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Home Decor - Wall Hangings - Tapestries - Andean
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Wall Hangings - Tapestries - Andean are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Chacana Rituals' (Peru)

Rosa Pariona celebrates Inca art with a feast of colors as she weaves this tapestry on a traditional loom. Underscored by sapphire blue, golden chacanas appear in myriad abstract forms. Also known as the "Andean cross," the chacana features 12 points more...

Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Full Moon' (Peru)

The many phases of the moon inspire this colorful tapestry by Rosa Pariona. Underscored by a brown background, the moons are accompanied by Inca personages speaking in many tongues to revere them. Pariona combines abstract patterns with figurative im more...

Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Life in the Water' (Peru)

Working in an ancient Andean craft technique, Rosa Pariona conjures a modern art composition in deep, rich colors. Motifs from Inca art cover fantastical creatures that inhabit an underwater world. The artisan weaves the tapestry by hand, then adds e more...

Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Life Underwater' (Peru)

Working in ancient Andean craft techniques, Rosa Pariona conjures a modern art composition in deep, rich colors. Motifs from Inca art embellish fantastical creatures that inhabit an underwater world. The tapestry is woven by hand, then lavishly embro more...

Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Love Serenade' (Peru)

Strumming his guitar, a man sings a serenade of love. His passion illuminates a darkened mountain landscape of greens and blues. David Laura Zanabria works on a traditional loom to weave a tapestry of elegant details, depicting the musician, his hat more...

Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Two alpacas' (Peru)

With their long necks seemingly intertwined, two alpacas take on a mythic quality. Rosa Pariona pays tribute to a noble animal, prized by the Inca for its warm fleece. Her style is cubist as she weaves this exceptional tapestry on the Andean handloom more...

Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Water Spirit' (Peru)

Rosa Pariona creates an underwater fantasy where fish and eels dance in celebration in a fabulous tapestry. Pariona works with an alpaca wool blend along with natural and artificial dyes as she weaves this tapestry on a traditional loom. Pariona incl more...

Alpaca tapestry, 'Ayacucho Spring' (Peru)

Nature has emerged from winter slumber in this attractive Cerapio Vallejo tapestry. Birds fill the air, singing the songs that signify life is returning to the Andes. Vallejo and his family translate the Andean landscape and its culture onto handmade more...

Ayacucho wall hanging, 'Inca Mural' (Peru)

Eliazar Ochoa transforms the Inca calendar into a magnificent wall hanging, featuring an admirable three-dimensional illusion as he weaves on a traditional Ayacucho loom. Ochoa replicates legendary glyphs, known as tocapu, which indicate harvest time more...

Wool tapestry, 'Amazon Glory' (Peru)

As if viewed from above, this tree is home to myriad birds of colorful plumage. "I created this design as a way of raising ecological consciousness and a call to renew our efforts to protect our Amazon region, so these cheerful birds may continue to more...

Wool tapestry, 'Amazon Toucans' (Peru)

Cheerful residents of the Peruvian Amazon, toucans perch in a towering tree. Working with a palette of virgin wool, Raul Ulloa weaves a colorful tapestry. He conjures glossy black feathers, bright eyes and long beaks. A tapestry rod (not included) ca more...

Wool tapestry, 'Ancient Mystique' (Peru)
Now $115.99 - retail $144.99

Brilliant color burns on a midnight background, racing across the senses in diagonal geometry. Inspired by pre-Hispanic design motifs, Nilda Amaro re-creates their ancient mystique in soft wool. She demonstrates her absolute mastery of the handloom i more...

Wool tapestry, 'Andean Cry' (Peru)

Two stylized figures infuse this tapestry with distinctive human presence. Geometric pieces combine to create a stunning vision, as the pair dressed in traditional Andean attire stands anonymously before a mystical, fluid landscape. Zosimo Laura weav more...

Wool tapestry, 'Andean Melody' (Peru)

Three flutes bring music to the countryside where a trio sings together. Bright colors envelop the men, each depicted in a cubist style. Raul Ulloa Baylón weaves a sunny tapestry that radiates happiness and camaraderie. Titled "Melodía andina" in S more...

