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Home Decor - Masks - of Ghana Akan Tribe
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Masks - of Ghana Akan Tribe are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Africa wood mask, 'Peace' (Ghana)

Eric Danquah designs an original mask sculpture inspired by dreams of peace. "From long ago to now, and for time to come, all we wish for is peace. I crafted this mask to remind everyone that for peace to come, we must live well and make an effort to more...

African wood mask, 'A Blessing' (Ghana)

Master carver Eric Danquah designs an original mask with Akan stylizations in aluminum. "This mask tries to tell people that we must often do charitable deeds and be blessed," says Danquah. He carves the mask from sese wood featuring a bird on its fo more...

African wood mask, 'Peace II' (Ghana)

"From long ago up to now, and for time to come, all we wish for is peace," observes Eric Danquah. "I designed this mask to remind everyone that for peace to come, we must live well and make an effort to be able to get along with our neighbors." Danqu more...

Akan mask, 'Be Happy' (Ghana)

Extraordinary textures bring an opulent beauty to this mask by Evans Doe Martey. With an expression of purpose, the personage seems to sing. Martey carves a design from Ghana's Akan people, faithfully recreating the sensuous line and adding subtle co more...

Akan wood mask, 'A Good Heart' (Ghana)

Rainbow colors cover a kindly face that opens its mouth to speak. Intricate repousse textures cover the cheeks of this beautiful West African mask. By Eric Danquah, it is named Akoma Pa, an Akan word meaning "Good Heart." more...

Akan wood mask, 'A Queen Mother's Duties' (Ghana)

Her elaborate headdress accentuates her regal stance, for she is the Obaahemaa, the queen mother of the Akan people. Juliana Arkandas carves a superb sese wood replica, ensuring every detail tells of the Obaahemaa's power and influence over her peopl more...

Akan wood mask, 'A Survivor' (Ghana)

Evans Doe Martey carves a captivating mask, each cheek marked by four parallel lines. The mask is forged of tradition and spiritual belief, and is known as donkor, meaning "don't go." If a woman continues to lose her newborns, the Akan believe it is more...

Akan wood mask, 'A Tree that Breaks the Axe' (Ghana)

"We need to be brave in whatever we do, and fight on to strive to be successful. That's why I called this mask 'Ofuntum,' which in Akan refers to a tree that breaks the axe," Walter Kuma explains. He carve the sese wood mask by hand decorates it with more...

Akan wood mask, 'African Beauty' (Ghana)

A spectacular hairdo crowns a beautiful face that is delicately carved of sese wood. Walter Kuma creates this original piece influenced by Akan stylizations. Intended for entertainment, the mask is named Ahoafe to celebrate the beauty of African wome more...

Akan wood mask, 'African Bravery' (Ghana)

Aristocratic and solemn, this personage radiates self assuredness. Eric Danquah sculpts the handsome features from sese wood, portraying the man with a high forehead and sensuous lips. Danquah names the piece Kokoduro, meaning "Bravery." Such images more...

Akan wood mask, 'African Fish' (Ghana)

Sinuous fins frame an elongated face sculpted of sese wood. Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng carves the dramatic profile and embellishes it with brass and copper. He names this elegant mask Apaata, or "tilapia fish" in the language of the Akan people of sout more...

Akan wood mask, 'Akan King' (Ghana)

Embellished with lavish applications of brass repousse, this visage is an elegant presence. Elongated lines and smooth, stylized features evoke the self-assuredness of a leader. Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng sculpts an ohene, which means "king" in the Aka more...

Akan wood mask, 'Always Lead a Good Life' (Ghana)

Eric Darko carves a mask of elegant distinction as he celebrates the wisdom and customs of the Akan people. Carved of sese wood and embellished with brass plates, the mask reminds one to lead a good life - bobra papa. The Akans say that one must alwa more...

Akan wood mask, 'Be Strong' (Ghana)

Young and proud, a thoughtful personage contemplates the message - Hyeden (Be Strong!) Eric Danquah carves a powerful image, discovering a poignant humanity in its sese wood features. During initiations among the Akan tribe, such masks are given to y more...

Akan wood mask, 'Be Strong' (Ghana)

"No matter what happens, one most look to the positive," encourages Eric Darko. "In Akan we say hye den, which means be strong, no matter what comes your way." To complete his message, Darko includes the sankofa bird on this sese wood mask. The legen more...

Akan wood mask, 'Beautiful Girl' (Ghana)

Binki means "Beautiful" in the language of Ghana's Akan people. Abdul Karim Star carves a mask that expresses the concept, covering the even features with fine symmetrical motifs. This piece is given to every couple who give birth to a beautiful girl more...

Akan wood mask, 'Beauty Queen' (Ghana)

Named Animpa, or "Charming Face" in the Akan language, this elegant mask honors feminine beauty. Daniel Nyadedzor embellishes the hand-carved design with intricate embossed brass plates and rich, subtle color. During festivals in which Akan women com more...

Akan wood mask, 'Belief in Oneself' (Ghana)

Daniel Asante transmits personal wisdoms through his art, creating an original sese wood mask. He crafts it by hand including colorful glass beads and threads of cotton and rayon. "This mask is called 'Dabidabi ebeye ye,' which in Akan language means more...

Akan wood mask, 'Beloved Brother' (Ghana)

Dignity emanates from symmetrical features, as wide eyes and cheekbones crown a narrow mouth. Suggesting tribal scarification, intricate beadwork adds color to this beautiful mask. Abdul Karim Star names the carving Me Nua, which means "My Sister/Bro more...

