauty Comb I' (Ghana)

The millenary customs of the Kantanka family from the Ashanti region (Ghana) inspire K. Baka. According to custom, during the puberty rites of girls, the chief priest picks out a comb from a ceremonial pot. If the comb features heads, it means the go more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Beauty Comb II' (Ghana)

The millenary customs of the Kantanka family from the Ashanti region (Ghana) inspire K. Baka. According to custom, during the puberty rites of girls, the chief priest picks out a comb from a ceremonial pot. If the comb features heads, it means the go more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Bgorbilor' (Ghana)

Perfectly detailed, the silhouette of a hunter can be spied as he walks with rifle lazily on his shoulder. The bgorbilor (meaning "hunter" in the Ga language) seems pleased with the results of his hunting expedition. K. Baka gives meaning to this ima more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Child Naming' (Ghana)

This attractive batik by Alex Nyankson depicts a child-naming ceremony, an event that takes place in the early morning in West African homes. During the ceremony, families and elders of the village come together to perform the necessary rituals. Rich more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Fertility Doll' (Ghana)

"The fertility doll is believed to possess the powers of the goddess of children," says K. Baka as he introduces this batik all hanging. Tradition dictates that a woman who cannot conceive should sleep with this doll by her side, and eventually she w more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Festac Mask' (Ghana)

A mask to honor ancestors, this is largely known as "Festac," to commemorate the Festival of Arts and Crafts. A yearly event that began in Nigeria, the festival showcases African artistry. K. Baka presents a well-detailed rendition of the renowned ma more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Festival Mask' (Ghana)
Now $92.21 - retail $122.95

Working in batik, Edward Adeniran depicts a festival mask in intricate detail. The complex patterns suggest brass and copper repousse applied to West African masks. Adeniran recreates a style worn during the Osun-Oshogbo festival, celebrated to appea more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Fish Merchant' (Ghana)

A common sight along Ghana's seashore, vendors offer seafood for sale. K. Baka depicts one such woman as she strides across the sand. On her head, she gracefully balances freshly-netted fish. Batik is the artist's medium. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Fulani Cattleman' (Ghana)

Blue and white against a black backdrop depict a Fulani tribesman. The nomadic herdsmen follow their cattle to pasture from morning to sunset. Edward Adeniran employs the batik method of dying to achieve spectacular contrast and captivating designs. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Ghanaian Musician' (Ghana)

A musician from northern Ghana's Bongo tribe sounds a long, narrow trumpet. He wears the traditional robe and headgear of his people. Working in batik, K. Baka depicts the man in a warm orange and yellow wall hanging. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Gye Nyame Duality' (Ghana)

"It is said that whatever comes your way in life, the Supreme God has his hand in it. I chose to stylize Gye Nyame with the face of a man and woman to represent the uniqueness of God," says K. Baka of his original design. He is referring to the legen more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Heading For Shore' (Ghana)

Sunset turns the sea to crimson as three men wade through the shallows toward shore. Fishing is their livelihood and their boat carries the legend "Sea Never Dry." Working in batik, K. Baka creates a colorful image of life in Ghana. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'King Kosoko's Mask' (Ghana)

This imposing wall hanging depicts a mask owned by King Kosoko of Lagos Nigeria. Working in batik, Edward Adeniran creates a dazzling image in black, white and purple. "King Kosoko rules over a royal kingdom and uses his powers to subdue other smalle more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Let Peace Reign' (Ghana)

Two hands welcome the globe as a dove alights gracefully on the planet. Alexander Nyankson's beautiful composition carries a fervent wish for world peace. Bordering the elegant batik, weapons are crossed over with an "X" in a plea for a better world. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Let's Live in Harmony' (Ghana)

Abundant rains have fallen and the countryside comes alive in fertile green. It forms the background for a village scene by Alexander Nyankson. While the men tend their vegetable gardens, children laugh and play. Women come and go, chatting with neig more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Long Cool Drink' (Ghana)

Golden color evokes the heat of summer. A lithe young woman bends low to reach a jar of cool water. Drinking deeply of the refreshing liquid, she seems unaware of her beauty and grace. K. Baka signs this elegant batik wall hanging. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Making Pito Beer' (Ghana)

Working in the afternoon heat, a young mother stirs the contents of a large clay jar. She is preparing pito beer. Based on millet, the drink is usually made by women of northern Ghana to sell. K. Baka creates this elegant wall hanging in batik on cot more...

