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Ross Island and McMurdo 1959 Ross Island and McMurdo 1959

 McMurdo pictures from OAE's

1961 - Larry Johnson

1963 - Ken Osicki
1970-71 - Dudley Vaughan
1972-74 - Ralph Lewis

1976-77 - Roly Hermans
1980-81 - Charlie Johnson
2007-2009 - Alan Light

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Jesse O. "Jay" Anthony III (VX-6, VXE-6 Photo - 1967-68, 1968-69) - Durham, N.C., USA  Joined VX-6 in spring 1967 as PHAN; promoted to PH3 before deployment to McMurdo in fall '67. DF 67-68 was one of four PHs assigned as aircrew on LC-130 F "320" to perform aerial mapping of Antarctica, based at Willy Field. DF 68-69 was assigned to ground still shooting crew from the photo lab on the Hill at McMurdo.

Lyle Barstow (1964-1966) - Chesapeake, VA   I was with VX-6 in 64-66. I wintered over 65-66. It was one of the high lights of my navy career. I was an AE-2, worked the Hill the first summer and the Strip the second season, with three months at Byrd Station and a C-117D aircraft.

John Bates (1969 to 1970) - Schenectady   Hi, I am looking for guys that might have heard about a accident that happen in January of 1970 at McMurdo where a guy was pinned in a truck that was hauling pallets from the ship to the galley, I was that guy. hope to hear from some one that heard of it, i am trying to put the missing parts to the day - Thanks guys John bates ASA

Robert A. Beck ADR3 - McMurdo (hill) helos (1969) - Wimberley Tx. USA   Flying helo's in Antarctica was the greatest experience of my life: To walk where no one had ever walked before; To have a scientist ask me if I would like to name the mountain range we were looking at; To fly the first Women's expedition to Antarctica led by Dr. Lois Jones Ohio State. Not bad for a 20 year old guy.

Nick Beckman (VX6 squadron - 1965-67) - Saukville, Wisconsin  Would like to find people I was stationed with during 65-67 both in McMurdo, Williams Field and also in Christchurch and Quonset point Rhode Island (NAS).

Ross Bessom ADJ-2 (VXE6 1969 thru 1971) - San Diego USA email Helo  crew Beardmore Glacier/Herc engine shop Willie Field 69-70 and Herc intermediate maintenance Ch-Ch 70-71.

Charles W. Bishop "Chuck" (1960-1964 & 1970-1974) - Navarre, FL   Worked on the cargo crew 60-64 at Williams field
70-74 in the GSE shop on the hill.

Gary Bogue "Bogee" (VXE-6 Rhode Island - New Zealand, 1969-71) - Cornstalk, Ia   C-130 mechanic ,me ,bogee.....butchee boy (Frank Pignatari) E-5........E6 boss Joe Lamarou..Rhode Island, New Zealand....I never went to the ice oops. Partied way too much. We all had cars in New Zealand ... Wonderful time of our lives!

Charles Bowen (VX6, VXE6, Williams Field '68) - Brookfield New York -   Best Years of my life.

Wayne "Ollie" Blanchard (VX6, VXE6, 1969 to 1971) - San Antonio, Texas email  69 to 70 Helo crew 70 to 71 CHCH

Tony V. Brown (McMurdo Hill. 1st: 1965 and 1970. Served at Det Quonset Point, Rhode Island 1966) - White Settlement, Tx email 

John Diana (VX6 - 1962, 1964) - Pittsburgh Pa -   AMS2 Worked in the shop on the hill, and aircraft ski maintenance at Williams Field. Unboxed and assembled UC-1 Otter at Scott Base.

Eric T. Gardner (1965) - Paragould, Arkansas -  

Roy Lewis Glaspey Jr. (Lewie) (1 season on ice, 2 seasons at CH CH - From 1969 to 1972) - Cambridge, New Zealand  Spent first season with vxe6 on the Ice in the cargo crew. Spent the next two seasons in power plants jet mechanics shop in CH CH When I got out of the navy I was a adj3 in1972. I now live in New Zealand. I have been here since 1977.

Barry Goodwin (1966) - Scranton Pa -  Wintered over hill electric shop, some great times were had down there . Guess it is a nice vacation spot now, we got a free be.

Jim Heffel (VX6 - 61, 64) - Weymouth Ma USA  AE-3 Oct Nov 9th 61 on the hill On the hill Oct- March 62 tool room in Para loft Chi Chi maintenance air port ran the em club 63-64.

Larry Hunter (1969-1973) - Griswold Connecticut -   Arrive VXE-6 as PN3.  69-70 & 70-71 summer support on hill.  71-72 Det CH CH.  72-73 Det Quonset. Belong to OAEA NE. Good to see old shipmates. Look forward to reunions.

Robert Kirk (Pigmy) Hyndman (VX-6 1963-1967 VXE-6 1971-1975) - Kingsville, Texas    Aircrew 148318 1965 and 148319 1965-67. Departed in bad shape as AMH2 and moved up from there.

Max Johnson "Little John" (1967-1970) - Terre Haute, IN, USA. Worked cargo Willy Field 1967-70, CH CH 1968-1969.

Stephen C. Kapantais (1965-1966) - USS ATKA - AGB 3 - Salem, MA USA 

Bruce Lamoureux (1962) - Ocala, Florida -   The greatest of times in VX-6 from '62 thru '64. AE working and flying on mostly C-130's. Wonderful memories

Daniel Lundstrom (1961, 1962, 1963) - Stuart - email Worked on the line my first year and became a loadmaster flying on C-130s in the Antarctic for two more years, 1200 plus air hours and earned my gold wings before discharge. Some of the best friends and best times in my life. Hello to any old shipmates.

