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Diving Options

10 days - Peninsula whale watching, $5,950-$10,650 + $475 diving - Hondius
11 days - Peninsula, $8,050-$11,900 + $535 diving - Plancius
11 days - Peninsula - Air-Cruise Fly/Sail, $11,500-$24,300 + $1,260 diving - Greg Mortimer
11 days - Peninsula - Air-Cruise Fly/Fly, $11,800-$23,000 + $1,260 diving - Greg Mortimer
12 days - Peninsula + cross the Antarctic Circle, $8,050-$11,900 + $535 diving - Plancius
12 days - Peninsula + Air-Cruise Sail/Fly, $11,500-$24,300 + $1,260 diving - Greg Mortimer
13 days - Peninsula whale watching, $8,050-$11,900 + $535 diving - Plancius
14 days - Peninsula, Polar Circle, $8,550-$12,500 + $595 diving - Ortelius
23 days - Peninsula, Falklands, South Georgia, Circle Crossing, $15,200-$27,250 + $950 diving - Hondius

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Dive in Antarctica

A selection of expedition cruises that offer an ideal introduction to Antarctica whether you are a scuba diver or not. These have the benefit that diving is an option offered to suitably qualified guests as one of a number of activities onboard which will take place at the time when others are going on a shore trip or other activity.

They depart from and return to the port of Ushuaia in Argentina, the itineraries visit prime sites along the Antarctic Peninsula. The "air-cruise" options start and end with a flight across the Drake Passage to join your cruise ship in the South Shetland Islands to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula, you can fly in both directions or fly one and cruise one.

For the 20/21 season we have cruises on four dive-equipped expedition cruising ships the Expedition Ships Greg Mortimer and Hondius and Research Ships Ortelius and Plancius. There is a maximum of 24 divers per excursion and 8 divers per guide, please request a diving package at the time of booking.

Cruises on the Greg Mortimer may also have other adventure options such as kayaking, alpine trekking/climbing, snorkeling, snowshoeing and stand up paddleboarding, spaces on these optional activities are limited, so please enquire at the time of booking.

Greg Mortimer - expedition ship
Ortelius- research ship
Plancius - research ship

Hondius - expedition ship

Polar Diving

Dive under shallow water, down along walls, from the beach, or from a Zodiac. You will reach a maximum of 65 feet. Unlike any other dive - the combination of water, sunlight, and ice formations creates an ever-shifting spectacle of colors. Space is limited; request at time of booking. Participants will dive in group of eight divers per guide, with a maximum of 24 divers per excursion.

Compressors and weights are provided. Participants must bring their own dry suit with hood and additional equipment. Please contact us for a complete list. This activity is available for experienced divers. Participants are required to present their internationally accepted diver certificate, diver's logbook, and a statement from their doctor (not older than two years) that demonstrates they are in a good state of physical health allowing them to scuba dive. Experience with both cold water diving and dry suit diving (at least 30 dives) is required.

Antarctic Peninsula - Sample Cruises - 2020 / 2021

Trip Highlights Prices USD* Days
Antarctica Cruise - Discovering the 7th Continent South Shetlands, Antarctic Peninsula, Penguin Rookeries, Lemaire Channel Optional kayaking, camping and snowshoeing $8,495 -
Antarctic Peninsula with Circle Crossing Classic Antarctica, pristine scenery, classic sites of scientific and historic interest, experienced naturalist guides. Optional kayaking, camping, cross-country skiing and mountaineering $11,995 -
Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise Fly over the Drake Passage in both directions, Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, Wildlife, Scenery, Ice Optional kayaking and snowshoeing $11,495 - $21,495 8
Antarctica Ross Sea Region Cruise

South Georgia / Falkland Islands / Antarctica - Sample Cruises - 2020 / 2021

Trip Highlights Prices USD* Days
Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands Vast Colonies of King Penguins, Breathtaking Scenery, Historic sites, optional kayaking $25,940 -
Antarctica and South Georgia and the Falklands Two great destinations, anticipate penguins, whales, seabirds and seals as well as scenic highlights $14,070 - $26,480 20

* Prices are based per person, the lowest price is usually for triple occupancy in a basic cabin, the highest for double occupancy in the best available suite.

Options may be at additional cost and are usually booked when the cruise is booked - it may be too late once the cruise has started.


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