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Art Gallery - Sculpture Bronze Sculpture
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Art Gallery - Sculpture Bronze Sculpture are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

'Body,' sculpture (Brazil)

Graceful, voluptuous and dynamic, this sculpture captures the sensual beauty of the female form. This work by Lucia Prata features flowing contours of seductive elegance. Prata is masterful in the sculpting of bronze pieces, her unique style evident more...

'Heart of Nature,' sculpture (Brazil)

The complex and intimate relationship between the planet and humankind inspires this sculpture by Urubatan. A maternal figure seems to emerge from smooth, abstract contours, as a mesmerizing green patina accentuates the piece's subtle texture. Bronze more...

'Peace,' sculpture (Brazil)

Lucia Prata executes this beautiful piece using graceful and expressive form. The subject cradles her head comfortably with her arm, displaying a balanced and serene posture. The piece recalls motifs of spiritual tranquility, conveying a sense of equ more...

Brass sculpture, 'Elegance' (Brazil)

Radiant, an arum lily offers its tubular petal to the glow of the morning sun. Its sturdy stalk twists as it grows taller, its leafless contours brought to life by the artist's detailed care. Crafted of brass, this sculpture by Claudio Aun captivates more...

Bronze and copper sculpture, 'Ceremonial Tumi' (Peru)

Poised on the tip of a pyramid, the legendary tumi symbolizes Inca greatness. Angel Franco works with galvanized bronze and copper to sculpt this piece with sublime detail. The tumi is the ceremonial knife once used for sacrifices during the sun fest more...

Bronze sculpture, 'A Woman's Elegance' (Brazil)

Portrayed in abstract angles, the female anatomy is shaped in pure lines and sensuous curves. Goga works in bronze, eliciting powerful planes and polished contours. Two different finishes create the illusion of dual color in this outstanding sculptur more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Abstract Movement' (Brazil)

Dynamic, this sculpture effectively conjures movement through its heavy, solid appearance. Goga works with bronze, contrasting a golden with a rusty copper finish, creating a piece of great visual force. The sculpture stands on a granite base. Titled more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Abstraction' (Brazil)

Goga's language is a non figurative one as she explores form and space. Working in bronze, she shapes an abstract piece that arcs upward to reveal two different finishes. Dark, oxidized textures contrast with shining golden tones, while the original more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Admiration' (Brazil)

Rectilinear form gives an abstract feel to this handsome sculpture. By Goga, it depicts a human form. Kneeling, the personage reaches upward in a gesture of adoration. "To admire is to express a feeling of valorization," the Brazilian artist says. Sh more...

Bronze sculpture, 'African Heritage' (Brazil)

Sensuous and lovely, a nude poses on a marble slab. This exquisite sculpture by Goga pays tribute to Brazil's West African heritage. The artist givers her sculpture a rich, dark patina. Titled "Mulher afro-brasileira " in Portuguese. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Angel' (Brazil)
Now $259.19 - retail $323.99

Sinuous in its essence, this sculpture examines the flow of humans set in motion by the spirit of dance. Emne Al-Haje studied performing arts for years, gaining intimate knowledge of the optimal elasticity of the body. Crafted from bronze and accente more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Awakening I' (Brazil)

She stretches, her voluptuous body and generous hips an expression of fertile femininity. Jaqueline Cavalcanti depicts a young nude in a moment of awakening. Sensuous and elegant, the sculpture is cast in bronze and presented on a granite base. Title more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Awakening' (Brazil)

Like a leaping flame, the female torso reaches skyward in a symbol of awakening. Heli Freire sculpts the fluid contours from glowing bronze set on a contrasting base of dark granite. "In my work, I try to transmit the importance of the conscience in more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Awakening' (Brazil)

This beautiful bronze sculpture explores the awakening of the modern woman. By Brazilian sculptor Urubatan, it depicts a young nude who leans on one knee and flexes her arms. She arches her back and turns to one side as though listening to the call o more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Awakening' (Brazil)
Now $411.96 - retail $514.95

