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These Art Gallery - Sculpture Wood - Animal Collection Horses - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.
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Lacquered wood figurine, 'Prancing Thai Horse' (Thailand)

A beautiful horse with blue eyes and red hooves prances with pride. Nantana Sompamitre crafts the elegant equine from rain tree wood. Dressed in floral silks, the figurine displays Thailand's traditional lacquer art.

Wood sculpture, 'African Horse' (Ghana)

Masterfully carving sese wood, Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng depicts an oponko, Akan for "horse." The handsome animal grazes calmly, each sleek contour polished to perfection. The Akan people live in southern Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire.

Wood sculpture, 'Equine Character' (Ghana)

Among Ghana's Akan people, the horse is much admired for its strength and determination. Daniel Nyadedzor sculpts a beautiful equine image, embellishing the carving with ornate brass repousse. He names the piece Oponkor (Horse). "Because hard work br

Wood sculpture, 'Equine Twins' (Indonesia)

From the skilled hands of Wayan Rendah comes this handsome carving depicting two horses. Displaying contrasting emotions, one majestically bucks his head while the other is caught in a pensive pose, surveying the scene around him. Rendah's creations

Wood sculpture, 'Fire Horse' (Thailand)

Galloping regally through time, this horse is carved of rain tree wood by Ning Charoensri. The stylized steed is painted red and dappled with golden foil as it prances on a stand of iron and rain tree wood.

Wood sculpture, 'Horse Pride' (Indonesia)

A proud expression graces this horse‘«÷s head, as eyes of wisdom peer forth from the natural blond grain of suar wood. Nyoman Karsa carves the piece with delicate hands, reflecting his passionate dedication to animal causes. A work of timeless drama

Wood sculpture, 'Jaran Kepang Horse' (Indonesia)

The mysticism of the Jaran Kepang dance inspires this admirable horse sculpture by Wayan Agus Satya Putra. He carves the palmwood sculpture by hand with admirable details, making it appear like an antique treasure. Meaning "Woven bamboo hobbyhorse,"

Wood statuette, 'Free Spirit' (Indonesia)

Hand-carved by Wayan Rendah, the bust of a horse emerges, vigorous and mystical in its appearance. Precise detailing lends reality to the animal's features, rearing with unbridled spirit. Rendah's creations display abundant creativity. He visualizes

Wood statuette, 'Pilgrimage to the Sea' (Indonesia)

With rippling muscles apparent beneath his soft coat, a powerful horse canters easily across the beach. Ocean waves lap at his hooves while the sea breeze caresses his mane and tail. Carving the taut contours from suar wood, Nyoman Karsa sculpts an u

Wood statuette, 'Wild and Free' (Indonesia)

Wayan Rendah skillfully creates this sculpture in suar wood. The horse in Bali is seen as a symbol of power and in many ways this piece was inspired by that belief. One can almost hear the galloping steps of the horse in transit and the sheer freedom

Wood statuette, 'Wild Beauty' (Indonesia)

Galloping at full force against the Balinese breeze, this extraordinary horse is an admirable testimony to equine beauty. Made Karsa captures the strength and elegance of the horse with admirable artistry as he carves its image from suar wood. The sp