Mount Discovery and Minna Bluff
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Mount Discovery is an extinct volcano 2,681 metres (8,796 ft) high situated at 78°22'S 165°01'E, at the head of McMurdo Sound overlooking the Ross Ice Shelf. Minna Bluff forms a long narrow arm reaching into the Ross Ice Shelf extending from Mount Discovery, it ends in a large south pointing hook shape, Minna Hook.

Mount Discovery was discovered by Captain Scott's British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-04, and named after their expedition ship the Discovery. Originally known simply as "The Bluff" the name Minna Bluff was given by Captain Scoot after the wife of Sir Clements Markham, one time president of the Royal Geographical Society and a strong supporter of the expedition.

map of Antarctica
Minna Bluff and Mount Discovery
map of Antarctica
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map of Antarctica
Minna Bluff from the south side, looking down on an embayment, what would be an ocean bay but is actually the ice of the Ross Ice Shelf, floating ice up to hundreds of metres thick
map of Antarctica
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Mount Discovery with a fata morgana at the bottom, an illusion caused by an atmospheric phenomenon just above the sea ice creating a reflection

Mount Discovery, left and the Brown Peninsula, both part of the Antarctic mainland.

Mount Discovery and the New Zealand Scott Base
the summit is about 68 km (42 miles) from the base.

Source of the Maps

Topographic Reconnaissance maps of Antarctica. Originally published at 1:250,000-scale by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the National Science Foundation.

Picture credits: Minna Bluff by Kelly Speelman - NSF / Fata morgana by Jack Green - NSF / Mount Discovery, Brown Peninsula and Mount Discovery and Scott Base by Alan Light