Back arched seductively, toes pointing outwards in the apex of her stretch, this sculpture represents the subtle movements of awakening ("Despertar"). Inspired by the delicacy of ballet, Emne Al-Haje patiently crafts the piece, its swift contours ext more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Bird' (Brazil)

Angular in form and strong in nature, this sculpted bird glows with metallic originality. Sculpted in bronze, the bird is perched on a granite base. Goga's original statuette exudes strong determination, its opened wings saluting the artist's admirab more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Brazilian Flag' (Brazil)

The Brazilian flag rises from a bronze palette, undulating proudly throughout the passing of time. Urubatan masterfully works the metal to achieve a surreal sense of movement. The artist sets the bronze sculpture upon a base of recycled imbuia wood, more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Breeze' (Brazil)

A sinuous silhouette is poised on pointe, the elegant body arching in a posture that seems impossible. Emne Al-Haje sculpts the effortless gymnast holding a crystal ball. With head thrown back in exultation and one arm flung skyward, the image exudes more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Bright Ballerina' (Brazil)

"My granddaughter is a ballerina, and she inspired this piece," says Goga of her muse. "One day I went to see her on stage, and this is one of the movements she made during her performance. That day, when I came back from the show, I started sculptin more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Caresses' (Brazil)

This bronze sculpture by Brazilian artist Goga reveals a moment of passion and intimacy between lovers. As they touch, their caresses become like sweet fruits. Goga expertly conveys sentiment in her search for translating feelings through her art. Ti more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Champion' (Brazil)

Rising with the pride of champions, a horse lifts its head in admirable elegance. Powerful in its abstract conception, this sculpture conveys dramatic expression. Goga sculpts this piece of bronze, evidencing her mastery of the media as well as her c more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Charming Woman' (Brazil)

A nude woman stretches, arching her back and flattening her stomach. Her full breasts jut forward sensuously in this beautiful bronze torso. By Brazilian sculptor Urubatan, the work effectively captures the young nude's feminine charm. Titled "Mulher more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Circles' (Brazil)

Arching lithe bodies, two gymnasts strike a pose of lightness, balance and harmony. The slender forms become half circles that intersect, each finding a complement in the other. Emne Al-Haje accentuates their fluid contours in a work of extraordinary more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Circular I' (Brazil)

In exaggerating the elasticity of the human body, Emne Al-Haje creates a piece of intriguing curvature. Sculpted with precision in oxidized bronze and mounted on a granite base, Emne is a consummate master of balance and influenced by her extensive e more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Comfort' (Brazil)

Turning in graceful arcs, bronze textures suggest a couple in a heartfelt embrace. Their love is contagious, melding them into a single soul. Goga sculpts a beautiful image, exploring the many facets of a relationship. Titled "Aconchego" in Portugues more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Concave Movement II' (Brazil)

A dancer's graceful strength contracts her body into concave form, the limpid line finishing in pointed toes and stretched fingers. Emne Al-Haje knows the movement only too well after her experience as a dancer and as a self-confessed admirer of the more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Conquistador' (Brazil)

Sharp angles blend with graceful contours to evoke the captivating spirit of a conquistador. Polished surfaces suggest regal aspirations, his proud pose presented atop an empowered granite base. Goga shapes the image from select bronze, each patient more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Contemplation' (Brazil)

A work of sensual artistry, this bronze sculpture is by Lucia Prata. "It portrays a Brazilian woman sitting relaxed, contemplating life," says the talented artist. She crafts the sculpture with bronze with abstract stylizations, and sets the signed p more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Couple' (Brazil)

A romantic gesture preserved in time by Lucia Prata. The couple embraces, unites, their respective forms combined into a single being forged by mutual love. Prata sculpts the silhouette from the powerful essence of bronze, presenting its elongated el more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Curves' (Brazil)

Curving seductively, a sheet of polished bronze poses on a granite base. Sinuous lines perforate the airy work. Lucia Prata transforms the severe geometry of unyielding materials, conferring upon them a magical lightness of being. Titled "Curvas" in more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Dance Impulse' (Brazil)