Wool tapestry, 'Andean Mosaic' (Peru)

Framed in rays of lightning, tocapu images descend in dignified diagonals. These geometric forms enclosed in squares are believed to have been an ancient form of writing. Reserved for the tunics of the elite, they figured in ancient Andean textiles. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Andean Sunflower' (Peru)

By Peru's David Laura Zanabria, this dazzling tapestry takes its inspiration from the sunflowers that abound in his homeland. He works in virgin wool, creating neat borders in low relief around the petals. Fringe finishes the signature piece, and a d more...

Wool tapestry, 'Andes Spring' (Peru)

Bright butterflies flit above a bouquet of dazzling wildflowers in a celebration of color. Working on the handloom, Raul Ulloa Baylon creates the lovely images, which are then enhanced with lavish hand embroidery. The original tapestry bears his sign more...

Wool tapestry, 'Avian World' (Peru)

Bodies intertwined in an optical illusion, flocks of birds cover this exquisite handloomed tapestry. Efrain Curi weaves a masterpiece in virgin wool. Rich, warm colors bring the avian world to life. Titled "Patos" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Beautiful Andean Flower' (Peru)

Wildflowers bloom on Andean slopes, filling the summer hills with their exuberant beauty. Inspiring Eliazar Ochoa, they bloom again on a hand woven tapestry. Aligned in diamonds, bright petals appear in precious symmetry. Titled "Sumaq wayta" in Quec more...

Wool tapestry, 'Bird Forest' (Peru)

Brilliant birds share their Amazon home with bugs and beetles of all kinds. Celebrating the astonishing variety of rainforest life, Eliazar Ochoa depicts them in hand-loomed wool. Pre-Hispanic motifs in rich earth tones surround this extraordinary ta more...

Wool tapestry, 'Birds and Butterflies' (Peru)

With the blink of an eye, long-necked birds shift and move, staring inquisitively at their surroundings. Lively color tones meld into a kaleidoscopic design of aves y mariposas (birds and butterflies) creating an appealing tribute to the glory of Mot more...

Wool tapestry, 'Birds in Flight' (Peru)

Depicted against a scarlet background, birds of all colors take flight together. Each beautiful winged messenger is created in wool as the motifs take shape on a traditional handloom. This vibrant, modern tapestry comes from the Curi Brothers of Peru more...

Wool tapestry, 'Blossom Comets' (Peru)

Radiant like dashing comets, orange blooms shine against an intense blue background. Efrain Curi looms an impressive wool tapestry to preserve Ayacucho's weaving legacy. Titled "Flores campanita" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Blue Lightning' (Peru)

Streaking cross the earth in quick zigzags, lightning gives off electric blue flames. Efrain Curi sets the bold motifs on neat fields of brown and peach. Ivory starbursts illuminate this elegant design, woven on the Andean handloom. Titled "Contraste more...

Wool tapestry, 'Blue Radiance' (Peru)

A ray of white light centers this radiant tapestry by Efrain Curi. Gradually shading toward azure and navy, it is meticulously created on the Andean handloom. Curi uses the kilim, or "slit" technique. The different yarns are not dovetailed or interlo more...

Wool tapestry, 'Blue Roosters' (Peru)

A celebration of nature, this glorious tapestry represents the cock of the rocks, an avian symbol of Peru. Master weaver Eliazar Ochoa transforms virgin wool into this splendid wall hanging. Titled "Gallitos en las rocas" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Butterflies with Parakeets' (Peru)

Colorful winged creatures rejoice in the textile legacy of Ayacucho, especially through Efrain Curi's beautiful tapestry. Woven on a traditional pedal loom, the wool tapestry features butterflies, parakeets, ducks, doves, and swans. Features hanging more...

Wool tapestry, 'Butterflies' (Peru)

Efrain Curi designs a wall hanging of incandescent beauty by weaving together warm earth tones with ochre and yellow. Like a mystical fire, the wall hanging evokes the presence of Inca glyphs such as butterflies, birds and ducks, as well as masks wit more...

Wool tapestry, 'Calendar in Sun and Shade' (Peru)

The movements of heavenly bodies are depicted in sunny yellows and shadowed blues. Forming an Inca calendar, they are woven in a colorful tapestry by Efrain Curi. This is a solar, or huato, calendar but the months, or quilla, are based on the moon, e more...

