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These Home Decor - Area Rugs Andean Wool Rugs - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.
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Wool rug, 'Bird Wedding' (2x3) (Peru)

Stylized birds nestle in pairs to represent the union of marriage. Working in verdant color, Cerapio Vallejo weaves an enchanting accent rug. The hand-loomed virgin wool shades from tan to green. Titled "Matrimonio" in Spanish.

Wool rug, 'Birds do a Wedding Dance' (2x5.5) (Peru)

Working in rich melon shades, the Curi Brothers depict birds at their wedding. Dazzling diamonds surround the avian couples in precise geometric patterns. Created of hand-loomed wool, the rug is a creation of Peru's talented Curi Brothers.

Wool rug, 'Calendar in Color' (4x5.5) (Peru)

The movements of heavenly bodies are depicted in peach, brown and rose as Efrain Curi conjures the Inca calendar. Woven in an intricate tapestry is a solar, or huato, calendar but the months, or quilla, are based on the moon, each requiring economic,

Wool rug, 'Calendar Magic' (4x5.5) (Peru)

The movements of heavenly bodies are depicted in brilliant shades of burgundy, rose and brown as Efrain Curi conjures the Inca calendar. Woven in an intricate tapestry is a solar, or huato, calendar but the months, or quilla, are based on the moon, e

Wool rug, 'Calendar' (2x3) (Peru)

Icons describe six months, each depicted on a neat geometric grid. Bright colors glow on a warm background of peach and terracotta. Expertly woven by Cerapio Vallejo, this elegant rug interprets Inca cosmogony. Titled "Calendario Inca" in Spanish.

Wool rug, 'Coca Leaf' (2x5) (Peru)

Regarded as magical by many Andean communities, coca leaves blossom on the wool fields of this rug. The coca leaf has had an important role in Inca and Andean life. Regarded as sacred, it is used for its anesthetic and energizing effects. Zosimo Laur

Wool rug, 'Colors' (6x9) (Peru)

With linear forms, Cerapio Vallejo depicts stylized shapes in a diversity of colors. The harmonious composition graces a rug of singular beauty, crafted of natural fibers on the Andean handloom. Titled "Colores" in Spanish.

Wool rug, 'Cubic Illusion' (2x5.5) (Peru)

Conjuring building blocks with geometric motifs, the Curi Brothers create a beautiful optical illusion. Melon, cream, orange and ginger come to life on a black background. The talented artisans work on a traditional Andean handloom.

Wool rug, 'Diamonds' (2x2.5) (Peru)

David Laura Zanabria creates a colorful rug with splendid symmetry. His design motifs are inspired by the Wari culture that pre-dates the Inca civilization. Masterfully recreating its precise geometric patterns, he transforms virgin wool into a hand-

Wool rug, 'Father Sun' (2x2.5) (Peru)

Lancing glowing rays from a darkened universe, Tayta Inti ("Father Sun" in Quechua) appears in a hand-loomed rug. Zosimo Laura creates this dramatic piece in the traditional style of Ayacucho. A superb example of Andean textile art, it features the s

Wool rug, 'Fiery Hills' (2x2.5) (Peru)

Fiery hills arise from deep green meadows in a beautifully stylized design. By David Laura Zanabria, this hand-loomed accent rug takes its influence from the Wari culture. Its precise geometry and brilliant color make it a focal point in any setting.

Wool rug, 'Hidden Bird' (5.5x7.5) (Peru)

Radiant patterns cover this rug in joyous colors, each neatly delineated with bands of black. Mesmerizing in its beauty, the complex motifs are woven on the Andean handloom. Zosimo Laura depicts the cock of the rocks, Peru's national bird as it emerg

Wool rug, 'Hummingbird' (6x9.5) (Peru)

Geometric hummingbirds hover on fields of sunny color. Working in the style of the Nazca plains, Cerapio Vallejo creates his own interpretation of the renowned geoglyphs. He weaves the precise lines on a traditional handloom, and finishes the starkly

Wool rug, 'Hummingbirds' (2x2.5) (Peru)

Darting through the summer air or hovering on whirring wings, hummingbirds feed in an abstract garden. Peru's David Laura Zanabria demonstrates his artistic mastery with this spectacular hand-woven accent rug. Titled "Coliflor" in Spanish.