Ballet's movements flow through the bronze heart of this sculpture. Emne Al-Haje excels in extracting kinetic forms from oxidized metal, its hardened essence softened by the artist's keen composition, resulting in a lustrous and emotive expression of more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Dance Stretch' (Brazil)

Poised en pointe, a dancer flexes her lithe body. Emne Al-Haje sculpts the graceful figure in the allonge, or lengthening pose. Sculpted from bronze, the work shows a handsome, oxidized finish. Emne Al-Haje studied dance for many years, and her knowl more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Dancer' (Brazil)

Poised on pointe, a dancer arches back and legs in a pose filled with power. Jaqueline Cavalcanti evokes the energy and grace of a disciplined body trained in modern dance. Titled "Bailarina" in Portuguese, this bronze sculpture recognizes no gender, more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Dancers' (Brazil)

Sensual imagery surrounds a dancing couple. Goga elaborates a provocative sculpture, where erect bodies arch backward with supple grace. She works in polished bronze and presents the dynamic sculpture on a granite base. Titled "Dancarinos" in Portugu more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Dancing Couple in Brown' (Brazil)

Dancing by the light of the pale moon, lovers move as one in melodic bliss. The impassioned couple dances away on a granite stage. Goga sculpts their images in bronze, creating a harmonious balance between angular bodies and circular poses. Titled "O more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Dancing in the Clouds' (Brazil)

Touching lightly, a slender couple whirls in a joyous dance. Goga's airy sculpture seems to transport them to the sky as they waltz amid clouds. Polished bronze contours gleam in the light in a mesmerizing modern work. Titled "Dancando nas Nuvens" in more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Dancing Palace' (Brazil)

Working in bronze, Goga creates a graceful sculpture that transmits sensations of lightness and movement. Curved line swoops upward as the dancer poses on one knee. Goga's love of dance is evident in this elegant sculpture. It stands on a marble base more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Daydream I' (Brazil)

As though lost in a daydream, she stretches her arms backward, extending into a ribbon of lithe imagination. Feminine features suggest the perfection of human movement - an important theme in the art of Emne Al-Haje, who studied dance for many years. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Dreamscape' (Brazil)

Children at play are the inspiration for Emne Al-Haje's exquisite bronze sculpture, "Hula Hoop." A young woman hugs her legs as part of an intricate ballet position, conferring agility and movement to an elegant creation. Appealing to the afficionado more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Elegance' (Brazil)

Mastering the versatility of her media, Jacqueline Cavalcanti conjures the sensuous elegance of a woman. She poses with one hand above her head, her long dress falling seductively over the curves of her body. Cavalcanti sculpts the piece from bronze more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Elongation II' (Brazil)

Drawing from her extensive experience in ballet, Emne Al-Haje creates this oxidized bronze piece depicting the beauty of a dancer who gracefully incorporates a glass ball into her routine. Like the well-toned ballerina whose appearance is delicate in more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Encounter' (Brazil)

With abstract line, Goga creates featureless figures. Nonetheless, they communicate very human emotions. A man and woman encounter one another to express feelings of joy, attraction and sexual desire. The Brazilian artist presents the signature bronz more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Equilibrium' (Brazil)

Body extended to the max, a woman executes a shoulder stand with effortless ease. Her body, lithe and aesthetic, shows perfection; her posture demonstrates fluidity and continuity. Emne Al-Haje evokes her image in bronze with every contour delicately more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Femininity' (Brazil)

Reaching skyward, a woman leans backward while stretching luxuriously. Abstract line defines lithe legs and full hips in a smooth, supple sculpture. Jaqueline Cavalcanti explores the innate grace of the female body in this lovely bronze sculpture wit more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Flowing Tresses' (Brazil)

Luxurious locks of hair flow down the slender back of a female torso. Sculpted in bronze by Suzanah Levy, the graceful piece combines polished and textured surfaces with a smooth granite base. Titled "Cabelo Vazado" in Portuguese. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Fluidity' (Brazil)

