Home Decor - Baskets
- Artisan Crafted, World Heritage

These Home Decor - Baskets - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

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Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Ate grass baskets, 'Lotus Leaf' (set of 6) (Indonesia)
On sale - now $52.19 - was $57.99

Ate grass serving tray, 'Mesmerize' (Indonesia)

Bamboo baskets, 'Apple Blossoms' (set of 3) (Indonesia)

Bamboo baskets, 'Colors of Joy' (set of 3) (Indonesia)

Beaded ate grass basket, 'Happy Thunder' (Indonesia)

Beaded ate grass basket, 'Magic of Bali' (Indonesia)
On sale - now $44.99 - was $49.99

Beaded ate grass basket, 'Magic of Bali' (Indonesia)

Beaded basket, 'Sprinkle White Flowers' (Indonesia)

Beaded rattan basket, 'Blue Vortex Diamond' (Indonesia)

Beaded rattan basket, 'Earth Currents' (Indonesia)
On sale - now $89.59 - was $127.99

Beaded rattan basket, 'Earth Currents' (Indonesia)

Beaded rattan basket, 'Forest Lightning' (Indonesia)
On sale - now $80.49 - was $114.99

Beaded rattan basket, 'Forest Lightning' (Indonesia)

Beaded rattan basket, 'Ocean Thunder' (Indonesia)

Beaded rattan basket, 'Rainbow Whirlpool' (Indonesia)
On sale - now $98.99 - was $109.99

Beaded rattan basket, 'Rainbow Whirlpool' (Indonesia)

Beaded rattan basket, 'Whirlpool' (Indonesia)

Beaded rattan jewelry box, 'Tropical Glamour' (Indonesia)

Beaded teak basket, 'Night of Stars' (Indonesia)

Celadon basket, 'Lotus Leaf' (Thailand)

Ceramic and palm bread warmer basket, 'Dove' (Bangladesh)
On sale - now $31.5 - was $35

Maguey basket, 'Ixchel' (Guatemala)

Maguey fiber basket, 'Weavers' (Guatemala)

Natural fiber basket, 'Organic Essence' (Guatemala)

Natural fiber basket, 'Solola Forest' (Guatemala)

Natural fiber baskets, 'Remember the Time' (pair) (Indonesia)

Natural fiber serving plates, 'Lombok Moon' (set of 4) (Indonesia)

Natural fibers basket, 'Maya Sun' (Guatemala)

Natural fibers basket, 'Pine Mystique' (Guatemala)

Natural fibers bowl, 'Colorful Infinite' (Guatemala)

Palm leaf napkin holder, 'Tropical Coast' (Guatemala)
On sale - now $29.66 - was $32.95

Pine needle and stainless steel basket, 'Tzintzuntzan Pyramids' (Mexico)

Recycled paper baskets, 'Floral Spin' (pair) (Guatemala)

Reed basket, 'Natural Beauty' (Guatemala)