Cruises to South America
and Antarctica

Antarctica + Chilean Fjords + Falklands - 18 days - 6 departures from Nov '20 to Jan '21 - $14,802 - $22,565
Antarctica + Patagonia - 19 days - departures: 10/24/20, 03/16/21 - $14,938 - $25,005

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Regions:  Antarctic Peninsula | South Georgia | South Shetland Islands | Falkland Islands

A visit to Antarctica can be included as a part of a cruise if you want a taste of the deep south without it being the only destination of the trip. These trips are longer than most Antarctic-only cruises, so are ideal if you have the time available and want to experience Antarctica and also some of the exotic and remote places along the way in the southernmost portion of South America.

These cruises usually take place aboard the larger Antarctic cruise ships with more facilities and often family friendly facilities.

Roald Amundsen - Expedition Ship
Fram - Scenic Exploration Vessel
Cruise ship and iceberg

Falklands beach
Whale along the Antarctic Peninsula

South America has its own distinctive animals

Sample Itinerary 1

Chilean Fjords, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands

Wild and glacial Tierra del Fuego, then across to the Antarctic Peninsula for a different kind of wilderness and array of wildlife returning via the Falkland Islands.

18 days - $14,996 to $28,665

Roald Amundsen - Expedition Ship, 530 passenger capacity, 100% outside cabins.

6 departures from November 2020 to January 2021

Day 1 Santiago, Chile
The capital of Chile is exciting and diverse. Your adventure starts with an overnight hotel stay here.

Day 2 Punta Arenas, Chile
Fly to Punta Arenas where the MS Roald Amundsen expedition to Antarctica will begin.

Day 3 Chilean Fjords / Patagonia
Enjoy cruising the scenic Beagle Channel, surrounded by mountains plunging straight into icy waters. This wild and remote area seems almost untouched by humans. Take in the isolated islands, hidden bays, and rich wildlife that create one the world´s most beautiful landscapes.

Day 4 - 5 Cape Horn / Drake Passage
One of the most iconic places on Earth, Cape Horn is at almost 56 degrees south. You will do your best to make a landing on Cape Horn - however, this is an area known for high seas and challenging conditions. Then MS Roald Amundsen will use 1 to 2 days to cross the Drake Passage, depending on the weather conditions.

Day 6 - 12 Antarctic Peninsula
As you navigate historic waterways and visit prime sites along the Antarctic Peninsula, the goal is to attempt 1-2 excursions per day. Your Captain and Expedition Leader continually monitor weather and ice conditions, working together to insure you experience the best of Antarctica whether you’re exploring Paradise Bay, the Lemaire Channel, Port Lockroy, Deception Island, or the many other locations available for landings and Zodiac cruising in the region.

Sailing in the wake of the 19th century’s great explorers - Sir Ernest Shackleton, Adrien de Gerlache, Robert Falcon Scott, and Roald Amundsen (to name just a few) - you’ll photograph the same towering mountain peaks they saw, hear raucous penguin colonies as you go ashore, see dazzling shades of blue and white as you navigate bays with impressive ice sculptures, and gain a new perspective of what it takes for wildlife - from penguins and giant petrels to elephant seals and humpback whales - to thrive in the beauty of this environment.

What is so overwhelming about Antarctica is that its location makes every voyage to the continent an expedition. Even the most sophisticated technology cannot override some of the climatic challenges that are a part of this environment. Therefore, you need to be pragmatic. You change landings, re-route, and shift plans as you go along. This also means that you will take advantage of the often ideal conditions - spend hours ashore, on the water with kayaks, hiking or simply cruising looking for whales. Weather, wind, and ice conditions have a great influence on your program and schedule. You will attempt to land several places, including Deception Island, Half Moon Island, Brown Bluff, Cuverville Island, and Neko Harbor. All of these places offer opportunities to observe penguin colonies, seals, glaciers, icebergs in every shape and color and old whaling stations.

Day 13 At Sea
Set course back for the Falklands, two large islands and around 700 smaller ones. Continue enjoying a lecture series that focuses on the dramatic history and diverse wildlife of the islands as you keep a watch for wandering albatross.

Day 14 - 16 Falkland Islands
Having just been in Antarctica, it might seem a bit surreal to arrive in a town that looks like a miniature England, with red phone boxes, red buses and English pubs. Stanley is the capital on the Falkland Islands. Roam the city streets, the town is easy enough to discover in a day on foot, or join one of the excursions to explore the wilderness and wildlife in the surroundings. This is an unpolluted environment with fantastically clear blue skies, seamless horizons, vast open spaces and stunning white sand beaches. As you reach the westernmost settled outposts in the Falklands you will see remote farms that have been family owned for six or seven generations. The sheep graze alongside immense colonies of albatross and rockhopper penguins, while predatory striated caracaras patrol overhead and upland geese forage at the water's edge.

Day 17 Magellan Strait
As you complete the loop of the Magellan Strait, you will have a recap of everything you have experienced on this expedition. Make sure you spend some time on deck looking for wildlife.

Day 18 Punta Arenas, Chile / Santiago, Chile
Return to Punta Arenas in the morning. A transfer to the airport and flight to Santiago, Chile are included.