Emne Al-Haje relates the human body to a spiral in this work, demonstrating the fluid continuity that exists between the two images. The lithe female figure arches back, as if reaching the apex of a specific series of dance steps - balanced between e more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Girl' (Brazil)

Her girlish beauty conveys the charm of youth. Beautifully sculpted in bronze, the child wears a full feminine skirt. Yet her demeanor is demure and innocent. Julieta Sathler creates this beautiful image that bears her signature. Titled "Menina" in P more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Gymnast' (oxidized) (Brazil)

Arching her body, a gymnast's form extends out and bends back, the polished glass ball creating balance while accentuating her fluid contours. Sculpted from bronze, the work shows a handsome, oxidized finish. Emne Al-Haje studied dance for many years more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Horse' (Brazil)

"Horses make me think of beauty, power and freedom," says Brazilian artist Urubatan. He sculpts the handsome face of a horse in bronze, masterfully capturing the stallion's mighty poise. The sculpture rests on an imbuia wood stand. Titled "Cavalo" on more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Impulse II' (Brazil)

The oxidized bronze sculptures of Emne Al-Haje consistently express an impression of graceful, ballerina-like movement, and 'Impulse' II is no exception. Captured at the precise moment before majestically leaping into the air, the subject appears aer more...

Bronze sculpture, 'In Confidence' (Brazil)

With abstract line, Goga creates a couple who lean close to whisper secrets. The featureless figures nonetheless convey sensations of complicity, trust and desire. The Brazilian artist works in bronze, giving one person a dark finish while describing more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Insinuating' (Brazil)

Portrayed in abstract angles, the female anatomy is shaped in pure lines and sensuous curves. Goga works in bronze, eliciting powerful planes and polished contours. The artist's stylized figure communicates a woman's innate sexuality. The signature p more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Insinuating' (Brazil)

Standing in front of him, she leans slightly into him feeling him close as he welcomes her. Working with cold bronze, Goga masterfully creates a sculpture of heated intimacy over a bed of black granite. The sculpture features a slight contrast of pol more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Intersection' (Brazil)

Arching and extending lithe bodies, two gymnasts strike a pose of precision and balance. The slender forms intersect, each finding a complement in the other. Emne Al-Haje accentuates their fluid contours in a work of extraordinary grace. Titled "Inte more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Intertwined' (Brazil)

Abstract figures appear romantically entwined, their embrace sculpted from bronze. A work of sensuous beauty, it exalts the eternal theme of love. Goga creates a provocative sculpture in polished bronze. Set on a granite base, it evokes the flames of more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Kneeling Man II' (Brazil)

Serenely introspective, a figure kneels with head lowered. Lucia Prata creates a powerful sculpture in bronze, with smooth, flowing line and extraordinary sensitivity. Titled "Homem de joelhos II" in Portuguese, the work is mounted on a granite base. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Knight' (Brazil)

A versatile artist, Goga's keen eye for detail leads her in capturing the dignified beauty and might of a horse. Her work expresses sentiment, and this bronze sculpture evokes admiration for the legendary equine. This unique and elegant piece is moun more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Lady' (Brazil)

Erect posture and feminine grace distinguish this beautiful bronze sculpture. By Julieta Sathler in Brazil, the image wears a long skirt of frothy ruffles. Its asymmetry adds to the fascination of this signature piece. Titled "Dama" in Portuguese. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Lying Madonna' (Brazil)

Lying on her side, a woman's sinuous body forms an "S." Jaqueline Cavalcanti discovers an extraordinary sentiment in bronze abstraction. Smooth and supple, the person is presented as a female archetype, titled "Madona Deitada" in Portuguese. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Metamorphosis' (Brazil)

"The planet's air is highly polluted, and I want a better quality of air to live better," states Brazilian artist Urubatan. He sends his ecological message through the dramatic visage of a man. Sculpted of bronze, it is in the midst of metamorphosis more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Modern Woman' (small) (Brazil)