Akan wood mask, 'Big Head and Wise' (Ghana)

This mask by Eric Danquah exudes the enviable serenity that comes with wisdom. The Akan people refer to this mask as tikese, meaning "big head." According to custom, whoever has a big head must surely be very wise. Danquah carves the mask from sese w more...

Akan wood mask, 'Bird of Love' (Ghana)

This mask of expressive beauty bears the artistry of Ghana's Akan people. From Akoma of West Africa, the mask is carved by hand from sese wood. It features a bird looking downwards representing love and peace. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Bird of Peace' (Ghana)

Long, narrow features depict a hybrid of bird and human. A long nose leads to a beak-like mouth, and green plumage crowns this intriguing mask. Daniel Nyadedzor depicts a peacemaker from Ghana's Akan tribe. Named Manninka - "Let Us Forget" - it rewar more...

Akan wood mask, 'Bless Hard Work' (Ghana)

This extraordinary mask personifies the spiritual essence of the Akan people of Ghana. Daniel Nyadedzor carves by hand the sese wood mask that is locally known as Nhyira, (blessing). "People usually keep a Nhyra mask at home as a reminder that God bl more...

Akan wood mask, 'Blessings' (Ghana)

A sleek expanse of naturally dried sese wood takes the shape of a serious personage. By Nana Frimpong, this beautiful mask is named Nshyira nka wo, "Blessings be unto you" in the Akan language. "It is not good to make fun of people because sometimes more...

Akan wood mask, 'Bold Courage' (Ghana)

Daniel Nyadedzor finds inspiration in the customs and traditions of the Akan people, creating this enchanting sese wood mask. Known as Akokuroduro, the mask symbolizes boldness and can be found adorning many homes throughout Ghana. Nyadedzor carves t more...

Akan wood mask, 'Brotherhood' (Ghana)

Birds perch on each cheek of this colorful mask by Abdul Karim Star. Carved by hand, the imposing visage is adorned with brass and beadwork. It carries a message of peace and brotherhood for people of every nation. Star names it Nua or "sibling" in t more...

Akan wood mask, 'Chameleon Charisma' (Ghana)

Inspired by the artistic legacy of the Akan people, Nana Frimpong carves an extraordinary sese wood mask featuring a chameleon. According to tradition, this mask is reserved for those who worship more than one god and who behave according to convenie more...

Akan wood mask, 'Clan Power' (Ghana)

A mask of striking appeal, it features two faces under the symbolic horns of power. Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng names this piece Asana, the Akan word for "clan," for the mask is inspired by the many tribal customs within the Akan people. A highly-detail more...

Akan wood mask, 'Distinguished Ancestor' (Ghana)

With tired eyes, a young man surveys the great beyond. Believed to personify an ancestor, this ghost mask inspires a sensation of dignity and peace. Ernestina Oppong Asante carves the piece by hand from sese wood and applies dark tan polish to give i more...

Akan wood mask, 'Distinguished Leader' (Ghana)

Stern features denote a man unmoved by petty rivalries. Characterized by his objectivity and fairness, the mask depicts a tribal leader. Parallel lines underscore the regular contours of this carving by Abdul Karim Star. He names it Edinka (leader), more...

Akan wood mask, 'Doing Good' (Ghana)

Among the Akan people of Ghana, when a person in the community shows kindness to the poor and needy he or she may be rewarded with this piece. Daniel Nyadedzor carves the beautiful mask from African sese wood. Adorned with brass and delicately painte more...

Akan wood mask, 'Eagle Power' (Ghana)

This mask of powerful elegance celebrates the artistic traditions of Ghana's Akan people. Eric Danquah carves the sese wood mask by hand and decorates it with embossed aluminum plates that resemble tribal scarifications. Two golden eagles appear on t more...

Akan wood mask, 'End to Calamity' (Ghana)

Sensuous lips and sloe eyes of sese wood confer a sleek beauty on this elegant mask. An ornament of beads and cotton thread adorns the nose and richly embossed brass covers cheeks and forehead. Among the Akan people of Ghana, this mask is believed to more...

Akan wood mask, 'Fetish Priest' (Ghana)

Superbly carved by hand, this mask is painted in shades of green and gold. Embossed aluminum repeats the motifs that adorn the features. Walter Kuma depicts a personage he names Okomfo Pa, Akan for "Good Fetish Priest." more...

Akan wood mask, 'Fisherman' (Ghana)

This imposing mask depicts a youthful and slender personage. A tall headdress crowns the man and frames his handsome face. By Kwaku Ofosuhene, this superbly crafted piece is representative of the Akan culture. It is used during celebrations for the f more...

Akan wood mask, 'For Unity' (Ghana)

Serenely beautiful, a stylized face seems to gaze into the distance as though dreaming. Intricate textures in aluminum repousse cover the cheeks, nose and forehead of this elegant mask. Named Biakoye - "Unity" in the Akan language, it attests to Walt more...

Akan wood mask, 'Forgive' (Ghana)

This beautiful and demure visage is carved by hand and adorned with lavish brass repousse. By Wilson Aboagye, it is named Hye Wonnhye - "He who burns be not burned" in the Akan language. "In life, if your friend or a fellow human being offends you, t more...

Akan wood mask, 'Freedom' (Ghana)

This sese wood mask of ravishing beauty personifies freedom, according to Akan traditions. "This type of mask is usually given to someone who has been released from bondage by the family," explains master carver Daniel Nyadedzor. "It signifies true e more...

Akan wood mask, 'Generous with Peace' (Ghana)

Bushy brows frame thoughtful eyes and a tall headdress crowns this elegant man. Perched atop, a bird peers curiously at the venerable visage. Eric Danquah's extraordinary mask is named Anoma, or "Bird" in Ghana's Akan language. Such masks are awarded more...