Wool tapestry, 'Calendar Motifs' (Peru)

Borrowing icons from the Inca calendar, the Curi Brothers arrange them on a tapestry that radiates warmth and energy. They weave the intricate motifs on a traditional handloom in fiery colors. Green and olive temper the heat of this dramatic wall han more...

Wool tapestry, 'Calendar of the Inca' (Peru)

In a dramatic display of artistry, Eliazar Ochoa depicts ancient motifs with deep, rich colors. Figures from the Inca calendar are aligned on golden brown squares and tinted in fascinating tones of red and orange. Titled "Calendario inca" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Cantuta Flower' (Peru)

Exotic and dazzling, the cantuta flower blossoms in a field of jade green. Cantutas grow on the Andean hills and they are regarded as symbols of Peru. Cerapio Vallejo weaves this admirable wool tapestry following traditional Ayacucho techniques while more...

Wool tapestry, 'Cats and Ducks' (Peru)

Stylized cats with big eyes smile from their soft woolen background. Alternating with swimming ducks, they curl their tails with excitement. Efrain Curi resurrects images from pre-Hispanic textiles for a colorful tapestry that bears his signature. Ti more...

Wool tapestry, 'Cats and Ducks' (Peru)

Working in handloomed wool, Efrain Curi creates an enchanting optical illusion. Cats and birds alternate their space, each depicted in cheerful colors. An effect of light and shadow runs in diagonal bands across the tapestry, adding to its fascinatio more...

Wool tapestry, 'Ceremonial Mask' (Peru)

Beautifully integrated into horizontal stripes in rainbow hues, a smiling face appears. The Curi Brothers weave a tapestry that radiates warmth and energy. The motif derives from Peru's ancient Chavin culture and depicts a ceremonial mask. Titled "M more...

Wool tapestry, 'Clay Jar Merchants' (Peru)

Light surrounds a group of women, enveloping them in radiance. Raul Ulloa depicts enterprising merchants who sell large earthen vessels crafted from clay. He creates the images of virgin wool on the handloom. Titled "Las huaqueras" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Cross of Butterflies' (Peru)

Wings unfurled in all their splendor, the butterflies of summer pose on emerald grass. The precise geometry of their patterned bodies forms an ornate cross. Working in the colors of the land, Cerapio Vallejo creates a stunning tapestry on a tradition more...

Wool tapestry, 'Daily Bouquet' (Peru)

"This tapestry is inspired by the love and tenderness of mothers, who are as sweet and delicate as flowers," confides Peru's Efrain Curi. He weaves the wool tapestry on a traditional handloom with techniques unique to the Ayacucho region. Titled "Flo more...

Wool tapestry, 'Eden in the Andes' (Peru)

Herons and swallows take to the skies where they are joined by twittering sparrows and silent butterflies. Ducks and macaws appear in this colorful garden of Eden. Pre-Hispanic masks set the earthly paradise in the New World, as Efrain Curi weaves a more...

Wool tapestry, 'Emerald Birds and Butterflies' (Peru)

Reflected in mirror images, ducks paddle serenely on emerald waters while jade butterflies flutter through the sky. Efrain Curi creates an extraordinary vision of the Andes in a handloomed wool tapestry. The radiant images inhabit bands of color that more...

Wool tapestry, 'Fields of Green' (Peru)

Inspiring, tranquil moods emanate from this hand-woven tapestry by Cerapio Vallejo. Three tones of green evoke a lush, verdant contrast, representative of the natural splendor of Peru. The silent movement of leaves further accentuates the composition more...

Wool tapestry, 'Flamingos' (Peru)

An alluring expression of stylized repetition from the imagination of Zosimo Laura. Representing the artistic traditions of Ayacucho, he portrays stylized flamingos. He crafts the tapestry entirely by hand, its evolution of pink colors executed with more...

Wool tapestry, 'Flight of the Condor' (Peru)

Soaring through crimson skies, the great Andean condor is revered in South America. The Inca considered the majestic bird as a guide. Working on a traditional handloom, Eliazar Ochoa portrays the condor on a superb tapestry. The rich colors come from more...

Wool tapestry, 'Flight' (Peru)

Soaring together in joyous colors, birds and butterflies fill the sky. The intricately woven motifs flow across a tapestry in diagonal precision. Efrain Curi works in virgin wool, woven on the handloom, to create this extraordinary tapestry. Titled " more...

