Antarctic Regions Maps and Pictures
Smaller area maps of Antarctica with photographs

Antarctica is an entire continent and while its landscapes tend to be on the theme of rocks, snow and ice, there is a variety of geography that is not often seen or known. Here are a few places about the continent in a little more detail.

Geography - map skills

map of Antarctica
Minna Bluff and Mount Discovery - go to page
map of Antarctica
Deception Island, South Shetlands Group - go to page

Ross Island, satellite view (l) and diagrammatic (r) - go to page

map of Antarctica
Liv and Shackleton Glaciers, Transantarctic Mountains - go to page
map of Antarctica
Alexandra Mountains, coastal region - go to page

map of Antarctica
The Cloudmaker and Beardmore Glacier - go to page

Source of the Maps

Topographic Reconnaissance maps of Antarctica. Originally published at 1:250,000-scale by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the National Science Foundation.

Antarctic REMA Explorer.

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