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Art Gallery - Sculpture Wood - West African Culture
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Art Gallery - Sculpture Wood - West African Culture are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Cedar sculpture, 'Ashanti Princess' (Ghana)

Akosua Anima is a name bestowed upon female children in Ghana. This girl possesses a strikingly flat head, symbolizing royalty among the Ashanti people. Kwame Frimpong hand-carves the piece from cedar, as black and brown polish offer a lustrous and s more...

Cedar sculpture, 'Communicate' (Ghana)

With stylized line and smooth cedar grain, Kwame Kandavi depicts a man who sounds a horn. "In the olden days, a horn was the means of communication used by a chief to convey message to his people," he says. "Before a country can develop, its history more...

Cedar sculpture, 'Dancing Shadows' (Ghana)

Sculpted from fragrant cedar wood, a woman dances with grace and beauty. "In Ghana, women are most cherished when performing a cultural dance. So this piece tells how important women are to men when performing at functions," Kwame Kandavi says of thi more...

Cedar sculpture, 'Mother Africa' (Ghana)

With singular strength and determination, a woman struggles to carry a heavy load. Kwame Kandavi sculpts the stylized figure from fragrant cedar wood. "This piece symbolizes the hard working nature of African women," he says. "I call it Mam Africa." more...

Cedar sculpture, 'Serenity Figure' (Ghana)

His finely carved features settle into a serene expression as he contemplates the solemn funeral rites. Handcrafted pieces of this style are used in West Africa to commemorate a loved one's death and to honor the dead. Kwame Frimpong creates this bus more...

Cedar sculptures, 'Kumasi Royal Couple' (pair) (Ghana)

Hailing from royal descent, a king and queen sit on their thrones; the king is brandishing his sword. The couple personifies Kumasi royalty and is hand-carved by Kwame Frimpong with exceptional detail. Frimpong uses local cedar wood, its noble grain more...

Ebony sculpture, 'Carrier Woman' (Ghana)

George Obeng uses naturally dried ebony wood to create this graceful figure, exquisitely carved by hand. Its name means "golden carrier woman and her child" in the Ga Adangbe language. With a baby tied to her back, a young Ghana mother bears a heavil more...

Ebony sculpture, 'Xylophone Player' (Ghana)

Masterfully carving ebony wood, Ernestina Oppong Asante depicts a person playing the xylophone. The popular west African instrument is often crafted of calabash gourds, wood and string. more...

Ebony statuette, 'Third World Trouble' (Ghana)

This statuette outlines a pregnant woman leading her two little children alongside her, while carrying a curiously tall column of baskets. George Obeng has imbued this work with intelligent sensitivity, amply speaking for the plight of the economical more...

Ebony statuette, 'Working Woman' (Ghana)

A sculpted tribute to the African woman and her struggles, this work by George Obeng hypnotizes with its details, emerging subtly from the coffee tone of ebony wood. The impact of the statuette touches the heart powerfully, her frail features proudly more...

Fiberglass sculpture, 'Ghanaian Beauty' (Ghana)

"The African woman is exceptionally beautiful," Ghanaian artist Jonathan Amartey says. Working in fiberglass over a wooden frame, he depicts a graceful girl with intricately braided hair, a flowing gown and long earrings. "I wanted to share her uniqu more...

Fiberglass sculpture, 'Ghanaian Princess' (Ghana)

Ghanaian artist Jonathan Amartey often applies fiber glass to his paintings. In a different vein, he sculpts the image of a young woman with the versatile material over a wooden frame. "She wears a scarf on her head," he explains. "In our African cul more...

Fiberglass sculpture, 'Ghanaian Queen Mother' (Ghana)

Working in fiberglass a favorite medium Jonathan Amartey depicts a beautiful woman with an intricately-tied head scarf. He applies the versatile material over a wooden frame to achieve a slender, elongated image. "She wears a scarf and braids more...

Ghanaian wood statuette, 'Ghanaian Fish' (Ghana)

Morphing into human features, a narrow visage is framed by fins and the mouth seems to blow bubbles. Robert Nortey explores the alluring grain of sese wood, sculpting a languid figure that is half man, half fish. Fish masks are typically found along more...

Sculpture, 'African Woman' (Ghana)

"The African personality makes a difference to behold," says Jonathan Amartey. Working with fiberglass, he honors the beauty of women throughout the African continent with this highly detailed sculpture. more...