Akan wood mask, 'Ghanaian Mother' (Ghana)

Eric Danquah captures the strength and dignity of a woman from Ghana in this traditional mask. Rich applications of embossed brass enhance her innate beauty. Named Eno ("Mother" in the Akan language), the piece is superbly carved and crafted. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Ghanaian Wisdom' (Ghana)

Crowned by horns, two visages gaze with glowing eyes. The elegant images seem to speak. Working in sese wood with embossed brass and copper, Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng carves a beautiful horn mask. Horns are said to represent power in Ghanaian society, more...

Akan wood mask, 'Ghostly Image' (Ghana)

Luminescent brass glows against dusky sese wood as a dramatic red line courses through the incandescent design. West African symbols envelop this mask's smooth contours in profound aesthetic history. Believed in the Akan community to depict humility, more...

Akan wood mask, 'Give Thanks' (Ghana)

A diamond-shaped plane yields the smooth features of a Ghanaian personage, expressed in African sese wood. Wearing a red headdress, the mask is centered by a long, slender nose that slopes to full, sensuous lips. This handsome visage by Victor Yao De more...

Akan wood mask, 'Golden Fish' (Ghana)

Sese wood takes the form of fins and gills, framing the narrow visage of a fish. Golden color and hand-carved texture envelope the work in beauty, as Juliana Akandas designs an original mask. At the top, a human face smiles mysteriously. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Good Advice' (Ghana)

Sculpted from well-seasoned sese wood, this magnificent mask is adorned with applications of embossed aluminum and polished to perfection. A bird crowns the thoughtful visage, touching the forehead with its beak. Eric Darko creates an image from Ghan more...

Akan wood mask, 'Good Head' (Ghana)

Eric Darko recreates the striking beauty of Akan women for this formidable sese mask. He carves it by hand with fine detail and adorns the face with embossed aluminum plates. "I called this mask Eti pa because it means 'good head,'" says the master c more...

Akan wood mask, 'Good Marriage' (Ghana)

This mask of stunning beauty is usually given to a new bride by her parents, to wish her a good marriage. Daniel Nyadedzor carves an extraordinary sese wood replica, which he adorns with embossed brass plates and copper. The Akan people call this mas more...

Akan wood mask, 'Good Omen' (Ghana)

The Adipa mask is crowned with an elegant headdress featuring ornate brass plates. The face expresses gentle benevolence, for Adipa means "Good Omen" to the Akan people of Ghana. The priest wears the mask during special ceremonies, when the community more...

Akan wood mask, 'Good Spirit' (Ghana)

Named Susum Pa, or "Good Spirit" in the Akan language, this handsome mask comes from Walter Kuma. Yellow spots define the arched eyebrows and extend from the forehead to the tip of the nose. Crowned with an ornate headdress, the mask is adorned with more...

Akan wood mask, 'Great Knowledge' (Ghana)

Beautiful in its symmetry, this mask reveals geometric motifs carved into its smooth surface. Named Nimdee (knowledge), it comes from Ghana's Akan tribe. Such masks - this one by Walter Kuma - are given to highly educated people. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Guardian Fish' (Ghana)

The sinuous silhouette of a fish narrows to form the stern face of a protective guardian. Richly embellished with ornate brass repousse, this mask is representative of the Akan tribe of Ghana. It is beautifully designed by Nana Adu Amankwapam I. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Guest Forever' (Ghana)

Coquettish and stylish, this elegant mask is worn by the Akan people during special feasts and celebrations. Juliana Arkandas designs an extraordinary sese wood replica; every detail faithfully reproduced and well taken care of. The mask is known as more...

Akan wood mask, 'Happiness' (Ghana)

A mask of exquisite beauty, it symbolizes enigye, "happiness" in the Akan language. Juliana Akandas carves the mask of sese wood and adorns it with shiny brass plates. The mask's happy expression is embellished with fine tribal markings. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Her Beauty' (Ghana)

Wilson Aboagye captures the beauty of a young woman from Ghana's Akan people. Depicted in brass repousse, ritual scarification adorns her face. She wears her hair in a carefully combed coif and takes on a quiet demeanor. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Here to Help' (Ghana)

Samuel Coleman hand-carves this mask with a sloped expression, suggesting an elderly man, a bird perched on his head with wings outspread. Its title, Boafo, means "helper," and there is an Akan proverb that states boafo ye na, translated as "people w more...

Akan wood mask, 'Honorable Elder' (Ghana)

A visage worthy of admiration, this mask is Eric Danquah's unique creation. He carves it by hand of sese wood and decorates it with aluminum plates. Mighty swords are embossed on the forehead as symbols of strength, power and authority. "I carved thi more...

Akan wood mask, 'Humbleness' (Ghana)

A sense of shyness and discretion exudes from this hand-carved sese wood mask by Daniel Sackey. Intended for entertainment during ceremonies, the mask reminds of the importance of being humble. The Akan people of Ghana call this mask Ahobrasee. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Hunter's Ritual' (Ghana)

This handsome personage represents a skilled hunter, who plays a vital role in providing meat for the village. Carved by hand and adorned with embossed brass, the mask is representative of Ghana's Akan people. Such masks - this one by Walter Kuma - a more...

Akan wood mask, 'Hush, Child' (Ghana)

Baring teeth, a ghost-like visage stares menacingly through narrowed eyes. Rich brass repousse ripples across the forehead and cheeks, and a strip of crimson divides the forehead. Juliana Akandas designs a fascinating mask she names Anopoo, or "Big M more...

