Antarctica Schools Resources

Links to educational resources about Antarctica, a selection of pages from this site.

 Easy - Simple account, large text.    Full - Default, older students & adults.

 Quick Introductions

Short illustrated and captioned introductions to topics, heavy on illustrations, light on captions. Ideal for younger students.

 Antarctica Animal Life


Chinstrap penguin
Pygoscelis antarctica

Gentoo penguin
Pygoscelis papua

Emperor penguins
Aptenodytes forsteri

King penguins
Aptenodytes patagonica

Adelie penguin
Pygoscelis adeliae

Other birds

Snow petrel
Pagrodama nivea

Blue eyed shag
Phalacrocopax atriceps

Giant petrel
Macronectes giganteus

Wandering albatross
Diomedea axulans

Antarctic skua
Catharacta maccormicki


Weddell seals
Leptonychotes weddelli

Southern fur seal
Arctocephalus gazella

Southern elephant seal
Mirounga leonina

Crabeater seal
Lobodon carcinophagus

Leopard Seal
Hydruga leptonyx

Marine Life

Whale species

Whaling -1
Historical perspective

Whaling -2
Why were whales caught?

Whaling pictures

Whales and food webs

Euphausia superba

Whale species
Species and lifestyle