Wool tapestry, 'Flocks of Birds' (Peru)

Bodies intertwined in an optical illusion, flocks of birds cover this exquisite handloomed tapestry. Efrain Curi weaves a masterpiece in virgin wool. Rich, warm colors bring the avian world to life. Titled "Cabezas de patos" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Forest of the Birds' (Peru)

Brilliant birds share their Amazon home with bugs and beetles, lizards and snakes. Celebrating the astonishing variety of rainforest life, Eliazar Ochoa depicts them in handwoven wool. Golden light fills this extraordinary Andean tapestry. Titled "Se more...

Wool tapestry, 'Geometric Fish' (Peru)

Ciro Gutierrez draws inspiration from Peru's historic artistry for the design of this vibrant tapestry. He weaves the wool tapestry on a traditional loom with a cotton warp, expertly revealing fish among the pyramids. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Glorious Spring' (Peru)

Crocuses, morning glories and carnations spring to life in hand-loomed wool. Serenaded by birds in the blue sky of spring, they grace an extraordinary tapestry. It is expertly woven by Efrain Curi. Titled "Flores" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Guardian of the Water' (Peru)

An abstract creature scuttles through the night with a mission: he is the defender of the water. Inspired by Peru's pre-Hispanic art, Raul Ulloa Baylón weaves a tapestry of splendid geometry. He selects a palette of virgin wool in colors favored by more...

Wool tapestry, 'Guitarist' (Peru)

Tapping his feet to the rhythms of the guitar, a musician plays the traditional folk songs of his homeland. Bright primary color closures bring harmony to this beautiful composition. Woven by hand, the signature tapestry by Walter Paucar Velarde depi more...

Wool tapestry, 'Hummingbird Song' (Peru)

Inspired by wintry landscapes in the Andes, Cerapio Vallejo depicts birds of wondrous plumage inhabiting bare tree branches. Fluttering hummingbirds accompany the nesting birds, as Vallejo draws their image on a pedal loom. Finished by hand, this col more...

Wool tapestry, 'Inca Calendar Cubes' (Peru)

Brilliantly incorporating figures from the Inca calendar, Cerapio Vallejo expertly weaved this tapestry on the loom in his workshop in the southern highlands of Peru. Represented in unique geometric cube shapes, the calendar figures are infused with more...

Wool tapestry, 'Inca Divinity' (Peru)

A mighty deity of the Tiahuanaco culture, Wiracocha appears on this rug holding his sacred staff. He is the creator of the universe, according to Inca belief, and he wore a feather headdress, which was later worn by Inca emperors. David Laura Zanabri more...

Wool tapestry, 'Inca Sun Guardian' (Peru)

Teodolo Ulloa is inspired by Inca myth and art to create this impressive tapestry. Working with a blend of natural and artificial dyes, he weaves the wool tapestry on a traditional loom to reveal a mythical creature with a staff whose sole purpose is more...

Wool tapestry, 'Kitty Cat Twins' (Peru)

Curled up together, kitty cats appear in precise pairs. They border an intricate tapestry by Efrain Curi. Woven by hand, it features geometric motifs and stylized birds in the central panels. Titled "Gatos enlazados" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Light Waves' (Peru)

Undulating in radiant zigzags, warm colors emulate waves of light. The intricately woven motifs flow across a tapestry in horizontal precision. Efrain Curi works in soft virgin wool, woven on the handloom, to create this extraordinary Andean tapestry more...

Wool tapestry, 'Magical Stairway' (Peru)

Efrain Curi weaves a spell of beauty, conjuring an optical illusion in handloomed wool. This beautiful tapestry depicts a stairway, each step covered with magical creatures and geometric symbols. Shades of orange and peach predominate, unifying the c more...

Wool tapestry, 'Mandolin' (Peru)

Working in a cubist style, W. Rojas Yuri depicts a pensive musician who plucks the strings of a mandolin. Warm colors envelop the woman in an elusive melody. The artisan creates a masterful tapestry on the Andean handloom. Titled "Mandolina" in Spani more...

Wool tapestry, 'Meeting Place for Fish' (Peru)

"We have no choice other than to change our attitude towards nature: we must save it!" believes Teodolo Ulloa. From Peru he shares his message with the world in the form of an admirable tapestry featuring fish colliding at the center, the result of h more...