Teak sculpture, 'Remember Beijing' (Ghana)

This teakwood sculpture by George Obeng is deeply moving. The man is depicted with a sinewy torso and a determined look on his face. He carries a woman, obviously helpless and agonizing, across his muscular shoulders. The juxtaposition of the contour more...

Teak sculpture, 'Royal Call' (Ghana)

His call beckons all to court, for this horn blower is appointed by royal command. A palace regular, his horn is known by all to be the Akan king's summons for a discussion on stately affairs. George Obeng employs locally handmade tools to carve this more...

Wood comb, 'Pretty Girl' (Ghana)

Carved by hand, this exquisite yida (comb) is adorned with a fertility figure. Victor Yao Delanyo carves the original piece from seasoned sese wood and adds copper and aluminum details. The figure is named Akuvi, which is a name given to by Ghana's E more...

Wood fertility doll, 'A Special Woman' (Ghana)

Sculpted from sese wood and adorned with intricate tribal motifs, this lovely doll is named Medimu. In Ghana's Akan language, the word means "I am special." Daniel Nyadedzor presents an image given to a woman by her husband or parents during festival more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Akuaba' (Ghana)

Victor Yao Delanyo crafts an ornate representation of Akuaba, the fertility doll of the Akan people. According to legend, there once was a woman who couldn't conceive, so the village priest told her to craft a doll, dress it and look after it as she more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Ashanti Girl' (Ghana)

Standing with open arms, this doll symbolizes fertility according to the Ashanti people of Ghana. Her face is beautiful and expressive, and she serves as a proud emblem of tradition. Winfred Korley carves this image by hand, dressing her in beads. more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Ashanti Mother' (Ghana)

The Ashanti women of Ghana regard this doll as a fertility talisman. They take her along with them everywhere, for the doll is believed to foster conception, preferably a daughter. Winfred Korley celebrates West African beliefs and customs with a han more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Baule Mother' (Ghana)

The Baule women of Ghana regard this doll as a fertility talisman. They take her along with them everywhere, for the doll is believed to foster conception. Winfred Korley celebrates West African beliefs and customs with a hand carved sese wood doll d more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Beauty' (Ghana)

Carved with sublime delicacy, this sese wood doll is the personification of ahonfe, the Akan term for "beauty." Abdul Karim Star details her facial features with care; her poise is admirable. Star embellishes the doll with brass plates carefully embo more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Beloved Child' (Ghana)

Her bearing is regal, and intricate textures adorn the long dress that covers her slender body. Working in sese wood with brass details, Daniel Nyadedzor sculpts a lovely fertility doll he names Medo Ba Akuaba, "Beloved Fertility Doll" in the Akan la more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Brave Fuase Mothers' (Ghana)

"Legend tells how a fertility doll was stolen from a shrine in Fuase and taken to a distant land. The children of Fuase were dying and the people consulted a fetish priest who explained the gods were angry about the theft. The women undertook the jou more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Comforter' (Ghana)

Beautifully feminine, an akuaba fertility doll symbolizes the force of tradition. In Ghana, such figures are believed to assist a woman who wants to conceive a baby. Nana Frimpong carves the lovely doll that also represents beauty and wisdom. more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Compassion' (Ghana)

Beautifully feminine, an akuaba (fertility doll) wears a necklace of colorful beads. In Ghana, such figures are believed to assist a woman who wants to conceive a baby. Nana Frimpong carves the beautiful doll he names Ayemye - compassion in the langu more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Ewe Promise' (Ghana)

Kwame Frimpong replicates the art of the Ewe people from Ghana as he sculpts this doll from sese wood. Holding a protective hand over her belly, this fertility doll is usually put under a couple's mattress to ensure conception. more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Flowers and Hearts' (Ghana)

Legendary traditions inspire Robert Nortey's carved art as he presents this sese wood fertility doll. Nortey stylizes the doll with Kotobraba artistry featuring an elongated body with arms wide open. The face features flowers and hearts. The women of more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Girl Friday' (Ghana)

Hand-carved of African sese wood, her stylized contours are graceful and feminine. Beads adorn the slender body of this beautiful fertility doll, believed to assist a woman who wants to conceive a baby. Juliana Akandas names her design Afia, a name g more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Helper' (Ghana)

Abstract line is gracefully feminine, the elongated contours sculpted from sese wood. Brass and copper repousse embellish the smooth body, while colorful beads are set into the wood. Juliana Akandas designs a beautiful fertility doll. Believed to ass more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Kirdi with Padlock' (Ghana)

Accessorized with colorful beads and a padlock down her midriff, this doll is regarded as a powerful fertility fetish. Salihu Ibrahim carves the doll by hand of sese wood, detailing Dawayo stylizations as found in an ancient tribal palace. Known as K more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Mother of Twins' (Ghana)

Standing with open arms, this doll symbolizes fertility according to the Ashanti people of Ghana. Her face is beautiful and expressive, and she serves as a proud emblem of tradition. Winfred Korley carves this statuette by hand of sese wood with extr more...