Batik wall hanging, 'My Village Mamfe' (Ghana)

A moon looms large over leafless trees, their branches stretching upwards like supplicant arms. Here K. Baka depicts a cottage settlement in Ghana, using batik techniques on cotton cloth to capture the rustic atmosphere. Pale, mysterious green blanke more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Nature's Own' (Ghana)

Enveloped in a serene world of blue, zebras, elephants and giraffes evoke images of Africa. Alexander Nyankson realistically portrays them on an elegant batik wall hanging. Expressing his belief that every living creature is created for a purpose, he more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Northern Dancer' (Ghana)

Poised on one foot, he whirls to a dance with the Damba tribe of northern Ghana. Dressed in traditional attire, the dancer wears a tall hat. Alexander Nyankson portrays the man in a batik wall hanging, its red background superbly conveying the excite more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Orange Seller' (Ghana)

Dawn gilds the sky in the bright colors of fresh citrus that fill a tray in luscious array. Balancing the tray of oranges on her head, a merchant woman sets out to market. Rustling palm trees whisper in the early light, captured in this elegant batik more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Oro Festival' (Ghana)
Now $74.96 - retail $99.95

Small faces appear inside a seated figure that represents the Oro goddess. Venerated by the Ogijo people, she is the focal point of a festival. This signature batik comes from Edward Adeniran. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Palm Wine Seller' (Ghana)

"This is the portrait of a palm wine seller returning from the farm with a clay pot filled with wine," explains K. Baka. "She is the only palm wine seller in her village, Agbozome." A perfectly detailed composition, Baka uses dyes and pigments extrac more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Pito Beer' (Ghana)

Working in the afternoon sun, two women stir the contents of a large clay jar. They are preparing pito beer. Based on millet, the drink is usually made by women of northern Ghana to sell. K. Baka creates this elegant wall hanging in batik on cotton. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Pot Lady' (Ghana)

A woman from Kpando in the Volta Region of Ghana sits amid the pots she will sell in the market. Carefully inspecting each one, she hopes for good sales so her family can get ahead. K. Baka handcrafts a sunny and beautiful batik wall hanging. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Pride of a Woman' (Ghana)

A woman gazes with pride at the baby cradled in her lap. Humming a lullaby, she gently caresses the sleeping child. "Women are our mothers and they have a special love for their babies. Mother's care is supreme. Our mothers are good," says Ghanaian a more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Proud African Elephant' (Ghana)

An African elephant walks proudly past quiet village homes in a glowing landscape. Working in batik, K. Baka depicts the regal beast in a beautiful wall hanging. In Ghana, a saying acknowledges the creature's strength: "When two elephants fight, it's more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Queen Mask' (Ghana)

Working in batik, Edward Adeniran replicates a royal mask in white with highlights in purple. Among the Yoruba people, the queen is a supreme figure. She has various masks, which she wears on different occasions for different purposes to prevent her more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Roaming Free' (Ghana)

Wild animals gather momentarily beneath the spreading branches of a venerable old tree. A gazelle quietly crops grass while a giraffe chews on tender twigs and leaves. Lord of the savannah, an elephant is lord of this batik wall hanging by K. Baka. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Royal Trumpeter' (Ghana)

Dancing with excitement, a young man plays a golden trumpet. In West Africa, musicians hold a special place in the community. This one plays for royal festivals. Alexander Nyankson captures the essence of daily life in his homeland, sharing time-hono more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Sweet Mama' (Ghana)

The tender complicity between mother and child exudes from this batik wall hanging. Moved by the power of the maternal bond, K. Baka creates this endearing composition where the moon is like a silver sentinel, guarding mother and child until daybreak more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Teamwork' (Ghana)

Drifting like stars, people of all colors hold hands around the globe. Those in the distance take on the shape of doves. Alexander Nyankson presents a delightful wall hanging with a message of peace. Bordering the bright batik, weapons are crossed ov more...

