Copyright Issues -

Unless otherwise credited to a different source, all content of this web site is the copyright of Paul Ward and

Copyright protection is actively pursued. Steps by legal process will be taken against violations.

Please be advised that ignoring my contact about violations tends not to work as web hosts, ISPs and publishers take this seriously even if you do not.

Text and Articles

All text and articles on this site are the copyright of Paul Ward and unless otherwise stated and may not be used unless by prior written permission.


This site is an end-user of images - NOT an agency.

The pictures on this site come from a variety of sources. Many of them were taken by me, some are used here by permission of others and remain their copyright, others are in the public domain.

If you wish to use any of the pictures from the site please look for copyright credit on the page to see the status, though this is not always complete. If there is no copyright credit it does NOT mean that the picture may be used without permission.

Copyright is automatic to the creator of a piece of work and the onus is on the person using that work to determine the status.

Historical Pictures

There are many pictures on this site from the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration and from those who have shared their pictures from the Scientific Age where they have served on national stations in Antarctica. I am not the owner of these pictures, I have gathered these over the years from a variety of sources, they are either in the public domain (most commonly though not exclusively for the Heroic Age pictures) or I have been given permission from the owners (less commonly for the Heroic Age but mostly for the large majority of the Scientific Age pictures) to use them here.

The Heroic Age pictures are mainly from museum and gallery websites across the world. I used to link to sources but the links would all stop working after a while so I removed the broken links and don't try to keep up any more.

If you want to use a historical picture I have here, then your best bet is to find it at source and ask permission if appropriate for your use. I cannot give permission to use anything other than pictures I took myself. If I am using them by the permission of others, their permission applies ONLY to this website and I can't pass that permission onwards. You may have to visit individual museum and gallery sites to search their databases as they are often not visible to external search engines. watermarked pictures

There are a number of pictures here that have a "watermark" at the bottom left.

These can be used free of charge according to the following criteria:

  • The " watermark" - the text at the bottom left MUST be retained as it is shown, it must remain readable if the picture is resized.
  • Pictures must be accessible by all if they are published on the web. Use in any paid-for section of a website is not permitted. is free for all to use, I expect that free-use pictures from here will also be free to access elsewhere.
  • If the picture is used on a website, the picture must be DIRECTLY hyperlinked to i.e. by html, NOT JavaScript, Flash or other search engine invisible means.
  • If the picture is used in any printed media, credit must be given in the form: "Use of picture courtesy Paul Ward -"
  • No more than 10 pictures from CoolAntarctica may be used in any context whatsoever without prior consent.
  • Pictures may not be sold or otherwise distributed on their own or as a part of a collection. They may be used in commercial printed or electronic publications as long as the watermark (and hyperlink if applicable) is included as above. They may not be used for decoration of any kind as a part of any commercial or non-commercial product - t-shirts, mugs etc.

If there is no watermark on the picture FREE USE IS NOT ALLOWED

How can I gain usage outside of the free terms?

IIf you would like to purchase pictures for use without the watermark, at a higher resolution, for use of more than 10 images, or for any other purpose outside of these free usage guidelines, then please  with your request quoting the relevant page/s url/s. Please include the following details:

  • Size and resolution of the required image, dimensions in inches or cm and dpi./li>
  • Placement in the publication or web page.
  • Purpose for using the image.
  • Distribution of the image, quantity and lifespan.