For Urubatan, the modern woman is firm and muscular. Stretching her arms over her head, she poses with pride for the Brazilian sculptor. The motion lifts her firm breasts and lengthens the slender stomach in contrast to her generous hips and thighs. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Moonlight' (Brazil)

Moving freely under the cover of night, a dancer enters a moonlight stage to perform her magical dance. Emne Al-Haje creates her image in bronze, every contour delicately accented with esthetic elegance. The dancer's lithe movements stem from pointed more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Movement' (Brazil)

Like a gentle breeze, the spirit of dance flows through this sculpture by Emne Al-Haje. After studying performing arts for years, the artist skillfully captures movement in each contour, allowing the energy to exist along a continuum of time, rather more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Olympic' (Brazil)

Poised like a diver, an athlete focuses each nerve and muscle on the task at hand. Jaqueline Cavalcanti portrays a participant in the Olympic Games. Smooth bronze represents competitors of all genders and nationalities, while the green patina suggest more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Organics II' (Brazil)

Opening to life, this statuette by Urubatan appears like a blossoming seed. Bronze's rustic elegance is well complemented with granite's organic essence. Extraordinary in abstracted meaning, this piece celebrates life's simple glories. Titled "Organi more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Poetry' (Brazil)

Emne Al-Haje portrays the graceful action of a ballet dancer in this elegant sculpture. Emne reduces the form of the dancer to clean, simple lines - capturing the essence of the subject's posture. The artist draws upon her years of experience practic more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Regina, Dancer Series' (Brazil)

Filled with the powerful intensity that distinguishes contemporary dance, this sculpture honors Regina Miranda, one of Brazil's finest choreographers. She founded the Regina Miranda Company of Actors and Dancers, one of Brazil's most renowned dance c more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Renaissance Madonna II' (Brazil)

Jaqueline Cavalcanti looks to Renaissance art through contemporary eyes to sculpt this original Madonna sculpture. Cavalcanti portrays the voluptuous image in a lithe, dynamic posture that exudes graceful elegance. Crafted with bronze, the sculpture more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Renaissance Madonna III' (Brazil)

Inspired by renaissance art, this sculpture depicts a modern Madonna. Her voluptuous hips and belly recall fertility goddesses, interpreted in textured bronze. Jaqueline Cavalcanti discovers an extraordinary realism in abstraction, presenting the lov more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Renaissance Madonna, Seated II' (Brazil)

The renaissance is Jaqueline Cavalcanti's muse as she transforms bronze into a beautiful seated Madonna. Sleek and voluptuous, the woman stretches to arch her arms back over her head. The elegant signature piece sits on a base of polished granite. Ti more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Renaissance Madonna, Seated' (Brazil)

The renaissance is Jaqueline Cavalcanti's muse as she transforms bronze into a beautiful seated Madonna. Sleek and voluptuous, the woman stretches to arch her arms back over her head. The elegant signature piece sits on a base of polished granite. Ti more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Rest' (Brazil)

Lying on a bed of granite, a woman enjoys absolute relaxation. Goga depicts her nude bronze body with her arms raised and knees slightly bent in a sculpture of expressive abstraction. Titled "Repouso" in Portuguese. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Samba' (Brazil)

Arching her back, she steps to the sensuous beat of a samba. Sleek legs, gleaming arms and an agile torso take shape in a bronze sculpture by Goga. Two different finishes create the illusion of dual color in this outstanding sculpture. The samba is k more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Seated Madonna' (Brazil)

Seated, a woman leans backward while stretching luxuriously. Abstract line defines lithe legs and full hips in a smooth, supple sculpture. Jaqueline Cavalcanti expresses the archetypical female body as a Madonna in this elegant bronze figurine. Title more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Seated Woman II' (Brazil)

Lithe torso twisted, a woman's body arcs upward. Goga elicits a vibrant sensuality from polished planes of bronze in a work of extraordinary power. Expressing grace and movement, this sculpture is set on a granite base. Titled "Mulher sentada II" in more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Seduction' (Brazil)