Batik wall hanging, 'The King's Mask' (Ghana)
Now $82.46 - retail $109.95

Edward Adeniran uses warm batiks to portray a West African tribal king as a mask. Intricate details in purple and black lend a regal air to this vivid work. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'The King's Royal Mask' (Ghana)
Now $107.96 - retail $134.95

A symbol of power and mysticism, the royal mask of the Yoruba people commands reverence and respect. According to the traditions of this Nigerian community, the king must wear the mask during public outings, to hide his identity. The royal mask is cu more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Together as One' (Ghana)

Alexander Nyankson prints a moving message of peace on this wall hanging with the expert use of batik techniques. "It would be to our own advantage if indeed we all became one people with one common destiny and sharing the same goals. To come togethe more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Traditional Yoruba Masks' (Ghana)

Four masks align in a tribute to Yoruba art and tradition. Working in batik, Edward Adeniran creates a dazzling wall hanging in black, white and purple. Each mask reveals its own unique nuances of expression. more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Village in the East' (Ghana)

A woman sits cross-legged on the doorstep, calling a cheerful greeting to passersby. Lining the narrow lane that winds through the hamlet, traditional homes offer a warm welcome. Alexander Nyankson depicts a traditional village in Edukrom, a mountain more...

Batik wall hanging, 'We Shall Eat' (Ghana)

Working in the afternoon sunshine, a young mother pounds boiled cassava and plantains in a large mortar and pestle. She is preparing fufu, served with all kinds of soups. K. Baka names this elegant batik wall hanging Abaa Yeni Nii, "We Shall Eat" in more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Woman From the Farm' (Ghana)

The sun nears the end of its journey westward, setting the evening sky ablaze in fiery colors. She tiredly makes the trek home after gathering dried wood from the forest to light her cooking fire. Her small child is fretful and she softly hums West A more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Woman from the Lakeside' (Ghana)

A warm sky accompanies Aunty Ama when she goes for water; she will also ask for a blessing from the lake god. Her house may be equipped with water pipes, yet she's mindful of tradition. She carries her baby on her back and a clay pot on her head. A m more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Women Work Together' (Ghana)

Engaged in a lively dialogue, a circle of women sit on traditional stools as their hands perform everyday tasks. Conversation and company make the work go faster and unify the people of this quiet hamlet. Alexander Nyankson depicts a scene from rural more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Work Well Done' (Ghana)

She rests a hand on her child's shoulder as she balances a heavy basket on her head. Graceful and strong, a young mother goes about her daily chores. Alexander Nyankson exalts the women of Ghana and their supportive spirit. He names his beautiful bat more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Working Together' (Ghana)

Conversing as they share the work, two women make fufu in a mortar and pestle, alternately pounding and turning the traditional Ghanaian dish. The savory mixture of boiled cassava and plantain is served with all kinds of soups and eaten mostly by the more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Yoruba Chief Drummer' (Ghana)

Edward Adeniran creates a dramatic batik wall hanging with intricate, overlapping motifs. He portrays a Yoruban drummer of western Nigeria. Yoruba kings communicate with their subjects by way of "talking" drums whose rhythmic messages are widely unde more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Yoruba Prince Mask' (Ghana)
Now $47.99 - retail $59.99

Honoring traditions of the Yoruba tribe, Edward Adeniran replicates the mask of their prince with batik techniques. The expressive mask is done in blue and white, creating a powerful contrast against the black background. Features two hanging tabs. R more...

Batik wall hanging, 'Yoruba River Goddess' (Ghana)

A river goddess takes the form of a blue mermaid. Holding a water jar, she gazes seductively at the viewer. Edward Adeniran covers the graceful creature with intricate motifs, created in batik. She represents a deity of the Yoruba people. more...

Cotton batik wall hanging, 'Papa Kofi' (Ghana)

K. Baka applies classic batik techniques to evoke the image of a hunter in this admirable wall hanging. Named Kofi in accordance to Akan tradition, for he was born on a Friday, the hunter holds a spear in his right hand and a grasscutter hanging from more...



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