Wood fertility doll, 'My Twins' (Ghana)

Tall and slender, the abstract image of a woman is surrounded by children who tug at her skirt and clamor for her attention. Juliana Akandas carves a beautiful fertility doll with an antique finish. She names this design Ntaafoa, which means "Twins." more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Precious Child' (Ghana)

Colorful beads cover her face and her eyes take the shape of cowry shells, used as currency. By Rita Addo Zakour, this sculpture depicts an Ashanti fertility doll. In West African society, women place great importance on childbearing and a married wo more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Twin Children' (Ghana)

Tall and graceful, this woman embraces her beautiful twin girls. Winfred Korley carves a fertility doll with beaded jewelry and a kente cloth breech clout. Among the Akan people, such dolls are presented to women who have given birth to twins, highly more...

Wood fertility doll, 'Two in One' (Ghana)

Looking downward with thoughtful eyes, a smooth face with wide forehead stands on a long, graceful neck. Perched above, a doll-like woman extends her arms. Abdul Karim Star sculpts a fertility doll from sese wood, burnished to a sheen with mansion po more...

Wood fertility dolls, 'Queen Mother' (pair) (Ghana)

Asantewaa, the name of this pair of dolls, was a brave queen mother of the Ashanti people of Ghana. She was renowned for her ability to lead men into war, and since that time, many women who bear this name manifest a representative level of valor and more...

Wood fertility dolls, 'Twins' (pair) (Ghana)

Subtle color distinguishes these beautiful fertility dolls. Nana Frimpong depicts a pair of twins. In Ghana, such figures are believed to assist a woman who wants to conceive a baby. Frimpong names the pair Panin (elder twin) and Kakra (younger twin) more...

Wood figurine, 'African Pillow Throne' (Ghana)

Shaped like a diminutive African throne ottoman, this handsome sculpture represents the Lobi people of Northern Burkina Faso. Salihu Ibrahim works in seasoned sese wood, adding white colorations with the application of powdered clay. "Such curved sto more...

Wood sculpture, 'African Woman' (Ghana)

With arms upraised, she puts her hands together as though in meditation or to celebrate. Anna Yawson works in African sese wood to carve the stylized portrait, and adds the rich textures of embossed aluminum to her skirt. Colorful beads adorn her blo more...

Wood sculpture, 'Akan Announcer' (Ghana)

Gordon Adu honors Akan traditions with this admirable sculpture of a horn blower. "In the olden days, the horn was used to convey special messages to the villagers. Nowadays, it is only used to announce the arrival of chiefs to the durbars, or the de more...

Wood sculpture, 'Akan Farm Man' (Ghana)

Hand-carved from native sese wood, this contemporary sculpture boasts extraordinary visual textures. Rita Addo Zakour depicts a hardworking man wearing only jeans as he toils in the coastal heat. She names the piece Okwuani Bermah. The words come fro more...

Wood sculpture, 'Akan Farmer' (Ghana)

Hand carved from native sese wood, this contemporary sculpture boasts extraordinary visual textures. Rita Addo Zakour depicts a hardworking man toiling in the coastal heat. She names the piece Okwuani Bermah. The words come from the Akan people and m more...

Wood sculpture, 'All-Seeing Eye' (Ghana)

Angular eyes underscored by vermilion mystery bestow charged wisdom upon this carving. The lids appear like prison bars, belying the true vision of the figure, his blindness only illusory. Representative of the artistry of the Baoule tribe of the Cot more...

Wood sculpture, 'Ancestral Guardian' (Ghana)

Mbulu ("the oval-faced one") is called upon by the Bakota people of Gabon to guard the remains of important ancestors. According to tradition, the bones are placed in a basket and Mbulu is placed over it. Victor Yao Delanyo makes a faithful replica o more...

