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These Art Gallery - Sculpture Stone Marble - Animals - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.
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Sandstone sculpture, 'Frog Goes Courting' (Indonesia)

He falls to his knees, clutching the flower he brings to his beloved. Wayan Kandiyasa captures the young swain's nervous eagerness as he woos his sweetheart. Sandstone is the artist's medium for this fanciful frog portrait.

Sandstone sculpture, 'Frog Relaxes' (Indonesia)

A frog relaxes, resting his head on his hand while the other caresses his rotund belly. Wayan Kandiyasa depicts the thoughtful creature in a whimsical sandstone sculpture.

Sandstone sculpture, 'Frog with a Parasol' (Indonesia)

A frog exhibits purpose and good will as it goes about its business. A jaunty fringed parasol shades the amphibian from Bali's bright sun. A good luck talisman, the frog is a frequent theme in Indonesian art, portrayed by Wayan Kandiyasa.

Sandstone sculpture, 'Gentleman Frog' (Indonesia)

He places a hand on his portly stomach and kneels, as though courting a young woman. This gallant frog smiles with sincerity, depicted in sandstone by the talented Wayan Kandiyasa.

Sandstone statuette, 'Acrobat Frogs' (Indonesia)

Frogs perform as acrobats in an intriguing statuette by Wayan Kandiyasa. The muscular amphibians execute feats of skill, their rounded contours sculpted from smooth Balinese sandstone.

Sandstone statuette, 'Big Eyed Fish' (Indonesia)

Celebrating the bounty of Balinese waters, this delightful statuette by Wayan Kandiyasa depicts an elegant tropical fish caught in a dynamic pose. Delicate fins and tail swirl seductively in a work of intense beauty. Sculpted of sandstone, the large-

Sandstone statuette, 'Lotus Frog' (Indonesia)

Kneeling before his lady, a frog proffers a brilliant blossom; his is the heart of a prince. Wayan Kandiyasa sculpts this charming statuette of smooth sandstone, rich details adding to the enchantment of the work. It brings the artistry of Bali to an

Sandstone statuette, 'Playing Kendang' (Indonesia)

Eyes big with excitement, wide mouth open in song, a charming frog musician takes up his kendang drum. Wayan Kandiyasa carves the rotund body, bright eyes and webbed hands of smooth Balinese sandstone. This whimsical statuette is a fascinating exampl

Sculpture, 'Horse's Head' (Brazil)

Magnificent in its beauty, a powerful horse seems to pose and prance, its grace evoked only by the head and neck. Brazilian sculptor Urubatan creates this extraordinary work of art and gives it an antique black finish. This signature sculpture is par

Sculpture, 'Stylized Horse' (Brazil)

Reminiscent of Etruscan images dating to 600 BC, this elegant sculpture conveys equine beauty and strength. Brazil's Urubatan sculpts the horse with minimalist line, giving the piece an antique black finish. It bears the artist's signature. This sign

Soapstone panel, 'Loyal Elephants' (India)

Strong, powerful and loyal, a herd of elephants enjoys traveling together through time. Long revered in India, elephants inspire this detailed panel by Gulam Rasool. He works on a single soapstone slab, carefully detailing each pachyderm as he expert

Soapstone sculpture, 'Father Elephant' (India)

A mighty elephant lifts his trunk in fury, thrusting powerful tusks upward. Carved in intricate jali, or openwork, he reveals two perfect miniature elephants inside. Gulam Rasool masterfully sculpts the elegant pachyderms of natural soapstone.