Beautiful, lithe and ethereal, this sculpture by Jaqueline Cavalcanti seduces with aesthetic harmony. Cavalcanti sculpts this piece from bronze, expertly shaping each feminine contour. The inspired sculpture stands on a granite base. Titled "Seducao" more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Seduction' (Brazil)

Sensuality exudes from the powerful imagery of this sculpture. Sometimes subtle, at other times brusque, the contours reveal the energy of the Brazilian woman, sculpted in bronze by the hands of Urubatan. The anonymous, truncated figure suggests a ki more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Self Confidence' (Brazil)

By Anamaria Vieira this elegant sculpture illustrates a play on words. She names the piece Desenvoltura, meaning "self confidence." Yet the figure's movement also suggests an unwrapping, a freedom from its envoltura. Polished contours take shape in b more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Sensual Woman' (Brazil)

Seated, she wraps her arms around her head and points her toes. Sculpted in bronze, the elegant nude exudes sensuality, grace and beauty. Jaqueline Cavalcanti celebrates woman with this exquisite work of art. Titled "Mulher sensual" in Portuguese. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Sensuality' (Brazil)

Cubist contours evoke a seated nude, sculpted in polished bronze and presented on a base of granite. Goga creates a provocative signature piece she calls Sensualidade (sensuality). A visual feast, the exquisite work invites touch. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Shining Ballerina' (Brazil)

Emne Al-Haje conveys the feminine beauty and elegance of a dancer through brilliant manipulation of bronze. Influenced by her years of experience in ballet, Al-Haje captures a glorious pose. Although the subject is poised on tiptoe, the sinuous curve more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Silhouette of a Woman' (Brazil)

Tall and willowy, a slender woman seems to dance as she stretches lithe limbs. Jaqueline Cavalcanti depicts her slender curves in smooth bronze. Titled "Silhueta de Mulher" in Portuguese, the sculpture is feminine and sophisticated. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Sinuousness' (Brazil)

A rope twirls effortlessly in the hands of this dancer, demonstrating a sinuous fluidity. The lithe figure arches backward while touching hand to toe. Airy and beautiful, this elegant work by Emne Al-Haje celebrates the human body in bronze. Titled " more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Slender' (Brazil)

The morphology of the Brazilian woman inspires the work of Jaqueline Cavalcanti. She sculpts the bronze image of a slender woman with voluptuous hips, one hand over head and the other down her back. The sculpture exudes a graceful, sensual sense of m more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Spiral I' (Brazil)

Light escapes swiftly from bronze elongations, exemplifying the minimalist beauty of Emne Al-Haje's sculpture. She shapes the metal with passion and patience, as each spiraled movement extracts the delicacy and artistry of dance. For years Al-Haje pr more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Stretch III' (Brazil)

Charged with aesthetic dynamism, this sculpture captures the luxurious movement of stretching. Lucia Prata conveys the energy and exhilaration of motion through polished bronze as her choice sculpted material. Granite base. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Sunbather I' (Brazil)

"I was inspired by the biotype of the Brazilian woman, sensual and feminine, who pampers herself under the sun," says Jacqueline Cavalcanti as she confides her source of inspiration. The bronze sculpture features an oxidized finish to accentuate the more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Sunbather II' (Brazil)

Resting on her back, one leg raised and her head cradled in her arm, a woman enjoys a leisurely day at the beach. "I was inspired by the biotype of the Brazilian woman, sensual and feminine, who pampers herself under the sun," confides Jacqueline Cav more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Sunbather III' (Brazil)

"I was inspired by the Brazilian woman, sensual and feminine, who finds delights in the sun," says Jacqueline Cavalcanti as she confides her source of inspiration. The bronze sculpture features a dark, oxidized finish to accentuate the aesthetic line more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Sustentation' (Brazil)

Arching lithe bodies, two gymnasts strike a pose of lightness, balance and harmony. The slender forms each find a complement in the other. Emne Al-Haje accentuates their fluid contours in a work of extraordinary grace. Titled "Sustentacao" in Portugu more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Swirling' (Brazil)

Her elongated body stretches upwards in inverted elegance, its essence defined by a cascading spiral of polished filigree. Emne Al-Haje, inspired by the movements of ballet, presents this seductive sculpture in bronze, as refined features revel in a more...