Wood sculpture, 'Ashanti Mother' (Ghana)

With her elegant clothing and carefully styled hair, this sculpture depicts an Ashanti woman. The young mother carries her baby on her back. Kwame Frimpong depicts a person he names Akosua, the name given to a girl born on Sunday. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Bamileke Baby' (Ghana)

This ornate fertility doll expresses the traditions of the Bamileke people of Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. "Due to migrations, there's been an intercultural exchange of customs and beliefs, and the Bamileke people have adapted and welcomed the Akuaba fer more...

Wood sculpture, 'Beautiful Mind' (Ghana)

Walter Kuma carves a beautiful mask that stands on a semicircular base. Named Ahoofe - "Beauty" in the Akan language - it is embellished with shining repousse. Regular features, upturned eyes and sensuous lips make this a compelling sculpture. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Carry Me!' (Ghana)

A mother's love is a source of inspiration for Eric Darko. Completely devoted, a mother lifts her child in her arms as he cries "pagye me!" ("carry me," in the Akan language). Darko carves this sculpture by hand from sese wood, blending Ghanaian arti more...

Wood sculpture, 'Cobra God' (Ghana)

Rising on slithery coils, a cobra opens its hood to reveal the face of a god. Smooth, stylized features are impassive although the tilted head suggests that the serpent listens. Designer Nana Adu Amankwapam I presents a figure revered by the Akan and more...

Wood sculpture, 'Compassion' (Ghana)

Kwame Frimpong carves a moving statuette of man looking after a child; this statuette is referred to as timaa, an Akan word meaning "compassion." Timaa statuettes can be found in the palaces of chiefs from the Akan, Ewe and Naba tribes. The timaa sta more...

Wood sculpture, 'Condolences' (Ghana)

A priest of solemn expression stands with a gourd in his hands in this alluring statuette by Victor Yao Delanyo. The statuette represents the Akan gunsa ("libation-pouring") funeral custom, where the men bring something to drink to the deceased's gri more...

Wood sculpture, 'Dagomba Man' (Ghana)

The stylized curves of this handsome sculpture are balanced and harmonious. Carving sese wood, George Obeng depicts a man from the Dagomba tribe of northern Ghana. These people are characterized by a long, narrow face, which Obeng exaggerates for a m more...

Wood sculpture, 'Dark Beauty' (Ghana)

The smooth textures of finely carved neem wood offer organic harmony to this carving by Madam Adwoa and the artisans of Onyame Akwan Dooso. A crowning loop of headgear emerges boldly, enhancing the essence of femininity, exquisiteness, and modesty pr more...

Wood sculpture, 'Djembi Double Face Shadow' (Ghana)

Ashanti belief states a person's shadow guards against evil, for the shadow can see what the person is unable to see. Louis K. Botchway finds inspiration in this ancient belief for the hand-carving of this extraordinary piece. Two faces - a man and h more...

Wood sculpture, 'Dog of the Spirit World' (Ghana)

Inspired by the spiritual beliefs of the Bambara people from Mali, this dog is believed to be the servant of Nyama, their spiritual guide. Victor Yao Delanyo carves this faithful replica form sese wood featuring a focused and sentry position. The dog more...

Wood sculpture, 'Dogon Man and Wife' (Ghana)

Standing back to back, a man and woman seem to become one body. The woman wears red cotton earrings, and both wear bracelets and braids. Superbly carved by Salihu Ibrahim, this sculpture is representative of the Dogon people from Burkina Faso. "They more...

Wood sculpture, 'Efua' (Ghana)

Efua receives her name for being born on a Friday and according to Ashanti tales she was of remarkable beauty and chastity, and all the men wanted her hand in marriage. Kwame Frimpong hand-carves her image from cindera wood with manual tools to achie more...

Wood sculpture, 'Fanti Mask' (Ghana)

Carved from naturally dried sese wood, this statuette depicts a mask from the Fanti people of central Ghana. Rita Addo Zakour's design details wide eyes, alert to every movement, beneath an ornate headdress. The lovely piece receives applications of more...

Wood sculpture, 'Fanti Mother' (Ghana)

A young mother graciously attends to both her children's different needs. She cradles her newborn in her lap while chatting with the toddler who tugs at her arm. Beautifully carved by Kwame Frimpong, this sculpture depicts a woman from Ghana's Fanti more...