Wool rug, 'Hummingbirds' (6x8) (Peru)

This breathtaking Ayacucho rug comes from Cerapio Vallejo. This amazing craft has been around for centuries in the state of Ayacucho, having been passed down to the Incas after originating among the ancient Wari culture of Peru. Vallejo's preferred t

Wool rug, 'Inca Cross' (2x2.5) (Peru)

Precisely woven of virgin wool, the Andean cross was a sacred emblem for the Inca. Zosimo Laura combines brilliant colors for this beautiful scatter rug. It is edged with hand-tied fringe. Titled "Cruz Inca" in Spanish.

Wool rug, 'Jigsaw Puzzle' (2x3) (Peru)

A slender beam of white light centers this radiant accent rug by Efrain Curi. Gradually shading toward ochre, rust and brown, it is meticulously created on the Andean handloom. Curi uses the kilim, or "slit" technique. The different yarns are not dov

Wool rug, 'Labyrinths of Fire' (6x8.5) (Peru)

Cerapio Vallejo weaves a tantalizing labyrinth that invites the viewer into a journey through history. Inspired by Peru's Wari art, the rug reveals its characteristic logic, structure and stylized geometry. A fiery palette of virgin wool is transform

Wool rug, 'Many Masks' (6x8.5) (Peru)

Masterfully woven by hand, this dazzling rug depicts many masks. Cerapio Vallejo works in tones of orange and salmon, cooling his wool palette with green and brown. His inspiration comes from ancient Inca art. Titled "Tocapu Inca I" in Spanish.

Wool rug, 'Matrimony' (4x6) (Peru)

Cerapio Vallejo creates this fabulous Ayacucho-style rug in sheep wool. This ancient craft has existed for centuries, having been passed down to the Incas after originating among the ancient Wari culture of Peru. Vallejo's technique is called kilin,

Wool rug, 'Nazca Art Mystery' (4x5.5) (Peru)

Zosimo Laura reveals mystical lines and patterns in a rug of woven magnificence. Laura finds inspiration in Peru's legendary Nazca lines. He weaves the rug from wool and trims it with cotton as he masters Ayacucho's textile traditions. Titled "Compos

Wool rug, 'Red Radiance' (4x5) (Peru)

Haloed in golden ochre, intricate diamonds are radiant in varying tones of red. Efrain Curi creates the bold motifs in virgin wool. This meticulously handwoven rug features traditional Andean motifs. Titled "Centellas" in Spanish.

Wool rug, 'Royal Flamingos' (4x5) (Peru)

Flying in diagonal formation, a flock of flamingos appears in handloomed wool. Zosimo Laura creates an intricate optical illusion in warm colors. He works in soft virgin wool on a cotton weft, and finishes the bold design with fringe. Titled "Flamenc

Wool rug, 'Sky Cross' (6x7.5) (Peru)

The colors of the dawn sky meet verdant mountains, conjured in a handloomed rug. Forming glowing crosses, the radiant motifs alternate in bands of dark and light tones along the length of the design. Zosimo Laura demonstrates an absolute mastery of h

Wool rug, 'Spirit Presence' (2x2.5) (Peru)

Hands reach out in a gesture of help and solidarity while ghostly faces look on. Woven by hand in rich earth colors, this rug depicts the spirits of the Andes. David Laura Zanabria transforms virgin wool into a stunning accent rug. Titled "Manos del

Wool rug, 'Star' (4.5x6.5) (Peru)

Smoldering stars radiate light in glorious Peruvian earth tones, sharply accentuated by dramatic white borders. Inspired by ancestral Wari designs, Cerapio Vallejo explores his cultural history and the vast boundaries of his artistic talent, hand-wea

Wool rug, 'Sunny Earth' (4x5) (Peru)

A colorful feast of geometric fantasy covers this rug with alluring grace. Resembling a traditional tocapu, this piece features rhomboid patterns. Cerapio Vallejo creates the rug with wondrous artistry, where animals and patterns alike are transforme

Wool rug, 'Sunset' (4x6) (Peru)

Cerapio Vallejo depicts row after row of mountains in tribute to his Andean homeland. Vallejo's preferred weaving technique, called kilin, is characterized by the uses of small, straight stitches. Although extra fabric and 15 days of hard work are re

Wool rug, 'Tocapu Earth' (4x6) (Peru)