Wool tapestry, 'Nazca Dawn' (Peru)

Francisco Huaynate Paucar celebrates the art and customs of the Nazca people with a modern interpretation. It features some of the legendary petroglyphs, such as the hummingbird and monkey, as well as fish, regarded as an essential food. Francisco cr more...

Wool tapestry, 'Nazca Spider' (Peru)

Inspired by the geoglyphs in the Nazca Plain, the Curi Brothers depict a stylized spider. They work in hand-loomed wool to create a motif from Peru's renowned UNESCO World Heritage site. Titled "Araña" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Nazca' (Peru)

Zosimo Laura evokes the bold geometry of the Nazca Plain, intricately portrayed in hand-loomed wool. Mirror images in ochre and orange find a home on velvet black. The mysterious lines of Nazca depict abstract shapes, animal and bird figures. Probabl more...

Wool tapestry, 'Optical Illusion' (Peru)

Efrain Curi weaves a brilliant optical illusion that evokes a colorful staircase. Hidden amid the motifs, geometric shapes enjoy a dynamic interplay. The cheerful tapestry is woven by hand from soft Andean wool. Titled "Escalera de calendario" in Spa more...

Wool tapestry, 'Peace and Hope' (medium) (Peru)

A flock of doves carries a message of peace and hope from master weaver Efrain Curi. Depicted on a hand-loomed tapestry, the gentle birds soar together, soft bodies intertwined to fill the entire piece with their sweet beauty. Titled "Paz y esperanza more...

Wool tapestry, 'Peaceful Spring' (Peru)

The spirit of spring brings the color of life to this unique tapestry by Cerapio Vallejo. Woven of wool on a traditional handloom, this mesmerizing tapestry features tiny birds serenading blossoming flowers. Titled "Primaveral II" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Peruvian Coast' (Peru)

People in boats gaze at the sunset sky as they sail along the Peruvian coast. Seagulls soar overhead, beautifully depicted in a tapestry. David Laura Zanabria creates a superb example of Ayacucho artistry. A display rod can be slipped through a hem a more...

Wool tapestry, 'Rainbow Alphabet' (Peru)

David Laura Zanabria designs a hypnotic composition. It depicts tocapus, the stylized glyphs of Inca inspiration that were once used as an alphabet. Zanabria uses intense colors and weaves the tapestry on a traditional loom. His style derives from th more...

Wool tapestry, 'Red Lightning' (Peru)

Streaking cross the earth in quick zigzags, lightning gives off electric red flames. Ivory starbursts illuminate this elegant design, woven on the Andean handloom. Efrain Curi uses the kilim, or "slit" technique. The different yarns are not dovetaile more...

Wool tapestry, 'Ruby Wine' (Peru)

Intricate geometric motifs interlock in a dazzling tapestry. Woven by hand, the textile combines ruby red with amethyst and deep wine tones. This superbly crafted design comes from the Curi Brothers of Peru. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Sea Harvest' (Peru)

Bands of blue recall the ocean depths, their silent beauty and inspiring nature. Lithe branches float adrift, their leaves like tiny sails. Cerapio Vallejo designs this tapestry, which he weaves on the traditional handloom that he built to ensure the more...

Wool tapestry, 'Slates' (Peru)

Master weaver Efrain Curi sets to work on a traditional pedal loom with wool dyed in warm hues. He expertly transforms his design into a fascinating tapestry where color and imagery coincide in a captivating 3D illusion. Similar to slates, they each more...

Wool tapestry, 'Spring Garden' (Peru)

Bursting into bloom, stylized flowers in pink, blue and ivory cover a soft emerald lawn. Efrain Curi weaves the scene with intricate geometric shapes, conjuring a spring day in the Andes. The colorful hand-loomed tapestry is bordered with bold zigzag more...

Wool tapestry, 'Stairway to the Future' (Peru)

Rectangles in terracotta tones form an abstract pattern that leads the eye upward like a staircase. Contemporary in its design, this tapestry is inspired in ancient Wari or Huari art. Cerapio Vallejo and his family weave an impeccable and imaginative more...

Wool tapestry, 'Stork Quartet' (Peru)

An elegant quartet takes center stage to perform a dance of ancient tradition. A chorus of fellow storks surrounds them, creating a most admirable company. Cerapio Vallejo finds inspiration in pre-Hispanic iconography to create the vivid imagery whil more...