Wood sculpture, 'Fishermen' (Ghana)

Two fishermen take to the water in a sleek canoe. Each leans toward the opposite side to propel it swiftly with their paddles. Sculpted of sese wood by Chief Carver Nana Frimpong, they pay tribute to Ghanaian culture. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Grandfather Smokes a Pipe' (Ghana)

A pipeful of tobacco and a quiet corner carry this gentleman off to a time of reflection. Seated comfortably on a low stool, an elder man wears the traditional attire of his youth. Kwame Frimpong portrays the venerable personage in polished sese wood more...

Wood sculpture, 'Gushie Guardian' (Ghana)

This imposing statuette comes from the Gushie people of northern Ghana. Mask-like, the central visage stares fixedly with watchful eyes. On either side, other faces stand guard. By Wilson Aboagye, this image is the most visible sign of the lineage of more...

Wood sculpture, 'Helping Hand' (Ghana)

The Akan people have a saying, Boafo Ye Na, meaning "People who help are scarce to find." The wisdom in the saying encourages never to take for granted those who help in times of need. Eric Darko honors those who help with the admirable sculpture of more...

Wood sculpture, 'Horn Blower in Shadow' (Ghana)

Dancing to his own joyous music, a musician arches his back and blows with all his might. This superlative sculpture by Eric Danquah is airy and graceful. Using naturally dried sese wood, the artisan evokes a trumpeter from the northern region of Gha more...

Wood sculpture, 'Ideal Woman' (Ghana)

Lithe and active, her energy and fluid grace captivate all those who love her. Walter Kuma sculpts an abstract image depicting Obaa Sima (Ideal Woman) in the language of Ghana's Akan people. Using only hand tools, he carves an elegant statuette that more...

Wood sculpture, 'Introspection' (Ghana)

Hand-carved from native sese wood, this contemporary sculpture boasts extraordinary color textures. Rita Addo Zakour's design includes white clay for visual interest. She names the piece Dwenewoho. The word comes from the Akan people and means "think more...

Wood sculpture, 'Kalaho Peace Bird' (Ghana)

Much respected by the Senufo from northern Cote d'Ivoire, the graceful kalaho stands as a symbol of peace and good fortune if he is seen, for these shy birds avoid humans. Salihu Ibrahim carves the kalaho from sese wood, adding rich brass repousse to more...

Wood sculpture, 'Lady of Ghana' (Ghana)

By Wilson Aboagye, this sculpture is designed in the form of a mask. It depicts a lady from Ghana who wears her hair in tiny braids while a tall, slender bird poses atop her head. "I carved this sculpture to tell about the good deeds of a woman named more...

Wood sculpture, 'Lobi Pillow Throne' (Ghana)

Shaped like a diminutive throne ottoman, this handsome sculpture represents the Lobi people of Burkina Faso. Salihu Ibrahim works in seasoned African sese wood, adding white colorations with the application of clay. "Such curved stools are used as pi more...

Wood sculpture, 'Lobi Pillow' (Ghana)

Shaped like a diminutive throne ottoman, this handsome sculpture represents the Lobi people of Northern Burkina Faso. Salihu Ibrahim works in seasoned African sese wood, adding white colorations with the application of clay. "Such curved stools are u more...

Wood sculpture, 'Lobi Throne' (Ghana)

This handsome sculpture represents the Lobi people of Northern Burkina Faso. Salihu Ibrahim works in seasoned African sese wood, adding white colorations with the application of clay. "Such stools are used as seating," the artisan explains. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Lovers' (Ghana)

With arms around one another, a couple radiates joy. The man smokes a pipe; the woman places a hand on her stomach, suggesting they will soon be parents. Victor Yao Delanyo calls them Odo, or "lovers" in the Akan language. Carved of sese wood and han more...

Wood sculpture, 'Male Dan Harvest Spoon' (Ghana)

"This type of spoon is used by the head of the family from the Dan tribe during their first harvest season," says Salihu Ibrahim as he explains the traditions of this Ivoirian tribe. "Some of the harvested crops are cooked during a large family gathe more...

Wood sculpture, 'Malian Dogon Family' (Ghana)

Samuel and Francis Agbetey depict two bearded men from the Dogon tribe of Mali. They sit on chairs, while figures beneath suggest the ancestors who are venerated and honored at family shrines. Red cotton threads adorn the sculpture, which represents more...

Wood sculpture, 'Malian Spirits' (Ghana)

Two faces on a single head look warily in both directions. The vigilant image comes from the Bundu people of Mali where it is interpreted as a traditional mask. Considered extremely powerful, such masks are employed in spiritual and religious ceremon more...