Phil McBride MCB-8 (McMurdo - 1963-1964) - Michigan   Making a post for my brother, Phil. He would like to hear or receive pictures from anyone that was at McMurdo for the winter as indicated.  He was a member of MCB3 (maybe ships company while there) and I believe his job was to help supply potable water for the base.  I'll pass anything on that I receive, as he does not have access to the web. Ken McBride AK2 1967-1970

Bob (Mack) McCauley (68 & 69) - Las Vegas, NV - email Qualified as AirCrew with Gentle 4 (LH-34) and received Sikorsky flying "S" rescue pin for mission to rescue 2 SeaBees from Mt Erebus.

James H. Morris (VX 6 - 1962-1963) - Gatesville, Texas, 76528, US.  I flew ,south from Q Pt. R.I. on deep freeze 62. I was radio operator on VX-6,Navy R4D 50777. It took over 1 month to get to Christchurch N Z..We spent 2 weeks before going to south IS. for the last leg of trip to Williams field. I left the crew there and took over the electronics shop. A few weeks later on November 25,1962, Navy 50777 crashed,killing all hands. I was an AET 2 at lhe time and came back to the ice one more time, then went on to Rota, Spain, for duty in VX 2.

Fred Nootnagel (1963 / 64) - Va Beach   McMurdo SS63/64, WO 64. AK2, manned the Williams Field VX6 supply trailer.  WO on the hill at VX6 supply with SK1 Eddie Barrs.

Clayton "Clay" Parsons (VX-6/VXE-6 - 1968 - 1970)  My years in Six were  the highlight of my 11 years in the Navy.  The rest of my Naval service, before and after being in the Squadron, pales in comparison to my two years in Six.  I would do it over in a heartbeat if that were possible.  My time in Six was one of the happiest periods of my life. I salute the many super guys and friends I served with, many of who have passed on.

Ralph Reed (VX6 - 1964, 65, 66) - Franklin TN email  Was a PN1 served in Christchurch Det 1964. Wintered over VX-6 Det Alfa 1965/66. Would like to hear from any who served with me during those times.

Billy W Shepherd (1962-63-64) - Clarksville Tn USA   Served two tours (Summer Support) Line Maintenance Deep Freeze 63&64

Ray Shepard  Ole Shep (VX6 - 1959-1962) - Sanborn, Iowa   Three Great years of my life, going to the ICE, three times, being a crew member on a C-130 and marring my wonderful wife, Jeanmarie !

Showalter Mike aka Big Time (1968-1969) - Milton Vt.  My part of this noble endeavor was to repair avionics on the hill at McMurdo with the helo crew. Flew in with an intrepid group of men for winfly 1969.You guys that came later to Willie Fld. once you deplaned, you could find your way to the  front door of your huts thanks to your winfly crew. We didn't*t watch reality shows" we were the real deal. My gratitude will always be to my fellow shipmates for our abilities to fulfill the task we were in the Antarctic for reality and age have made our accomplishments and mishaps more remarkable not many men or woman have been the first in any endeavor I was a fortunate one the few to be there with you

Don M Smith (VX6 - 1964-65-66) - West Columbia SC email  AT-2, Flew on C130 148319

Paul Smith Smitty (Airdevron 6 - 65/66) - Rock Falls, Illinois Would like to know what happened to Chris lesser from New York and Jerry Reinhardt from New Jersey.

Michael Spencer (1967 to 1969) - Fredericksburg, VA   Navigator LC-130, C-121

John Svensson (Winter over 1964 Year/s 1963-64) - Kalama WA  I am trying to find a friend from VX-6. Also spent time on T-3 in the Arctic (2 years)

Ed Tarker "Tach" (ASA McMurdo, Williams Field, Summer support 1967,8,9) - Berlin, Pa  

Bob Thompson - Thompo (VX6 - 1963 to 1965) - San Antonio TX USA  Flew as Photo mate R5-D #528 and LC-103F #320

Russ Waara AE-2 (VX-6 McMurdo - 1961-1962) - Central Lake Mich   

Eugene Whitehead (1961-62 W.O.  1964-69 CH) - Orange Park, FL 32073

George Wood Jr. "Woodeye" (VXE6 - 1968-1970) - Vancouver WA, USA -   The ice is nice but CHCH is peachy. I am a lifetime member of OAEA and VX6/VXE^ Association I flew aircrew on the ski Hercules LC130F/H models. The Antarctic is the last frontier so lets protect it.

Vernon Wood (Det Alpha VX6, 63 and 67) - Longview WA  Wintered over both years.

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I am looking for more information about my Father. Photographers Mate 1st class Jackie W Richards VXE6 1960 to 1970. He passed in 1997. Any information, stories, photos of him or photos that he took would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Max Richards, New Zealand    Aug '17

Looking for Carl Haslam / Haslett McMurdo 1963-64, he was a corpsman who married  my good friend Maureen and I have lost touch with them. Lyn Matthiesen, Oklahoma  Jan '19

I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father during DF 66. My father at the time was ADJ3 Craig White. He flew on C130s and was in McMurdo. I know one friend he had there was Buzz Bramble (who has past). My father past last year and he may have a son in Christchurch, NZ.   I am trying to tract down any information of anyone who knew my dad at the time.  - May '19

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