Wool tapestry, 'Temple Guardians' (Peru)

Guardian faces open their mouths as if to shout a warning. Depicted in a stunning hand-loomed tapestry, they represent the cabezas clavas, stone sculptures that stand at the entrance to a temple in Chavin de Huantar. "It's the history of ancestral ti more...

Wool tapestry, 'The Church' (Peru)

Raul Ulloa Baylón depicts women who carry red clay jars to sell in the plaza. With hats pulled low, they draw close to the parish church that towers above the town square. Each figure is masterfully depicted in handloomed wool. Titled "La iglesia" i more...

Wool tapestry, 'The Nest' (Peru)

Hatchlings flutter in the nest, calling out for their mother's warmth and the food she brings. Working on a traditional Andean handloom, Teodolo Ulloa depicts the baby birds in a beautiful tapestry. His technique is an ancestral legacy, but his perso more...

Wool tapestry, 'Tree of Happiness' (Peru)

Birds sing together as they flock to the spreading branches of a tree. "This is the Tree of Happiness," says master weaver Cerapio Vallejo. "It signifies the reign of peace and love in your home." A dark brown border frames this stunning tapestry, ha more...

Wool tapestry, 'Tree of Happiness' (Peru)

Birds of colorful plumage flock to nest at the tree of happiness conjured by Peru's Ciro Gutierrez. He weaves the cheerful wool tapestry on a traditional loom with a cotton warp and a palette of brown, yellow, orange, red and light blue hues. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Tree of Life' (Peru)

Birds of all kinds perch on the generous branches of the Tree of Life. Surrounded by crimson blossoms, the feathered songsters join in a joyous celebration of nature. Working on a traditional Andean handloom, master weaver Eliazar Ochoa transforms vi more...

Wool tapestry, 'Weaver Women' (Peru)

Women of the Andes wear wide-brimmed hats and warm wool shawls as they go about their daily round. In tribute to these hardworking women, Eliazar Ochoa portrays them in a handloomed tapestry. They walk in a group, forming a cross illuminated by golde more...

Wool tapestry, 'Whirlwind' (Peru)

Seeming to whirl in spirals, ribbons of pre-Hispanic motifs cover a black wool tapestry. Efrain Curi demonstrates an absolute mastery of his craft as he weaves this design on a traditional handloom. This signature piece is mesmerizing. Titled "Remoli more...

Wool tapestry, 'Women' (Peru)

Six women in wide-brimmed hats and long braids grace this lovely tapestry. Cubist line and rainbow colors lend a modern touch to a traditional scene. The exquisite piece is woven on handlooms by the Vallejo Family. Titled "Mujeres" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'World of Birds' (Peru)

Tropical parrots and bright macaws are joined by wild ducks and the majestic Andean condor in this tribute to the world of birds. Woven by hand with virgin wool, this stunning tapestry reveals the influence of Peru´s pre-Hispanic art. It is a signat more...

Wool tapestry, 'Zodiac' (Peru)

The entrancing presence of cultural symbols of ancient Peru infuses this wall hanging with luminous wisdom. Cerapio Vallejo executes the motifs by hand, as each detail expresses the mystical meanings of the Andes. Alive with electric color, this work more...

Wool wall hanging, 'Peruvian Jungle' (Peru)

Eliazar Ochoa captures the beauty and mysteries of the Peruvian jungle for this extraordinary wall hanging. "I want to show the world the great variety of animals that lives in our jungle, like monkeys, cockatoos and other exotic birds, snakes, iguan more...

Wool wall hanging, 'Symmetrical Paracas' (Peru)

The symmetrical art of the Paracas culture inspires the design of this wall hanging by W. Rojas Yuri. He works with natural dyes to obtain an extraordinary harmony of colors. Underscored by light brown, the cotton wall hanging is woven on a tradition more...



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Serving - Trays / Trivets
Table - Linens - Placemats / Napkins
Table - Linens - Tablecloths / Runners

Blankets - Throws
Cushion - Covers

Musical Instruments - Bali / Java
Musical Instruments - Drums
Musical Instruments - Peru
Musical Instruments - West Africa

Backgammon - Sets
Board Games
Chess Sets
Shadow Theater - Puppets


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