Wood sculpture, 'Man from the North' (Ghana)

Eddison Agbeko portrays a proud tribesman from northern Ghana, dressed in the traditional batakari, a kind of smock. Wearing a tall headdress, the man is an imposing presence, filled with quiet dignity. Eddison Agbeko sculpts the contours from sese w more...

Wood sculpture, 'My Twin' (Ghana)

White eyes, protruding teeth and skeletal ribs demonstrate that this personage has died. Beautifully depicted in a design by Juliana Akandas, the image is a part of the poignant Yeeyeye, a ritual of the Ga people performed mainly for twins. During th more...

Wood sculpture, 'Native Doctor' (Ghana)

He sits on a low stool and smokes a pipe as he contemplates the responsibility of his calling. Samuel and Francis Agbetey depict a native doctor from the Bamu people of Cameroon. Highly respected, the healer performs sacrifices and consults the gods more...

Wood sculpture, 'New Mother' (Ghana)

Dressed in her colorful best, a woman places a hand on her stomach and smiles. Victor Yao Delanyo carves a delightful portrait of an obaatan ("new mother" in the Akan language). Tied in a shawl on her back, the infant accompanies his parent everywher more...

Wood sculpture, 'No Trouble' (Ghana)

Wearing an ornate brass headdress, a man holds his hand to his mouth to stop him from divulging too much. Kwame Frimpong calls this sese wood sculpture, "Mempe Asem," which in Akan dialect (Ghana) means "I don't want any problems." more...

Wood sculpture, 'Peace and Love' (Ghana)

"This sculpture has a good moral to it, which everyone should try to embrace. It portrays the kind of love that exists between two people living together in peace in society," confides Eric Danquah as he shares his dreams. He carves this inspired ses more...

Wood sculpture, 'People Who Help' (Ghana)

Frank Obiri-Ntow takes his inspiration from an Akan proverb for this handsome sculpture. Boafo ye na means "people who help are scarce to be found." He bestows this name on a slender mask that sits on a circular base, meticulously carved from sese wo more...

Wood sculpture, 'Playing a Game' (Ghana)

Caught up in a game of oware, players review their opponent's move. Kwame Frimpong captures the tense excitement in hand-carved sese wood. Designed for two players, oware challenges mental agility and alertness. Legend says that oware was invented by more...

Wood sculpture, 'Pot Holder' (Ghana)

This is the "pot holder," carrying palm wine from the bush to the village to sell at the market. Eric Danquah hand-carves his sleek form, the deep black color contrasting alluringly with the vibrant red of the earthen vessel poised gracefully on his more...

Wood sculpture, 'Precious Child' (Ghana)

A fertility doll appears with outstretched arms to embrace prayers asking for the gift of conception. Her name - Atsinkwe - represents a revered fetish priest in the Ashanti region who assists with childbearing. Kwame Frimpong carves this beautiful d more...

Wood sculpture, 'Royal Horn Blower' (Ghana)

Posing with regal dignity, the aben hyenfo ("horn blower") calls upon neighbors and villagers to come hear the king's message. Eric Darko carves a fascinating sese wood rendition of this important personage, who is also present at durbars and royal f more...

Wood sculpture, 'Sanufo Woman' (Ghana)

Her masked visage somber, the Sanufo statuette watches over the home. This benevolent spirit protects a woman's marital happiness, shielding her from any amorous temptation outside the marriage. A traditional Benin tribal fetish, this handsome piece more...

Wood sculpture, 'Senufo Bird' (Ghana)

The customs and beliefs of Sierra Leone's Poro people inspire this impressive sculpture by Ibrahim Mohammed. It is known as senufo (hornbill) and they believe it is one of the first living creatures on Earth, along with the tortoise, crocodile, chame more...

Wood sculpture, 'Senufu Geometry' (Ghana)

Geometric motifs surround this intriguing sculpture, their color achieved by applications of white clay. "Such diminutive ottoman thrones are used as stools by the Senufu tribe of Northern Cote D'Ivoire," says artisan Salihu Ibrahim. He carves the pi more...

Wood sculpture, 'Senufu Goodnight Dreams' (Ghana)

Concentric diamonds center this intriguing sculpture, their color enhanced by applications of white clay. "Such diminutive ottoman thrones are used as pillows by the Senufu tribe of Northern Cote D'Ivoire," says artisan Salihu Ibrahim. He carves the more...