Akan wood mask, 'I Appreciate You' (Ghana)

The Akan people of Ghana are very much aware of woman's vital role in society. This beautiful mask by Daniel Nyadedzor exemplifies those given to wives by their grateful husbands. In essence, it says "I appreciate you." more...

Akan wood mask, 'I Believe' (Ghana)

"I offer this mask in honor of the Creator, to symbolize his omnipotence," says Eric Danquah as he adorns it with the legendary Gye Nyame Adinkra symbol. Danquah designs and carves the sese wood mask by hand, decorating it with embossed aluminum plat more...

Akan wood mask, 'Identical Twins' (Ghana)

Depicted in sese wood, twins are special and they know it. In Africa, twins are believed to have special gifts, and they are sought for such healing procedures as bandaging wounds and massaging painful injuries. Walter Kuma carves this handsome mask more...

Akan wood mask, 'Inside the Leaf' (Ghana)

The face of a man appears on the underside of a leaf inspiring mystical admiration in all those who glance at it. Kwame Frimpong carves this piece by hand of local sese wood, replicating the art of the Akan people. He calls the mask "Ahaban Monoo," m more...

Akan wood mask, 'Intercessor for Peace' (Ghana)

Quiet features are thoughtful, and he pauses before speaking. Choosing the right moment, the right words, the right tone, this personage mediates when an offense has been committed. Daniel Nyadedzor carves a mask from Ghana's Akan people. He names it more...

Akan wood mask, 'It Is Settled' (Ghana)

"Everything which has a beginning has an end," Peter Wolfgang Nkrumah affirms. To illustrate the concept, he designs a mask he names Asemasa - Akan for "it is finished" or "it is settled." It is carved from native sese wood to depict a youthful, bear more...

Akan wood mask, 'Joy at the Harvest' (Ghana)

Long, solemn features confer dignity, while yellow communicates joy. Covered with textured brass plates, this mask designed by Juliana Akandas comes from the Akan people of southern Ghana and the southeast Cote d'Ivoire. It is worn by the elder of th more...

Akan wood mask, 'King of Success' (Ghana)

Long and elegant, smooth contours convey a sense of achievement. The rich textures of brass repousse lend an opulent feeling to this mask by Daniel Nyadedzor. The Akan people of Ghana believe such masks bring them success in everything they do. Nyade more...

Akan wood mask, 'King of the Cocoa' (Ghana)

The elongated form of a cocoa pod encloses a handsome face. Wide eyes divide the pointed oval into a harmonious composition. Embellished with lustrous brass repousse, this elegant mask by Daniel Nyadedzor is named Cocoahene. Hene means "king" in the more...

Akan wood mask, 'Knowledge' (Ghana)

With pursed lips and keen eyes, this personage ponders the questions set before him. Wilson Aboagye carves the elegant mask, covering the features with brass repousse. An imposing headdress crowns this image, named Nyansa ("Knowledge" in the language more...

Akan wood mask, 'Kuano Royalty' (Ghana)

Expertly carving sese wood, Frank Obiri-Ntow depicts a royal personage from Kuano, a town in Ghana's Eastern Region. The handsome mask is used during the annual yam festival by the Akan people who live there. Applications of white clay contrast with more...

Akan wood mask, 'Lady Protector' (Ghana)

Mystical and powerful, this sese wood mask of a young woman is hailed as a protective spirit. Juliana Akandas designs this piece in the tradition of the Akan people of Ghana, who usually keep a similar mask in their homes for protection and guidance. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Lead a Good Life' (Ghana)

The Bo Brapa mask of the Akan people in Ghana is traditionally given to children when they come of age. Meaning "Lead a Good Life," the mask is said to guide the child through life. Robert Nortey crafts an outstanding replica, which he carves by hand more...

Akan wood mask, 'Leader Wears Green' (Ghana)

Stern features denote a man unmoved by petty rivalries. Characterized by his objectivity and fairness, the mask depicts a tribal leader with green eyes. Parallel lines underscore the regular contours of this carving by Abdul Karim Star. He names it E more...

Akan wood mask, 'Leader Wears Russet' (Ghana)

Stern features in yellow and russet denote a man unmoved by petty rivalries. Characterized by his objectivity and fairness, the mask depicts a tribal leader. Parallel lines underscore the regular contours of this carving by Abdul Karim Star. He names more...

Akan wood mask, 'Life of Love and Joy' (Ghana)

Expressive eyes and a sensuous mouth distinguish this mask by Wilson Aboagye. Hand-carved in an elongated diamond shape, the beautiful piece is named Mpeteman, "sprinkle" in the Akan language. Random applications of crimson enhance the beautiful desi more...

Akan wood mask, 'Love and Generosity' (Ghana)

Juliana Akandas celebrates Akan tradition designing the Adasa mask, which celebrates humanness. It represents such traits as love, generosity and good hospitality, and is usually found in welcoming homes. Carved of local sese wood, the mask is adorne more...

Akan wood mask, 'Love One Another' (Ghana)

Evans Doe Martey's leitmotif for this mask is circles, as round eyes gaze from a wooden hemisphere. Brass repousse embellishes the features of this Ghanaian personage who seems to speak. "Onua do nayen," he says - "Love one other" in the Akan languag more...

Akan wood mask, 'Lovely Lady' (Ghana)

Ahoofe means "beautiful" in the Akan language, and is the name chosen for this mask design by Juliana Akandas. She depicts a woman from this southern and coastal Ghana culture. The intricate texture of embossed brass adorns the lovely visage, and the more...

