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These Art Gallery - Sculpture Wood - Animal Collection Elephants - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.
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Ishpingo statuette, 'Elephant in Nature' (Peru)

Raising its trunk in welcoming greeting, an elephant roams through John Barrow's artistic creative mind. His design portrays the mighty pachyderm leaving the verdant jungle featuring different colored segments of ishpingo wood. Barrow paints the elep

Ishpingo wood statuettes, 'Guardian Elephants' (set of 3) (Peru)

Symbolizing strength and power, elephants protect younger ones in this original three-in-one sculpture by John Barrow. Each elephant is carved by hand from ishpingo wood and dyed violet, a color associated with the transmutation of negative energy.

Lacquered wood figurine, 'Happy Elephant' (Thailand)

A happy elephant lifts its trunk high to trumpet with joy. Nantana Sompamitre crafts the cheerful pachyderm from rain tree wood. A symbol of Old Siam, the elephant displays Thailand's traditional lacquer art.

Lacquered wood figurines, 'Four Young Elephants' (set of 4) (Thailand)

Walking through a Thai forest, four young elephants enjoy one another's company. Nantana Sompamitre crafts the regal quartet from rain tree wood. A symbol of Old Siam, the elephants display Thailand's traditional lacquer art.

Lacquered wood figurines, 'Young Thai Elephant' (Thailand)

Walking through the king's forest, a young Thai elephant wears colorful silks. Nantana Sompamitre crafts the regal figure from rain tree wood. A symbol of Old Siam, the elephant displays Thailand's traditional lacquer art.

Lacquered wood statuette, 'Elephant Charm' (Thailand)

This cheerful baby elephant lifts up its trunk in celebration and smiles endearingly. Nantana Sompamitre hand-carves the statuette from local mango wood and paints florid hearts on the tip of the trunk, the back and front. The statuette receives seve

Mahogany sculpture, 'Asian Elephant' (Indonesia)

Dramatically sculpted contours evoke the true power of the Indonesian elephant. This example arrives adorned in a regal cloth, reflecting Nyoman Karsa's Balinese heritage. Hand-carved from mahogany wood, the statuette makes a rewarding acquisition fo

Teak sculpture, 'Purposeful Elephant' (Thailand)

Amporn presents a sculpture that captures the power and purpose of an elephant at work in the Thai rainforest. Expertly carved of teakwood, it receives a polished finish and ivorywood tusks.

Teak sculptures, 'Father and Son' (Thailand)

Walking through the Thai forest, a young elephant enjoys time with his father. Amporn depicts them in a realistic teakwood sculpture that details their kindly expressions. The father boasts ivorywood tusks.

Wood sculpture, 'Blossoming Elephant' (Thailand)

Wearing a cloak of pretty flowers, this elephant stands as a proud symbol of Thailand's cultural legacy. Jaifah Aksornsri carves the sculpture by hand from rain tree wood with sublime detail. The admirable sculpture includes an iron and wood stand.

Wood sculpture, 'Elephant Delight' (Thailand)

With trunk held high, an elephant trumpets with delight. It is said that an elephant with its trunk raised will bring good luck. Amporn presents a realistic image carved by hand from rain tree wood. The tusks, which are removable, are carved from lig

Wood sculpture, 'Elephant Goes Hunting' (India)

A mighty elephant carved by hand of kadam wood is a beautiful symbol of India. But Suresh and Devender Garg covers the powerful contours with a myriad of jungle wildlife - lions, tigers and deer. Sculpted in vivid detail, this novel statuette is an e

Wood sculpture, 'Friendly Thai Elephant' (Thailand)

Walking with a raised trunk, this Thai elephant is destined to bring good fortune. Amporn masterfully carves the sculpture from rain tree wood, and the removable tusks from ivorywood. Amporn's talent is to be admired in the vivid details that charact

Wood sculpture, 'Gentle Thai Elephant' (Thailand)

Gentle, strong, and loyal, the elephant symbolizes Thailand. It also inspires Amporn as he carves this statuette with remarkable realism. Sculpted from rain tree wood the tusks, which are removable, are carved from light-grained ivorywood.

Wood sculpture, 'Trumpeting Elephant' (Thailand)

Expertly carving rain tree wood, skilled artisant depict a majestic trumpeting elephant. presented by Amporn. They give the sculpture a polished finish and add ivorywood tusks.

Wood sculptures, 'African Elephants' (set of 5) (Ghana)

Daniel Asante carves native sese wood into a set of five African elephants. Graduated in size, the proud pachyderms are hand-finished and polished to a sheen.

Wood statuette, 'Exciting Trip' (India)

Traveling in dignity atop his elephant, a mahout enjoys every comfort. His howdah is fashioned like a small palace, adorned with intricate columns and a lavish canopy; the elephant is decked in lavish silks and harness. Evoking memories of India's Mu

Wood statuette, 'Jungle Fantasy' (India)

Regally decked in imperial gear, an elephant struts down jungle paths. The majestic creature carries a howdah, elaborately adorned, for royalty to ride in comfort. From Suresh and Devender Garg, this exquisite piece is hand-carved from warm kadam woo