The earth's warm tones imbue this rug with welcoming grace. Zigzagging lines run across the rug, creating panels housing traditional geometric configurations. Cerapio Vallejo designs this piece inspired by Wari artistry, where the rug's patterns orig

Wool rug, 'Tribute' (2x2.5) (Peru)

Exploring linear form, Cerapio Vallejo depicts stylized shapes in a diversity of colors. The harmonious composition graces a rug of singular beauty. Named Quinuapata for a neighborhood of artisans in Ayacucho, it is crafted of natural fibers on the h

Wool runner rug, 'Mystical Constellations' (2x10) (Peru)

Symmetrical patterns appear like mystical constellations in a runner rug designed by Peru‘«÷s Zosimo Laura. Underscored by black, the vibrant composition is woven on a wool rug that is finished with a hand-tied fringe.

Wool runner, 'Andean Magic' (2x5) (Peru)

Melding from warm to cool, glowing colors form motifs from the pre-Hispanic past. Zosimo Laura arranges them in harmonious bands of soft wool. Precisely woven on the handloom, they form a dramatic rug of extraordinary beauty. Titled "Manto Andino" in

Wool runner, 'Andean Mountains' (2x8) (Peru)

Inspired by the rugged majesty of Andean peaks, Cerapio Vallejo weaves a mountain range in soft wool. The narrow width and stylized patterns infuse this runner with contemporary flair. Yet Vallejo utilizes ancient Inca symbols and natural colors favo

Wool runner, 'Doves Bring Peace' (2x4) (Peru)

Flocks of doves soar in stylized flocks, hand-woven of colorful wool. Alternating with bands of abstract motifs, they form an exquisite floor runner. Faustino Maldonado combines soft pastel hues with black and burgundy tinted with natural dyes. Maste

Wool runner, 'Plane Geometry' (3x11) (Peru)
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Plane geometry is summed up in a rug of bold, contemporary chic. Expertly woven by Cerapio Vallejo, squares and rectangles explore the colors of the earth. Black, ivory and ochre were colors favored by the Inca, transformed into a handloomed masterpi

Wool runner, 'Rainbow Cascade' (2x10) (Peru)

Falling in diagonal cascades, rainbow colors ripple across a cool cream runner. Zosimo Laura weaves the delightful design in sherbet pastels, evoking sunlight, falling water and butterflies. This exquisite handloomed rug is created on a traditional A

Wool runner, 'Sacred Valley' (2x5) (Peru)

Zosimo Laura repeats geometric motifs from ancient Andean civilizations, creating a composition of exquisite equilibrium. Achieving a bold contrast, he weaves a stunning accent rug. He names it for Pisac and its setting in the sacred valley of the In

Wool runner, 'Spring Buds' (2x5.5) (Peru)

Abstract line defines a bouquet of tulips in a rug with contemporary flair. Inherited by the Inca, this textile expertise originated among the ancient Wari culture of Peru. Cerapio Vallejo continues his heritage of hand-weaving, achieving the rich co

Wool runner, 'Starry Hills' (1x5) (Peru)

With bold, rich earth tones, Cerapio Vallejo transmits a vision of the past. This rug is woven in the Ayacucho style, where geometric motifs are incorporated into compelling patterns. Woven on the handloom, the wool runner is a beautiful tribute to I

Wool runner, 'Sun Tulips' (2x7) (Peru)

Welcoming the first blush of spring, delicate "tulips" wake slowly from their cold winter sleep. Their tiny buds squint and extend towards the sky, still reluctant to welcome the full force of the insistent sun. Infused with new growth and beginnings

Wool runner, 'The Color of History' (2x10) (Peru)

Zosimo Laura pays tribute to the textile arts of the Inca, weaving a rug of captivating elegance. Images abound in soft pastel hues, each section separated by intense orange, brown and black. The colorful contrasts are bold and daring - they are the

Wool runner, 'Yellow Iris' (2x10) (Peru)

Yellow irises sprout amid emerald foliage. Working in pastels colors, Efrain Curi weaves a trio of brilliant bouquets. He tints the soft wool with selected dyes and creates this elegant rug on the handloom. Titled "Candelabros de flores" in Spanish.

Wool tapestry, 'Night Owls' (Peru)

Stylized owls join one another on a colorful runner, each portrayed as a unique individual. Zosimo Laura sets the wide-eyed birds on a midnight background. Reflecting the diversity of Andean flora, they also demonstrate the artisan's keen powers of o