Akan wood mask, 'Man from the Stars' (Ghana)

A close-fitting helmet crowns an elongated face with diagonal eyes. Elaborate repousse adorns the forehead and frames the sensuous lips. By Eric Darko, this elegant mask is named Nsoroma, which means "Star" in the Akan language. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Man in Love' (Ghana)

Elegant and refined, this personage seems to sigh with contentment. Eric Danquah depicts an enamored young man in sese wood and embossed brass. Meticulously carved using only hand tools, the mask comes from Ghana's Akan people. Danquah names it Odo, more...

Akan wood mask, 'Man of Peace' (Ghana)

Serenely handsome, this personage seems to pause and think before he speaks. Gordon Adu carves the noble features of a peacekeeper among Ghana's Akan people. Tribal markings adorn the polished sese wood contours and given a sheen with mansion polish. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Marriage Counselor' (Ghana)

Imposing yet kindly, a personage listens and observes without speaking. Superbly carved of African sese wood, this mask comes from Abdul Karim Star. It is named Aware, or "Marriage" in the Akan language. Ghanaian people give such masks to newlyweds f more...

Akan wood mask, 'Moral Support' (Ghana)

Long and narrow, this mask exudes a quiet dignity. Seeming to listen quietly, the personage exhibits both restraint and compassion. Daniel Nyadedzor carves the piece by hand and applies embossed brass to the forehead. From Ghana's Akan people, this p more...

Akan wood mask, 'My Girl on Wednesday' (Ghana)

With a face like the full moon, this beautiful mask depicts an Akuaba, an Akan word for "the child of Akua," a girl born on Wednesday. The term also signifies a fertility doll. Walter Kuma carves the symmetrical features, serene eyes and bright lips, more...

Akan wood mask, 'Next in Command' (Ghana)

Evans Doe Martey finds inspiration in Akan custom for the hand-carving of this mask, personifying a sub-chief. Known as a Krontihene, the sub-chief takes care of the internal affairs in his reagion. Martey hand-carves the solemn face from local danta more...

Akan wood mask, 'Organized' (Ghana)

Diamonds shine on the forehead of a cheerful African mask. By Walter Kuma, the elongated visage is named Asafo Pa, which means "a good organization" in the Akan language. "We need to come together and move forward in all that we do," Kuma says. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Patience' (Ghana)

Juliana Akandas replicates the art of the Akan people of Ghana with this extraordinary mask design. Known as Etoboasie, the sese wood work features a bird looking downwards upon a face with an open mouth. This mask symbolizes the virtue of patience a more...

Akan wood mask, 'Patriarch' (Ghana)

An elongated face with red brass adornments represents Ofie Panyin, the eldest man in a family, usually the head of the family. As a patriarch, he is responsible for the family's unity and knows everything that is going on. Wilson Aboagye hand-carves more...

Akan wood mask, 'Peace from Ghana' (Ghana)

Flame-like images dance on the forehead of this enigmatic visage. Lavishly-embellished with brass repousse, the sese wood mask curves to form a strong profile. Gaunt lips bare even rows of teeth. Juliana Akandas designs an image thought to bring good more...

Akan wood mask, 'Peace Talker' (Ghana)

His face is calm, his tone quiet. Assessing his audience as he speaks, this personage informs in a rational voice. "Among the Akan people, there is a popular saying - 'a good speech maketh a warm heart,'" says Ghanaian artisan Paul Ntim. "When you sp more...

Akan wood mask, 'Positive Thinker' (Ghana)

Eyes squinted shut in concentration, an elongated visage with furrowed brow exhibits its force of will. Nana Frimpong carves the mask by hand using manual tools and sese wood. A braid-like texture frames the piece, and soot enhances its antique finis more...

Akan wood mask, 'Power and Glory' (Ghana)

Akan customs and beliefs inspire a celebratory mask proclaiming the power and supremacy of God. Ernestina Oppong Asante carves the mask by hand of sese wood featuring horns, which stand for power. The Gye Nyame Adinkra symbol is emblazoned under the more...

Akan wood mask, 'Power' (Ghana)

"We need to show our sincere thanks to our creator," says Walter Kuma as he names this mask "Akatamanso," an Akan term meaning "Greatness over All Nations." "This mask is a symbol of power," explains the master carver. The sese wood mask features det more...

Akan wood mask, 'Progress' (Ghana)

Tall and stately, a slender personage rises above a larger face that represents the village as a whole. Daniel Nyadedzor carves a regal mask he names Nkosoo, which means "development" or "progress" in Ghana's Akan language. Often the council of elder more...

Akan wood mask, 'Protective Star' (Ghana)

Surrounded by shining rays, this enigmatic personage represents the god of the nsroma (star). Revered by Ghana's Akan people, this deity protects them day and night. Abubakari Alhassan carves the handsome mask from naturally dried sese wood. Richly e more...

Akan wood mask, 'Recognition' (Ghana)

Insets of shining repousse adorn the chin and forehead of this handsome personage. Subtle color enhances the smooth, regular features. Symbolizing recognition, the mask is named Abodin, a word meaning "very expensive and good in quality" in the Akan more...

Akan wood mask, 'Remember Someday' (Ghana)

The Akan saying, kai de bi, encourages to take a pause and remember the good things in life. Literally meaning, "Remember someday," kai de bi also invites reflection on the coming future. Wilson Aboagye carves a magnificent sese wood mask to personif more...

Akan wood mask, 'Royal Authority' (Ghana)

Every inch an aristocrat, this elegant visage bears rich applications of brass repousse. Adinkra symbols adorn the cheeks and forehead; they communicate popular wisdom to the people. The impressive Gye Nyame symbol with its rotating movements is unde more...