Bronze sculpture, 'The Leap' (Brazil)

Leaping lithely, a slender couple whirls in a joyous dance. Goga's airy sculpture seems to transport them to the sky to waltz amid clouds. Polished bronze contours gleam in the light to contrast with dark oxidized surfaces that highlight its three-di more...

Bronze sculpture, 'The Thoughts' (large) (Brazil)

A standing figure wraps his head in one arm, turning slightly, deep in thought. Jaqueline Cavalcanti evokes the intensity of his introspection in the smooth contours of bronze. Modern and subtle, the sculpture is titled "Os Pensamentos" in Portuguese more...

Bronze sculpture, 'The Victory' (Brazil)

Celebrating a victory with arm raised, this sculpture captivates with abstract aesthetics. Anamaria Vieira creates a stunning bronze sculpture suggesting movement through its fluid contours. The Brazilian artist creates a remarkable contrast by polis more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Undulations' (Brazil)

Bodies intertwine, yet each maintains its own entity, its own identity. Once again, Emne Al-Haje explores the beauty and synchrony of a couple. The undulations of their bodies, and their feelings and caresses make the work shine by itself. Titled "On more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Veronique, Dancer Series' (Brazil)

Poised on pointe, a dancer arcs her back in a difficult movement, demonstrating her talent and training. Jaqueline Cavalcanti combines elements of classical ballet and modern dance in this sleek bronze sculpture. Slim and supple, the work forms part more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Vertical' (Brazil)
Now $221.99 - retail $295.99

A monumental piece to exalt the female form, the woman in this sculpture throws her arms in the air and her head backwards as if relishing an invisible breeze. Her image is created in oxidized and brushed bronze by Emne Al-Haje, who captures the imag more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Walking II' (Brazil)
Now $427.96 - retail $534.95

Influenced by the grace and artistry of ballet, Emne Al-Haje sculpts this delicate vision, suggesting a figure walking through an undefined space. Lean, androgynous movements border on dance, the four limbs splayed as if guided by the air itself. Sha more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Warrior' (Brazil)

Goga honors triumphant warriors through her abstract artistry. She sculpts the victorious image with bronze, expertly contrasting dark patina with polished accents. The admirable sculpture stands on a granite base. Titled "Guerreiro" in Portuguese. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Wave' (Brazil)

Exploiting the rigidity of bronze, Lucia Prata discovers the paradox of graceful curves and airy line. Quite unlike her previous works, this sculpture augers a new phase for the artist. Minimalist and precise, it nonetheless exudes a refined sensuali more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Woman II' (Brazil)

Portrayed in abstract angles, the female anatomy is shaped in pure lines and polished contours. Goga works in bronze. Titled "Mulher II" in Portuguese, this exquisite sculpture exalts the beauty of women. It is set on an onyx base. more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Woman III' (Brazil)

In an abstracted and expressive sculptural style Lucia Prata conveys the beauty and sensuality of the female form. Lucia's piece glows with the golden accents of burnished bronze, which imparts a life force to her delightful sculptures. Base in grani more...

Bronze sculpture, 'Woman III' (Brazil)

A sense of flowing grace embellishes the arched torso of a woman in this sculpted piece by Lucia Prata. Arched shoulders reveal a sensual beauty, unaffected by the lack of limbs and anonymity. Prata sculpts this piece from bronze and sets it upon a g more...

Bronze statuette, 'Bath of Purity' (Brazil)

Naked, a woman prepares to step into the bath. Suzanah Levy sculpts the graceful nude in bronze, giving her subject a polished finish. Suggesting purity, the exquisite piece is titled "Banho de Pureza" in Portuguese. more...