Sample Itinerary 2

Antarctica and Patagonia

Chilean fjords, Antarctic Peninsula, Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonian settlements. Wildlife, history, indigenous culture.

19 days - $14,938 - $25,005

Fram - Scenic Exploration Vessel, 254 passenger capacity.

This itinerary 10/24/20, reverse itinerary 03/16/21.

Day 1 Valparaiso, Chile / Embark
This expedition starts in the colorful and poetic city of Valparaiso. One of the best ways to see this scenic town is by riding its funiculars, which are scattered around the city, and allow for sweeping views of the bay. You might also choose to visit the UNESCO-listed Historic Quarter before embarking your ship.

Day 2 - 3 At Sea
As the ship makes its way along the coast of Chile, the expedition team will start the lecture program to prepare you for the experiences ahead. Make sure to spend some time on deck to watch for wildlife.

Day 4 Castro, Isla Grande de Chiloe
A city is known for its colourful "palafitos", wooden houses mounted on stilts along the water's edge. Come ashore and enjoy the local Chilote character and curious energy, mixed with a dash of modern development. The church of Iglesia San Francisco is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a visual delight, bright yellow and orange with a lavender trim. The varnished-wood interior is stunning, illuminated by rows of stained-glass windows. Feria Campesina Yumbel is a bustling fruit and vegetable market. Just south of the port is a shop, Feria Artesanal Lillo, where you can buy excellent hand-knitted woolen goods and handicrafts. Close to town is Chiloe National Park, a wilderness area with wide deserted beaches and long stretches of rugged coastline, it is home to dozens of seabird species, penguins, sea lions and rare flora and fauna.

Day 5 At Sea
The expedition continues south through the fabled waters of Patagonia to one of the world's most remote, undisturbed, and beautiful places: the southern province of Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope). Voyage through iconic Andean seascapes for views of glorious expanses of undisturbed nature.

Day 6 Puerto Eden / Bernardo O'Higgins National Park
The enchanting village of Puerto Eden in Bernardo O'Higgins National Park is known for its geographical isolation, situated at the end of a deep fjord and surrounded by mountains. Its population of 250 includes the 15 remaining members of the Kaweskar people.

Day 7 - 8 Puerto Natales / Torres del Paine National Park
Gateway to the world-renowned Torres del Paine National Park, one of the most attractive nature sanctuaries in the world. Its main feature are "Torres del Paine" (Towers of Paine) made up of the Torre Central (9,186 feet high), Torre Sur (9,350 feet) and Torre Norte (7,375 feet). Explore the park on an optional excursion to discover a landscape of stunning variety. The park features azure lakes, trails that meander through emerald forests, roaring rivers, and one big, radiant blue glacier you might see llamas, pumas, chilla foxes, and skunks in addition to more than 100 species of birds.

Day 9 Chilean Fjords
These deep channels with mountains plunging into the icy water always leave a profound impression on visitors. A wild and remote area that seems almost untouched by humans. The lush coastline is rich in wildlife, you might be lucky enough to spot sea lions, Andean condors and several bird species that can only be found here.

Day 10 - 11 Drake Passage / Cape Horn
In the morning, sail through scenic Beagle Channel before continuing into open waters. If conditions allow, the captain will attempt to land on Cape Horn - the southernmost tip of South America. Next, sail the legendary Drake Passage while a lecture series prepares you for Antarctica's fantastic wildlife and history.

Day 12 - 16 Antarctic Peninsula / South Shetland Islands
This unending, white wilderness of a continent is full of overwhelming impressions on an impressive scale. Weather, wind and ice conditions will of course have a great influence on our program and schedule and your experienced expedition team will select possible landing sites that will provide you with the best experiences available. With long hours of daylight that you have in Antarctica this time of the year it is easy to make the most of your days.

You will attempt to land on sites both on the South Shetland Islands and on the Antarctic Peninsula. You will be brought on shore for close up exploration. You might call at the Gentoo penguin rookeries on Cuverville Island and Neko Harbor. Weather permitting, you will have a chance to sail through the incomparable Lemaire Channel and take on the challenging hike on Petermann Island to get rewarded with panoramic views.

Another fun destination if weather permits is Port Lockroy, an old British base with a museum. Sailing through the Antarctic Sound offers spectacular views of tabular icebergs and glacial landscapes. Kayak in untouched waters with icebergs floating by, guided hikes up snowy pathways to spectacular viewing points, listen to the sounds of glaciers calving or penguins squabbling, spend the night on deck or in a tent on this remote and untouched continent, or perhaps for the most daring, taking the polar plunge swim. Every day will be different, carefully crafted by our expedition team to educate you and create lasting memories.

Day 17 - 18 Drake Passage
The forecast for conditions across the Drake Passage will determine when you'll say a fond farewell to Antarctica and sail back to South America. Enjoy the ship's amenities as the coastline drifts out of view, take time for bird watching and searching the horizon for whales, and enjoy final presentations by the expedition staff as you relax and reflect upon your Antarctic adventure.

Day 19 Ushuaia, Argentina / Disembark / Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sadly, every expedition must come to an end. Disembark in Ushuaia, Argentina. An included flight will take you to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Reverse Itinerary: includes a flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina and concludes in Valparaiso, Chile.

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