Home Decor - Candles Lighting - Candleholders
- Artisan Crafted, World Heritage

These Home Decor - Candles Lighting - Candleholders - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

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Blown glass candleholder, 'Green Light of Guadalupe' (Mexico)

Blown glass candleholder, 'Iridescent Light of Guadalupe' (Mexico)

Blown glass candleholder, 'Plum Light of Guadalupe' (Mexico)

Candleholders, 'Light of Thailand' (pair) (Thailand)

Cedar candleholder, 'Unity' (Ghana)

Celadon ceramic candleholder, 'Blue Bouquet' (Thailand)

Celadon ceramic candleholders, 'Lily Pads' (pair) (Thailand)

Celadon ceramic oil warmer, 'Calm Blue Elephant' (Thailand)

Ceramic candleholder, 'Adam and Eve Tree of Life' (Mexico)

Ceramic candleholder, 'Aztec Owl' (Mexico)

Ceramic candleholder, 'Day of the Dead Altar' (Mexico)

Ceramic candleholder, 'Ivory Jungle' (Indonesia)

Ceramic candleholder, 'Light of Death' (Mexico)

Ceramic candleholder, 'Smiling Death' (Mexico)

Ceramic candleholder, 'Tree of Life' (Peru)

Ceramic candleholder, 'Tree of Wisdom' (Mexico)

Ceramic candleholders, 'Black Cats' (set of 3) (Mexico)

Ceramic candleholders, 'Cupola Light' (pair) (Indonesia)

Ceramic candleholders, 'Hide and Seek' (pair) (Indonesia)

Ceramic tealight holders, 'Achi Tradition' (Guatemala)

Ceramic wall sconces, 'Forest Vines' (pair) (Guatemala)

Iron and glass wall candleholder, 'Light of Faith' (Mexico)

Iron and wood candleholder, 'Akan Mask' (Ghana)

Iron candleholder, 'Cave Art Sun' (Mexico)

Iron candleholder, 'Kokopelli Shadow' (Mexico)

Iron candleholder, 'Tiki Night' (Indonesia)

Iron wall candleholder, 'Kokopelli's Cave' (Mexico)

Mango wood candleholder, 'Living Earth' (Thailand)

Mango wood candleholders, 'Soft Petals' (pair) (Thailand)

Resin candleholders, 'Floral Arch' (pair) (India)

Soapstone candleholders, 'White Daisies' (pair) (India)

Stained glass candleholder, 'Dazzle' (Mexico)

Stained glass candleholder, 'Light of Tranquility' (Mexico)

Wood candleholders, 'Starfish' (set of 4) (Indonesia)
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