Bronze statuette, 'Horse' (Brazil)

Anamaria Vieira masterfully captures the stately elegance of a horse in an abstract sculpture. Crafted with bronze, it exudes vivid energy as it stands on a granite base. Titled "Cavalo" in Portuguese. more...



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Tapestries - Applique Folk Art - Peru
Tapestries - Batik - Ghana
Tapestries - Batik - India Cotton
Tapestries - India Gujarati
Tapestries - Thailand Hilltribe Collection
Tapestries - Bali - Ikat Silk Batik
Tapestries - Palm Leaf - Wall Hangings
Tapestries - Peru - San Pedro Tapestries
Tapestries - Thailand - Silk / Cotton
Tapestries - Tapestry - Rods
Tapestries - Brazil - Vintage Leather Maps

Animal - Sculptures
Animal - Home Decor

Art - Gallery
Paintings - Abstract
Paintings - Folk Art
Paintings - Landscape
Paintings - Madhubani
Paintings - Prints


Bronze - Sculpture
Sculpture - Abstract / Romantic / Family
Sculpture - Animals
Sculpture - Brass
Sculpture - Ceramic
Sculpture - Gemstones
Sculpture - Iron
Sculpture - Resin / Papier Mache
Stone - Marble - Abstract
Stone - Marble - Animals
Stone - Marble - Cultural
Wood - Abstract - Romantic Family
Wood - Animals - Birds
Wood - Animals - Dogs - Cats
Wood - Animals - Dragons - Mythical - Creatures
Wood - Animals - Elephants
Wood - Animals - Fish & Marine Life
Wood - Animals - Horses
Wood - Animals - Wildlife
Wood - Asian - Culture
Wood - Buddhism / Hinduism / Spirituality
Wood - Christianity / Religious / Collection
Wood - Relief Panels - Animal Motifs
Wood - Relief Panels - Cultural
Wood - Relief Panels - Floral Designs
Wood - Relief Panels - Religious
Wood - West - African - Culture

Women's Jackets
Wraps - Sarongs
Gloves - Women's
Hats - Women's
Russian Shawls & Scarves Orenburg
Russian Shawls & Scarves Pavlovo Silk
Russian Shawls & Scarves Pavlovo Wool
Scarf - Men's
Scarf - Women's - Crochet
Scarf - Women's - Embroidered
Scarf - Women's - Painted
Scarf - Women's - Patterned
Scarf - Women's - Solid
Shawls - Women's - Embroidered
Shawls - Women's - Jamawar
Shawls - Women's - Painted
Shawls - Women's - Patterned
Shawls - Women's - Solid
Walking - Sticks

Russian Style Fur, Sheepskin and Leather Hats
Military Style Russian Hats Fur Ushankas
Military Style Russian Hats Service Headwear

Benjarong Porcelain - Thailand
Nesting Dolls
Nesting Dolls 3 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 5 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 7 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 10 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 15 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 20 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 50 doll sets
Custom Nesting Dolls

Coffee Tables
Storage - Trunks & Chests

Handbags - Clutches
Handbags - Cosmetic - Travel Accessories
Handbags - Embellished
Handbags - Evening
Handbags - Flaps
Handbags - Handle
Handbags - Hobo
Handbags - Messenger
Handbags - Handle
Handbags - Slings
Handbags - Soda pop top
Handbags - Tote
Handbags - Wristlets
Shoulder - bags

Outdoor - Living
Welcome Signs

Photo   Frames

Tableware - Entertaining
Barware - Wine Holders
Cocktail - Shot Glasses
Coffee - Tea Cups
Serve ware
Drinking - Glasses
Serving - Trays / Trivets
Table - Linens - Placemats / Napkins
Table - Linens - Tablecloths / Runners

Blankets - Throws
Cushion - Covers

Musical Instruments - Bali / Java
Musical Instruments - Drums
Musical Instruments - Peru
Musical Instruments - West Africa

Backgammon - Sets
Board Games
Chess Sets
Shadow Theater - Puppets


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