Akan wood mask, 'Royal Chief' (Ghana)

A receding hairline denotes his age and accrued wisdom while his demeanor is aristocratic and commanding. Thoroughly a leader, this personage is a member of the Akan's royal lineage. Walter Kuma carves a handsome mask he names Odeshie (Royal). more...

Akan wood mask, 'Royal Heritage' (Ghana)

Replete in Akan stylizations, this mask is reserved for those of royal lineage. Known as an adehye (royal), this sese wood replica by Daniel Nyadedzor is embellished with embossed brass motifs. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Seer' (Ghana)

In honor of the tribe's seer, the Akan people wear this mask with respectful reverence. Evans Doe Martey carves the magnificent piece of sese wood featuring a brass plate embossed with characteristic Akan ornamentation. On the forehead is the third e more...

Akan wood mask, 'Serene Protection' (Ghana)

Daniel Nyadedzor finds inspiration in the customs and beliefs of the Akan people, replicating this sese wood mask. Known as Nyame Ye, the mask represents God and can be found protecting many homes throughout Ghana. Nyadedzor carves the mask of sese w more...

Akan wood mask, 'Solemn Rite' (Ghana)

Solemn and powerful, this mask is known as Twatiatwa, and is worn during special celebrations by the Akan people of Ghana. Evans Doe Martey carves a magnificent sese wood replica, which he adorns with stylized embossed brass plates. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Spirit Protector' (Ghana)

Gaunt features evoke ancestral spirits, as thin lips part in a toothy smile. Juliana Akandas designs a mask from the Akan people of Ghana. Used for initiation into the first secret society, its features convey the drama and seriousness of the event. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Spirituality' (Ghana)

This mask by Wilson Aboagye captures the spiritual essence of the Akan people of Ghana. Known as Sunsum, it is traditionally worn during festivals for entertainment purposes. Aboagye expertly carves the sese mask by hand, procuring stylized details o more...

Akan wood mask, 'Star Man' (Ghana)

The radiant points of a star surround this man like a halo. Serenely beautiful, the mask comes from Ghana's Akan people. Rich applications of embossed brass add elegance to a classic piece by Eric Danquah. He names it Nsoromma, or "Star." more...

Akan wood mask, 'Successful Leader' (Ghana)

Embossed with elegant brass motifs, this mask takes the shape of a seed. Narrow eyes curve upward, forming a triangle pattern with the elongated nose, while full lips are sensuous. Eric Danquah portrays a community leader, naming the piece Nkunim, or more...

Akan wood mask, 'Successful' (Ghana)

This handsome mask boasts the artistic styles of Ghana's Akan people. Walter Kuma carves it by hand of sese wood and decorates it with painted details. Embossed aluminum plates resemble tribal scarifications. Kuma calls this mask Nkunim di, meaning " more...

Akan wood mask, 'Supremacy' (Ghana)

"This mask brings honor, integrity and wisdom to the possessor," Evelyn Kafui Ahianyo explains. She designs the handsome features with elegant symmetry. "Such masks are always placed on the table or at the foot of a chief whenever important decisions more...

Akan wood mask, 'Testimony' (Ghana)

Authoritative features gaze assuredly as the mouth prepares to speak. Hewn from sese wood and finished to a brilliant sheen, this handsome mask forms harmonious planes. A striped headdress crowns the visage by Nana Frimpong, named Adasie, or "Testimo more...

Akan wood mask, 'The Warrior' (Ghana)

This mask of solemn expression personifies a brave Akan okofo("warrior") from Ghana. His strong features are expertly detailed by master carver Wilson Aboagye. Working with manual tools, Aboagye transforms sese wood into an attractive mask featuring more...

Akan wood mask, 'Thin Man' (Ghana)

Tall and slender, this ceremonial mask by Evans Doe Martey is named Anim Tentene, "Long Face" in the language of Ghana's Akan people. Rich applications of brass repousse simulate tribal markings, while subtle color enhances the elegant piece. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Think of Yourself' (Ghana)

Elegant and mysterious, this mask proudly wears Akan stylizations. Eric Darko calls this piece Dwenwo Ho, an Akan saying that teaches to think about one's self. "In life we must always think about ourselves, and see what the future holds for us," exp more...

Akan wood mask, 'Thinking Together' (Ghana)

Deep in thought, a serious personage ponders the question at hand. Two others stroke their chins thoughtfully, sharing the problem to be solved. Eric Danquah sculpts a graceful portrait to illustrate an Akan saying, ti koro nko agyina, meaning "two h more...

Akan wood mask, 'Tribal Man' (Ghana)

"A big head is a heavy load," says a popular proverb in the Akan language. It inspires Juliana Akandas to design this exquisite sese wood mask. Shaped like a droplet, it reveals closed eyes under elegantly arched eyebrows; the slender nose leads to a more...

Akan wood mask, 'Venerated Elder' (Ghana)

An elongated visage stares impassively, his narrow eyes shielded, his handsome features incredibly smooth. Sculpted of sese wood and polished to a lustrous sheen, this exquisite mask by Wilson Aboagye depicts an Ofotufo, the Akan word for an elderly more...

Akan wood mask, 'Vigilant Hunter' (Ghana)

The Akan people of Ghana wear the Ahweyie mask to the ceremonies that honor their hunters. Meaning "vigilance," the Ahweyie mask exudes courage and bravery. Wilson Aboagye carves an admirable sese wood mask that replicates the distinct artistry of th more...