Wood sculpture, 'Senufu Throne' (Ghana)

A cross centers this intriguing sculpture and geometric motifs surround it, their color enhanced by applications of white clay. "Such diminutive ottoman thrones are used as stools by the Senufu tribe of Northern Cote D'Ivoire," says artisan Salihu Ib more...

Wood sculpture, 'She Empowers the Hunter' (Ghana)

Skillfully sculpting sese wood, Eric Danquah relates a legend among the people of Akuapem. He depicts an elderly woman with the silhouette of an animal on her forehead. It is said that a hunter in the olden days went out to seek food for his family, more...

Wood sculpture, 'She Loves Life' (Ghana)

Named Walayo - a Ga word meaning "A woman who enjoys life," this elegant sculpture is the work of Anna Yawson. She works in African sese wood to carve the stylized portrait, and adds the rich textures of embossed aluminum. On the skirt, the gye nyam more...

Wood sculpture, 'Sweetheart' (Ghana)

Clad in a dress that hugs her graceful figure, a young woman wears her hair in an elaborate up-do. Daniel Nyadedzor carves a doll seen mostly among Ghana's Akan people, where a young man makes it a gift to the girl he hopes to marry. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Teacher's Wife' (Ghana)

This beautiful doll by Daniel Nyadedzor represents sculptures given to the wife of a local teacher in gratitude for her support. Elegant and colorful, the figure is named Mata Mallam, which means "wife" in the language of the Hausa people from northe more...

Wood sculpture, 'Tenth Born' (Ghana)

Kwame Frimpong honors Akan (Ghana) traditions with an admirable sese wood sculpture. Perfectly detailed, the sculpture is named "Badu," which the Akan people reserve for the tenth-born child. more...

Wood sculpture, 'The King Holds Court' (Ghana)

Every bit a king, this regal young man represents an odehyie - "royal" in the Akan language. He is seated on a traditional West African throne and holds a spear like a sceptre. Jewelry and a crown reveal that he has been formally installed as ruler. more...

Wood sculpture, 'The King's Children' (Ghana)

Evans Doe Martey carves a magnificent sculpture in honor of the king's children. Sat facing opposite directions, the royal princes are carved from sese wood with fine detail. People in Ghana respect and admire the royal family, and afford them specia more...

Wood sculpture, 'Thinking Man' (Ghana)

This sculpture by Eric Darko shows a man deep in deliberation. This piece has a special quality, bringing to mind the feelings of calm and peacefulness that require silent thought. more...

Wood sculpture, 'Together We Live' (Ghana)

By Kwame Frimpong, this beautiful sculpture is an affirmation that everyone has a place in this world. He carves the single figure of two men who face in opposite directions. Each displays different features and is painted in different colors, yet th more...

Wood sculpture, 'Venorvi Totem' (Ghana)

The smiling face of a fertility doll epitomizes feminine beauty. Tightly braided hair and colorful make-up wrought in beads distinguish this exquisite statuette. Sculpted of sese wood, it is embellished with paint and a plate of embossed brass on the more...

Wood sculpture, 'Water Carrier' (Ghana)

Balancing a red clay kukuo ("pot" in the Akan langage), a woman makes her way to the river to fetch water. Victor Yao Delanyo carves the graceful image in sese wood and paints her colorful clothing by hand. The figure carries a calabash in one hand a more...

Wood sculpture, 'Woman with the Red Pot' (Ghana)

Scantily-dressed against the heat, a woman strains with her heavy burden - her beloved child and a jar of precious water that spills from her tremendous efforts. George Asante pays tribute to the strength and courage of African women with this sese w more...

Wood sculpture, 'Young Ashanti Woman' (Ghana)

Kwame Frimpong pays tribute to the innate grace and beauty of a young Ashanti woman. She places one hand on her tummy as though contemplating a baby growing there. Elegantly dressed and coiffed, this sculpture is meticulously painted by hand. more...

Wood sculptures, 'Bride and Groom' (Ghana)

Eric Darko carves the images of a handsome couple from the Hausa tribe, which hails from northern Ghana. Executed with fine detail, these sese wood statuettes celebrate Hausa wedding traditions, in which the bride arrives with a veil covering her fac more...

Wood sculptures, 'Dan Tribal Dancers' (Ghana)

Holding their hands up and knees flexed, this couple performs a traditional dance. Ibrahim Mohammed carves them from local nyame dua wood, decorating each one with earrings and hairdos unique to the Dan people of Liberia and Cote dIvoire. They bel more...

