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The Arctic centered on the North Pole
Sea surrounded by land

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The Arctic travel season runs from May to August

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Arctic Cruises and Land Based Trips

Last Minute Offers - Summer 2023 - Arctic Cruises

Northern Lights

From  $8,501
was $13,495

 Early September

 14 days / 13 nights 

Northwest Passage

From  $10,527
was $17,995

 30th July to 15th Aug

 17 days / 16 nights 


From  $6,634
was $12,367

 6th to 13th June

 8 days / 7 nights 

Svalbard and Norway

From  $5,649
was $10,649

 6th to 19th August

 14 days / 13 nights 

More Last Minute Arctic Deals

Svalbard / Spitsbergen - Sample Arctic Cruises - 2023

Trip Departures 2023 Highlights Ships and Passenger Capacity Prices USD* Days Departure port
Introduction to Spitsbergen Historic sites, sea-ice, glaciers, wild flowers, lush tundra, walrus, polar bears, reindeer, huge sea bird colonies $7,990 -
North Spitsbergen $4,000 -
Spitsbergen Explorer $8,991 - $16,111 12

Greenland - Sample Arctic Cruises - 2023

Greenland, Disko Bay Spectacular scenery of west Greenland, Inuit culture, historic sites. Fjords, mountains and ice, seabirds, look out for humpback and minke whales. $4,590 -
In the Wake of Eric the Red - Iceland to Greenland The course of Norse settlers, Disko Bay, glaciers, icebergs, Inuit culture, Ilulissat Icefjord UNESCO site, Nuuk. $5,790 - $9,490 11

Canada - Sample Arctic Cruises - 2023

Northwest Passage, Canada and Greenland Historic Canadian and Greenlandic sites, abundant wildlife, rich Inuit culture and dramatic icy landscapes. Polar bears, whales and walrus, tundra hikes. $14,279 -
16 or 17
Complete Northwest Passage, Greenland, Canada and Alaska West Greenland, Baffin Island, NW passage to Alaska. Ilulissat Icefjord, stunning geology and  fjords, Beechey Island, Franklin's expedition, musk ox, polar bears, beluga , walrus and narwhal. $35,195 - $39,395 29
Trip Departure Dates Highlights  Pax Prices USD* Days Departure port

Iceland - Sample Arctic Cruises - 2023

Iceland in Depth Snaefellsnes Peninsula National Park bird cliff, geologically active region, cross the Arctic Circle, Heimaey. $6,176 - $7,308 9
In the wake of Celts and Vikings. Ireland to Iceland via Scotland, Shetland and Faroe. Giant's Causeway, Skara Brae, watch for spouting and breaching whales. $8, 101 - $9,678 13
Jewels of the Arctic.
Iceland, Greenland and Spitsbergen.
Wildlife, musk ox, arctic hare and whales, Scoresby Sund the world's largest national park and fjord system,  Glaciers, mountains and polar bears. $10,816 -
14 or 15