Akan wood mask, 'Well Done' (Ghana)

A superlative example of the West African mask-making tradition, this piece comes from the skill and talent of Daniel Nyadedzor. Named Moniyor - "well done" in the Akan language, this design symbolizes a diligent and dedicated worker. The mask's symm more...

Akan wood mask, 'Wonderful Love' (Ghana)

Inspired by Akan sayings, Eric Darko carves an extraordinary mask featuring a visage blossoming from a seed. "Love is so wonderful that it is beyond human imagination," exclaims Darko. "It's like a small seed that germinates into a very big tree. Lov more...

Akan wood mask, 'Wonderful' (Ghana)

An elegant personage wears a tall headdress above a wide, smooth forehead. Serenely beautiful, the even features find a textural counterpart in embossed brass. Eric Darko names his hand-carved mask Awanwan Do, "Wonderful" in the Akan language. more...

Akan wood mask, 'Worthy Warrior' (Ghana)

A grand ceremonial mask for the Akan people, the odefo is worn by young aspiring warriors. Meaning "worthy," the mask proves their strength and bravery to the elders during their annual festival. Walter Kuma carves a detailed replica featuring the fa more...

Akan wood mask, 'Young Lady' (Ghana)

Flirting with her eyes, a slender woman blows a quick, playful kiss. The elegant visage is topped by an elaborate coif that extends the mask's elongated line. Symmetrical and beautiful, the features are enhanced with a delightful texture and applicat more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Ashanti Honor' (Ghana)

Noble and solemn, this Ashanti mask honors the custom of these legendary people from Ghana. It is carved of sese wood by hand by Eric Danquah featuring the dansinkra coiffure, unique to the Ashanti. The cheeks are decorated with aluminum plates embos more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Be Positive' (Ghana)

Eric Darko takes inspiration from the Adinkra symbols of the Ashanti people to craft this mesmerizing mask. Elegantly detailed with embossed brass plates, the mask features the sankofa bird, which symbolizes positive reversion and revival, especially more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Chief's Sword Bearer' (Ghana)

Intricate earrings adorn a personage with a tall horned headdress. Working in sun-dried sese wood, Evans Doe Martey depicts the chief's sword bearer. The elegant design from Ghana's Ashanti tribe derives from centuries of West African ritual and cere more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Come Home' (Ghana)

Millenary beliefs and customs inspire the work of master carver Robert Nortey. He draws inspiration from Ashanti traditions, who seek to communicate with lost relatives. The brafiey mask (meaning "come home") is worn during special ceremonies and rit more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Doing My Part' (Ghana)

Ashanti in origin, this mask depicts a modest man who is anxious to improve productivity. The Ashanti call this mask susubribi, which means "to contribute something." Using only manual tools, Evans Doe Martey carves the piece to detailed perfection. more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Festival in Kumasi' (Ghana)

A long, narrow mask depicts a thin man who opens his mouth to speak. Hand carved from African sese wood, this mask is the handiwork of Gordon Adu. "Such masks are used by the Ashanti people during the Adae festival," he explains. An important celebra more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Festive Wisdom' (Ghana)

Intended as a festive piece, this mask bears the fascinating artistry of the Ashanti people of Ghana. It features two faces auguring wisdom, for as the saying goes, "two heads are better than one." Robert Nortey carves this extraordinary mask from no more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Good Samaritan' (Ghana)

Seemingly impassive, this personage brims with good will. Working in sun-dried sese wood, Evans Doe Martey depicts the oninpa papa, a good samaritan among the Ashanti people of Ghana. The mask depicts him as an ancient warrior who sacrificed his life more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Good Service' (Ghana)

Dramatic and beautiful, this traditional mask has a contemporary feel. Ernestina Oppong Asante sculpts sese wood into a perfect oval with rectangular eyes and mouth. Smooth surfaces of brown and black are juxtaposed with a handsome, speckled field an more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Horned King' (Ghana)

Displaying the visage of an Ashanti king, this mask beautifully symbolizes cultural strength. Embossed brass plates adorn the richness of hand-carved sese wood, while horns rise proudly above, evoking a kind of vertical symmetry. Robert Nortey exhibi more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Queen and Warrior' (Ghana)

A hero to the Ashanti, Yaa Asantewaa is well known throughout Ghana for her bravery. She was the queen mother as well as a courageous and strategic warrior who fought and won many battles. Juliana Akandas honors this great personage of Ghanaian histo more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Royal Horns' (Ghana)

Symbolizing strength, this carving revels in the power of authentic and ancestral design. Known as a horn mask, the piece presents the face of an Ashanti king, his powerful expression elongated by vertical protrusions. Robert Nortey and the artisans more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Royal Linguist' (Ghana)

Walter Kuma carves a magnificent mask in honor of the Ashanti court linguist. Referred to as the okyeame, the linguist speaks on behalf of the king during special celebrations, and even stands in for him. Kuma's version of the mask is carved with ext more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Sankofa Bird' (Ghana)

The Sankofa bird looks to the past for the wisdom to build its future, its presence as an Adrinka symbol highlighting this striking Ashanti mask from Ghana. Eric Darko hand-carves the piece, carefully adhering to tradition. more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Strength of a Buffalo' (Ghana)

A symbol of bravery and strength, the buffalo is transformed into a mask. Eric Danquah explores the concepts of Ghana's Ashanti people as he expertly carves African sese wood. more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Together' (Ghana)

Nana Frimpong carves a mask of sleek beauty, crowned by a fertility doll. "When you come to the Ashanti Kingdom, the king gathers all of his clan together as one," he explains. Frimpong names the mask Yen ka ye hu nbom, which means "Let us come toget more...

