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These Home Decor - Wall Décor - Coat Racks Key Holders - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.
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Iron coat rack, 'Curious Sun' (Mexico)

Radiant though somewhat shy, a young sun rises over the horizon that is this unique coat rack. Designed by J. Blas, the sun's face is remarkably expressive and vividly detailed. To create this piece, Blas cuts the iron pieces with a unique procedure

Iron coat rack, 'Horse Mom Love' (Mexico)

Elias and David evoke a sense of tenderness with the design of this coat rack. Working with iron, they depict a mare looking after her newborn with expressive detail. Painted by hand with expressive artistry, the coat rack features four fixed hooks.

Iron coat rack, 'Horse of Gold' (Mexico)

Its mane tinted gold by the sun, this horse makes a stunning presence in this coat rack by J. Blas. Detailed to high perfection, the coat rack is crafted of iron; the iron sheets are first cut through a unique process developed by Blas. The result is

Iron coat rack, 'Kokopelli Serenade' (Mexico)

Kokopelli the flautist is borne from myth and legend; he travels far and wide playing melodious tunes inviting all to dance. Now he adorns this extraordinary coat rack, forged of iron by J. Blas, who uses a novel technique of his own design to cut th

Iron key holder, 'Little Goldfinch' (Mexico)

A jilguerillo, or "little goldfinch" watches over three hooks to hold keys. The three-dimensional silhouette is cut by hand from sheets of iron to become a wall sculpture by Marco Polo.

Key holder, 'Playful Cat' (Mexico)

Lashing a long tail, a frisky feline crouches for a playful pounce. His whiskers bristle and his eyes are bright in anticipation of fun. Cut out in three dimensions, the whimsical cat adorns a key holder. J. Blas cuts sheets of forged iron and hammer