Wood sculptures, 'Good Fortune' (pair) (Ghana)

Wild antelopes of mysterious nature, these statuettes resemble those worn as headdresses by the people of Mali. Victor Yao Delanyo carves the two pieces by hand with exquisite detail. Sese wood's noble grain allows the master carver to easily stylize more...

Wood sculptures, 'Our Children' (pair) (Ghana)

Working in seasoned sese wood, Victor Yao Delanyo carves two figures that portray a boy and a girl. Both are sculpted in rich detail, and both wear necklaces of antique seed beads. Delanyo names them Nkoda, which means "children" in the Akan language more...

Wood sculptures, 'Rain and Fertility Gods' (pair) (Ghana)

History inspires Abubakari Alhassan as he carves figurines based on ancestral traditions. These statuettes represent twins that symbolize Do, the Senufo god of rain and fertility. One of the twins is thought to exist in the real world, the other in t more...

Wood sculptures, 'Senufo Man and Wife' (pair) (Ghana)

The style of these sculptures originates in the artistry of the Senufo people of northern Cote d'Ivoire. Creators of a rich variety of masks and sculptures, their carvings often serve in the activities of secret societies. Walter Kuma carves a man an more...

Wood sculptures, 'Yoruba Truth' (pair) (Ghana)

Impressed with the beliefs and traditions of the Yoruba people, Salihu Ibrahim replicates Shango staffs. Shango is the Lord of Thunder, and the Yoruba believe he will send a bolt of lightning to strike a person if he or she was not truthful when sett more...

Wood statuette, 'Beautiful Lady' (Ghana)

Sculpted of African sese wood, a young lady is beautiful from all angles. George Obeng captures her fine features and proud grace. He names this statuette Obaa Sima (Ideal Woman) in the language of Ghana's Akan people. more...

Wood statuette, 'Build on the Past' (Ghana)

Elegantly carved from sese wood, the Sankofa symbol finds fluid grace as a sculpture. Eric Danquah creates a delightful image filled with significance. A Ghanaian Adinkra symbol, the Sankofa bird reaches into the past and returns with values and asse more...

Wood statuette, 'Dance for Me' (Ghana)

Moving with sensuous grace, a woman dances to faraway music. Eric Danquah transforms native sese wood into an elegant sculpture. Details in blue and red embellish the statuette, which he names Akonoba Deasawo - Akan for "Sweet girl, dance for me." more...

Wood statuette, 'Ghana Welcome' (Ghana)

Samuel and Francis Agbetey recreate an ancient image from Ghana's Akan people. It was customarily placed in shrines to welcome visitors. Named Akwaaba (Welcome), the antique style image is proud and dignified. more...

Wood statuette, 'Reconciliation' (Ghana)

Reaching out, two figures clasp one another' hands in a gesture of fraternity and peace. Daniel Nyadedzor carves a beautiful image from the Akan people of Ghana. Named Nkabom ("reconciliation" or "unity"), these figures are exchanged between parties more...

Wood statuette, 'Thinking Shadow' (Ghana)

Hand-carved from native sese wood, this contemporary sculpture boasts extraordinary visual textures. Rita Addo Zakour etches a cross into the middle section and names the piece Dwenewoho. The word comes from the Akan people and means "think about you more...

Wood statuette, 'Yoruba Woman In Antiquity' (Ghana)

Marked by local customs and beliefs, this elderly Yoruba woman is revered for her incarnation of Ifa. Deeply spiritual, the Yoruba believe in many gods, and Ifa is believed to possess the power to speak on behalf of the gods and communicate with huma more...

Wood tall sculptures, 'Fulani Leaders' (pair) (Ghana)

Abubakari Alhassan is inspired by the customs and artistic traditions of the Fulani people of Africa. They are the largest nomadic group in the world. They are herders and traders and every year they select a new leader. A message is passed to the ot more...

Wood wall panel, 'My Life' (Ghana)

After a hard day's work, a man relaxes in the shade of a palm tree. He is lost in contemplation in this beautiful hand carved wall panel by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. "This is to express the need to isolate yourself and take stock of your life," he says. T more...

Wood wall sculpture, 'Good Heart I' (Ghana)

The original design of this wall sculpture carries a personal message from Eric Danquah. "I want to say that we should handle any situation with a pure and good heart. We should never think evil about anybody," says the Ghanaian artist. He carves the more...



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