Ashanti wood mask, 'Well Spoken King' (Ghana)

Wearing a pointed headdress, an Ashanti king is an imposing presence. The smooth facial features are embellished with embossed brass plates; the motif reappears on the figure's base. Designer Nana Adu Amankwapam depicts the leader he calls Kasapa ("g more...

Ghanaian mask, 'Akan Muse' (Ghana)

Her beauty framed by braided hair tied in a chignon over her head, a woman's face is adorned with flowing artistry. Gordon Adu names his original creation Eye fe, the Akan term for beautiful. The stunning mask is carved by hand from sese wood and det more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'A Maiden's Purity' (Ghana)

With its demure gaze and beautiful ornamentation, this mask comes from southern Ghana. Such masks are presented to girls on the last day of puberty rites as a sign of their chastity; they are considered an honor for the entire family. "Usually prospe more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Agona Antelope' (Ghana)

By Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng, this intriguing mask depicts an antelope, the totem of the royal family's Agona clan from Aburi. Long horns spiral upward while the alert face shows human lips. Earrings of clay beads and cotton threads complete the desig more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Ashanti Welcome' (Ghana)

Solemn and handsome, this mask is worn by the Ashanti King's Asafoatse, whose job is to welcome the monarch's new bride. Custom dictates that he may not see the new Ashantihene when she first arrives, so he meets her with this mask on. Sefah Mohammed more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Chief Trumpeter' (Ghana)

With eyes closed, a musician sways to the sound of his music. Daniel Nyadedzor depicts the village's chief trumpeter blowing a hot, sweet tune. He names the hand-carved mask Abenhyefo, meaning "Trumpeter" in the language of Ghana's Akan people. more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Donkor Child' (Ghana)

Elaborate patterns race across smooth features, distinguishing this personage as one returned. Awudu Saaed names the mask Donkor, a Twi tribe term meaning "don't go." When a mother continuously loses infants to death, the Twi believe it is the act of more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'From Olden Days' (Ghana)

By Gordon Adu, this handsome mask seems almost feline as he masterfully carves African sese wood. He adds subtle color and creates an antique effect with applications of white clay. "This is my own creation," Adu confides. "I remembered a type of san more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Good African Mother' (Ghana)

Her hair is beautifully coiffed and her face is proud and calm. Designed by Rita Addo Zakour, this elegant mask depicts her own concept of Obaapa شاِ "Good Mother" in the Akan language. The mask is designed for wall display only and cannot stand on i more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Protect Us' (Ghana)

Carved by hand from sese wood, this mask depicts a stern and imposing personage. Based on centuries of Ghanaian tradition, the design arises from Rita Addo Zakour's own imagination. She names it Abanbo, an Akan word meaning "Protect." The mask is des more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'The Conqueror' (Ghana)

Assured features convey a quiet confidence in this elegant African mask. Carved and painted by hand, the design arises from Otchere Raymond's own imagination. "It is my desire that users of this mask would be conquerors in all spheres of their lives, more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Wisdom of Two' (Ghana)

Long and slender, the central figure of this extraordinary mask seems to speak, pronouncing words that are profound. His eyes exude wisdom. Flanked by four profiles, whose braided hair is clearly depicted, the mask is richly detailed in three dimensi more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Woman of Fire' (Ghana)

This imposing mask depicts a blazing fire on the forehead. Carved by hand from African African rubberwood, it is representative of the people of Dormaa Ahenkro in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu names the mask Ogya, an Akan word more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Young But Wise' (Ghana)

Carved by hand from sese wood, this mask depicts a man with smooth, youthful features. Based on centuries of Ghanaian tradition, the design arises from Rita Addo Zakour's own imagination. She names it Nyansapa, an Akan word meaning "Wise." The mask i more...

Ghanaian wood masks 'We Are of One Mind' (set of 3) (Ghana)

Madam Adwoa and the artisans at her workshop, Onyame Akwan Dooso, seek to preserve the long-standing traditions and customs of Ghana with this finely carved Mope trio named Wor Yitso Ekomey ("We Are of One Mind"). Adwoa refers to the long standing re more...

Hausa wood mask, 'Guardian in Death' (Ghana)

This highly ornate mask by Juliana Arkandas replicates the art and beliefs of the Hausa people of northern Ghana. They call this mask Waale, meaning "powerful force." The Hausa believe this mask embodies the force with which the dead will look after more...

Wood mask, 'A Difficult Time' (Ghana)

The rhythmic theme Eni Bri literally translates as a "difficult time,W thus the communicative drumming symbolizes a cry for peace. Hewn from sese wood, the mask by Robert Nortey is adorned with bold brass plates, as the red eyes and agape mouth sugge more...

Wood mask, 'Man of Power' (Ghana)

Bold color heightens the sense of power in this self-assured carving. Juliana Akandas portrays a man with a compelling gaze beneath arched red brows and a wide, easy grin. Carved by hand of sese wood, this superlative mask is embellished with beads a more...

Wood sculpture, 'Akan Judge' (Ghana)

This stately countenance depicts a mask from Ghana's Akan people. The eyes and mouth are closed as though in contemplation. Embellished with brass and beads, this sculpture designed by Nana Adu Amankwapam depicts a mask embodied with judiciary powers more...

Wood wall sculpture, 'Ashanti Style' (Ghana)

The Ashanti people ruled most of West Africa before European colonization, and now they are one of the most influential people in Ghana. Ashanti artists enjoy incorporating various styles into their designs and so it is that Robert Aidoo-Taylor desig more...



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